The Lazy Person’s Way To Get A 47% Cold Email Reply Rate

There are nearly 3.8 billion email users in the world. You can send a cold email to any person you want to get in touch with. In our blog post "16 Cold Email Templates You Should Know If You're In Sales". This blog post will discuss the basics of cold emails and simple benchmarks to maximize the Replies. The average business user receives 97 emails / per day. Your email has to be personalized and unique to stand out in the crowd and get noticed to obtain a positive response.

What Is a Cold Email?

Cold email is the art of writing an introductory message to someone who has no idea who you are. It may sound challenging, but it's much easier than most people think. The goal of cold emails is not to get an instant conversion, its main goal is to build the relationship from strangers to business partners. In other words, to warm those leads up. It is one of the best ways to begin and manage business relationships.

The conversation begins with your target audience in the online world with a cold email. The communication you start with the individual most likely may know your business little or nothing. If you are interested in the cold email, then this blog post will get you to know more details about sending personalized cold emails for your business that get replies. 

The purpose of the cold email is not to receive instant conversion; the main goal is to develop a relationship with strangers to business partners.

Advantages of Cold Email Outreach 

Millions of people use email as a primary mode of business communication. On average, business professionals receive a whooping 121 emails per day. Here is the advantage of cold mailing marketing that no business can ignore. 

Building an email list is an essential step while growing the online business. The cost of cold email marketing is less and can quickly build relationships with your visitors.

The cold emailing marketing strategy is the foremost step that creates brand awareness and makes people know about the offer or sales you provide. Numerous businesses use cold emailing as a weapon to introduce their business to a large group of the target audience. There are numerous advantages of cold email outreach. Let’s look into the top 3 benefits of them. 

Approaching Targeted Audience

Your business can start targeting geographic-specific, job titles and other specifications using email marketing. Cold email marketing is a cost-effective way of marketing for business when compared to other paid marketing.

It is the most convenient and simple way of reaching the audience. As emails with the targeted audience, it helps your business to increase the conversion rate. 

Improve  Brand Awareness

Each email you send to the prospect is the stepping stone for your business conversion. It will create awareness about your product or services among your targeted audiences and improve your business value automatically.  It is a chance for your business to switch your leads into long-term customers.

Unlimited Shares of Emails

Cold emails are the fastest and most convenient way where the subscribers can easily forward the emails by clicking the buttons. It is one of the opportunities for your business to promote your brands through your subscribers. Subscribers can easily share your offers, deals, and news with others. 

What Is the Best Open Rate for Cold Email?

The excellent open rate for your business cold email outreach is 25% or more. If it hits above 37%, then your cold email campaign is very successful. 

Email open rate helps you set a specific and achievable goal for your future cold email outreach campaigns.  The body of your email is not just a way to communicate with the recipient. It’s an opportunity to influence how they look at your business. If you want to stand out in the inbox, include perks in your email’s subject line and bottom line.

These can be anything from free trial offers, low introductory pricing, or special discounts and coupons available for a limited time only.

Write the email body of your cold email outreach campaign in a way that can persuade the recipient to take the next step of completing your offer.

What Is the Best Response Rate for Cold Email?

The average response rate for cold emails is around 1%. Good cold email response rates can vary significantly from about 5% for some sales emails to 20% or even over 40%. The higher, the better, of course! For example, if your email response rate is around half of your email open rate, it can be considered to be a good positive response rate.

There’s no accurate answer for a reasonable response rate for cold emails. It mainly relies on your specific cold email outreach goals, skills, experience, industry, and audience. In this article, you can learn how to maximize your cold email response rate.

Five Steps to Grow Small Business Using Cold Emails 

Is cold email work for small businesses, and is it worth investing in it? Yes, Cold email works for any size of business.  89% of the marketer states that email marketing is the prime channel for lead generation and says that cold email is an excellent method for business. Cole emailing is more effective, affordable, and scalable.  Even small businesses can leverage Cold emailing to grow and improve their business using the following 5 simple steps.

The purpose of crafting a cold email is to make your targeted audience read. Every single sentence and word you use on the cold email has to persuade your reader and drive continues till the end of the email. The end goal of the cold emailing is to meet the prospects. 

  1. Craft Alluring Subject Lines 
  2. The opening line / Email Intro
  3. Compose an Exciting & Convincing Email Body
  4. Propose the value
  5. End emails with a call-to-action

Suppose you send multiple emails to a targeted audience who are on the various stages of the buying journey. Composing email from scranch is a tiresome process to make the process simple and effective the email marketing software plays a significant role. Email marketing software like Smartwriter helps your business send personalized emails to prospects that get replies without much effort. 

Craft Alluring Subject Lines 

The right subject line may vary based on the person or business you are reaching, and it may differ based on the goals of email outreach. 75% of the recipients open their emails based on the subject lines.

The general rule of writing the subject line is this means that you should:

  • Make it short and concise.
  • Induce curiosity among the readers.
  • Be honest ( Avoid tricks to open the email for the recipients or avoid the misleading subject line ).

In this segment, let's look into the methods to craft effective cold email subject lines here. Cold email subject lines are tricky. Below, tips help you to make a cold email successful with best practices to craft your subject lines.

Be concise. Your Subject line and email intro shouldn't take more than a minute or two to read, so keep your subject line short and sweet.

Don't make your subject line read like a sales letter. Let your recipients decide if they're interested in what you have to say by focusing on them, not you. If you want to mention a product or service, add them to the email body.

To make your cold email stand out, include multiple elements. For example, a question or an interesting fact that is related to the recipient. Your cold email should tell a story. It has to consist of a beginning, middle, and end. In particular, close with something that will make the recipient want to open the next one from you.

Ask an interesting question. Although it might seem like you're making your email sound like an advertisement by asking for something on the front end, be careful not to over-promise or over-sell it in your subject line.

The Opening Line on the Email 

Sending the same email copy to 100 targeted prospects will not get a response.  The reason behind no response email is non-personalized cold emails. 

The cold email will work when you do some research about the company or the markets. If you have not researched the prospect's business, nobody responds to your emails. At the same time, avoid going overboard and listing all the recent activities of your targeted prospects' business. Here are the fantastic ways to begin your cold email personalization. 

Sharing knowledge about your prospect's products or website will help you to stand out from the ton of emails. While sharing about the prospect's website/products will show the reader that you have done some homework before reaching them. This will grab the attention of the email receivers. 

You can start drafting a unique email opener for each targeted audience that is made simple with SmartWriter AI. With SmartWriter software, you can generate 50 personalized icebreakers at a time just by uploading the leads in the CSV file, and you can select the number of outputs (open line suggestions). With the software, you can generate a maximum of three icebreakers or an opening line for each lead.  For instance, let's take the email opener example generated for the website xceptor using the SmartWriter tool 

Personalized Icebreaker I

Personalized Icebreaker II

Compose an Exciting & Convincing Email Body

The email body has to captivate the reader's attention and make them read the entire email, and the goal of the subject line is to make the receiver open the email. If your business has more qualified leads, it is easier for your business to capture and keep the reader's attention. 

When it comes to writing an email, the subject line is often the deciding factor for whether or not someone even opens your message. The first few lines of your email should be captivating to keep them engaged and reading the rest of your email. And when it comes to cold emails, you can get away with writing longer and more detailed emails. 

Keep your cold emails as short as possible. The email body has to be more relevant to your product/service that has to be useful for your leads. 

Propose the Value

The email recipients will don't care about the awards your business won and how incredible you are. The recipients want the reason why they need to open and read your email. So the cold email intro has to consist of the following to attract and engage the readers. 

  • Purpose of reaching them 
  • How your business can help them or resolve their problems 
  • List the benefits of having business relation with you
  • Share the testimonials of other businesses how they benefited from the product or service that you offer.

You have to reach out to the targeted prospects hoping that they will become your business clients. 

End Emails With a Call-To-Action

Once the reader finishes the value portion of the email, the primary purpose of the cold email outreach is to schedule a meeting, sign up for a demo or solution, or replying to your cold email is the end goal of email outreach. 


This step is simple and straightforward in cold email marketing. Ensure that your email outreach has one call to action. For example 

  • Are you available for a quick call {{Time & date}}? To discuss further and how we can help your business. 

  • Let's explore how {{Product Name}} can significantly improve your business. It would be great if you are available for a  short 10-minute call this week?

Avoid requesting much on the first email. Response from the receiver is the ideal goal of the first email, and your email content has to be excellent enough to initiate a conversation from a stranger that helps to convert into the customer. 

The above five steps help you to achieve the response for the targeted prospects. 

Most Common Cold Email Mistake to Be Avoided 

Too Long Email Messages  

All the people are busy these days. If your email message is too long, the receiver will not read the emails. You have to craft emails concisely with the required information. 

Fail to Capture Targeted Audience Attention 

You have to create the first impression among your targeted prospects in seven seconds or less. In this time frame, you have to hook your receiver with the engaging email copy. Avoiding Unengaging email copy with boring content is a waste of opportunity. 

Don't Personalize All Email Copy  

Adestra's personalization report states a 75% higher click-through rate for personalized emails. Still, some sales professions fail to incorporate personalization. In today's cold emailing technology, personalization plays an effective cold email for business success. 

Avoid Over Personalization

Well-designed, properly deployed cold emails have been shown to produce staggering results; many salespeople do not know how to write one or what constitutes a good response rate.

Cold emails are a great way to reach out and initiate contact with prospects who are unfamiliar with your company or products.

Don't implement too many merge fields within your message for personalization. Use personalization wisely. The needs of your customers to take action from the email copy. 

Avoid Trying Too Much Information Within Single Message

Using multiple calls to action (CTA), images and links are not recommended in the cold emailing. This prevents the recipients from taking any action. Make the initial emails friction-free and straightforward.

Guidelines to Write Cold Emails That Instantly Get Opens & Improve Response Rates

We'll help you approach cold email with the proper etiquette. You'll learn how to be friendly, write in a conversational tone and build rapport. You'll also learn some terrific tips for getting more people to open your emails. 

Writing is easy when you have an idea in your head and start typing away. It gets tricky when you have to follow a certain format. And it gets REALLY tricky when you're writing in a business email. Especially if it's cold and you don't know the person at the other end.

Here are some common rules on how to write an email, whether it's cold.

Be Friendly

While drafting emails, sit down and relax, and there is no need to have fancy words on the content and perfection on the grammar.  It doesn't require writing emails more professionally. Perfect email writing has to be clear and concise. For the best email, it has to be in the conversational writing style. 

Aim to be honest and straightforward and be yourself, and writing has to be as you speak. Be friendly with email and try to establish rapport.

Try not to Sound Like a Template

The template is the time-saver, but every business uses exactly the same template, so there won't be a chance for your business email to stand out on email marketing. 

The template will be even sometimes worse for your outreach. It will not attract prospects. Your targeted prospects may receive hundreds of emails to their inbox that sounds similar to your cold email.  Eventually, it will end up with a low response rate.  If your business uses the templates, use them as a guideline, tweak them, and personalized your ways for a better response rate. 

Customize & Personalization

You can easily double your email response by personalizing the email. Email outreach software Woodpecker has tried for their cold email outreach with personalization. With the advanced personalization, they have improved 17% reply rare, and it was more than double before the non-personalized email (7% response rate). 

The key factor in improving your reply or response rate is advanced personalization. In cold emails, you need to incorporate the element to show that you have drafted the emails, especially for your recipients. It should be a piece of general information to all the target audience. 

Ideally, you can perform personalization by using variables on email templates and make email customized for individual recipients. You can include variables such as name, business name, industry, geographic location, and more. Customizing specific components will make your prospects feel that you're sending emails individually for each prospect one by one. It is made as a human, not an automated bot email software. So there would be more possibilities for human replies for your business. 

Have a Clear Purpose for Email Outreach

Before sending an email, your business needs to have some purpose or goal for outreaching.  Without an email, the goal is a waste of time for everyone. Here are some of the few explicit purposes of sending cold emails.

Before sending an email, your business needs to have some purpose or goal for outreaching.  Without an email goal is a waste of time for everyone. Here are some of the few explicit purposes of sending cold emails 

  • Offer a live demo for your product/service.
  • Giveaway free tickets for events 
  • Provide offers or sales that you offer 
  • Sharing a new blog post 
  • Offering preview or free trial or guideline for the products
  • Updates on the products 
  • Providing free site audit and more 

You need to state your purpose early in your email clearly. You need to focus on a single goal throughout the entire email. 

Align the Purpose With Pain Points

It is vital in writing and processing cold emails to influence your reader's response.

Always remember that you have to provide information that hooks the readers. Explain a solution or offer helpful tips for overcoming their pain points or problems. Your offer must address a recognized pain point and provide people with some actionable solution they can take away from your business. 

The receiver will take action only when they need it. Your email has to feel motivated, and your email has to address and recognize the receiver's pain points. In email copy, you need to have the following 

  • Provide information about the pain points
  • Describe the solution for the problems 
  • Share the tips to overcome/share how your product or service will solve the particular issue. 

Remember to Do Follow Up

Once you have sent the first email, don't hear back from the receivers for a week. Then you can begin sending follow-ups with a series of gentle reminders. Remember your follow-ups not to be intrusive. After sharing two to three follow-up emails, the user doesn't respond to your email; probably the person is not interested.

Start by Introducing Yourself

When you’re at an event and see someone you’d like to chat with, you don’t rush up and start making offers. 

When you chat with someone, you will not rush and start offering your product or services. The same principle works on email marketing you should not offer at the beginning itself. You have to start with an introduction. Imagine cold emails like an actual first meeting with the prospect and begin your communication with an opening like below

Hey {{FirstName}}

I am {{Name}} from  {{company}}.  I'm a big fan of {{prospects business name}} SEO tools. It's not easy building a powerful SEO tool and offering an easy interface or API for people to interact with, so congrats to you and the team for doing this!

Speedily Reveal Why You Reached 

Describe why your business is emailing, including sharing why the reader should listen to your email. You have to share the purpose of reaching out, and it has to relate to the pain point they’re experiencing and how this email is useful to them for resolving the problems.

Send Email On Right Time

The open and click rates depend on the day, time, and the week you send your cold emails. A recent MailChimp study discovered the best time to send the email is 10 am in the recipient's time zones. The best day to send emails for better responses is Thursday, and the results will vary based on the audience and the industries. Another study by HubSpot, says that Monday through Wednesday is best, with Tuesday earning 20% more. Before starting email outreach, research your prospects and their timezone and day when your audience is more likely to check their emails.

Cold Email Tools

Creating attractive ways of writing that instantly is essential to grab the readers' attention. Best email writing will have the ability to stop people from doing their work and induce them to read the cold email.

Cold email tools power up and help your businesses to speed the prospect research and email outreach procedure. 

Utilizing the cold emailing tool has numerous advantages. 

  1. You can easily integrate with other CRM tools, and you can maintain the workflow from a single point.
  2. You can view the email opens and what time the email outreach has the best opening times.
  3. You can view the URLs that are clicked by the receivers, and you can easily track the time opening of the cold emails 
  4. You can plan the follow-up and use the existing email template and customize them with the variables.
  5. You can find the prospect's email address and validate the emails.
  6. Quickly you can merge the prospects 
  7. You can generate the analytic report and analyze and plan the future cold emailing with real-time data for better response. 

Many tools can be used for cold email outreach. Various software is available with better functioning of cold emails. These cold email tools make the sales professionals easier. Here are the best cold email tools that you can start using for your business.  

SalesHandy, Smartwiter, Rebump, Mailshake, Reply, and more. These tools enable the sender to send emails with unique approaches and set follow-up email campaigns at the perfect time.

SmartWriter AI

The SmartWriter tool is extremely simple and helps you increase sales. You can easily identify the ideal prospect email address and verify the emails in the inbuilt SmartWriter features. You can start writing cold email content to begin a unique business relationship with a potential buyer.

You can generate the email introduction that gets a response in no time. This is software that helps in improving and sustaining a personal relationship with their customers. The tool also helps provide the best content quality for promotion. These tools have especially been designed for sales cold emails. Let's look into the details of the SmartWriter software

Identify Your Ideal Prospect

Your business needs to discover your prospects. While identifying the prospects, you have to consider the factors such as interests, demographics, etc. You need to find the right person in the organization, such as decision-makers and makers deciding on your product or services where to use them. 

  • SmartWriter tools made this process more convenient. Using Email verification features, you can find the exact decision-maker’s emails in no time. 
  • Add the business website your URL
  • Add the prospect full name or Prospect position like CEO, Directors, Sales VP, Business Development, etc. 
  • Click the button to proceed. 

The software will generate the verified emails of the decision-makers in no time. You can begin the prospects search or decision-makers search using the job title or with the name within the organization using a website URL. You can also discover large sets of prospects by uploading CSV files. You can receive the prospect’s name, email address, and email address status, and you can download all the data in a CSV file. At once, you can find 100 ideal prospects with the name or job titles that you want to contact.  Build a direct connection or relationship between your targeted audience and other decision-making people with assured or verified emails before outreach.

Get Verified Email Address

Suppose you have taken the prospect's emails from other sources. It's time to get verified email addresses to reduce the bounce rates. Start by signing up with SmartWriter. Just by uploading your list of leads as a CSV file, you can easily find the accuracy of the email address of the decision-makers. You can also check the accuracy and verify the emails individually, as shown in the image below.

It will help you to increase the deliverability score and decrease both the email bounce (hard & soft bounce) rate of your cold emails.

Hook Your Receiver With An Eye-Catching Subject Line

Do you know that 35% of the email opens are entirely based on the subject line? It is a crucial email factor to induce the receiver to click and open the email you sent. 

Converting the subject line feature in the SmartWriter helps your business to generate the killer subject lines you need.  I will be clear and concise and have a higher chance of getting opened.

You can quickly generate the unique killer subject line based on the targeted prospect’s needs. 

For example 

  • Add the audience to the given section
  • Include the email message 
  • Select the number of output results. 
  • Maximum 5 different subject line you can generate using the tool 

Once you click the generated copy, you will get a unique compelling subject line based on your targeted audience. 

Get Customized or Personalization

Advanced personalization gets more than a 47% reply rate when compared to non-personalized emails. 

With SmartWriter you can have a unique email introduction for your marketing email using feature catchy intro lines. Once you fill the given field, the AI tool automatically generates ten unique intro lines. You can choose the best that fits your outreach. 

SmartWriter Results

Generate Email Templates 

Email OutReach Feature on the SmartWriter helps you to generate cold email templates. Get a more advanced email copy for your marketing email using AI-produced content, and This content shows that your business did some research before reaching out instead of sending it to her rather than mass email like others. It would be an excellent chance for your business to stand out on the cold emails. 

SmartWriter Cold Email Outreach Results 

Start sending advanced personalized cold emails that always get assured replies with no effort in seconds using SmartWriterAI. Make emails and follow-ups that make you meet with decision-makers. This software is entirely designed, having in mind sales cold emails. You can automate most elements of the email outreach. You do not need to spend tons of time creating intro, subject lines, or email templates based on the business and audiences.  You can create personalized emails that stand out and get more clicks with SmartWriter. Signup today and get success on your cold email Marketing. You can begin a marketing email campaign that ensures your emails aren't sent to your prospect's spam folder if you use AI tools. Writing an email from scratch can be a tiresome process with the email marketing tool. It makes the business easy. 

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