How You Can Use AI To Cold Email Potential Clients And Win Massive Contracts | The Ultimate Guide

What is Cold Email Outreach

Cold email is a process of communicating or contacting someone for a specific purpose. Cold emails are not just for sales professionals. Cold email can be for anyone; for example, if a job seeker sends an email to HR managers and inquires about the potential opportunities. To increase the chances of success, it's crucial to perfect your resume before reaching out.

Cold email outreach is a strategy to reach someone who does not know about your business and hasn’t connected with your business before. Cold email outreach can be extremely beneficial because it offers a fresh perspective on a company that may not have considered what you were offering before now. 

Emailing someone who doesn’t know you, means that they are likely to respond to you out of confidence rather than something else. Cold email outreach is thus a great way to establish yourself as a well-known and trustworthy figure that others can safely contact in the future.

Everything You Want to Know for Perfect Cold Emails

Your target clients have probably seen hundreds of pitches every day. It’s time to take action! 

Cold email outreach is often considered the best way to gain attention for your company or product. A cold email is just that: a personal email sent out to an individual with no previous introduction or contact to find common ground and build rapport. It’s one of the most effective ways to build relationships. With cold email outreach, you should keep a few core principles in mind:

  1. Keep it short and sweet: A tremendous cold email should be no more than three paragraphs long (one if you can manage it). You may also want to use bullet points instead of paragraphs. 

In this way, you can get right to your point without rambling on for pages and pages. One paragraph is enough to convey information about your business and how it solves a problem or offers an opportunity to the reader and pertinent contact information such as your name and title.

  1. Killer content:   Your cold email needs to include valuable content that will encourage a response from your contact. This can be a question, an interactive poll, or some other enticement that will resonate with them.
  1. Genuine and personalized: You don’t have to be a personal friend of the reader, but you should come across as just that. This means trying to connect on common ground (or several). If you find that the reader is interested in your business, they will want to make sure they are staying in touch with you. Once you have this information, it’s best to leave the email to decide if they wish to keep in touch.
  1. Be transparent and honest about your intention:  Do not try to appear disinterested if you are genuinely interested in what the person is doing and only pretending otherwise.

Be honest about who you are and what you offer. If your site is a blog, be sure to mention that in the subject line or a sentence prior to the body.

  1.  Include relevant information about YOURSELF to demonstrate your authority, interest, and availability. This should be brief but effective and serve as a way for the reader to understand who you are, what you do, and how you’re relevant to this individual. Please do not copy other emails or site content (unless it’s from another blog).
  1. Offer value immediately after introducing yourself and value for future correspondence (but not right away).
  1. Subject line: Avoid using misleading subject lines. The email subject line is the key decision factor. Based on the subject line, prospects will open your email. The subject line has to be unique and relevant to your brand product/ service. 

If the email is for a special offer or email advertisements, make sure it is labeled as such.

  1. Incorporate your business address:  Include your physical address information on the email signature. And include the ways for the user to reach your brand, share the website, social media profiles, phone numbers. Having photographs excellent and include an opt-out option on the emails with Unsubscribe links.

Guide to Get Customers Through Cold Email

3.8 billion email users across the world. The most efficient way to connect with your potential client is performed through sending cold emails.  Due to the pandemic, people's work habits have changed, and now people are paying more attention to their inbox emails. This blog article lets you look into the basics of cold emails and effective email templates that generate more warm leads for your business. 

Each business is different, but the below best practices and a cold email template will be a good starting point. According to the statistics, business users receive 97 emails per day.  The below-customized email template with the AI makes you stand out from the crowd, get noticed by potential clients, and get a response. Many individuals think cold email is dead, but it is wrong. It is the most effective way to generate leads and conversion for your business if you do it properly. 

Your cold emails must read well. In the world of business, communication can be hard to do. After all, most cold emails are sent as a business transaction, so they have a perkiness that dulls their readability. Unfortunately, if you serve your readers with poor content and there will be chances of unread emails or even leads to unsubscription of your email. Therefore, you must take the time to ensure the words you use are precise and prospects can read them quickly.

The purpose of using cold emails is to attract new clients. Email is the one that most people find very effective since there is much less competition when using this method. It's much easier to write a cold email to a prospect than to approach a company through other means. If you can get your pitch right, you'll find plenty of opportunities with this method.

Powerful Cold Email Subject Lines

Many individuals don't realize that the subject line plays the most important part in the cold outreach email. If the subject doesn’t interest the prospects, then the email will not be opened, and it doesn't matter even if your content of the email is more relevant, engaging, with perfect wording. 

Use an interesting subject line with enticing words inviting prospects to read it. Length should not be longer than 250 characters. Use your target keyword in the subject line and also in the body for keywords-related opportunities. 

Follow The Guidelines To Make A Compelling Subject Line

  • Include their name in the subject line if it makes sense. 
  • Create the subject line more personalized and specific as feasible. Customized subject lines have higher chances of open rates.
  • Experiment your subject line with question 
  • Deliver the email with the body content that is relevant to the subject line. If the subject line is irrelevant to the email containing the would be an excellent open rate, there will be inadequate responses.
  • Even if marketing emails and the email should not be much marketing.
  • Regardless of whether advertising messages and the email ought not to be a lot promoting.

Best Email Subject Line Tool to Increase Engagement

Your subject line in the email is the first point of contact with your subscribers. The subject line must capture and inspect them with enough vigor to get the email open and read your contents. Without a compelling subject line, then the email campaign will lead to failure. 

Thankfully, various software is available in the market to test and generate unique and compelling subject lines. You can use AI software to create a converting subject line. The software helps you to develop persuasive email subjects. boosts the open rates and additionally brings down the danger of being set apart as spam. Consequently, you develop your email deliverability and sustain a good sender reputation. These are the essential elements that make your email marketing successful.

Why do you need an email subject line generating software?

Crafting good subject lines has to be a blend of data and creativity. According to statistical data, the subject line crafted with 6 words has the highest open rate. The  eye-catchy subject line with the recipient's name improves the 30% open rate. 4% of the open rate increases if you use the word sales.   eye-catchy subject line

At the same time, the content of the email has to be relevant to the subject line; otherwise, the subscriber has chases of losing interest. 47% of the email opening is purely dependent on the impression of the subject line of your cold emails. for Converting &  Eye-Catchy  Subject Lines

AI development services has a massive impact on email marketing. Artificial intelligence in the subject line improves the clicks, opens, and helps in generating revenue. AI-generated subject lines are more open and converted when compared to human-generated subject lines. Don't waste your time on creating new subject lines. AI tools will help you to develop and improve your email results.  

Step 1: Create a project on the

Step 2:  Select the converting subject line on the popular template section. 

Step 3: After selecting the concerting subject line. Enter the Audience field with the marketer, stand up founder, etc., and provide the email message on the section. You can generate different versions of the email message with the Smartwriter AI copywriting tool.  The copywriting tool in Smartwriter helps you to develop highly converting email copy and content within a second.

Step 4 :  5 audience and you can provide an email message with  300  character limit, and now you can choose the number of output results and language. Then click the generate copy button and develop the unique and converting subject line. 

Step 5: The generates the compelling subject line automatically in no time. 

Email Validation & Why Is it Significant?

Today there are 3.8 billion email users worldwide.  According to Statista research, the number of email users will reach 4.3 billion in 2022.  The study shows still email is the most preferred mode of communication. Only 10% of the emails are gathered accurately. Usage of email validation software will increase the accuracy of the email address of the prospects. If you use AI software like Smartwriter to validate emails, it will provide you with more effective email marketing and improve the sender's reputation. 

You can quickly discover the verified email addresses of any individuals that you want to connect with. You can save time in searching for the correct email id of the individuals. With the Smartwriter email verification, you can send email more confidently, and the tool provides 95% deliverability. As per the Loqate consumer survey, 70% of the customers globally check their emails more than once a day, and 41% of the emails are opened on mobile devices. McKinsey says that email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter. It helps your business to gain new customers. Smartwriter will take the credits only for the verified emails.

Why Email Validation Is Essential 

Email validation will reduce or eliminate the hard bounces. The hard bounce mainly occurs when the email address does not exist and false email ids. You can minimize spam if you use an email verification tool. If you send 5000 emails sent out, you will receive less than five spam email complaints if you use the email verification software. 

Manage Your Email Address Data Accurate

Quality of Data 

Verify your email marketing leads database regularly using the Smartwriter email validating software and ensure the correctness of the email address and remove the incorrect emails on the next email campaigns. 

Email validation helps you provide real-time validation and offers chances to acquire new emails, and prevents you from unwanted hard bounces. 

Analyze your database regularly


Analyze your email campaigns and remove the unengaging subscribers from the list. Remove the uninterested users from the campaign list. Sort the users who have not opened your emails for the past 3 months, then remove them from the upcoming campaigns. This will reduce spam complaints and hard bounces. 

Essential Steps for Crafting the Personalized Cold Email

What are personalized emails? 

Personalized cold emails are designed to respond specifically to individual needs or situations rather than send blanket messages or marketing content in bulk. It is a way of communicating with someone by being mindful about who they are and what they might want.

Why We Need Personalized Cold Email Outreach

In an era of an ever-morphing digital landscape, sending a targeted cold email to the right person can be your best shot at getting a response.

Every day, people have hundreds of emails in their inboxes, and they’re often so preoccupied with what’s in front of them that they don’t open anything that comes from a stranger. So how do you break through the noise? You need to personalize it.

  1. Cold Emails Marketing Begin With Your Client Persona

It is essential to understand your brand customer persona before you start reaching them. If you’ve struggled in the process of writing a cold email, then this key information helps you. We will provide you with a 3-step guide on how to create email personalization that works. 

Step 1: Find Out Who Your Customer Is

This is quite a common question for us all, and it all begins with the customer's persona. This involves finding out who that individual is and learning things about them. 

Step 2: Understand User Personality and Values

Once you have the personas, you will want to list their characteristics and the values they hold. This is so that you can choose what type of emails you can send them. 

Step 3: Create a Job To Be Done Sentence and Choose the Right Emotions to Use

Make sure you have done your research on the person you are sending the email to, so you know what emotions to use. The job-done sentence is your next step, and this is one of the most vital parts of your email. This sentence should have a lot of emotion behind it because this is what will make or break the message. 

This is an excellent example of how to tone, pitch, and correctly use emotion. Here are the a few things you have to note

  • Cold emails are all about building relationships with your audience. Make sure you know what values they hold and why they need your product or service. This will help you craft a message that will convert them into customers. 
  • Emotion is essential when writing cold emails, so make sure to add some color to it at all times. Keep it short and sweet, and make sure it's relevant to the email you are writing. Find out what kind of content will interest your target audience. 
  • The easiest way to figure out what content is best is by researching your target market. What are their interests and needs? Are they looking for more information about your product or service? What problems do they face in their day-to-day life? 

The more detailed and specific you can be, the better email you can craft.

  1. Figure Out What Kind of Content Will Interest Your Target Audience 

The easiest way to figure out what content is best is by researching your target market. What are their interests and needs? Are they looking for more information about your product or service? What problems do they face in their day-to-day life? The more detailed and specific you can be, the better email you can craft.

  1. Create Your List Of Leads is handy for identifying your leads with an accurate email address. You can efficiently perform bulk email verification. At one, you can check up to 100 emails that ensure email correctness. You can easily find the decision-makers emails like CEO, COO, Founder, Head of Sales, Account Manager, VP of Sales, Sales Manager, and more. You can find the verified emails with the list of websites with First name, last name, and URL, or you can get verified email addresses by uploading the CSV file. You can download CSV and create campaigns for the best email outreach outputs. You don't require to spend 100s of hours finding your customers. SmartWriter helps you do that in seconds.

  1. Generate Personalized Email

Generate Personalized Emails

It is the most important and fun part of cold emailing. People are receiving 1000 emails every day. If you spend time crafting email personalization, you can stand out from the crowd, and your brand can quickly maximize the click and conversion rate. The key elements of your customized email.

The art of writing messages and the use of formulas or templates are highly recommended to avoid spamming. Nowadays, cold emails have become more sophisticated, and they are not even based on business purpose, but mostly on your personality.

When you use tricks like referencing your email to write personalized letters, you can stand out from the crowd and dominate the market.

Subject line: While writing the subject line, making them casual and catchy makes them more sales. Use your name in the subject of the email. The Smartwriter converting subject line helps you to generate a compelling subject line in no time.

Introduction: Begin with a reliable piece of content and make the introduction casual. Share about the prospect business when you write the body of the message.

With the AI software Smartwriter, you can generate the perfect personalized icebreaker for your leads. You can generate up to 50 personalized ice breakers/ intro for your email list. The software will produce high-converting personalized icebreakers/intro messages in seconds for cold emails and Linkedin sales messages. The software helps you generate the trailer-made icebreakers for each prospect, and you can focus on building relationships with customers and increase your outreach ROI. 

Transition: You could transition from the relatable aspect to your main point by stating that email users should be familiar with its use.

Snapshot: This part summarizes your brand and shares how your business would help them or resolve their problems with the prospects.

Call to action: Share the specific URL or schedule a specific date and time for further conversation. Call to action is the crucial element where the prospects become a customer of your brands. 

If you use these simple tips, you can easily generate personalized letters that help you stand out from the crowd and dominate your market. You can easily write personalized emails that help you stand out from the crowd and dominate your market! 

Create Eye Grabbing PersonalizedCold Emails Using

Mistakes to Be Avoided While Crafting a Cold Email

Spammy Subject Line

Please avoid using the words like free off grab as spammy words that directly make your email land on the spam folder. It's better to avoid such terms. These words also negatively impact the receiver’s mind as it seems like a sales email. The person will not like to open emails and say something to buy.  

Long emails

Make the email content short and simple. The emails have to provide value to the recipients. It is good to draft an appropriate and short email that will have high opens and the email receiver will have a chance to skim your email. The long email will not work, and it might affect your goal. 

Eliminate over-personalization on the emails

Personalized email is a good element for cold emailing, but it should not be moreover personalized. The receiver will embrace if you have too much personalization on the email. 

Avoid Multiple calls to action & too many links

the email you share should be a goal orientated. If too many links and calls to action lead to multiple goals, the user will ignore these emails even if the solutions are needed. Make your email precise and should have a single goal. 

Multiple links in a single email will be considered to be spammy activity. It will affect your email deliverability and end up in the blocking of the email account. 

Smartwriter Email Templates ( Smartwiter Cold Email Outreach)

Smartwriter Email templates that will generate warm leads for your sales team.  You can create a high-converting email using the cold email outreach feature on the software. 

Step 1: Create project and select cold email outreach 

Step 2: Select the goal or intent of the emails from the given dropdown (Book a meeting, Demo a product, share a link to the product)

Step 3: After choosing the intention, provide the  product decision and the website URL in the relevant section and click generate copy 

The software will generate an eye-grabbing email for your business in no time. The software will eliminate the hours and hours of time in crafting cold emails that generate leads. Your business can perform with AI software that crafts highly converting content for you in seconds. 

Email Template 1

Email Template 2 

Final Thoughts

You can quickly generate leads with cold emails in no time. Cold email marketing is the most effective way of generating leads and prospects for your business. From the above key points, you can start generating effective cold emails for your business. 

But it will not happen overnight. You’ll need to take time to learn the best practices of cold emailing that fit your business, test different approaches to define what works, and investigate means of scaling your own best practices using virtual assistants or automation tools.

It’s not easy to build a cold email campaign that converts at a high rate. But I promise you that if you study the advice below and put it into practice, you can be successful with cold emails. You just need to have patience and give yourself time. Learn the best practices of cold emailing, test different approaches to define what works, and investigate the means of scaling your own best practices using virtual assistants or automation tools.

Signup for, verify your lead list, reach out to the prospects with confidence, and generate the complete subject lines and intro and even generate the email templates for the business that works better. Here is the pricing of the software. Choose the plan that fits your business. 

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