The Ultimate Cold Email Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Are you looking to dominate your cold email outreach and need a quick reference cheatsheet on how you can close deals on automation using cold email ?

Then you will find value in the cold email process we've highlighted that covers all the core elements and steps involved in creating a successful and predictable email campaign.

Here's the steps you should be following:

1) Buy different named domains

Have multiple domain names to protect your primary domain emails score

getsmartwriter,usesmartwrtiter,thesmartwriter etc

2) Warm up domains

Warming up involves using services that send emails between different accounts and emulate a "human" flow, this protects your domains authority in case you have bounces and low open rates

3) Set up DMARC DKIM and SPF

SPF specifies which IP address emails are to be sent from (like a return address in a letter)SPF prevents spoofing where emails (from) is from the wrong person

DKIM ensures email is not tampered with

DMARC uses SPF and DKIM to confirm if email is actually sent by owner of email domain

4) Find prospect leads and emails (d7, sales navigator, builtwith)

Find targeted leads based on your niche and audience

Softwares like builtwith, sales navigator, anylead and hunter get you emails

Clean your domains to ensure no bounces happen in verified emails

5) Subject line short and personalised

Keep them short, punchy and to the point. Most importantly make sure they're personalised. The goal of the subject line is to get them to open the email and that's all

6) First Line Icebreaker Personalised and Insightful

Use SmartWriter to create a personalised ice breaker using customer data

7) Paragraph pitch offer value (pdf, value link, etc)

Keep it short

  • Brief intro
  • Mention case studies (Our app helped <company> close $11k in cold emails within 3 weeks)
  • Social proof (big brands, names etc)

and offer a pitch to set up a meeting / offer value via pdf, links, webinars or eBooks

8) Strong CTA

Press onto their most obvious pain point"If you want to save 8 hours per week, lets talk"

"If you'd like to automate your outreach, this link will give you <x> days free"

"If you're after explosive growth like <case study>, lets chat"

9) A/B Test Emails

Test your email subject line / preview header and "offer" to see what yields the best "open to click through rate"

10) Follow up sequence

Set up cohort based sequences

  • people who clicked a link
  • people who replied
  • people who didn't open email
  • people who opened email and didn't reply

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