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Content is king. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s never been a better time to spread your ideas to the world. Email marketing gets a bad rap because it's overused, abused, and doesn’t work for most people. But, email marketing is still one of the best ways to generate sales because it's personalized. 

No one likes being sold to by companies that want to sell you stuff all the time. It’s annoying. But, if you can send targeted emails to people who signed up for your email list, people who are probably really interested in your product, then it can work well. And, if you have an AI writer program, the emails are basically free.

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What is a targeted email?

A targeted email is a personalized email sent to a specific segment of your mailing list. These emails are highly customized and unique; they deliver relevant offers which bring value to your subscribers.

Targeted email marketing typically is associated with email list segmentation - an approach that divides or segments your subscribers based on their gender, occupation, age, geography, preferences, or so. With this email segmentation, you’ll be able to target the right audience with the right content, stay a top-of-mind brand, and improve your sales.

A study by Gartner L2 on the subject lines and content of email campaigns of nine top brands revealed that the open rates of targeted emails outperformed generic emails by 42%.

Mass Marketing vs. Targeted Marketing

Mass marketing involves advertising your product or brand to a wide range of audiences. The goal here is to reach as many people as possible, regardless of their interests. For example, TV and radio advertising is mass marketing. In contrast, target marketing is a popular strategy that is geared towards more specific audiences.

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Targeted email marketing is where you focus on the needs, likes, and dislikes of every customer you have. When you develop a targeted email list, you can come up with an effective email marketing campaign that is a lot more detailed and personalized. Also, customers, in turn, feel that you take their interests very seriously and that they are valued.

Unlike mass or bulk email, targeted bulk email helps you focus on building a strong customer relationship. 

Why should you segment your email list?

Each of your customers might have a unique background, interests, and expectations of your brand. That is a reason why you should not send the same email to all your customers.

With email segmentation, you can send a personalized message based on each subscriber's interests, information, etc.

Segmenting your email list will help you,

  • Increase open rates
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase click-through rates 
  • Decrease unsubscribes
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Avoid spam filters
  • Leverage data for effective targeted email marketing

Sending relevant messages can help stop your subscribers from turning into inactive subscribers and improve customer retention. Also, it means a higher ROI from an already ROI-rich and effective marketing channel.

So let’s sum this up:

  • Segmenting subscribers enables you to send a more personalized and relevant message
  • The customers may be more interested in the sales email and engage more
  • Segmenting improves the ROI of email marketing campaigns.
  • So, customers are less likely to turn into inactive users and reduce the unsubscribe rate.

Though marketers have a lot of benefits from using targeted email marketing, a whopping 51% of email marketers do not segment their email lists.

Benefits of targeted email marketing

Not just high open rates, but targeted email marketing has the following benefits for your business,

  • Relevancy

Since targeted email marketing campaigns bring content that matches the preferences and interests of a particular segment, recipients tend to recognize your brand as a source of relevant and useful information.

  • Response

When your email subscribers get relevant offers from you, they are more likely to respond, open your emails, click your CTAs, and travel to your website.

  • Revenue

Targeted emails make 36% of all revenue, so promoting your special offers or sales events to users who are likely to purchase is an excellent way to boost your income.

  • Bond

Interacting with your subscribers by targeted email marketing campaigns shows that you care about them, and every offer is perfectly tailored for their needs. It is an excellent way to shape thankful and loyal customers who will come back to buy more products and spread the word about your brand within their social circle.

  • Customer Retention 

According to statistics, your current customers are 50% more likely to try your new products than newcomers. In addition, you already have the preferences of your subscribers’ list, so targeted emails are a simple way to maintain a strong company-customer bond.

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How to do targeted email marketing?

Here’s a plan to follow to create data-driven and relevant emails:

  1. Collect your database. 

You can not send targeted email campaigns if there are no users on your recipient list. Use subscription forms to collect the email addresses for your database, including any other data you might need, such as phone numbers, zip-codes, birth dates. But decide how you’ll gather it. You can use a form builder to collect the data you need.

  1. Define customer personas. 

Identify to whom you're going to market. Take a look at the audience segment, their shopping preferences, location, age, or anything that would help shape the image of a target customer. Create relevant content for the users, and deliver it to them.

  1. Segment your mailing list. 

Divide your database into preferable segments to decide how you will be communicating with different users.

  1. Create targeted content. 

Create and adjust your email content to resonate with the targeted group of your email subscribers.

  1. Test and analyze. Before sending your campaign, run an A/B test to experiment with your emails' subject lines, content, CTAs, or timing. Choose the corresponding KPIs to identify whether the results of your campaign have met your marketing goals.

Is email marketing highly targeted?

Every B2B company can leverage email marketing to increase their return on investment (ROI) by hugely increasing their conversion rates. If your emails aren’t getting to the right people, change your strategy. Using promotional email is the perfect example of an effective and compelling email to increase ROI. 

Most companies today rely on outdated manual methods of building their email marketing lists. Structuring content so readers can sign up to your email list directly, while important, is only half the battle. Once you’ve established an email list, the real work begins. 

Target email marketing sends targeted messages to readers based on their individual interests and needs. AI email writer lets you get started scaling your online business faster than you ever imagined possible.

What is an AI email writer?

An AI writer is a platform to create targeted emails for your business easily. By targeting emails to the right groups, you get four times more results from your email campaigns. The problem with most email marketing campaigns is that they are too generic. 

This is a useful and intelligent application that will produce amazing and effective content for business to acquire and engage your customers. It was designed to save you both time and money. 

Also, no one likes writing newsletters. That’s why smart marketers are using an AI email writer to automate the grunt work. Just tell it who you want to email, the results you want to achieve, and it will develop personalized cold emails and newsletters. And the email writer would write personalized newsletters for you. 

Why is email marketing automation a trend? 

It’s simple. Email marketing automation has the highest engagement rate ever. It also delivers the highest future value. If you want to take your email marketing program to the next level, you need to automate your emails. 

The good thing is that you do not need to buy an expensive email marketing solution or learn how to code. You can use an AI email assistant to build, refine, and optimize your email automation campaigns right away.

Why do marketers use an AI email writer?

Mailing campaigns can be a real burden. Finding a good writer, meeting deadlines, and ensuring the emails are targeted to your audience can be a formidable task – no matter how big your company is.

By having an AI tool, you will be able to create emails that have an excellent open rate. You’ll also be able to send personalized emails that have a higher conversion rate. Writing emails isn’t easy work as it takes a lot of time and effort. It also requires a lot of expertise in your industry. This is where the AI email assistant can help. They’re able to create compelling, educational content that helps your readers while also increasing your conversion rate. This is a win-win scenario.

Personalized emails are the secret to effective email marketing. But, not all of us are writers, and not all of us have the time to sit on computers all day writing emails manually. This is where AI marketing tools enter the scene.

SmartWriter - The Best AI Email Marketing Automation Tool

SmartWriter is an effective and smart AI email writer that can tirelessly write your emails to build your list, convert your traffic, increase your revenue, and automate your email marketing campaigns, all without you lifting a finger.

If you're an email marketer or small business owner, then you know just how challenging it is to promote your product or business online. A new email every day. A new sales message every week. Targeted, written, and sent just to the right people. Even if you could write every email yourself, the time and energy it would take to do so would make it impossible to focus on your business growth. 

But, there's an easy solution you can use to automate your email marketing campaigns - a cold email AI generator that can write cold email icebreakers that intrigue prospects and hook them in.

How to use SmartWriter's AI email writer to generate personalized emails?

Step 1 - First, sign in to your account or sign up with SmartWriter.

Step 2 - Choose a current project or create a new one using the option "Create Project" on the tool.

Step 3 - Select "Create Copy" and click "Cold Email Outreach" under the category "Personalized Outreach."

Step 4 - Select the appropriate intention, upload your email list via CSV file, Google Sheets, or manually enter the details of the prospects.

Step 5 - Now, click on "Generate Copy" to create your personalized emails in just a few seconds.

Step 6 - And, you can also regenerate these emails or use these emails for your email marketing campaign.


Note - The pricing plan starts from $59 - $359 per month. It also offers a 7-day free trial on all their premium plans. So make sure to check out the tool for improving your email marketing campaign. Also, you can download the chrome extension from Google for quick use.


Email Marketing is a cost-effective way to make your brand and your products more visible to the world. But while it’s easy to get started and can pay off quickly, there’s a number of pitfalls to avoid. Creating and sending effective and personalized emails is a creative art, one you can use to make your product line profitable. 

Email marketing is growing in popularity, and with it comes a plethora of tools and providers to help you segment and target messaging to your customers. You can set up A/B testing, drip campaigns and perform retargeting. All of these can be managed from an AI-powered email marketing platform, which automatically optimizes your campaigns to convert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is email marketing?

Email is still the most cost-efficient way to reach consumers with marketing messages. The task can sound daunting - generating specific campaigns for each customer when a business has an email list of millions of users - but it's not.

What are the key data points?

When a consumer opt-in to the terms and services of these sites, email marketing agencies can collect hundreds of data points such as name, location, age, and gender, to date of subscription, lead status, and buying patterns.

What are the pros of Targeted Email Marketing?

The top five benefits of targeted email marketing - Relevance, Response, Revenue, Relationship, and Retention.

How do you know who to target?

Relevance - Sending targeted messages to niche audience segments gives you the freedom to create messages that are unique to that specific group.

Why should I use email marketing?

Email is likely the most powerful marketing channel as it makes the highest ROI of any marketing channel, from radio, TV commercials to PPC.

What are the results?

It helps convert 40x as many customers as social media channels.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

We now know that even using simple personalized touches like using the recipient's name can have a dramatic impact on open and click-through rates.

What is multi-channel marketing?

These powerful tools enable you to market wholistically to a complete customer profile - not just to a line on a spreadsheet.

What is an email builder?

Email builder allows you to customize images based on the recipient's location.

What is a coupon?

One of the easiest is to create a lead magnet (also called an offer) your target audience is interested in, like a coupon, in exchange for their email addresses.

What is an email service provider (ESP)?

Email service provider (ESP), also known as an email marketing platform, is software that helps manage your email list.

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