Best link building tools in 2022 [ Reviews & Comparision]

Google is consistently updating its ranking algorithm, and link building has a stronger impact on the rankings. External backlinks are the links gained from other websites that act as a vote of confidence. The website that has more backlinks will outrank the websites with no backlinks or lesser backlinks. In the link-building process, your business needs to acquire links for the relevant and high authority sites to increase your authority and boost your ranking to the top on the search engine results page (SERP). 

The good news is there are numerous tools available on the market to develop your link-building strategy. You can conduct competitor backlink analysis, monitor your existing backlinks, and more by utilizing the tool. Using the right tools can make the marketer's life much easier for link-building campaigns. These tools eliminate the manual marketing process and help your business streamline the link-building process more effectively than ever before. 

Are you looking to succeed in your link-building campaigns, then you are at the right place. This article will look deeply into the top link-building tools such as backlink analysis tool, link prospecting tool, email outreach software, and more that take your link-building campaign to the next level.  

Best Link Building Tools (For Building Awesome links)

Link building or link processing is a vital part of Search engine optimization (SEO). If you haven’t employed link-building strategies in your marketing then you may miss out on potential business. By creating high-quality campaigns, your business can gain quality backlinks for the website.

The success of backlink building relies on employing a proven methodology to find link opportunities by reaching the website owners, journalists, influencers, and more. 

Businesses can't build quality backlinks without employing any link-building tools. Using the tool, you can make an effective link-building outreach. Here, we've listed the best tools that can support your marketing team to build quality links for SEO. 

1. Smartwriter

Smartwriter tool helps you to automate your SEO backlink outreach campaign. Sending outreach to the prospects is more challenging. But using the Smartwriter tool makes it easy, and you can create a compelling subject line that increases open. Using the AI engine, the user can create backlink requests that are more effective at maneuvering through SEO and gaining more organic traffic.

Many people experience the frustration of spending too much time creating hyper-personalized emails. We help you solve this problem by building hyper-personalized emails with little to no effort on your behalf. It helps your business to increase 80% of open rates and 40% increase in response rate. 

Using the Smartwriter backlink personalization enables you to generate blog-specific personalized messages. The AI engine reads your content, identifies the points of uniqueness, and references them in the output message to make it look like you're referencing something you've already written. 

Upgrade to our Smartwriter platform, and we can offer link request management. Using this, you can ask for guest posts, blog links, competitor links. The Smartwriter backlink personalization tool offers 3 different ways in which you can optimize your outreach efforts:

  • Inbound linking (requesting a post in the form of an email).
  • Outbound linking (where we send an email to a blog owner with a guest post request).
  • Outbound linking (requesting that we replace a competitor link).
Smartwriter backlink personalization

The personalized messages direct out to bloggers as a personalized option. They contain key points from blog posts (The AI engine of the Smartwriter reads the entire blog in seconds and understands the deep context behind the blog. ) and templates to make it more professional and stand out.

Gain high authority backlinks by using personalized outreach. Using Smartwriter AI acquires links in a seamless and fast manner. Rank fast on Google with the increase of your DA from optimized outreach. Here is the blogger outreach email template that increases your conversion. Our backlink request process will optimize your blog to be the highest authority in your niche. The Backlink Request Process has been developed for improving SEO and domain authority. Sign up Smartwriter for free (a 7day free trial).

Link building and outreach campaigns can be time-consuming and expensive. Smartwriter is affordable, easy to use, and powerful. It's a great option for link-building campaigns.  Smartwriter is a great tool to perform link-building outreach tasks with hyper-personalization. I highly recommend this if you're looking for a tool to do outreach.


HARO is a great place to connect with journalists, experts, and bloggers, and vice versa/ HARO and the Muck Rack platform are very similar platforms. More than 5,000+ journalists and bloggers utilize HARO to find their ideal source to share their content. Many bloggers and websites can sign up and start using  HARO (Help a reporter out) to receive media coverage and improve backlinks.

The bloggers, influencers, and journalists can share a free source request. The content they share needs to meet the HARO guidelines, and the editorial team will review the submitted brief synopsis and find an ideal shared source for them. If the guideline does not meet their guidelines, then your pitch will be declined by the HARO team. Similarly, brands can connect with bloggers, influencers, and journalists as their industry niche. 

The one place that journalists and bloggers turn for sources is HARO. It's a great platform that helps to connect with expert sources. Once you complete the sign-up process as a source, the HARO tool will immediately send the relevant pitch or share the particular request from the writer working piece to your inbox and the HARO account. The platform sends a series of three emails every weekday (Monday- Friday). 

Today Journalists and bloggers are looking for clean sources. Many Journalists, bloggers are turning to HARO to find trustworthy sources to share their pieces of content. They can find the right topics to contribute to and proactively respond to their popular requests on their business expertise.

3. Ahrefs

The Link prospecting tools help the marketer to identify the link‐building opportunities for their business. The Ahrefs site explorer option will provide in-depth detail on any website's backlink profile, organic search, and paid search.  

Analyzing your competitor’s backlink is the best technique to find the link-building opportunity for your business. Ahrefs’ Site Explorer is the leading tool for backlink checking. Many Marketers utilize Ahrefs to perform a detailed analysis of the new and lost backlinks, broken backlinks, internal backlinks, spammy links, and more.  You can even analyze the organic keywords, organic search, top pages, content gap, top content, and more by adding the domain or website URL in search of the Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. 

 Ahrefs site explorer

You can find the linkable asset using Ahref by adding the 404 not found on the filter can find the page not found with the backlinks. Ahrefs is the best tool for link building that is designed to suit SEO pros. The software provides features like keyword research tool, content explorer similar to BuzzSumo, SEO metric, technical SEO site audits, and Rank tracking

If your business wants to find the websites linking to your competitors but not to you, the Ahrefs’ Link Intersect tool helps you find the websites linked with many of your competitors are ideal prospects, and they are more likely to get links with you. This tool helps to identify the scope for the backlinks to your website. Just pasting your competitor’s website, you can find the websites or web pages that link to them. Start to find relevant sites using this tool for a 7 days trial at 7$. 

Ahrefs link monitoring has lots of advanced features to monitor the link building activity. Even non-technical people can start to use them. The Ahrefs SEO link-building tools pricing starts at $99 to $999. Your business can choose the plans as per your business requirement. 

4. BuzzStream 

BuzzStream is a web-based or cloud-based software that helps marketers promote their products, services, and content to build links and branding. It is a tool for link building and digital PR. The BuzzStream software helps you find a website to perform link request outreaches. It enables the marketer to make the link-building process effective.

The software allows the website owners and writers to connect directly. Using BuzzStream, you can find contact information, social media profiles, and website metrics. The software automatically saves your email, tweet communication and provides you a reminder for follow-up. 

BuzzStream gives centralized database access where the entire team can connect and work together.  BuzzStream offers a comprehensive range of features, including prospect monitoring, link management, and outreach. The software also offers in-depth insights, and businesses can also create customizable reports from the tool. BuzzStream provides you with the ability to do outreach, monitor your campaign, and research your prospects.

Communication monitoring helps you begin a relationship with the site owner or web admins and helps you build that relationship over time. The website owner is also more likely to link to a person they know, so building relationships matters. Buzzstream has many marketer outreach choices, and the tool integrates with the CRM platform to keep your prospect history in one place. . The software comes on 4 different pricing plans, influencers as shown below. The pricing of the software starts from $24/month. 

Buzzstream Plans

5. JustReachOut

JustReachOut is a great tool for performing link prospecting and outreach. Using JustReachOut software, your business can find and reach out to relevant journalists and reporters. Today, digital PR (Press release) is the most powerful link-building strategy if done correctly. By implementing the press release, your business can gain a high-quality link building from the top authority news websites such as New York Times, Tech Crunch, Forbes, and more. 

The software helps you to identify the right people. You can find the exact individual blogger, podcaster, or journalist needs for your business. By reaching out to the right individual, you'll have a better chance of being invited to the show or having your website featured in articles. The software identifies the blogger, podcaster, or journalist who is likely to be a good fit for your business.

JustReachOut has a variety of pre-populated templates. These templates are tailored and offer you the highest response rates. The software pitch templates are designed to maximize the effectiveness of your link-building outreach pitching.  Your business can track the performance of your template using user analytics, which is compiled from information from over 5,000 users. Track your progress in real-time to learn what's working and what isn't necessarily.

The tool provides PR training videos to guide your marketing team on making your PR pitch stand out from the competition.  Your business can craft a personalized conversation for each outreach in the platform and enable the marketer to create a proven subject line to get a response. You can start writing an email pitch based on the software's best-performing template. Start a unique conversation and implement the PR tactics to achieve better results. 

Your business can combine your CRM and manage your outreach on one platform. Using JustOutReach, your business can search for sources from Twitter, ProfNet, HARO, and more.  The source search feature and the software search engine find the relevant bloggers or journalists and the business's content or press opportunity.

JustReachOut provides you with monthly and yearly plans. The software pricing starts from  Solo -$99/ month, Simple outreach- $199 /month, and Advanced Outreach -$699 per month. Here is the pricing and feature difference for each plan for more details. 

JustReachOut monthly and yearly plans

JustReachOut Features list based on the Plans 

JustReachOut Features list

If you want to get mentions and links in the press, then JustReachOut is the best solution that will help you. It’s simple and inexpensive software with amazing features.  

6. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is similar to other outreach software like  BuzzStream and GroupHigh. The application is used for the Link prospecting and influencer outreach process.  NinjaOutreach differs from other outreach software. First, the tool comprises a huge influencer database. The Ninja Outreach database contains over 3 million influencer's data. Secondly, this software is more SEO-focused than other outreach platforms on the market. In this tool, you can sort your results based on social media metrics on Facebook fans or Instagram followers.

NinjaOutreach is the ideal tool for email marketing, and NinjaOutreach software enables you to find relevant influencers in your niche and reach out to them for link-building opportunities.  You can use this software to find influencers (Who are interested) in your industry.

This link-building software offers additional features for influencer marketing. You can use this product to find any public figure or influencers on social media channels like Instagram or Youtube. The tool consists of a directory that has millions of profiles with their contact information for you.

If you're looking for business profiles and social media influencers, just type your keywords into the database, and in a second, you can access millions of profiles and their email addresses. NinjaOutreach 

NinjaOutreach comes with a bundle of pre-made outreach templates for different types of link-building campaigns such as broken link building, Infographic promotions, and much more.  Your marketing team can personalize these templates for link-building outreach. It will minimize the marketer's time spent on writing email content from scratch. 

NinjaOutreach has dedicated tools for link builders. You can use this product to get a high-level view of your SEO efforts. For more detail, you have the option to analyze each metric - domain authority, page authority, and the number of backlinks. Your business can start your seven days for free trials, and then you can decide the ideal paid plans for the upgrade. The tool offers two paid plans Flex - $389/month and the Pro $649/month. 

NinjaOutreach Tool

NinjaOutreach is a powerful link-building tool. It has a much cleaner interface and 5x more features than any competitor. Though not inexpensive, NinjaOutreach is worth the investment thanks to its helpful features than other alternative software. It offers 5x the features. The software training is available on the NinjaOutreach outreach university knowledge base.

7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a powerful tool for content discovery, and the tool is designed for content marketing. Many SEO experts use them too. Millions of marketers rely on BuzzSumo to find the content that works and what content doesn't. The software provides valuable marketing information. Using this tool, marketers can build successful content. The Buzzsumo platform has 4 key components: Discovery, Research, Influencers, and Monitoring. 

All four features they offer are really good capabilities. I personally like BuzzSumo’s Content Discovery feature. BuzzSumo helps your business maximize its reach by making it easy to create content that people WANT to link with. Using this software, you can also find influencers in your niche who have recently shared your competitor’s content. 

BuzzSumo Trending

Using the content discovery feature, you can find infinite trending content ideas on your fingertip just by browsing on the Buzzsumo platform.  It will show you a clear idea of what's rising and what is going down. You can find meaningful insights based on geographic, viral hits, custom feed and provide real-time results on the content after release. 

BuzzSumo offers a 30-day free trial and a wide range of plans specially designed to suit all the business sizes, and they offer the flexibility to modify the plan at any time. The pricing starts from Pro $99/month and Large $299/month.

BuzzSumo Monthly Plans

BuzzSumo is not designed as a link-building tool. You can still use it as a means to get white-hat links to your site. BuzzSumo is the #1 service for content discovery. Hundreds of marketing teams use it every day to find content success and to increase productivity.

8. LinkMiner

Backlinks are the most influential factors the search engine considers while ranking your website on the Search engine result pages (SERPS). Link Building outreach is a great opportunity to acquire quality links from authoritative sites to improve your rankings on the SERP. By analyzing the competitors’ backlinks, your business can find reliable sources. It is the most actionable link-building strategy. Using the backlink analysis tool, you can find the relevant source. LinkMiner is the best backlink analysis tool by Mangools. 

This backlink checker tool enables the marketers to investigate the competitor backlink and helps to understand their link build strategy and unlock opportunities for link building for your business to gain high authority backlinks.

The LinkMiner is part of the SEO tool Mangools. By investigating your competitors' link-building behavior using this software, your business can replicate its strategies. The LinkMiner saves your marketers time and effort spending on manual research to find the website's quality backlinks. 

LinkMiner is the more simple backlink analysis to check the backlink of your competitors where your marketers can evaluate the backlink data with various metrics, filter, and save the relevant links. The tool also offers embedded link previews. 

LinkMiner Tool

Once you land on the tool LinkMiner dashboard, by typing the valid domain or website URL on the search and clicking the button find backlink, you can start analyzing any of your competitor's websites and analyze their backlink. To begin with, you need to enter a valid URL as an input. You can provide the domain URL in various options like Root domain, Subdomain, Exact URL, Path URL, and begin your analyzing process. 

LinkMiner dashboard

LinkMiner, you can find the new links obtained for the website in the last 30 days and help find the lost links of the particular domain. On the top-right side of the dashboard, the tool offers your metrics such as referring domains, web page authority, Trust flow, citation flow, Referring IPs, and active backlinks. It is the most effective backlink tool for backlink audits.

LinkMiner tool is not a stand-alone product and is a part of the SEO Mangools SEO suite. Here is the starter guide for the LinkMiner tool. LinkMiner offers a ten-day free trial where you can analyze backlink rows per 24 hours. Your business can subscribe to a monthly or an annual plan. The Mangools Basic plan starts at $29.90/ month, Mangools Premium costs $39.90/month, and the Mangools Agency plan costs around $79.90 /month.

LinkMiner tool Plans & Pricing

LinkMiner is the best tool to analyze your competitor's SEO, enter their domain, and analyze backlinks based on metrics such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow, and others. The tool also allows you to preview the referring website in a window. We want to give you fast and efficient access to the metrics.

9. Pitchbox

The link-building process and its outreaches are efforts and time-consuming processes. There are various tools available to make the outreach process essay. Pitchbox is another outreach platform built especially for SEO and agency owners to perform the outreach process more efficiently.

Pitchbox is the right tool for any marketing team, marketing agency, or consultant.  It is the perfect tool to begin an outreach program. The Pitchbox complete  

The Pitchbox platform allows unlimited users. As an agency owner, you will particularly enjoy the automation tools that Pitchbox offers. The reporting functions are a bonus. There are lots of benefits you can gain from the tool. 

Pitchbox platform

You can set up the entire campaign in a few hours, and you can automatically create drip campaigns for upcoming weeks or months.

  • You can perform customized or personalized email outreaches. 
  • You can perform outreach based on the goals and link-building strategies.
  • It is an all-in-one platform that helps to reduce your marketing team time on outreach. 
  • You can search for appropriate prospects or leads on the platform to set an outreach. 
  • There are also lots of nice reporting features which make Pitchbox perfect for multi-client work.

The key features of the Pitchbox tool is campaigns, multi-campaign contact database, pipeline, and more. You can easily find publishers, bloggers, and influencers. You can discover multiple prospecting profiles using intuitive keyword search on the Pitchbox. In a second, you can do an influencer search on the niche. It also integrates with the top SEO tools like Ahref, Moz, Majestic, and SEMRush. You can reach the most authoritative publishers in no time using this software. 

Your business can start a personalized outreach and follow up using Pitchbox. Automated follow-up with your targeted prospects will boost your response rate by 62%. Using the Pitchbox tool, your business can make a data-driven decision. Pitchbox tool offers white-label management, client, and team reports which means you can easily analyze your business data. Use Pitchbox insights to refine your outreach strategy for maximum efficiency. The Pitchbox pricing plan starts from $195-$395 per month. 

Pitchbox is affordable, easy to use, and powerful. I recommend the tool to perform link building and outreach campaigns. If your business wants to do a lot of outreach, then I highly recommend Pitchbox.

10. GroupHigh

GroupHigh is another influencer marketing tool. It enables you to find the influencers, bloggers to build the outreach/  prospect list. It is an essential content marketing tool that provides the influencer and bloggers contact data immediately. 

If your business wants to build a high-quality link from the authoritative site, then your business needs to master your blogger outreach. GroupHigh is one of the world's largest blog search engines. You can discover the bloggers industry-wise. GroupHigh is the best place to find bloggers and to build your outreach list for emails. 

GroupHigh performs real-time research on social media and blog posts and helps to build your targeting outreach lists for outreach campaigns. GroupHigh tool comprises many features, including topics, localization, blog information, social media accounts, fan and follower data, organic search authority, and traffic stats. The platform enables users to find, track and even assign the blogs in campaigns. You can also build blogger lists just by importing URLs.

You can filter the blogs by authority, following, location, website traffic, and more in the tool.  The tool comprises more than 50 million websites. The database of GroupHigh is constantly updated. Every day GroupHigh software indexes up to 5 million blog posts and users can find the updated data on their even search. 

Users can find the blogs that are linked with your competitors and your brands or clients instantly. The tool is ideal for blogger outreach, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and more. The tool offers you a great way to build a relationship. 

The primary features of GroupHigh include email tracking, follow-up reminder, assigning bloggers, backlink discovery, content search, location-based filtering, finding the engagement on social media like Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram, reports on the content engagements, and more. The tool offers worldwide coverage. It offers 26 languages. You can start your 7-day free trial, and after the free trial, GroupHigh gets monthly charges of $179.00 per month.

GroupHigh tool is suitable for Link Building campaigns. The software consists of a large database of blogs to obtain contacts and has a built-in CRM tool that allows you to send personalized email outreach.

11. Upwork


Upwork offers a range of services where your business can find the best SEO backlink specialist. You can easily include a quality backlink to your site at the price you want. By finding the right tool, you go a long way in using freelancers for your business. The tool lets you connect with experts on the niche you seek, automate repetitive tasks, and simplify life. 

The Upwork tools allow us to focus only on the work and take care of everything else. These are the complete work platforms that enable the business and the talents to connect directly and help you to keep up-to-date with all the necessary invoicing and accounting.

Upwork platform posts you can connect and hire the talent on the talent marketplace. Post your job on the Upwork platform and let our advanced algorithms provide you with prospective candidates. You can check each candidate's profiles, portfolios, and reviews before hiring them for your backlink outreach. 

Want someone else to do your job? Check out Upwork's curated list of projects to get started quickly. The platform's purpose is to cut down on time it takes to release software and innovate with the world's work marketplace. The Upwork solution offers a global marketplace with a focus on collaboration and innovation. This enables you to grow your business quickly. Check out for more information. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the right link-building tools will enable you to automate your backlink outreaches. From the above tools, you can with persuasive outreach emails, and you'll help you discover the backlink opportunity that helps you stand out in the most difficult environments. 

Link Building tools make life easier. It's as simple as that. Without fancy tools, your business can still build links. But, our recommendation is to use them to save time over manually doing them. These link research tools help you with an efficient workflow. Combining the right marketing tools with email marketing skills will place you in a prime position to acquire links that will aid you in competing in the market.

If you are not using link-building tools, your competitors will be one step ahead of you due to their ability to generate large numbers of links quickly. It will take more time to build the same amount of authority links. Using the tool, you can uncover the opportunity for more links.

In the process of link building, you need to stay organized. Link prospectors can use a project management system and tools like Tello, Google Sheets to track their progress. Using the Smartwriter platform, you can create outreach campaigns more effectively using hyper-personalization. We do not provide a personalized cold email outreach,  Linkedin outreaches, and more on our platform to connect to your prospects more effectively. 

Happy link-building!

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