How to get 764 Meeting Enquires in 7 Days With Lemlist and Smartwriter

How to use lemlist and smartwriter to skyrocket your outreach engine and flood your calendar with leads and bank with revenue

Lemlist is one of the most popular outreach engines in the market along with Mailshake, Woodpecker and Mailrush, all solve a very important problem.

We're going to discuss the optimal flow on using Smartwriter along with any of the above mail merge outreach services to scale your business to absolute heights.

Lets say we're doing outreach for LinkedIn profiles, you can either use SmartWriter to get prospect emails or you could get them from any of the popular lead generation software like wiza and upload that onto our software in the Linked In Personalised Generator section

From this point, what you can do is use SmartWriter's email verification system to do a 2 point check (optional) to see if these emails are legit or not.

Now you can safely confirm that the emails given are verified so you don't end up having any issues with your domain.

After this, head over to the LinkedIn Personalisation section and upload the same CSV and map the URLs correctly.

You can watch this video (below) on how to do LinkedIn Personalisation end to end.

I've found this fantastic part that is really personalised about one of the prospects recent activity on Linkedin So I've got it selected amongst other Linkedin Profiles

At this point I download my data in a CSV. Since you've already uploaded a CSV from which we've gotten the linkedin profiles etc, we will just append the Linkedin Personalisation data onto the same CSV.

Head over to lemlist and create a new campaign

Once you've named your campaign its time to select your leads (in this case it'll be the CSV). Upon selecting the CSV you'll be given the option to map the URLs, this is where you can map the "Selected favourite ice breaker" (if you have any) or the dedicated icebreaker columns. In my case I selected my favourite Icebreakers and i'll be mapping them to a field named Icebreaker in lemlist

From there you can select the schedule you want to release your emails in, ideally you want to do them 3 hours before people get up so its at the top of their list.

Then in the email body, make sure you select {{icebreaker}} as the first paragraph after your salutation

Once you've done this, you'll head straight over to the "review" section and there you can see your freshly mint icebreaker ready to turn eyes and get customers to smash that reply button

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