Sales Secret Revealed: Using AI Writers For Outreach Email Personalization


Email is one of the best ways to reach out to people. It is more effective than social media, video, or even direct mail. Studies show that emails are 40x more effective than Facebook ads, 40x more effective than tweets, and 10x more effective than Google AdWords. 

Most digital marketers today agree that email is the best channel for lead generation and customer retention. But, email marketing is not without its pitfalls. Email marketing is all about sending personalized emails to the right people with the right message.

According to statistics, a massive 94% of UK marketers rate email as the most important channel for realizing content marketing success way above Facebook, which lumbers far behind at just 29%.

Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies. However, the downside of email marketing is that it keeps up with the analysis, and it takes time and effort to optimize your email. You also need the right AI email marketing tools.

Email marketing overview
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What is email marketing?

Emails have been consistently called the most effective marketing channel on the planet for a reason. It is one of the most personal marketing platforms as it covers both sides of consumer interaction. Email gives businesses the chance to target specific users and send out ads and offers as per their preferences and needs.

Email marketing is a focused effort to build awareness and drive profitable customer actions through email. It is a great way to keep in touch with past and current customers and build relationships for future business.

Email marketing is the communication of advertising and promotional messages to current and previous customers and subscribers using email. It has the highest revenue rate among all online marketing channels, and it also has the highest customer lifetime value. That is why I'm bringing you this advanced tool to help you with email marketing and outreach emailing.

Why is it so hard to get responses?

In today's world of customer-centricity, the leading brands have revealed a new way to communicate with their customers. No, it's not a new website, a new platform, a new app, a new feature – it's a new way of effectively communicating with customers – making the most of the precious personal information. 

The best way is to use an AI email writer for outreach emailing – a way to write and re-write emails with a personalized tone automatically. Use an automatic email writer like SmartWriter. 

SmartWriter is not a cold emailing tool – it is a way of making the most out of the prospect’s data.

What is email personalization?

Email personalization is the process of obtaining information about a site user and injecting it into a marketing email. The goal of email personalization is to make your emails look and feel more tailored to your recipients. This is done by looking into properties you know about the person – such as name – and then embedding them into the email. 

A great example of this approach is what you see when you speak to a live chat agent for a company online – their name and photo appear at the bottom of the chat screen, and they know your name because you provided it when you logged in to the site.

Why is personalization important?

Email marketing still is one of the best online marketing tools to connect with your customers directly. Email is often still perceived as the channel with the highest open and click-through rate. While this may be true, email campaigns often miss the mark for several reasons, including lack of personalization.

Benefits of Email Personalisation graph
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Email personalization has now become an integral part of any campaign. Different individuals respond best to different styles of content, hence the use of personalization at all levels of the email marketing campaign.

How can you personalize your email marketing content? 

The answer seems simple until you try to do it. ​ Sending emailing to businesses with the wrong greeting isn't just bad manners. It can lead to your emails being deleted or even legal troubles. ​ With an AI writer, you can personalize your marketing email in just a few clicks. Your AI writer can personalize content in real-time so that you can send out emails for business in just a few minutes.

Artificial Intelligence In Email Marketing

If you are a marketer who does any type of email marketing, you must know how Artificial Intelligence can help you enhance and streamline your email outreach.

AI-powered tools can do the following,

  • Write email subject lines.
  • Send personalized emails to each prospect.
  • Write portions of emails.
  • Optimize the email send times.
  • Automates the entire outreach process
  • Clean up email lists. Automatically create email newsletters with unique personalization.

This article describes how SmartWriter's AI can help you with email marketing and send prospecting emails that get more engagement and better responses.

AI for Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence is a term that covers different technologies, like machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and more.

At their core, all these technologies help machines perform specific cognitive tasks and or better than humans. For example, AI-powered computer vision systems in self-driving cars can identify any obstacles just like humans do, allowing the machine to take the entire wheel control.

Your favorite voice assistant, Alexa or Siri, understands your messages just like another person, then responds in kind-all using AI. Not just that, Amazon and Netflix use AI recommendation engines to suggest products and movies you might like, making presumptions about your choices just like a fellow product or film enthusiast might.

Though there are a ton of complexities to different types of AI, all you need to know is that "artificial intelligence" represents many different types of smart technologies. And most of these technologies can have a serious impact on your digital marketing opportunities and performance.

That's because AI is not just marketing automation, though it might include elements you can find in a traditional marketing automation platform. But, AI takes things a few steps further.

These technologies analyze huge datasets. It uses advanced computer science techniques and computational firepower to get insights from big data and customer data, including customer behavior. The AI algorithms use these insights to make predictions, recommendations, and decisions that allow for unprecedented personalization and segmentation at every customer journey stage.

And, in the process, the most advanced AI systems learn to increase their predictions, recommendations, and decisions as they make more of them.

AI-Based Email Marketing

AI makes email marketing better in two big ways:

  1. Increase revenue - AI-powered email marketing tools can help you send better emails, which improves your open and click rates, helping you make more returns from email marketing. It helps you get better results from time spent on email marketing campaigns.
  2. Decrease costs - AI-powered tools make email campaigns quicker, better, and easier to win, reducing the amount of time it takes your entire team to produce collateral for email marketing initiatives.

That is because AI excels at obtaining actionable insights and patterns from large data sets, including what works best across large datasets of high-performing emails. The result? AI has several powerful use cases across email marketing.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Tools Help Improve Your Email Marketing?

Draft Email Copy and Subject Lines

AI can help you improve the words you use in your tailored emails at scale. Here's how.

  • Write email subject lines - AI tools use natural language generation (NLG) to create attractive email subject lines even better than humans can. They do so by determining your brand voice through the data you upload, then generate subject lines that boost your opens and earn more revenue.
  • Personalize email copy - AI-powered deep learning technology creates personalized copy for every audience, segment, or individual. This technology also offers email content recommendations on a personal level, increasing engagement and conversions.

SmartWriter - The Best AI Email Marketing Tool

SmartWriter is a powerful custom AI outreach tool that creates personalized emails that can provide eight times more replies with a single click. With this email marketing tool, you can automate the entire email outreach process, making it 40x faster, 6x cheaper, and easier.

SmartWriter uses advanced AI and machine learning to write perfect cold emails and catchy email subject lines better than humans, thereby resulting in a higher open rate and response rate.

  • You can create the best impression in business communication with your business partner if you use our Artificial Intelligence tool for prospecting and other online communication. 
  • With our email assistant, create highly prospecting messages and emails that are personalized using the prospects' details such as name, company, job role, recent blog post, achievement, mutual connections, and more.
  • Create business emails that are unique and detailed, thereby neglecting the urge to use robotic cold email templates that looks spammy and sales-y. So, your emails will not land in the email recipients' spam folder.
  • It lets you create effective emails that are eye-grabbing and engaging.
  • Send custom and relevant emails and newsletters to your email subscribers.
  • Create business emails that are free of spelling errors and grammar errors.
  • Helps with email verification and validation in just a few seconds.

This Artificial Intelligence tool does everything for your marketing and business, from email marketing to social media content.

Why should you use SmartWriter?

The old way of marketing was about interrupting people with advertisements. The new way of marketing is about helping people solve their problems. Email marketing is one of the best ways to provide valuable content to your email subscribers - which, in turn, helps promote your products and services. However, in order to make effective use of marketing emails, you'll need to know how to personalize the emails.

Over the years, marketers have invested a lot of time and effort to adopt a personalized messaging strategy to engage and retain customers for building brand loyalty. However, marketers' limited budget and time constraints make email personalization a great challenge.

How to use SmartWriter for AI email writing?

Step 1 - Log in to your account first or sign in with SmartWriter. 

Step 2 - Select the current project or use the Create Project option of the tool to create a new project. 

Step 3 - Select Make Copy and click Cold Email Broadcast in the Custom Broadcast category.

Samrtwriter for Email Personalisation

Step 4 -

  • Select the appropriate intent.
  • Upload the mailing list via CSV file or Google page.
  • Enter the details manually.

Email personalization with AI Email writer

Step 5 - Next, click Generate Copy to compose your personal email within seconds. The below is an example of an AI-generated email.

Cold email outreach Personalization

Step 6 - You can also reuse or use these emails for your email marketing campaigns. 

Note - Prices start at $59 to $359 per month. We also offer a 7-day free trial on all premium plans. So check out the tool to improve your email marketing campaign. You can also download and use the Google Chrome extension quickly.


Outreach is an art. You need to build relationships, understand clients' problems, know how to create better products, and generally have a plan for success. Email personalization is the key to dramatically improving engagement, conversion rates, and sales. It's one of the few new marketing techniques of the past few years that is direct, trackable, and proven to work.

No one likes to receive an email that feels like it was copied and pasted from a list of thousands. That's where the power of SmartWriter’s AI email assistant comes in. By using the data you've collected to create a customer persona, it allows you to personalize every outreach email, leading to better responses. You can create as many personas for your sales team, reducing the amount of human error and the time it takes to create personalized emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rich text element?

The rich text element enables you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and videos all in one place instead of adding and formatting them individually.

What are the benefits of using Product Review?

Your sales team will save 100s of hours in lost conversations, launch higher quality products faster, and improve your client relationship.

What's in it for you?

You will come away with specific and practical ways to get more traffic and convert more prospects with effective and accountable digital marketing strategies.

Why don't most emails get a response?

It could be that the prospect is simply too busy.

What else is the problem?

Also, it could be that the email that you wrote just wasn't of sufficient interest or quality in the first place.

What is artificial intelligence?

But today, there are a plethora of artificial intelligence solutions that enable marketers to allow machine learning technologies to determine which subject lines, calls-to-action (CTAs), and body copy recipients are most likely to respond to.

What is the Best Email Subject Line?

SmartWriter is an artificial intelligence tool that uses machine learning technology to generate and optimize subject lines that inspire recipients to open, click and convert more often.

What is a cold email?

By definition, a cold email is an email sent to a recipient with whom you haven't had prior contact.

What are the best practices for writing a cold email?

First of all, remember not to blabber.

What are the mistakes you see in grammar?

Always make sure to avoid common pitfalls of poor grammar, making it about yourself, and appearing entitled.

What should I do to improve the response rate?

  • In addition to introducing yourself, you have to find the right way to appear as convincing and trustworthy to them - stand out and fit in at the same time.
  • Try complimenting their recent works you came across, lead with a question that sets up the stage for your value proposition or consider skipping the opening line altogether.

What's the best way to build a personal connection?

Instead, think about what you've learned about them and come up with something personal that directly relates to the subject matter.

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