The Personalised Video Outreach Strategy That Every Cold Emailer Should Know

I'm going to let you into a system that has helped jump my reply rate by 70% at times.

Its taking the personalisation that SmartWriter already does but lacing it with an very enticing CTA, I know this because we  track the number of people who actually clicked on the link and the Open to CTR rate is unheard of

We wrote about this strategy on the Trends FB group and thought it's only fair we share the updated/more detailed version of this

So what are the two growth hacks?

Approach 1

AI and robots are leading the future of cold email, we know that. hint hint smartwriter however if you want to go beyond personalised emails you need to look into humanoid speech software

They use human based models to "speak" out the text you type in. This will work in the short term and while it is gimmicky it will definitely get a sense of appreciation from your customers, therefore encouraging them to reach back to you / reply to you.

The process is simple, use the personalised icebreaker to create a personalised email and then within the email embed a video message. This can all be done at scale with the use of synthesia a really cool AI video generator.

The video content will be the personalised Linkedin icebreaker about the prospect you're reaching out to why the email icebreaker is website based personaliser.

This will without a doubt get your prospects excited to see how creative you are when doing outreach. And as mentioned before, realise that this will work for the next 1 - 3 years or so after which everyone will catch onto this process and then it will look gimmicky

Approach 2

Alright now time for the process that has flooded our system with customers and prospects.

To 10x the "reciprocity" principle in influence we're going to "mimic" a video audit message at scale.

Doing custom video messages with your face and prospects business at scale will destroy you with time and money spend, this option save you both and make you more

So what's the process?

You can use a VA for parts of this process or automate as much of it as you'd like.

As always your icebreaker should be very targeted and hyper personalised to the prospect you're reaching out to.

Then you need you use a website screenshot software like site-shot to get photos of 100s of websites in your prospect list

Head over to canva and blur out the image and put a "png" white play button on top of it

Then place a bubble of your face at the bottom left (blurred too)

This will look like you've done a full loom video recorded about their business

Wrap that image in a link (if possible) or place a link right underneath the image

If you want to go further, you can use tools like bannerbear to generate these images in bulk

There will be a few that will click on the link, track that click and then automatically record a video for those and respond saying "hey sorry looks like that old loom video is corrupt, i've done a new one for you"

This way you're doing tailored videos ONLY for those prospects that are very interested

And honestly thats it, there's no crazy physics involved, its all playing on the reciprocity and loss aversion principle to convince your prospects to take action

PS yes this will work for almost anything from agency bookings, backlinks, sales calls and so much more!

The final result looks like this:

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