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Are you a marketing professional performing 50+ cold calling to gain potential customers for your sales pipeline? Always on cold email and the cold call has its own place in marketing. However, it's time for the business to focus more on the cold email strategy. Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy for the business as it has a higher return on investment. 

Emails are an incredible tool for businesses because of their affordability, effectiveness, and scalability. 89% of the marketers agree and state that email is their primary mode of lead generation. If your business wants to achieve in their cold email marketing campaign, you need to be distinct from others.  This article will look into 6 cold email campaign tips to generate new users for your business. These tips help you to improve the response rate and boost your sales. 

What Is Cold Email Marketing?

Interest in cold email marketing is growing over time. Cold email marketing is a specific marketing tactic that focuses on reaching out to potential customers via email messages. In other words, it is a list of prospects interacting through email as primary communication.  

Like other marketing strategies, cold email marketing is a way to get one step ahead of your competitors and connect with your target market in a friendly and personal way. In addition, this marketing process allows you to contact potential clients.

The success of your cold email strategy is not simply making your potential prospects read your email message but also making them respond to your campaign.

Types of Cold email in Marketing

There would be several reasons for a business to send cold emails. For example, it can be a customer feedback survey, Cold emails for marketing, backlink building emails, and many many reasons for a business to send cold emails to their targeted prospects.  This section shall look into some prominent cold emailing types commonly used by companies in their marketing. 

1. Media Pitch Emails

A media pitch is a concise email that is sent to journalists or influencers. The media pitching email is a process of promoting your product or services by the journalist, influencer, and bloggers. They promote your products in the form of reviews, promotional content in the blog, promoting as a press release, influencer marketing your brand on their social media. Generally, these are the email outreach to obtain a link on their post, press release, brand mention, influencer marketing request, and more. 

According to the publisher survey, most publishers and influencers receive nearly 50-500 email requests in a week. To make your email stand out from the crowd, you need to implement an effective email marketing strategy. These have to be more specific and personalized emails.  

2. Brand Pitch Email

There are the emails that are sent for a brand partnership collaboration. For example, If you are a sports nutrition brand. Your business will find the top influencers in the sport and fitness industry to promote your brands. 

Promoting your brands through celebrities and influencers to your targeted audiences.  It is one of the best methods to raise awareness among your audience through brand partners. It is a win-win strategy for the brand partner and the business. Today I think this kind of marketing works more significantly in industries like health and fitness. However, your business needs to be cautious with your cold email context and the subject line to improve your conversion rate for a solid band pitch. 

The success of your email opens rely on when you send them. According to statistics, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to send your emails. Your business needs to avoid sending emails on Monday and Friday. The ideal time of sending an email for a brand pitch is around 2 pm so that the receiver can spend some time on the email to read them. Your brand can also test various timing to find the ideal time for your outreaches. 

3. Link Building Email

Link building emails are sent to gain the inbound links to the site. The SEO or digital markers massively do this type of cold email. These emails are sent to the decision-makers like web admins, editors, bloggers, etc. There are many ways to gain backlinks for the business. Here are some common link building techniques 

  • Broken link building 
  • Guest blogging
  • Reclamation of the Links

Do you want more backlinks, more organic traffic, and more social engagements? Then you might want to create a link-building email outreach. 

But don't know where to begin? Create highly converting emails using Smartwriter software. It has a specific feature called Backlink personalization. You can generate compelling, unique content for each prospect for different backlinks techniques such as guest post, link of the post, and replace compilator link (With SkyScrapper Technique). The AI software helps you create a personalized outreach that makes your email stand out from the crowd. Here is the best backlink request process that your business needs to implement today to increase domain authority and SEO. 

4. Content Promotion Email

Promotion emails are a type of marketing email that can help triplicate your sales. Content promotion is a method of promotion that uses email to promote content to a targeted audience proactively. The main goal of content promotion is to increase quality backlinks, traffic, and revenue. Using email, you can reach a large audience, easily promote content to blog owners, industry influencers, journalists, and more.

Content promotion emails are emails to promote your article, blog posts, and other types of content in newsletter emails. These emails are sent before or after you publish a new blog post. The notification emails help create a buzz for your content. And by making a buzz for your content and linking to it, you are effectively getting people to link to your content for free. You can also create promotional emails such as an immediate giveaway, a limited-time discount, a seasonal sale, etc.

5. Networking Email

We all want to make more business connections but we have little time to find people in our target market. Did you want to connect with someone who has a common connection with someone known as Networking or mutual connection request email. In other words, a networking email is a sequence of emails that are distributed to reach a number of your prospects. So networking emails are the best way to connect with the targeted audience. In addition, it helps your business add new prospects consistently. Remember to build rapport when sending out your networking email, say more than one word, and don’t spam.

Here are the 6 Cold Email Campaign Tips To Get 973 New Users

Writing a successful cold email is an art, right from choosing the right potential target audience and having them on the email list. Creating a catchy email subject line and implementing the thoughtful CTA in the e-mail context, many factors make your email campaigns successful. Some various tips and strategies have to be implemented to do effective email marketing. Here are some of the tips to make a cold email campaign successful in generating new customers. 

1. Set up Your Cold Email Outreach 

The primary step in effective cold email outreach is to set up the email provider, cold email sender signature, and profile. Every business marketer doesn’t want their email not to land on the spam folder. So follow the below three simple prior steps before starting your cold email outreach. 

Select the email provider:

There are two types of email providers available 1. Paid (G-suit) and 2. Free (Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud Mail, GMX Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Yandex Mail). So my opinion is to prefer some paid email providers because I can easily create an email address with the business domain name. This will generate more trust, and it will have higher deliverability than the free providers. My choice is G-suite as it has amazing deliverability along with more third-party tools integration features. 

Create a credible email profile:

Suppose you intend to use cold email marketing software to automate your email campaigns. The initial step is to create the profile with the accurate data of your business. Your business can't eliminate this step even if you write compelling email content.  Employ a real name, professional-looking photo, and accurate business information on the profile. 

Build a professional email signature:

Email ending with the professional email signature will help to initiate the communication and establish your brand image. In addition, these signatures will establish a long-lasting impression among your receivers. Thus, the email signature is another marketing element for your businesses and yourself. 

A solid email signature has to build contact and communication via emails. The signature needs to combine photos, social media icons, CTA, business information, Making the email signature simple and designing according to the mobile users.

2. Best Practices To Avoid The Spam Folder 

Make your cold email outreaches away from the spam filter. Some tactics will help you to avoid getting trapped on the backlisting. Here are the ways that you can prevent your email from landing on spam. 

SPF, DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), and domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC)  are the email provider's technical methods to validate where the email is coming from.

DKIM  represents the owner of the email message, and the sender policy framework (SPF) is an email validation practice that helps your business prevent email spam. These are the two ways that help you to set up authentication for your cold email outreaches. 

On email marketing tools like Lemlist, you can find the feature called "Test email". Where you can easily ensure your SPF and DKIM settings before your email campaigns and avoid email spam in the bulk cold email outreaches. 

3. Building a Cold Email Leads List

Before you begin with the cold email outreach, you need to find the people you want to connect with. Your business has to ensure the customer persona, and this will help you enhance the relevance of the email and improve your positive response.

There are numerous methods to prospect leads for business, and much smaller companies use manual prospecting. But manual prospecting is a time-consuming process to identify accurate leads. Instead, you can invest in tools like Smartwriter, Leadfeeder,,, LinkedIn, and more to find and validate the target audience. 

Another vital part is to clean the email list and it is a great way to remove the problems in email deliverability. Before performing cold emailing, ensure that you have removed all the non-existent or invalid email addresses from the list. The invalid emails in the campaign list will create hard bounces on your email marketing campaigns. Email verification tools like Smartwriter will quickly find out your targeted customer email addresses and help you remove the invalid email addresses in your campaign list, and improve your email deliverability.

4. Craft Cold Emails That Get Responses

Thanks to advanced email marketing tools such as Now you can create a compelling email that gets more replies. Here are the tips for writing an excellent email with the Smartwriter tool. 

Writing a catchy subject line:

Your email subject line must induce the reader to open your email. Therefore, your subject line has to be concise and descriptive. The six different email subject lines help to achieve more open rates. 

Email Introduction:

Email intro plays a crucial role in cold email marketing. It is the deciding factor where the reader wants to continue reading the email or not. After the attention-grabbing on the subject line, it is essential to make the email receiver read the email entirely. By utilizing Email Intros and the personalized icebreaker feature can create the successful email content. In the email introduction, you need to focus more on the common interest, customer pain points, etc. 

Write an Interesting Email Body:

After capturing the attention of the targeted customer. It is time to show how your business is unique from other competitors on the market. With the email content, you need to cultivate the desire for the product or services that you offer with the targeted prospects. The longer content will not work better so make the email body as concise as possible and relevant. Don't forget to add a strong  CTA in the email context. 

Integrate personalization:

Personalization in cold email marketing will have more response rate. According to the study, personalized subject lines have a response rate of 21.8%. However, personalization is not just having a prospect's name, company name to your subject line, and email body. You need to do research and have to include the personalized content for each targeted audience. With the AI tool, take content personalization to the next level in no time. This is the evidence that shows you have researched the targeted audience before reaching them. This will cultivate the credibility of your emails. Personalized ice-breaker contents and personalized video will grab the attention of the email receivers.

5. Stay Out of Cold Email Templates 

Yes, you hear it right. Always stay away from the email templates. Try to avoid templates on your email outreaches, and there would be more chances to land your email on a spam folder of prospects and result in a low positive response. It is always good to add your own personal touch to the email templates. Today many cold email marketing software have ready-to-use email templates in their library. You can customize them with your personalized content. I recommend making customized touches on your email templates instead of using the pre-existing ones right away.

6. Use Cold Emailing Software for Bulk Cold Emails & Follow-Ups 

Sending cold emails for a business is tricky, but today you have hundreds of cold email tools available to streamline your cold email sequence and the follow-up email. You can send the email to the prospect's time zone and limit the number of emails and follow up to be sent per day. In addition, cold email software solutions provide real-time insights and analytics for the marketing campaigns, so it helps you to create smart campaigns that convert.

So it is good to invest in email marketing software like Mailshake, Lemlist, Mailchimp, and more. It also allows you to perform A/B tests or segmented campaigns, email tracking, set emails per day, and more. You can also utilize the effective templates to personalize and assist you in scheduling follow-up emails for different campaigns at a time. 

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