Cold Email Affiliate Marketing Practices To Generate 1k Per Month

When it comes to affiliate marketing, most people focus on social media, YouTube, blogs. However, emails are often overlooked marketing channels that get far less attention. But the fact is email marketing dominates more than social media. It is one of the most influential and powerful marketing channels for the business. 

According to the study, every dollar you spend on email marketing returns an average of 38$ that is  3,800% ROI. 59% of the marketers say that email marketing has a higher return on investment (ROI). According to a McKinsey study,  emails are 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers for business than social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Email marketing Performance Stats

Effective marketing is the best way to enter affiliate marketing. In this article, we shall look at how affiliate works, market the product and create as effective affiliate marketing emails as possible. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where an individual or a business promotes another company's products to potential customers with their marketing strategy. The sole aim is making sales and earning commission for it. Any form of promotional activity on the internet that contributes to the sale of a product is an example of affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing mainly works on promoting the products of other businesses and earning commission on every sale. Therefore, affiliate marketing is the best way to boost your blog and make more money without having any of the hassles of managing products and services.

It is the more successful tactic to make higher sales and revenue online.  It is more profitable for both the business and affiliate marketers. Nearly 16% of the online purchases are done through affiliate marketing. The most common way to become an affiliate is to register with a network. In this case, the network takes responsibility for tracking click-throughs that result from affiliate marketing and therefore pays the affiliates.  The statistics say that 81% of the brands spend on affiliate marketing, and the marketing spends on affiliate marketing are also rising every year in the United States.

Analysis report of Affiliate Marketing Spending

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, then you need to execute the following steps. 

  1. Discover and participate in the affiliate market programs 
  2. Identify and pick the offer that needs to be promoted. 
  3. Get the unique affiliate for every offer.
  4. Share that affiliate link on your social media, blogs, and websites.
  5. If someone uses your affiliate link or URL and makes a purchase, then you can automatically get your commission for each purchase.

The commission charges may vary on the business and the offers or deals. However, at the lowest commission rate, it begins at 5%. And you can earn more than 50% if you’re  promoting events or classes. Sometimes, specific affiliate programs may charge flat rates per sale instead of the percentage per sale. 

How Affiliate Marketers Are Paid for Their Marketing 

Affiliates are the easiest and inexpensive way to generate income without selling your product or service online.  Affiliate marketers are paid in different ways. 

  1. Pay per lead (PPL)- In the pay per lead programs, the affiliates are paid based on the leads' conversion. These affiliate programs cost per action (CPA). Most of the programs will be like signing up for trial programs, signing up for a free trial, subscribing to the new letters, requesting a demo, Software download, book or schedule an appointment, etc. 
  2. Pay per sale / Cost per sales (CPS) - In this program, the merchant pays the affiliate a percentage of the product's sale price after the customer buys the product through the affiliate's links. 
  3. Pay per click (PPC) - The affiliates are paid for the number of clicks. They are paid for increasing eh website traffic. This helps in budget pacing, keeping the affiliate's budget in check.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Channels

Here we shall see some affiliate market programs. The goal of affiliate marketing is to engage the targeted prospects and make the audience take action. There are different marketing channels to leverage them. 

1. Influencers

Influencers are the people who primarily benefit from affiliate marketing. These individuals have a significant number of followers on their social media platforms and blogs. So they can easily promote the product or services to the targeted audience through their social media posts and lists and easily interact with their followers. 

Influencer marketing is more popular on Instagram. The brand partners with the top influencer of the specific niches.  For example, fitness products brands will reach out to the fitness or personal trainer influencer to market their brands. The promotion can be of any 

kind such as product reviews, live videos on product promotion, etc. 

2. Bloggers

As bloggers usually rank organically on several search engine queries, they can increase their sales as an affiliate.  If your business provides a sample product or service that you want to promote, they can write a complete review of the product/services. These bloggers will write a comprehensive review about the product/service that compellingly enables the brand, which improves driving traffic to your business organically. 

The blogger spreads the product's value which helps the sellers by improving the sales. For example,  let's take the example of email marketing software. The blogger will write on the article with email marketing, promote the software with the complete review, and offer affiliate links to make sales through the blog article with their audience. 

3. Emails 

Email marketing is yet a more viable source for affiliate marketing.  Some affiliate marketers will have an email list they have and where they can promote the products. These marketers will leverage marketing through an email newsletter that contains affiliate links to the product. Once the customer makes the product purchase through the affiliate link, they will be earning the commissions. For example, in cold email Affiliate Marketing, the marketer will have a set of user emails databases. With those lists of emails, they will make an email outreach with specific offers or newsletters related to the products and services of the merchants.

Another method for an affiliate is making an email list over time. The marketer will perform different marketing campaigns to collect the targeted audience's email addresses and then email outreach to promote the product.  Emails are the most accessible way to share offers and promotions. However,  it is vital to make the email get spammed; and the user needs to accept those affiliate emails. 

With Smartwriter, the affiliate marketer can create a valid email list to avoid hard bounce and spamming. Using Smartwriter’s Email Verification, personalized icebreaker generator, catchy intro lines, converting subject lines feature. With the bulk email verifier feature, you can easily assure the correctness of the email address of the targeted audience's email addresses before sending out. It helps your business to reduce the hard bounces. Making personalized content and the subject line for the outreach increases more email conversations.

4. Promotion on Microsites

Creating and monetizing through the micros sites. Microsites generate more sales. These microsites advertise along with partner sites or perform sponsored listings. Thus, they are distinct and separate from the company/business-main website.

These microsites help to offer relevant content to a particular audience with a simple call to action. Microsites are best for promoting events, launching a new product, generating targeted leads, targeting the market by geography,  establishing brand awareness, and it also helps your business to stand out from the corporate brand.

5.  Coupon Websites

Many people do smart shopping online, and they are regularly searching for coupons from all the marketers out there before making a purchase. So coupon sites also play a significant role in marketing. 

The coupon drives more traffic to your sites and helps the coupon code get more revenue through affiliate marketing.

6. Review Websites

These affiliate marketing sites are helpful to find about the product or service reviews of particular niches. Affiliate marketers mostly like to have a different review on various niches on commonly hosted domains. Therefore, they will handle different niches with multiple firms. Into a single site, and they organically rank the website for all the pages of different reviews. 

By organic rankings for various review niches, the affiliates marketer can earn by reviewing a business or advertising product or service on their review site; this helps in more conversion. 

7. Build Video Contents

People love video content. Let's take Youtube; there are nearly 2.1 billion active users. In addition, there are various excellent video content sharing platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook. 

Video content is the most convenient way to show the product benefits, reviews, and product highlights for busy consumers. You can quickly grab more customer attention with high-quality video content. 

 It is always best to have the affiliate products link underneath the video content on YouTube or social media and to have them on the bio section of your page or community page. The video demonstrations will increase the trust among the audience about the product, and the benefits of the products are easily conveyed to the targeted audience. 

What Is Affiliate Email Marketing?

Affiliate email marketing is a fantastic way to utilize the trusted relationship you’ve built with your audience to make sales for other marketers. Affiliate email marketing is the most lucrative form of marketing that exists. While it allows you to reap the rewards of other marketer's hard work discovered via affiliate marketing, you also get the perks of building a list of your own so that you can make much more money.

Instead of focusing the sales through organic search and social media, these email markers utilize email as a cost-effective way to generate sales. In addition, these marketers use their email lists to market affiliate products with their audience. All the affiliate marketer revenue is not based on the sales, and sometimes the business may include the affiliates with the cost per click. 

Benefits of Email Affiliate Marketing Program

Even if there is a rise in SEO and social media marketing,email marketing still remains the cost-effective method to reach the business target audience. According to the facts, nearly  99% of consumers check their inboxes every day.  

Email is a great way to reach the audience directly in a more personalized way. Survey says that 59% of the people answer an email and make their purchase decisions. So a good and effective affiliate marketing email is not just making the product in front of the targeted audience. Effective email has to influence the audience to make a purchase. 

There are various advantages to adapting email affiliate programs in your business marketing strategy.

More Cost-Efficient: A well-planned affiliate marketing program is cost-effective and more affordable for the business.  When compared to other marketing methods, email campaigns are the most efficient method. As a result, many affiliates utilize email channels as it has a higher ROI. Affiliate marketers need good experience and expertise in email marketing strategies to drive the best impact in affiliate programs. 

Tacking Performance Is Easier: Many email marketing softwares have inbuilt analytics and tracking systems. So the affiliate marketers can quickly analyze the performance in the platforms. They can improve their upcoming email campaigns from the analysis and make marketing more effective. So email is the most popular and effective marketing channel to acquire customer acquisition at the affiliate program.

Progressive Audience Exposure: Having the email marketing channel on the affiliate program will increase the customers’ exposure. In addition, your business can easily reach out to a larger targeted audience with the affiliate program. As a result, email helps to grow the customer more rapidly than other marketing channels. Affiliate marketers can quickly promote the products to the largest targeted audience groups with new campaigns. 

How to Utilize the Cold Emails For Affiliate Marketing

According to Mediakix data, Among 8 out of 10 brands incorporate affiliate marketing on their marketing plan. Well-known brands like Amazon, Home Depot, eBay have affiliate programs. 

Affiliate marketing would be more successful for small and large enterprises because they’ll pay the commission only for their conversation. So in the sales cycle of the business will be benefited financially (Marketing cost). Here is the best tip to utilize cold emails for affiliate marketing.

1. Execute Value -Value Offer Formula 

To succeed in affiliate marketing, your email receiver has to open the email and react to your email by clicking the affiliate link.  There is the 3 step value offer formula that works.

Start With Offering Value

Your email's subject line has to attract the reader and have to make them open the email. With the compelling subject line formula, you have to increase your open rate. 

Then in your email content, you need to create interest in the product you want to promote. So, begin with the value of the product or service. For example, let's take the Grammarly app as an example, explain how to use them, explain to the audience why they need it, and resolve their problems(Pain points). At this, you have to cultivate an interest in the Grammarly application.

Value 2x 

The next step of email is to share how the product is of immediate value to them. This stage of email has to create a desire among your email receivers. Next, the email has to move the audience from the interest stage to the desired state. This stage has to cultivate the audience to have the product immediately. 


You will remove the people who were not interested in the product/service from the email list at this stage. However, the people who were interested in buying will remain on the email list. 

Now you need to send a well-crafted email with an affiliate link. The email content has to be short and crisp. The key purpose of the email is to make the targeted audience take the desired action by clicking the affiliate link and making the product purchase. 

The above three key steps in your email marketing campaign will create consistency and trust. 

2. Make Use of the Lead Generation Softwares

The most effective way to generate leads for affiliate marketing is by using the lead generation tools like NinjaOutreach and Buzzsumo. With the NinjaOutreach tool, you can discover the YouTube and Instagram Influencers in particular niches. 

You can also find the relevant bloggers and influencers by using keywords. This software helps to discover suitable influencers for your affiliate program in a specific niche. For instance, if you are a fitness-related application, you need to find an influencer and blogger to write a review and promote your product on social media platforms. This tool helps to find the proper influencer/ blogger in the fitness industry niche. 

3. Using Email Marketing Tools 

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on their social media marketing and email marketing to improve sales and retain their existing customers.  

Cold emailing is the best channel for acquiring a new customer and for customer retention. In addition, an effective cold email campaign will drive sales and Return on investment (ROI). 

What is Cold Emailing? 

Cold emails are sent to the people who were not in the previous contact before. The cold emails are sent to the potentially interested people in your brand's products or services for a business.

Companies have to discover their correct target specific audiences who are interested in their offering. Therefore, the key of cold email marketing is focusing on the right audience with the actual value-providing email content. 

At first glance, cold emailing seems like an easy way to get leads and close deals. The trouble is, it’s tough to get started, and it takes a lot of work to get to the level of results you want.

The first step to cold emailing is to create a list of contacts. After that, cold emailing is all about targeting your audience. Before you can reach out to your audience, you must know who you’re targeting.


Once you have your contacts down, you’ll want to make sure they are high-quality contacts. Next, run through some workflows to make sure they’re actual people and see what they like, what they don’t like, etc. After you’ve composed your first email, now comes the fun part of writing your email. 

You can speed up the cold email process by utilizing cold emailing software such as Smartwriter, Lemlist, and Mailshake. For example, Smartwriter software helps your business verify all your leads on the email list before sending it out. It also offers you to write a personalized compelling subject and intros that increase your email open rates.

The other cold email marketing software helps you to upload the email list and send a drip campaign in a minute. Moreover, you can send these email campaigns to the targeted audience in their time zones. 

Your business can also do A/B testing of emails that works better. The software comes with analytics to analyze your email marketing campaigns and decide with solid data for the next email campaigns. Making personalized emails and trying different sequences helps to find the ideal email marketing strategy. 

4. Perfect Email Follow-Ups

A follow-up email is the most powerful factor in cold email marketing. According to the statistics, 60% of the targeted customers say no at least four times before saying yes. Unfortunately, many sales professionals give up after the first emails, and even 48% never perform email follow-ups. As a result, 80% of the sales are completed with a minimum of 5  follow-up emails or calls. 

Many targeted audiences will start to respond after 3-4 emails, and they go demo and even sales at the 5th email. But on the other hand, many businesses stop the email outreaches after the 1st and 2nd emails.  

The number of follow-up sequences is important. Sometimes the email you have sent is not opened at the optimal time, but with a healthy reminder, follow-ups will grab the attention of your targeted leads.  

Follow-up sequences are always appreciated as you are offer's value to your customers. So don’t be hesitant to have 5-6 follow-up email sequences in a cold email campaign, which will definitely grab the lead’s attention.

5. Appropriate Follow Frequency

How often does your business need to perform follow-up with the prospectives? 7 days time intervals with 12 follow-up sequences will work well. After an initial email with the prospective affiliate, begin your follow-up within a week and continuous follow-up email sequences. After 12 outreach, you still have no answer from your leads, then remove the lead from the email lists. 

Perform following up from different platforms along with the email; you can also follow up your prospects on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram direct messages. Follow-up will help yield a quicker reply from your targeted audience.

6. Implementing Personalization

Many people think adding a first name and other variables inside the email content is personalization. However, today more hyper-personalization email only works for sales and affiliate marketings.  

There are 26% more open on the emails that had personalized subject lines as per Campaign Monitor. So when it comes to affiliate marketing, personalization will help open rates and develop deeper relationships with the targeted audience. Affiliate is more about the trust and relationship between you and your audience base if your list of customers trusts you and is more like recommending with others. 

Crafting emails more personalized will better connect with the targeted audience as a helpful friend instead of a salesperson. As an affiliate marketer, you can easily make email personalization, including the subject lines, email intro with the help of software like Smartwriter.  Email personalization increases click-through rates by 14% and increases conversion rates by 10%.

Personalized Emails With Smartwriter AI

As an affiliate marketer and business, implement personalized emails that will make 8x more responses, and you can do that with a single click using Smartwriter software.  Your business is not required to waste time reaching and making personalization while reaching out to the influencer for affiliate marketing or making the sales emails. The AI in the software will automatically perform the research and craft the content of an email in a second that can be sent to your decision-makers or targeted audiences. Smartwriter software is mass email friendly to generate personalized content.

It will discover your prospect online data and create a compelling subject line and personalized cold emails for sales, for generating backlinks,  affiliate marketing. Smartwriter personalized messages are developed with proven conversion methods that influence your targeted customers to take action. Automated email personalization is 40x faster and 6x more affordable than having an email marketer. 

Here are the steps to generate personalized emails for affiliate marketing. 

Step 1: Create a project and provide the project name in the given section. 

Automate email personalization with AI Tool

Step 2:  Once you created the project click the create copy button in the top right corner and choose the “cold email template” in the popular email template category. 

Create Cold  Email template With Smartwriter

Step 3:  In the cold email intention secession, you can find the below three categories 

  • Book a meeting
  • Demo a product
  • Share a link to the product


Select the “Share a link to the product” 

Cold Email Outreach WIth AI Tool

Step 4:  Once you select, you can upload a CSV file or google sheet to generate content in bulk or add manually.  And fill in the product URL, product name, and product description like below. 

Hyper-Personalized emails for Outreach

Step 5: Now click the button “Generate Copy” and your personalized content for affiliate marketing will be ready in no time. 

Cold Email Template Creation
Outreach Emails With Smartwriter

You can create a personalized email with an eye-catchy subject line that assures more email open and sales. SmartWriter can be used for LinkedIn Personalization, Tailored Cold Emails, Backlink Building, and Affiliate Marketing. The Smartwriter AI has 7 days of a free trial. So get started with email personalization with Smartwriter today. 

7. Adopt Website Trigger Technology 

Website triggers are lines of code on a website that carry out actions when certain conditions are met. They automatically do certain things when the conditions are met without the need of a human to do anything. For example, a website will trigger an automatic email with offers or coupons triggered when someone visits your site three times.  Another example: if a visitor comes to your site thrice, your business can automatically send a welcome email with tips and samples

Site triggers methods help drive more web traffic, and these lines of code on a site carry out actions when certain conditions are met. Website triggers were initially designed to bring automation and intelligence to digital marketing.  However, various triggers bring intelligence to different parts of your business, such as customer service, customer retention, and account creation.

This Site trigger is a useful method for your affiliate email marketing.  You can link your subscribers based on their browsing behavior. You can trigger the email with the affiliate links automatically. For example, You are running performance marketing on the baby or newborn products. Then you can set up a site trigger with a promotional email for the blog subscriber who read the recent article on caring for newborns. 

8. Referral Links 

Referral links are the personalized links you have obtained during the sign-up process with the affiliate platform. When your visitor reaches your blog, social media pages will click the link and purchase the marketed product. Then you automatically earn the commission. For example, BigCommerce has a high-paying affiliate program. They pay about 1500$ for each business referral.

Businesses that frequently publish blogs, newsletters, and review sites are a good fit for performance marketing with promotional links. They can make use of the referral link while sharing. 

  • Blog article
  • Video content
  • Video tutorial 
  • Product/ service reviews

While sharing the referral links, ensure the links are visible and contextual will value content to the receiver. Sharing your promotional link with the new subscriber will develop customer relationships with your business. While sharing the referral link on social media platforms, you need to link with a well-crafted relevant post. Just sharing the promotional link directly will not work. However, a good form of content with relevant keywords and CTA works well. The CTA button on your email campaigns will help you to achieve conversion rate optimization.

By selecting the correct affiliate marketing strategy, your business can easily succeed in sales. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to do business and can reduce costs.  For marketers, affiliate marketing is a feasible way to monetize from other companies. However, the success of Affiliate marketing depends on the cold email marketing strategy. 

Cold email and cold calling are powerful methods to reach potential customers. However, email follow-up is more important for the conversion. So don't forget to examine your email sequences. Affiliate marketing through email is a convincing way to begin a relationship with your potential customer base. Your business can improve the open rate and response rates from the above email marketing strategies and cold email marketing software. The third thing your business needs to focus on is email provider. From the above methodology, you can generate more sales via emails on affiliate programs. Experiment with your email campaigns with various templates, or go for an email personalization that helps you cultivate a positive response.  Analyze your email campaigns, find the suitable method, and apply it in a future email campaign for your affiliate marketing. 


1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is about more than promoting things within your niche. It can be used to drive traffic to any sales page. You can promote affiliate offers from well-known brands like Amazon or you can promote offers for startups in burgeoning industry verticals.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to profit from a passion. As a blogger, you’ve probably tried affiliate marketing before. But you have probably failed. You might have even given up on blogging altogether because of it. But you are not alone. Wondering why 95% of bloggers fail with affiliate marketing? Be honest with yourself. It's probably because: You used the wrong affiliate network to promote products on your blog

2. How to utilize Cold Email in Affiliate Marketing?

Cold emailing can help you build your list faster than any other method out there. But cold emails aren't just good at building lists - they also work well as part of an affiliate marketing campaign.

Here's why...

The best part of cold emailing is that it allows you to connect directly with prospects without having them know anything about you or your brand. This means you don't have to worry about getting rejected because someone doesn't like your offer.

As an affiliate marketer, your best strategy for acquiring new customers online may be cold email – a technique that uses personal messages to increase your sales and profits through email marketing. Email is a great way to build business relationships, launch new products, and increase the profitability of your affiliate marketing business.

3. What is known as warm emails (as opposed to cold emails)?

A warm email is as simple as it sounds – it’s an email sent from someone who is already in some way connected to their target. Using a warm email to reach out to someone and get a response is an entirely different game than sending a cold email.

A warm email is written with a specific person in mind. These emails are almost always more effective than cold emails written before a particular lead comes into view. This is because the people on your list have already shown a great interest in what you have to offer because they opted to join a list that you own.

4. How do I speed up my cold email process?

Your business can dramatically speed up your cold email process by using cold email software like Mailshake, Smartwriter, Lemlist cold email tool lets you load up your list of leads and send them a drip campaign in minutes.

5. What are the benefits of warm emails?

Think about the last time you received a cold, generic email asking you to purchase a product or service. You probably deleted or ignored the email immediately. Well, we’re happy to tell you there’s a better way to get people to take an interest in your products, and that’s to use warm emails. warm emails are the email that assures the messages get a) opened, b) read and replied to.

6. What is the subject line?

It may sound obvious, but it is - in fact - the subject line that gets your emails opened in the first place.

7. What are some tips for email marketing?

Keep it casual: avoid using caps, capital letters, or jargon.

8. What is the difference between a long email title and an easy-to-read one?

Fewer words: using lengthy email subjects will decrease your open rate as most email clients display just the very beginning of the title on mobile.

9. Which is better for affiliate marketing, bulk emailing, or cold emailing?

Before we get into comparing bulk emailing versus cold emailing, let me clarify one thing. Emailing isn’t always the best way to generate leads. Emailing will work well for certain industries, but in others, it just won’t work. You need to figure out which industries work best in each method. If you’re not sure what industry would work best for each method, start with emailing because it’s always better to have a proven marketing means before moving on to the next best thing. 

10. Are there any case studies on selling affiliate products through cold emailing?

The building blocks of affiliate marketing success are split into 2 main parts: creating traffic and converting that traffic into customers. There are two types of affiliate programs: pre-existing affiliate programs that aggregate multiple brands’ products into one convenient location for affiliates to purchase and promote and creating your own affiliate program. If you want to promote your own affiliate program, or if you aren’t a part of and don’t want to join any pre-existing programs, you need to have a viable product to promote to capture interest, earn trust, and actually get affiliate signups. But what about pre-existing programs? If you join one of these, you need to promote a diverse range of products so you can earn substantial commissions on a wide variety of products, but to really stand out, it pays to promote your own product.

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