Try these 6 different cold email subject lines that got me 81% open rates

6 different cold email subject lines to improve Open Rate

Cold email, like SEO is one of the most guaranteed ways to grow your business sustainably and predictably. The ability to reach out to new customers, entice them and convert them into paid users is a powerful art

Here is the deal though: cold emailing is time-consuming and can be demoralising if not done right. These days, everything is personalised - from movie choices to food. So it goes without say your emails need to be the same

Remember cold emails should be so personalised that you can't send the email to anyone else

Only issue is, personalising cold emails is a laborious AF task.

Email writing is a pain, and it’s hard to stay focused on the sales process. You’re too busy worrying about your prospect’s possible reactions to care whether the email looks good or not. And it makes you feel like you’re a spammer trying to coerce them to do something they don’t want to.

So I kicked off an experiment with smartwriter to generate 6 different personalised cold email subject line formulas paired with personalised first liners

Here are the approaches I took and the results that came out of them.

Note, each one of these emails had a high personalised first liner I generated at scale using smartwriter. These previews are very important and help with the open rate

Approach 1

Email Open rate graph with personalization

"{{Outcome}}, {{how easy to achieve}}"

or "Seriously smart AI copy, takes seconds, just copy and paste"

This got the highest open rate at 85% because the focus was purely on whats in it for them and the outcome they will get for the business.

Approach 2

"{{firstName}}, {{numeric success and outcome}}"

or "{{firstName}}, 10x your content and close more deals"

This had a 75% open rate because of referencing the person name directly and offering them a numeric outcome and success

Approach 3

Personalized message open rate

"{{question about a problem you're solving}}"

or "Are you outsourcing your sales copy?"

This had a 79% open rate because it was targetted and these targetted customers were already actively solving this problem. So the email addresses an active intrigue.

Approach 4

{{recent news article mention}}

This had a 62% open rate as it shows the information is well researched and most likely not unwanted spam. However, this had the lowest Open To Link Click-through rate

Approach 5

"{{companyName}} <w> {{ProductName}}"</w>

or "CompanyName <w> Smartwriter"</w>

This had a 72% open rate. It's simple, to the point and showed direct collaboration between the person I was reaching out to and the product service I was offering

Approach 6

Email Performance Rate Graph

"You'll love this article {{firstName}}"

This had a 75% open rate, a lot lower than I expected. But had the highest reply rate and this was purely due to the fact it was value-based and I did not ask for anything in response

I'll be testing multiple more angles with SmartWriter. Hopefully, this helps and you get something to pick up and use for your own growth strategy

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