AI Marketing Tools: Tested and Reviews 2022

The technology world is constantly changing. Today marketing is strongly benefited by using artificial intelligence (AI). New trends and tools are popping up to help the sales and marketer to save time and execute smarter sales processes with personalized touch messages and campaigns. There is no need to fear leveraging the artificial intelligence tool in your business marketing strategy. It is simple and easy to adopt. 

Artificial intelligence tools change the digital marketing game, and there are various tools and marketing channels available due to competitive market and customer demands. The AI marketing tool’s major goal is to reach, engage, and convert your targeted customer. Today marketers across the world are struggling to optimize their marketing processes. Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools help to optimize the sales and marketing strategy effectively. 

The AI-powered tool helps the business save sales and marketing a lot of time and effort in the manual process or unproductive works. The artificial intelligence (AI) platform market is anticipated to be  $9.88 billion worth by 2022. AI marketing tools not only improve productivity but also speed up the sales and marketing process. The AI software provides valuable, actionable insights that eliminate human flaws and improve your overall sales and revenue.

Here is the list of top curated AI marketing tools that every sales and marketer needs to use today. These tools help your business to increase your sales and marketing efforts instantly. AI marketing tools can help in various functions, including B2B sales, content marketing, email marketing, social media selling, Google Ads, and many more. 

What is AI-Powered Marketing

AI marketing makes use of artificial intelligence technologies to make better business decisions. These solutions are often used in marketing efforts where speed is essential. These tools leverage data observability, data analysis, and observations of audience or economic trends. AI Marketing tools help to automate your sales and marketing process and to improve decision-making. 

AI marketing uses artificial intelligence to obtain automatic decisions with the help of ideal customer data collection, real-time data analysis, audience observations, and market trends that may impact marketing efforts. For this purpose, partnering with a reliable data analytics company can provide invaluable insights and expertise in handling and interpreting large volumes of data.

Artificial intelligence is often used in marketing. It uses data and customer profiles to learn how to best communicate with customers, serve them tailored messages at the right time and ensure maximum efficiency.  AI is often used by marketing professionals where speed is essential. AI marketing tools utilize customer profiles and information to provide the best interaction between your brand with potential customers that create a personal connection with your brands.  Many marketers have started to use AI to increase the marketing team’s performance and simplify more challenging tasks.

Elements of AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a major role in connecting the marketer with their potential targeted customer. The following component of AI marketing is helping to bridge the gap between data being collected and what actionable solutions are being taken for your future sales campaigns.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is driven by AI involving computer algorithms that can analyze data and learn from previous marketing or sales experiences. AI tools leverage machine learning to analyze your data with relevant historical data, which help to make informed decisions. Machine learning helps businesses by offering actionable insights gained from statistical techniques and artificial intelligence and is a key component to analyze how your products/services work. 

Big Data and Analytics

The evolution of digital media has drawn on an influx of big data that gives marketers opportunities to learn their current marketing efforts and accurately connect with their prospects on value across channels. Due to the over-saturation of data, many B2B marketers struggle to determine which optimal data sets deserve to be collected.

AI-Powered Platform / AI Tools for Marketing 

AI-powered solutions provide marketers with data about their target audience, which helps them make data-driven decisions about campaigns. Effective AI-powered solutions provide marketers with a better prospecting process with the accurate data of the decision-makers / leaders. These AI platforms make it easier to obtain insightful marketing intelligence in your target audience, so the business can produce data-driven decisions and learn how to reach the best. Use AI tools for effective marketing today.

The benefits of using AI will help you to grow your business.

  • Using the right AI technology will save you time and money. Your business can easily automate and optimize your routine tasks and sales processes.
  • Adopting AI in marketing will improve productivity and operational performance.
  • Enable businesses to make more agile business decisions based on results from cognitive technologies.
  • Eliminates mistakes and human error using an AI platform that provides 98% accuracy on the data.  
  • Using insight, a business can now predict your customer preferences and offer them a better, personalized experience. 
  • Businesses can find huge amounts of data for cold outreach, quickly quality the leads, and grow their customer base. 
  • Grow revenue by identifying and maximizing your sales opportunities.

AI Marketing Tools: Tested and Reviewed 2022

Email Marketing AI Tools

AI tools productivity in email marketing
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Artificial intelligence tools in email marketing will help the marketer to achieve better email deliverability, click-through rate, email opens, and conversion. There are amazing AI email marketing tools on the market today. Email plays a vital role in your digital marketing strategy. The AI-powered tool improves email campaigns in multiple ways.

  • The marketer can compose a personalized email subject line.
  • Write many kinds of emails such as Backlink acquisition, Guest blog outreach, and more. 
  • Can write a personalized email to each prospect even on mass email campaigns
  • Can optimize email sending times. For instance, your business can reach your prospects in their time zone. 
  • Can schedule email sequences for multiple campaigns using AI marketing solutions. 
  • You can analyze each campaign on the reply rate, open email rates, bounce rates. This will help you clean up email lists with non-existing emails and the leads who are not interested in your business. 
  • You can easily create and automatically email newsletters with unique personalization for your subscribers. 

SmartWriter AI

Cold email outreach with AI tool Smartwriter

SmartWriter is the best AI tool in marketing that allows you to use AI-driven personalisation for your customer outreach. This tool helps you generate more effective marketing content that provides a more personalized experience to your potential customer with little effort. The tool enables you to create 1-on-1 relationships with your prospective customers. SmartWriter provides personalized outreach, personalized email subject line, backlink outreach, social media title generation, Shopify product title, description generation, and much more. It uses prospect’s online data to create tailored messages. It allows your digital marketer to build 1-on-1 relationships with your customer base and also be able to offer a  personalized experience to the scalable customer, with no effort.

The SmartWriter AI Engine automatically creates backlink requests. It automates the process of personalizing the content of links when you want to rank well in Google across your niche. Smartwriter AI automated SEO backlink outreach uses advanced artificial intelligence AI so you get the most from your campaigns. Smartwriter AI engine understands what you want to get and creates a link request email that's targeted at your niche.

Easily automate your entire email outreach process with SmartWriter AI. Automating your entire outreach process means that you never have to worry about researching emails again. 40x faster and 6x cheaper than humans. In the Smartwriter tool, you can integrate many third-party everyday tools such as Reply, Outreach, Lemlist, Smartlead, Mailshake, Woodpecker, and many more. The tool comes with a 7 day free trial on all the paid plans. Start automating your email campaigns with the hyper-personalized email that will increase your email opens and better conversion. Personalised cold emails always get replies when compared with non-personalized cold email outreach. Start your email & social media personalization ( Personalise LinkedIn cold messages ) to maximize the reply rate and boost sales.

Outreach io tool
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Outreach is a sales automation platform that helps sales teams effectively through real-time engagement, AI-driven insights, and workflows. The outreach platform allows your market teams to stand out in the prospect's inbox and enable them to connect with the customer in a meaningful way. tool enables you to manage all activities and conversations with your prospects and customers in one place, which helps ensure the entire process goes smoothly and is fully coordinated. Your business can perform account-based sales using this software.

The outreach platform shows you exactly how to track your customer's reactions with their buyer sentiment analysis. The tool helps the sales team to focus on what really matters: connecting with customers. Outreach frees your sales team to concentrate on what matters. The tool helps you to create a playbook for success for your whole team. If you're a startup or enterprise


Automizy login

Automizy is another AI-powered solution for email marketing. The ultimate goal of the tool is to increase the open rates. With the help of Automizy, your marketing team can increase the open rate by 34%. 

Automizy is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, bloggers, consultants, and marketing experts to send personalized emails. With this tool, you can easily grow your prospect's lists, build email automation with engaging content to your targeted customer, and improve their email open rates. You can also quickly test and optimize the email subject and offer in-depth analytics and A/B testing features to get the most out of your campaigns. The valuable analytics on the Automizy resolution support you to make the data-based decision. Pricing of Automizy begins at $9.00/ per month and also offers a free trial. 

Seventh Sense

Seventh sense outlook

Businesses can use the Seventh Sense email marketing tool to engage your customers. This is a modern email marketing tool that is used for behavioral profiling.  The tool helps you to grab the email receiver's attention and win the overcrowded prospects email inboxes.

The platform products offer a simple interface and a functional set of features. You can choose the email sent out time and days for a better email open rate. Using the top ai tools in the market, you can nail down the best time for email outreach for each customer.

The tool enables you to find the ideal time and day for your email campaigns, and you can also figure out the best time and email follow-up frequency for each receiver based on the email opens.  The email deliverability optimization is specially designed for HubSpot and Marketo. 

Your business can send email automatically on the prospect's most optimal engagement time. You can engage-based segmentation and increase deliverability using this software. The solution also enables you to transfer or share the data among your business's sales and marketing team. Optimizing the email sent time will make customers happy, shorten your sales cycle, and boost conversion rates. 

Seventh Sense provides two different plans Business & Enterprise, for HubSpot Pro & Enterprise marketing subscriptions. The Seventh Sense pricing starts from $ 80 per/month, including  5K contacts. Similarly, for the  Marketo users, the pricing starts from $ 450 along with 50K leads. 

Email Marketing AI Tools Comparison

Email Marketing AI Tools Comparison

Content Marketing AI Tools

AI is rapidly changing content marketing. Digital assistant usage is expected worldwide and predicted to double to 8.4 billion by the year 2024. Artificial intelligence enables the content marketer to generate content automatically and automate chatbot conversations and more. There are various AI tools for content marketing available today, which helps the marketing team generate high-quality, accurate, and relevant content quickly. Using these AI content marketing tools, your business can create a smarter content strategy and content optimization to increase your revenue and reduce operational costs. 


Grammarly login

Grammarly is an AI-powered platform that helps people deliver a better way of communicating with others. You can check the contents, spellings, grammar, flaws, content structure, and more on your Microsoft word and google docs. You can deliver high-quality writing with Grammarly. 

The software scans your content and finds the errors in the content, word choice, writing style, removal of phase, rewrite sentences, changing prepositions, space removal, punctuations, and more. The tool suggestions will help the content creators to improve their writing. 

Grammarly has incredible key features that help the marketing team and the content strategist edit any writing, whether a social media post or social media effort, email, or blog post. It completely scans the whole document, website contents and provides you with the mistakes such as grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors using the chrome plugin or extension. 

Each day nearly 30 million individuals and 30k teams utilize Grammarly to strengthen their writing. The software helps you to publish an error-free blog article. The software is complete writing assistance that enables you to clean up the mistakes and offers suggestions like correctness, clarity, engagement, plagiarism, and delivery, etc. 

Grammarly adopts cutting-edge technology that utilizes innovative strategies such as advanced machine learning and deep learning.  Grammarly software is deeply involved in NLP (natural language processing) research that continues to lead the innovation in the product offerings to provide you with the best experience while using the product. Sign up Grammarly for free, and your business can choose the premium and business plan based on your requirements. 


Prepostseo is a toolkit for content optimization that can assist you in tweaking your write-ups and also help you learn new things. It offers multiple tools, each with a different function. For example, their paraphrasing tool scans your writing and makes changes to make it better than the original.

Other such automated solutions to content modification are also offered by Prepostseo. Some of the most common ones in this regard are the plagiarism checker, grammar checker, article rewriter, and image-to-text converter.

Almost all of its content adjustment tools utilize the latest Artificial Intelligence programs or algorithms. This allows them to alter the inserted content in a natural way. This means that the output won’t seem like it was produced by a robot. Instead, the sentences will flow naturally and seem human-written.

Overall, it is a well-rounded platform that can help create content that is valuable for both content consumers and search engines.

HubSpot SEO

HubSpot SEO

HubSpot SEO is another valuable AI tool for the content team. This software utilizes machine learning technology to discover how your content is recognized and categorized by search engines (Like Google, Amazon, Microsoft Bing, Yandex, etc.). The HubSpot SEO solution helps the digital marketing team to the SEO and search engine rankings.

Using the AI tool, your business can build content that can outrank your competitor's content. HubSpot SEO supports your business in finding and identifying the topic's rank that matters to you and potential customers. The solution suggests the topic clusters along with the metrics such as competitiveness and relevancy. This raises a chance for the marketing team to develop the most reliable topic clusters and content strategy that works.

HubSpot is an all-in-one solution for the inbound marketing tool for the entire team. The tool provides a detailed report on the performance and the ranks. HubSpot’s SEO tools provide the detail on where your content ranks for the people searching queries. Your business can integrate Google Search Console with HubSpot and obtain the metrics such as click-through rates, total impressions, and average position. These valuable reports help you discover where your business content stands in search engine results pages SERPs. It enables you to make a data-driven decision to improve your search rankings. 

3. Acrolinx

Discover Acrolinx

Acrolinx is an AI power tool for enhancing enterprise content to gain happy customers. Always better content leads to a good customer experience. 

Acrolinx is also known as a content alignment solution that helps the business scale and improves the quality of the content. This tool enables you to build valuable customer experience touchpoints to maximize your enterprise content’s performance.

You can work on content anywhere. The Acrolinx solution supports more than 50 authoring environments like WordPress, Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, Salesforce, most web browsers, etc. Top businesses use this Acrolinx tool like Amazon, Adobe, Google, and more.

The software will analyze the complete content of the business that already has and align them to business standards. And also, your business can set your style, tone, any specific words, grammar on the preferences. The tool automatically checks and provides the score for the existing content and suggests where your team can work and improve the content. The tool gives you real-time guidance and valuable suggestions where your content marketing team can deliver better writing to strengthen the weaker website pages. Implementing marketing automation will shorten your editorial process for your business. 

Content Marketing AI Tools Comparison

Chat And Messaging AI Tools

Chat and messaging AI tools offer several significant benefits for businesses. A chatbot is a dialogue guide that operates via text or voice input and outputs responses to its user. It can be used as customer service, interface, and information guide.

The communication aspect of marketing develops an omnichannel customer interaction experience. Today targeted customers are more active on social media channels like  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and they’re connecting with the brand through social media channels. 

Chat and messaging AI tools provide a great customer experience. As of stats today nearly 90 million businesses are actively utilizing Facebook Messenger as one of the marketing channels. Using AI tools like Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps helps your business sell the product, market your brand online among potential audiences, and be able to offer 24/7 customer services using an ai-powered chatbot. 

The Chatbot tools engage with the prospective customers 24/7 through automating FAQ’s. It is the most effective method to connect with your active customer. Chatbots are the live reps. Today among many popular chatbot tools, Facebook Chabot is the leading one that is helping 50% of the business and increasing their sales by answering the warm leads/prospects question,

Many of the chatbot applications provide a personalized conversation for the welcome, product discovery, and more.  Here are some artificial intelligence AI tools for messaging that leverage your business to connect with the customer. These AI tools will help to increase customer satisfaction with your customer service and eliminate dissatisfaction. By implementing an ai-driven chatbot, your business can deliver 24/7 customer services, and the sales team/ support team can reconnect with the concerned person. This improves the overall customer experience with your brand. 

1. ManyChat

Know the ManyChat

Chatbots for sales-related purposes are becoming more of an imperative as the demand for them increases worldwide. Many brands have started using chatbots in their sales process. 

ManyChat offers a simple drag and drop key feature to integrate the Facebook Messenger chatbot into your website. Using the ManyChat AI tool, your business can turn the conversation into a sales conversion. It automates the two-way interaction for Instagram directs, SMS, Facebook Messenger. Today nearly 260 million new sales conversations take place through the Facebook Messenger app every day. And 64% of individuals who use Facebook are also utilizing the messenger app. 

Building Bot for business is easy, fun with ManyChat, and enables you to achieve more sales results. Nealy 1M+ business among 190+ countries using ManyChat. 1B+ conversion is performed using Manychat every year. It is the most used chat marketing platform for many companies. The ManyChat integrations connect with your favorite daily tools, including Google sheet, Shopify, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, Hubspot, ConvertKit, Integromat, MailChimp, Google Sheets, ActiveCampaign, Walletly, and more. You can get started for free. 

2. Copilot

Copilot introduction

Copilot is a great solution to grow your online conversion rates for ecommerce businesses. The tool offers seamless integration for Shopify and BigCommerce. Your business now can send messages to your website visitors via Facebook Messenger and SMS. 


With Copilot you get the ability to communicate with customers on an ongoing basis. You can chat about their purchase, recover abandoned carts, send them updates or reminders through Messenger, all in real-time.


Copilot AI works with your customers while you focus on what's important and work on the next stage of the funnel. With our help, you can work to recover nearly half of all shopping carts and send updates and reminders to make your business more efficient.


The key feature is integrating the Facebook messenger directly with the website to view the complete chat history and the recent interaction with the targeted customer. Your marketing team can perform drip messenger campaigns and make your potential customer engaged with your brand. The tool lets you send messages regarding order status, abandoned cart, out-of-stock, restock, preorder, and shipment notifications to your existing customers. 


Copilot AI can share promotional content or marketing messages and coupon codes for those who opt-in to your website and gather customer reviews and feedback. You can share these reviews and customer feedback as social posts automatically using this solution as social proof. This will increase your brand credibility and improve the trust among potential customers online. 


You can include an offer of a promotional banner on your website that captures new contacts. Create a widget on your site to greet visitors with a bold message about your products. Copilot AI has a 14-day free trial.


Chat And Messaging AI Tools Comparison

Chat And Messaging AI Tools Comparison

Analytics AI Tools

Data analytics is unquestionably the most important part of marketing. Data analytics is unquestionably the most important part of marketing. Data collection and data-driven insight are vital parts of marketing. Artificial intelligence (AI) allows you to have real-time insights into your business marketing activities in less time. 

1. Google Analytics Intelligence

Google Analytics, perhaps better known as GA, is a powerful analytics program used throughout the web. It is a free service created by Google and is a commonly used web statistics tool. This analytics tool collects data from websites and creates reports of website traffic. Google Analytics Intelligence breaks this information down into various graphs and charts, which marketing experts can share with other users of Google analytics. By installing google analytics code on your site, you can begin collecting and analyzing data and quickly learning how your website is used. Google Analytics provides businesses with data that are actionable using AI.

Machine learning algorithms are applied to AI analytics. Artificial intelligence uses advanced algorithms that will have 16 million possible combinations and generate real-time data. With the actionable analytics report, you can figure out your current marketing activity and enable your business to make a data-driven decision. Google Analytics helps users to accomplish their marketing goals with valuable real-time insights. 

2. Albert AI

Albert AI tool utilizes big data and helps the marketing team to design and develop digital marketing campaigns for different channels and audiences. Albert is AI software that automatically creates marketing campaigns for your business. It also provides users with recommendations based on potential customer data. This software reduces the time spent on the research and brainstorming strategy for your business.

Albert's predictive analytics, AI dashboards examine our data database and take into account any content you provide. The intelligence software dashboard will suggest which customers are most likely to be a high-quality match for your business or to identify your targeted audience. Albert tool takes advantage of its existing database by filtering through its customers to find serious buyers. They then target the audience that matches these traits, put a trial campaign in place, tweak their campaign, and launch it.

Albert AI also operates on Google ads, Bing, social media platforms like Facebook. Instagram, Youtube, and more. It adds value to your existing marketing strategy by giving you access to everything you already have via an alternative interface. The product works with all your existing platforms, so it doesn't require changing your business logic. Albert AI solution integrates with existing software and interfaces and avoids the need to replicate your work by mapping your insights and analytics to one single point of truth.

Analytics AI Tools Comparison

Analytics AI Tools Comparison

Final Thoughts 

Ai-powered marketing automation is growing faster every day. The market growth of Ai-marketing automation tools is estimated to reach $9.88 billion by 2022. Use ai-powered marketing tools to Transform your Marketing. AI marketing tools are important to the future of our business. The above blog discussed a list of AI marketing tools available to help you grow your market. Custom AI development company can offer a solution to any one of your needs.. If you want a competitive edge in the market today, there's no need to wait to start. Start using AI tools today for your long-term business success. 

So far, ai-powered marketing tools have proven to be more of a help than a hindrance. All the ones we've looked at in this list are designed to help you do more with the resources you already have (or less). The marketing tools we've investigated in this list are adaptive and designed to facilitate your work. Our Smartwriter AI tool will reduce the amount of time you spend on more complicated tasks.

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