7 AI Tools Necessary for Effective Marketing in 2022

Many businesses started utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in their marketing in 2021. The marketing industry will not be stronger without getting the benefits of artificial intelligence. Many innovative new tools are entering the market every day to save the digital marketer time and execute more desirable marketing strategies with personalized campaigns. By 2022 the artificial intelligence (AI) market is predicted to be worth $9.88 billion.

MemSQL survey finds that machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are the top priority for any business. Nearly 61% of marketers state that AI is the most significant aspect of their data strategy. In another study, 80% of business and tech leaders agree that artificial intelligence (AI) increases productivity.

Many big brands and tech firms are already using innovative AI marketing solutions. If your business has not adopted AI tools for your marketing yet, you're not late, and your business does not need to panic. Adopting the AI artificial intelligence tools in your current marketing strategy is simple and easy to execute. AI artificial intelligence is shaping the future of marketing and gaining the competitive edge by employing these must-have AI marketing tools today. We have created a top 5 AI marketing tools list that every digital marketer needs to explore and start using today. 

What Is AI Marketing?

AI (artificial intelligence) marketing is more powerful, affordable, and easy to implement. Marketers and business owners need to utilize the AI  marketing tool to augment marketing tasks.

Many businesses have started to adopt inbound marketing rather than the complex traditional method of marketing.  Inbound marketing is everywhere. On top of marketing, Artificial Intelligence drives to a more effective and personalized experience on various platforms. The future of marketing is headed with Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

AI marketing uses artificial intelligence to automate data collection, analysis, decision making, observing your potential audience, economic trends, and impacts of your marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence is generally used to speed up marketing efforts.

AI tools use your targeted prospect's data. Your business can learn the best method to interact with clients with tailor-made marketing message outreach at the right time to achieve maximum marketing goals. AI marketing use cases include real-time personalization, content generation, data analysis, automated decision-making, and many more. 

Why AI Is Essential In Marketing

With the accelerating speed of technology growth, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are now getting to dominate the marketing domain, powered by the exponential advancements in data science over the past few years. The days of humans handling all the data and analytics are over. AI has proven an effective tool in various industry verticals, and now it’s time for marketers to embrace the technology. From the weather, AI image generation to the public sector, companies across the board are now using AI to improve their marketing campaigns. The best part is that the AI tool is easy to use and perfectly scalable.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for many years. With the advent of machine learning and deep learning, the application of AI to marketing and business has grown leaps and bounds, making it an absolute necessity for those looking to grow their businesses. Here’s why.

  • It will reduce your operational costs and can accomplish your marketing goals in less time with a smaller marketing team.
  • Your business can perform data-driven decisions.
  • Automatically analyze and optimize the marketing tactics based on performance data.
  • Your business can compose email copy using cold email tools and social media posts that increase conversion rates.
  • Businesses can do bid adjustment smartly on your campaigns in google ads and social media ad campaigns. 
  • Can build a marketing strategy that is customized to marketing goals and your marketing team needs.

Implementing AI marketing tools in your marketing efforts will grow your business higher and faster. 

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Top 7 AI Tools Every Marketing Team Should Explore for Effective Marketing in 2022

AI-Driven Marketing Personalization

Using AI-driven technology, we'll be able to determine the next step of your customer journey and pre-emptively push sales efforts to the next level without any human involvement. Companies can now make more informed decisions about their marketing efforts by employing AI personalization technology that can accurately determine the consumer journey and anticipate the next steps along the way.

1. Smartwriter.ai

Smartwriter is an all-in-one AI sales tool for business, where you utilize AI for writing emails. If your business is looking for a comprehensive suite of AI-powered marketing tools, then Smartwriter is the one. Using AI,  Smartwriter, you can effectively find, verify and segment your targeted audience and maximize your lead conversions.  The email outreach ai tools will automate your entire research process for copywriting of email outreach. Smartwriter is an AI-powered cold email personalization tool where your business can create personalized converting email content, email intro, blog intro, personalized subject line, and more with one click. 

AI will automatically find the targeted prospect online data & their LinkedIn profile and create compelling, personalized cold emails pitch for sales or backlinks generation. According to the HubSpot research, 61% of marketers consider the lead generation process the most challenging sales process. Thanks to AI tools like Smartwriter, Hunter.io, Leadfeeder, Prospect.io, and more. These AI tools help us find accurate data of potential prospects in no time. With the help of this tool, you can also perform a personalized Linkedin outreach that provides a 70-80% acceptance rate. Hyper personalization in business writing will offer a better conversion rate.  


The Smartwriter sales automation tool offers the following features. This sales solution is suitable for both the small and large sales and marketing teams. The tool enables third-party software integration that includes Outreach, Lemlist, Smartlead, Mailshake, Woodpecker, and more. 

Personalized Cold Email Outreach: The software helps to create personalized messages to build a 1-1 relationship with your potential customer. It is one of the b2b best cold email software. The AI analyzes the targeted customer website, case studies, blogs, google news, and LinkedIn profiles of the decision-makers and generates a tailor-made personalized email message for cold email outreach and follow-ups.

Automated SEO Backlink Outreach: With this AI tool, your business can drive organic traffic and rank number 1 on Google search on your niche. Using Smartwriter AI, you can create a hyper-personalized backlink request, grow your domain authority and SEO. Using the skyscraper technique, AI helps you create a backlink request email template for guest blog outreach, link acquisition requests on the blog post, and link replacement. 

Personalized LinkedIn Outreach: The smart write has a unique feature known as Smart Script. It enables your outreach process automatically. Get meetings with the targeted decision-makers using personalized LinkedIn messages, and with this sales automation tools improve sales, workflow, and revenue.

AI content Generator:

Your business can create a compelling blog intro and blog enhancer to write engaging blog content more rapidly. AI will help you to generate content for landing pages, Ecommerce product copy that improves conversion. 

AI Social Media Content Generator: Using this feature, you can create social media content that goes viral. You can also create context-based Instagram comments and quora answers.  The tweet generator feature helps you to generate engaging content, and you can build a punchy youtube title that grabs the user's attention using this software. 

Pricing: SmartWriter is perfect for sending bulk messages. The tool offers a 7-day free trial on all the plans. There are no daily limits, and for email verification, you need to pay only for valid leads. So it is the best and cost-effective solution. This tool offers 3 paid plans: basic, popular, and pro plans. The price range starts from ‍$59/month to $359/month.

2. Formation.ai

The Formation tool leverages the personalized experience among the customer and offers brands to increase customer loyalty, improve customer relationships and boost engagement via personalization. 

Using this Formation platform, the leading retail, travel, and QSR company automatically generates billions of unique offers by utilizing dynamic actions & rewards.


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The Formation tool is a machine learning technology that automates and optimizes the offers with one click for customers. It is the easiest and most effective way of sharing the relevant offers that are salable. 

The formation analysis offers actionable insights. It gives you the complete buyer interactions that help your business identify each customer preference and desire for your products/services.  With the help of this software, you can create a customized offer for each potential buyer, which boosts your conversion, revenue, and engagement. 

The dynamic offering will increase customer engagement throughout the buyer's lifecycle, from initial visits to purchase and retention. The tool gives you the hyper-personalized offer that attracts consumers individually.

Personalization will interest and motivate the customer.  It is a smart and effective way to attract new customers. The 1:1 personalization will drive better results for your business. 

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AI Marketing Analytics Tools

AI Marketing analytics solutions enable the business to measure a customer's Lifetime Value (CLTV). AI marketing analytics tools allow predicting how valuable a customer is to your brand. We call this the "Lifetime Value Of A Customer," and which is the more critical metric for any business. These key metrics indicate the value a customer has to a company. In other words, it indicates the future relationship between your brand and the potential customers and the net profit of the business.

3 .Google Analytics Intelligence

Google Analytics is a widely used embedded analytics tool by marketers that offers quick and real-time insights on your website data. Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a luxury but has become essential for any marketing strategy. Google Analytics 360 suite is another similar software to Adobe Analytics.

Analytics Intelligence resolves the problem by enabling you to inquire questions, and it will offer your the answers with lots of insights that are more useful for your marketing. AI marketing tools are the game-changer in digital marketing. The useful insights of Google Analytics Intelligence enable your website growth. The Google Analytics Intelligence gives you the data insights mainly in two ways by asking questions and insights. 

Using the Google analytics 360 suite, you can find your websites spike or fall in organic and paid traffic, engagement, acquisition, conversion rate, and more. Analytics Intelligence can be used even by beginner-level users who have less or no experience in data analysis. Your marketing team can find actionable insights on Google Analytics. 

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4. Adobe Analytics 

The Adobe Analytics platform combines a collection of robust analytics, web and social measurement tools to help you understand who your audience is, how they engage with your site, and what they do – or might want – next.

Updating your website's look and feel is only the beginning. It's the changes you make to the underlying structure that will really improve your site. You can use the Analytics Lumascape to plug into the tools that drive each of the four components of your online business.

Adobe Analytics is an AI data analytics software platform similar to Google Analytics 360 suite. These are both prominent tools to create insight-driven AI marketing strategies for the business. The google analytics bundle is completely free, whereas Adobe Analytics is a paid solution. But both the software provides different features and kinds of insights.  

Adobe Analytics benefits are more than just data collection. There are several benefits to using the latest Adobe Analytics features. These features include ecommerce tracking, page tags, attribution modeling, and many other features which have made Adobe Analytics the top solution on the planet.

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AI Content Marketing & Ad Optimization Tools

Content marketing has been a huge part of successful marketing strategies for the last decade. For years, businesses have been creating content and throwing it at the crowd, hoping that they like it and that it makes them want to do business with you. Ideally, we want clients to buy your products and services (or at the very least, we want to make them aware of it and make them trust us).

Content is the buzzword of this decade, but people are still skeptical of AI, leaving it something for science fiction. But today, AI has become a real part of our lives. Augmented Intelligence is the reality that’s happening today and improves the content marketing effort. AI Content Marketing tools are being developed to provide businesses with the ability to generate intelligent content.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is another best ai-powered tool. It is one of the most popular solutions for grammar checks and proofreading of writers, bloggers, and authors.  This online grammar checker tool is more valuable for writing error-free emails, social media reports, presentations, and more. 

This intelligent proofreading tool will effectively catch all of your writing flaws and share suggestions to create impressive content. This software integrates incredibly with apps and the browser. The tool flags up the typo errors on your email writings, blog post errors on the browser, and more.

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You can begin great writing that is clear, mistake-free with the power of AI writing assistant Grammarly. Nearly 40k+ users utilize Grammarly and improve their writings. You can easily change grammatical mistakes and typo errors while crafting Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and more content.  Beyond the spelling and the grammar, the tool assists in writing style, tone and offers perfect words to express yourself more effectively.

The premium Grammarly enables you to check grammar and punctuation. It offers writing insights that give readability, vocabulary correctness, clarity, content engagement, and more. This also helps you enhance the vocabulary and sentence structure. The plagiarism checker on Grammarly ensures your blog content uniqueness. 

Pricing: Grammarly offers free, premium, and business plans. Your business can choose a plan and can assure everything your team writes is clear, engaging. There are no daily limits. The premium plan starts at $12.00 / month, and the business plan price range starts from ‍$12.50/member/month. The Grammarly business pricing begins at $37.50 / month.

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AI Marketing Customer Service and Interaction Tools

Many website visitors get into interaction with chatbots more quickly. The chat robots offer conversational communication with the website visitors like humans. They interact through text chats, voice commands, or sometimes both.  

Chatbots utilizing artificial intelligence AI get people out of mundane tasks. They are most effective when scheduling meetings, customer service or support, making online purchases, and more. WordPress Chatgpt Chatbot helps businesses save on labor costs and offer 24/7 support for the business. You can offer more efficient customer service using chatbots and improve your customer satisfaction. 

6. ChatFuel

ChatFuel is an AI chatbot for websites and social media channels or social pages. The tool allows the business to greet their inbound customer and respond to visitor queries automatically. It also helps to qualify the prospects on the website and social media channels.  The solution offers inbuilt templates for business requirements so your business can integrate the tool and start interacting with your inbound customers more effectively with the pre-built template.


Using ChatFuel, your business can build a no-code chatbot more easily and quickly. With the help of this bot, you can automate your marketing, lead generation activities, support, and more.  It is the most trusted software, and many big brands utilize ChatFuel. Businesses can easily customize the chatbot using the drag-and-drop builder feature. 

Stop losing customers in this competitive market. The chatbot will respond instantly 24/7 to the customer's questions. The study states that 80% of the customer queries are resolved using ChatFuel bots, saving both time and resources for the enterprise. It improves customer satisfaction with your brand. 

Using this marketing ai tool, your company can start qualifying the leads in minutes. The AI messenger bots are the next biggest thing to the human sales reps. Using the ChatFuel software, you can attract leads and qualify them using questions. This helps the brand waste time on the wrong prospect and concentrate on the profitable prospects to improve sales and conversions. Implementing a bot on the business will reduce cost per lead up to 7x.

Link your Facebook ads to a chatbot and begin your conversation with the prospects with your chatbot instead of static landing pages. This will give you 10X more return on your ad spend. Chatfuel is available for Instagram. Your business can nurture Instagram leads and catch the prospect's email address and contact details through Instagram ads and direct messages. And also, you can easily segment, qualify and export the collected leads on Chatfuel.

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Pricing: Chatfuel free plan enables your business to build free bots. You can try it for free, and no credit card is required to access your free trial. The tool has three different paid plans Pro, Premium, and Agency. The pro plan pricing starts at $15/month.

7. Facebook Messenger Bots

‍Facebook Messenger bots are one of the latest chatbot platforms. What makes them unique is the ease by which businesses can quickly chat with their audience directly within the Facebook Messenger app. Nearly 50% of all Facebook chatbots help businesses to boost sales and answer buyer’s questions.

There are two kinds of Facebook users. Some users consume the content, play the games, and use the apps, but don’t share their own content or invite their friends to use the products. Other uses may use Facebook Messenger for messaging but never go to the main Facebook site. The former users want to use Facebook Messenger because the experience is superior to the main Facebook experience.

Many business marketing teams practice Facebook Messenger bots to automate their client communications on Facebook or social media channels. Facebook is one of the most widely used marketing tactics and customer engagement platforms.  It provides 80% open rates and 60% clickthrough rates. The bots give businesses sky-high conversion rates. This bot is used to post content, respond to brand mentions, and answer questions. Facebook bots are coded directly, and the marketing team can integrate with other external bots also.  


Marketing automation and AI are essential parts of marketing. Many big and small businesses shift to using marketing AI tools. So don't miss out on the business opportunity sooner; start using AI tools for your marketing. Working with AI tools will get new insights on customer behavior, such as their next transaction and how they feel about your product. For example, we can use AI to tailor product offerings and use more intelligent bidding strategies. There are plenty of marketing and sales automation tools.  Choose your best all-in-one solution in your sales to funnel based on your business need and leverage your sales more effectively. 

Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are social networks that reinvent how brands communicate with their target audience. With a younger generation using various social media apps, social media networks are a platform for keeping their friends updated about their lives. While it’s now a well-established social media platform, the biggest challenge social media faces are that most companies still don’t know how to use it as a marketing tool. 

That’s where AI comes in. Through surveys and statistical analysis, AI is helping companies determine how to craft the perfect story and the best times to send it, increasing the likelihood of social media followers and users contacting them. You can create such surveys through various WP Survey Plugins. The future is now, and AI is the key to the future of market research and data analytics and using it to drive AI-powered campaigns that will keep your business relevant and competitive. Smartwriter AI social media content generation your business can craft contextual comments, perfect and generate more client engagement and catch the targeted customer's attention. It is a great way to build brand awareness and develop scalable influencer connections.

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