How to Improve Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate

In this digital era, many companies change their marketing strategy to stay relevant with the latest technology and get closer with their customers. Although new strategies have been developed in the past decades, marketers still use email marketing to connect with customers more personally. 

Today, there are 4 billion email users, and it's expected to climb to 4.6 billion by 2025. With the sheer number of email users worldwide, marketers can use the medium to promote their brand effectively.

However, applying this strategy is not as easy as it looks. If you can’t manage this effectively, your email marketing will not perform well as you want. If you are still struggling to create marketing email campaigns that help boost your conversion rate, here are some tips you can apply to your marketing strategy.

#1. Use Persuasive Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing users see and read when new emails pop up on notification. If they are interested in reading your emails, they will click the notification bar right away. On the other hand, if your email subject isn't engaging enough for them, you'll have less chance of getting a high email open rate. 

It shows how important the subject line is for email marketing campaigns. You should pay attention to details when creating an email subject line. Use some creative ideas to make a subject line that can attract your audience to open and read your emails.

Try various phrases and ask for feedback to find the right subject line that fits your customers’ needs. If you are a beginner on this, you can ask for advice from a professional copywriter or learn subject lines that other companies use as your references.

When making a subject line, remember to keep it short and sweet that encourages your audience to click your emails. Make sure to be very specific and straightforward when sending marketing emails, and never overpromise if you're unsure about it. 

#2. Include an Effective Call-to-action (CTA)

Besides a persuasive subject line, the Call-to-Action (CTA) is also an important thing that can help you capture your customer’s attention and encourage them to make a purchase. That's why you need to make a powerful, clear, and actionable CTA. 

You can personalize your CTA based on your readers’ location, interests, demographics, and more. Since personalized CTAs have 202% better conversion rates than default CTA, you can incorporate this strategy instead of using generic CTA that often scare people away.   

Make sure that the CTA you include can guide your customers in the right direction. If you are still confused about using the clear and concise CTA, you can use simple words like sign up, subscribe, or join us in your video content.

#3. Optimize Your Videos For Mobile Devices

Mobile device usages have increased significantly in the past few years. Mobile phones help people find information, access new opportunities, and conduct daily activities easily.

Hence, making your marketing email mobile-friendly will help mobile device users get your messages without difficulty. However, about 1 in 5 email campaigns are not optimized for mobile devices, making it harder for marketers to achieve their goals. 

That's why you should optimize your email marketing campaign for mobile devices. When your email is easy to access, people can grasp your message right away, resulting in a higher open rate. 

There are some ways you can use to optimize marketing email on mobile phones. Make sure to keep your subject line as short as 30-35 characters. Use a single-column layout and make your image size small. These ways will make it easier for your customers to read your emails on their mobile devices.

#4. Avoid Spamming

When your customers decide to subscribe to your emails, you need to make sure that you show consistency by sending them emails regularly. But, it doesn’t mean that you can spam them with your emails every day. Instead, this action makes your customers feel annoyed and over time they will no longer want to subscribe to your email.

If you want customers to stay subscribed to your emails, spamming is something you must avoid. Remember that your customers have time that you need to respect. 

Instead of spamming them with a bunch of unnecessary emails, you can create and send them valuable emails according to the schedule you set. Make sure that your email campaign schedule has realistic targets, like two emails in a week. 

That way it will be easier for you to explore creative ideas, thoughts, or insights to make your emails more valuable and loved by your customers. The more customers love your emails, the more trust you will get that encourages them to stay with your company for a longer time.


Even though email marketing is considered an old marketing strategy, its effectiveness makes it one of the most popular strategies. By incorporating this method, you can boost your conversion rate and get more attention from your customers. It all depends on how you can use this method effectively and accurately. 

To ensure your email marketing efforts reach their full potential, consider enlisting the expertise of top email marketers. Their strategic insights and proficiency can elevate your campaigns, driving greater engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty.

Now, it’s time for you to create engaging marketing emails. Try these tips and find out the tips that work best for you. Keep paying attention to details while making emails, so your effort does not become a waste.

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