Best AI Tools To Boost Your Sales In 2022

Using the right AI tool will greatly impact your business when it comes to sales. There’s a wide range of sales software on the market, and figuring out which one you should invest in is challenging.

No need to worry, though. We’ve got your back. Smartwriter asked experts to share their views on AI software and the best AI tools for sales that your business can adopt in the coming year of 2022. Read on to find out what those are!

Automating your sales process will generate more revenue per lead in lesser time. These AI sales assistant tools help the makers and the sales reps to automate certain tasks utilizing artificial intelligence AI. Using AI sales tools will save time on routine tasks, and the sales and marketing team can focus on the higher-level activities.

Best AI Tools To Boost Your Sales According to Experts

Here are some of the leading AI tools for your sales mentioned in a roundup of experts. The experts share many more awesome AI tools that you won’t want to miss.

Best AI Tools

Erik Qualman
Erik Qualman
5x Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker

As a business owner, author, and motivational speaker I receive hundreds of weekly sales emails from people hawking their products/services. My first line of defense is to automatically delete any that contain spelling or grammatical errors. I don't want to partner with anyone that doesn't pay attention to the details. Hence, while not the sexiest of AI products, any salesperson would benefit from using an AI spell and grammar checker (e.g., Grammarly). Some of them can now even let you know the tone of your email (e.g., happy, direct, serious, etc.) before sending as well. When you allow AI to help you dot your i's and cross your t's you will see your revenue soar. 

Ermelinda Maglione
Ermelinda Maglione
Content Marketer

Those working on their marketing plan for 2022 may want to look into AI tools that can help increase sales. The focus has shifted in the past few years toward social media, SEO, content marketing, visual marketing, and, more recently, AI or artificial intelligence.

It is hard to choose what the best AI tools for sales are but, as I am a Content Marketer, I have more experience with tools for content.

One of my favorite AI tools for content marketing is Grammarly. It not only corrects my grammar and spelling but gives me tips on how to make my writing better. I use it every day on every writing project I have and it has improved my results.

I also love MarketMuse. If you are doing content strategies (essential in today's marketing world), this tool will help you know which keywords you should go after, depending on your niche. I used this tool a lot with a client I had a year ago and it helped us determine which topics to develop for the blog.

Lolita Carrico
Lolita Carrico
Marketing and Growth Strategist

I use and recommend a few AI tools specifically for sales support from copywriting, to chatbots to sales funnel automation, however, my two favorite tools that I recommend to almost all the companies I work with are:

  • Seamless.AI - A contact database that offers high-quality lead information (emails / other contact info) that is verified via their 10-step AI engine to ensure correct data. Their system also recommends potential leads based on usage with incredibly relevant results and can even add leads into existing CRM funnels to fully automate initial outreach to potential leads.

  • Drift - This conversational marketing and sales platform began as a powerful chatbot and now offers a suite of tools to maximize customer engagement and marketing/sales ROI.

Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi
Managing Director

AI has no doubt gone to the next level where it can be used to brainstorm the marketing ideas, create blueprints and proper marketing funnels. The tools which I am exploring are PepperType, and Anyword.


SmartWriter, catching the pulse of the market has introduced a brilliant service to make cold calling easier. Cold calling is one of the best ways to convert high-paying clients, and SmartWriter is bridging this gap brilliantly.


I personally use AI tools to write FB ads, Google Ads, and the introduction of my articles. Probably I will integrate more tools in my business to automate the entire process.

Larissa Green
Larissa Green
Content Marketing Manager

I saw this one on the site and was wondering if this is the same kind of article you'll be producing? I'd actually like to suggest my organization's AI solutions — we have five models that search uploaded images for general objects, brand marks and logos, text, people, and team players (based on headshots and jersey numbers) and automatically add metadata tags to the assets.


Adam Connell
Adam Connell
Blogging Wizard

I've started exploring a number of AI writing tools such as Peppertype, MarketMuse, Content at Scale and Rytr.Frase has also recently added AI content writing to its feature set. And there's also NeuralText that I've been testing out to help with content research.

It’s an interesting time for B2B sales and content marketing. The rise of AI offers a way to streamline processes, free up time, and save money. 

The important part? Don’t let AI become a crutch for lazy marketing. Sales and marketing are still very much human-centric. A human touch will always be required to make them work.

And when it comes to your tool stack, don't choose a tool specifically because it uses the term AI in its marketing. Focus on your end goal and how the tool can help you achieve it.

Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller
SEO & PPC Strategist 
Bowler Hat

Whilst not technically a tool as such the AI systems that we feel have the most utility for most small to medium-sized businesses would be the AI Smart Bid Strategies within Google Ads. 


When configuring your ad campaigns to use these bid strategies Google Ads will look at historical search behaviour for that user and other contextual data to better predict the chance of a conversion. What this means in plain English is that Google looks at the individual user behind that search and then adjusts the bid when there is more chance of this generating the desired result. 


For your average small business, leveraging these automated AI bidding strategies that tap into user location, time of day, device and the account itself gives you a much better chance of success than manual management. I still think that a skilled PPC operative will get you better results, whether that is using a manual CPC approach or utilising some form of AI bidding but, for those without 1000s of hours logged in Google Ads, these bidding strategies can be a simple way to improve results. 

Just remember that if you have an existing campaign that is working, run an experiment to compare smart bidding to your current set-up to ensure this will drive things in the right direction. 

Anastasiia Holovnenko
Anastasiia Holovnenko
Content Writer

Content creation in sales is challenging because every line has to speak to readers and ultimately convince them to engage with you. Personalization, creativity, and innovation take time, so if there's a way to optimize these processes, you should take it. Human editing won't go anywhere, but AI tools can save valuable resources that are wasted on mundane tasks, and as a result, will boost your sales and marketing efforts.

David Krauter 
David Krauter 
Online Marketing & SEO Strategist

Rather than mastering the next A.I. tool, I think the game changer for 2022 is to master your website's response to Google’s A.I. Google’s A.I. has mastered mapping out customer avatars at every stage of the journey.

Anyone that understands this concept and can map out a content strategy to match, will win the traffic & sales game in 2022 (and beyond).

The secret to getting this right is:

i) creating relevant content that targets every point of the customer journey

ii) then arranging this content exactly how Google’s A.I. wants it ordered on your website.

Not only will this give you a full content roadmap for your website, but it also enables your website to give the best response to Google’s A.I. (hint: get Google to send you more traffic & rank keywords higher in the SERPs)

EXTRA HACK: to minimise costs, speed up costs and generate great content ideas use an AI tool such as


Sum up

Alright, now you understand what's out there. Try them out and see which one suits you. We've summarised some tools that can increase your team's close rate and performance in this article.

Implementing the right AI sales software can turn good reps into great reps. With our list of software, you can be more organized, efficient and improve your sales in the next year 2022.

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