Cold Outreach: Elements to Consider Before Hitting Send for Targeted Prospecting



Do you have a big sales push coming up? If so, it's time to start prospecting. Cold outreach is the most effective way to get new clients or customers. It can be not easy, though, if you don't know how to approach them for the best chance at success. The key element of cold outreach is understanding your target audience and their interest before sending any sales emails. 

This blog post will cover some elements to consider when doing cold outreach! 


What is cold outreach?


Cold outreach is a powerful strategy for any business to reach ideal prospects. It's also one of the most underutilized techniques by companies today, leading to missed opportunities for prospecting and leveraging new leads. The modern cold outreach process mainly focuses on the quality of prospects rather than the quantity. To be unique and effective, you need a sales and marketing team that can handpick the right people and then tailor an email or phone call just for them - which is exactly what they do!


Why is cold outreach essential?


Cold Outreach is a great way to approach your new clients or prospects for sales purposes. It's an excellent marketing strategy in today's world because there are so many opportunities available, but sending out cold emails can be tough without any personal relationship with the recipient beforehand! The lack of that tight connection could make you feel uncomfortable about reaching out at all, which would only hurt your chances for success. No one wants things pushed their way just by chance.


With cold email outreaching, you're reaching out to prospects that are not expecting your message or email - which means they might be more receptive than if you were trying to reach someone who was already aware of your company's existence. With aspirations for more promotion, capturing an audience has become vital nowadays. It's necessary when doing business today to use your "cold outreach strategy" to develop a conversation with potential customers. 



Cold Outreach Elements to consider for targeted prospecting:


1. Identify Prospects needs


It’s time to start getting serious with your ideal customer. You've established rapport and they are comfortable enough that you understand what the core pain point is for this client, which in turn helps determine how best approach solving their problems or providing solutions.


Reaching out is always a risk, but before you take the chance and send them any cold email, make sure to ask yourself:

  • What do I have that will grab their attention? 
  • Is there anything in my pitch that would convince them of its worthiness for consideration or action by providing enough value? If so, then go ahead!


2. Initiate conversation with warm-up lines


Warm-ups are a great way to get the conversation going and establish rapport. Ask about their week, what they've been up to, or how things have gone in general before getting into more serious discussion topics.

Developing this skill will help you connect with cold prospects on various levels - from finding out if someone is interested enough for further engagement to closing deals!


Some sample warm-up first lines for your cold email campaigns:


1) I hope you are having a great day

2) I would love to 

3) Would you mind sharing your

4) I recently came across your 

5) I have been following


3. Experiment with cold email subject lines


We all know that different headlines work for blogs, but did you also consider testing your email subject lines? We must consider giving it a try and seeing what resonates best with the recipient. 

If they like getting emails straight away with an enticing offer right upfront - such as "New Leads?" or even "Lead" if it's not too complicated- then send them one of those types so there is no confusion about where this communication might lead. You can also use more explanatory verbiage in captions/subject fields: "Why should I care?", etc., depending on who may open these messages to improve the chances of success!


Try one of these creative ideas if you struggle to create the perfect cold email subject lines. You can ask an intriguing question or make introductions for them in your next communication! The key is spending some time writing about what's important before sending out this correspondence, so it doesn't feel like something is thrown together on the go - that way, success will be inevitable and responses guaranteed from potential buyers. Statistics show that emails with personalized subject lines get 22.2% of email open rate when compared to usual sales emails. Be unique to achieve success.

Cold email open rate



For example: If you are approaching product sales, the cold email template should be like this


Hey {{first_name}}, 


[First Lines]


Are you currently using personalized intros for your cold email outreach? 


These subject lines help you create an effective conversation and improve the email response rate.


4. Casual approach


You can make your email sound more engaging and interesting with the right words. However, it's important not to use too many complicated phrases or jargon that will only confuse people who don't know what they mean - keep things simple and casual!


5. Be frank and rooted to the point


To catch your email recipient's attention, you need to start as soon as possible with a punchy lead. If you're not going to offer a key benefit or something, then there is a possibility of losing your prospect buyer persona, their time and focus on getting straight to the point is better. 


Readers only have a certain amount of time to scan things before prioritizing what they want to read first. The more clear you are about whatever you want from them - whether that's their time or money - then the better chance you have of standing out from the crowd. 


Remember, prospects check out multiple things before deciding what material is worthy enough for their attention, so don't try and clog up their inbox with boring details if your cold outreach campaigns aren't relevant enough for them anyway. Think about what they would find desirable rather than just rambling about yourself or your products.


It cannot be easy to know when this is appropriate to initiate a pitch, but the best time to include an opinion or ask for something in your email is right away, even if you are replying on behalf of someone else and responding to their question, answer it ASAP!

6. Must be Relevant and personalized 


According to a study 24% of personalized sales emails get a higher open rate than normal sales emails. So it is important to show your prospect that you've taken time out of your day and read their website or blog before getting in touch. Their comment on one post will show them how much interest there truly was, leading to more sales for both parties!


Do not use any company email address when corresponding with prospects - this should be completely relevant and personal correspondence concerning just yourself + them specifically at the top subject line. People are less likely than ever nowadays to open emails from unknown senders, so make sure yours gives enough context as possible, like saying something along those lines." 


7. Approach with Statistics & Proofs


It is important to approach with relevant statistics data for quality communication. When a business says they are the best option for your audience, it's good to research how reputable this company is and what proof can be given before making such bold statements with limited information available only on one side (the seller). The key to convincingly presenting your product or service is statistics. 


8. Ask for Suggestion


Closing your emails with a call to action is the best way to ensure your prospects take what they need from their email. Make it clear about how else you can help them if desired, and end on something like "Schedule Appointment" or whatever other instruction might be most relevant for that particular situation.

If you really want to close the deal, then end your email on a high note. The last sentence should be something like,

"I look forward to hearing from _______ (name) about ______ (whatever), thanks!"


9. Image & Video like a cherry on top


Imagine how interesting your email would be if you added an image or video. Images and videos can make people feel connected to what they are selling, increasing their engagement with the post! The best way to make your cold email stand out is by adding an image or video. Images are more attractive and likely to be shared on social media. And it helps to connect people with what you're selling, while videos keep their attention longer!


10. Automate outreach with cold email tools


Every day you write emails, your list of recipients grows. But what about those times when the possibilities are less, a new address that needs warming up? With cold email marketing software like Smartwriter, Woodpecker, we can send emails, create relevant content, email body, email signature creation, and far more. We can still do things right by providing templates for sending out follow-up email messages once the initial contact has been made with the ideal customer- this way, no one falls through the cracks!


Every professional knows how important ideal customer service is; with these tools in place. Our team will never miss out again because they weren't told beforehand which details were most important (and disliked).


Why should we prefer cold email software? 


Writing and managing your marketing campaigns can be a real pain. Finding the right writer, meeting deadlines, and ensuring that these emails are targeted at an engaged audience is no easy task for any company - it takes time to do well in this industry! 


Automated emails can be a lifesaver. They'll help you trim down the time spent on resource finding, follow-up emails, writing personalized email copies, perfect time scheduling, and far more. The cold email outreach campaign is not rocket science anymore. With Automation, you can improve your cold outreach strategy and reach your potential clients with a button click. 


Let us get introduced to the AI tool for better cold outreach emails.


SmartWriter - The Best Email marketing automation AI Tool


Smartwriter is an AI-powered email writer that automatically sends out your messages to build a list and bring in more money. It can work 24/7 without you ever having to do something tedious like write another word!


Imagine the possibilities if you could automate your email marketing campaigns. You'd have time to focus on growing business instead of writing them, and they're better written too! With Smartwriter, the cold email is sent out every day with personalized content tailored just for that recipient - all without lifting a finger (or worrying about what people will say).


You can use SmartWriter's AI email writer to generate personalized emails by following these steps:


Step 1: Sign up to Smartwriter or Sign in to your account


Step 2: Create a New Project by selecting "Create Project" or Using the existing project.


Step 3: Select the "Create Copy" and then click "Cold Email Outreach" under the category "Personalized Outreach."


Step 4: Select the Best fit for your requirement, and you can upload the email list manually by adding lead details or via CSV file, Google Sheets.


Step 5: Click "Generate copy" to create super personalized email copies for effective outreach emails.


Step 6: If you want to enhance it further, Click "regenerate copy" and get a better result.


Note: The pricing plan starts from $59 - $359 per month. And it offers a 7-day free trial on all their premium plans as well! So make sure to check out the tool for improving your email marketing campaign, which also comes with an easy chrome extension download directly from Google.


Wrapping up:


The success of your cold outreach campaign will depend on how well you follow the key elements to consider before sending an email, crafting a personalized message, and following up your prospects, . Review these tips for each step in the process so that you can ensure yours is successful too! Now it's time to put what we've learned into action. Lets go

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