Get Paid Faster With Proven Overdue Payment Reminder Email Sample

Your business needs to manage its cash flow for it to run smoothly. Sometimes, small businesses struggle with overdue payments and the chaos that comes because they might not plan ahead enough or they have uncertainty on when the outgoing payment is due. 

The truth is that nearly 60% of people are anxious about their bills.  Outstanding invoice reminder communication with the client is vital. While communicating with the clients, ensure all aspects, such as whether the communication looks professional, including voice tone, which should remain calm yet informative. 

Regular communication is the most promising way to improve your client's payment on time. You could do this by sending them automated emails or direct messages to give a  gentle reminder. This will create long-lasting relationships with the brand. 

Writing a friendly reminder email will easily make the invoice payment and build a good relationship with your customer. A professional and polite tone in your business communication will reflect your brand. 

This article will provide templates that can be used to send out overdue payment reminders. These are beneficial because they help ensure the customer takes action on their invoices, which in turn saves money for both parties and ensures appropriate processes are followed so this doesn't happen again.

Time Your Overdue Payment Reminder Email 

Timing your emails is important! Communications are always more effective when they happen at the right time. The perfect payment reminder email is one that’s both effectively communicated and timing. It would be best to structure your reminder email schedule for best results. Send a reminder shortly before each invoice due date or periodically after an unpaid invoice to ensure nothing gets left behind. 

The success rate depends on when and what you want to deliver to the client. It is always good to send a payment reminder email a few days before the invoice due date. If you send the reminder email to the client once the invoice is created, clients may forget entirely unless reminded every time about upcoming dues. 

Overdue Reminder Email Templates That Get Paid Faster 

1. Initial Payment Email Reminder : Ahead Of Due Date

It is important that you send out a reminder email to the customer on the invoice due. When sending a reminder to your client, be sure they have all the necessary information and terms to avoid unpleasant surprises down the line. 

It is important to confirm that you have received the invoice and it's still awaiting payment. If they don't get back with an answer, send a reminder before things go overdue.

Remind the client of their due date and ask them if they received our last email with instructions. This helps you confirm whether they have any difficulties with the instruction sent out in your previous email to move them forward on the payout due

It would help to inquire about any known issues that may delay payment. This will help you to know the expected date payments. Prevent unnecessary stress on both parties involved in transactions if they happen too often. 

Dear {{First Name}}

I hope you’re well. I am reaching you on behalf of {{Company Name}} to remind you regarding the payment for the next invoice {{Invoice No}} & {{Invoice balance}}. 

Which is sent on {{Date}} will be due next week {{invoice due date}}.


We would appreciate it if you kindly confirm this invoice and declare either payment process has been scheduled.

I attached the original invoice copy for your consideration. If you require any further details from our side, please let me know.

Best Regards


2. Second Payment Reminder: On The Day Payment is Due

To ensure your client receives the best service, we will send them a reminder before their payment is due.  If they replied to your initial payout reminder email and said they're aware of the balance but plan on paying it ASAP!

But still, you're in a situation where you need to get your balance paid quickly. Then this email template will help you. The best way to collect your client's payments is not with anger or threats. It would be best if you had their trust for that work, so try showing empathy when talking about payment on the phone call or email instead of being demanding all of a sudden. It’s also important to communicate clearly because no one wants an unclear conversation where someone might be yelling at them over something small. 

Hello {{First Name}},

Greeting, It's unfortunate that we didn't receive your payment for the invoice. The invoice was due on [Today / Date].

Are you experiencing any financial difficulties? We're ready to offer you financial support to get your account in good standing by paying off any outstanding balances.

Contact us at [Phone Number] to share the difficulties you are experiencing. We're always happy to work with you and try to get your balance back on track.

Best Regards,

{{First Name}}

3. Third Payment Reminder Email: When Invoices Overdue By Few Days 

When your business has overdue payments, start an email and give a payment alert. While sending a delay inquiry, send a polite query and gain the information on the client why payment isn't made yet. Avoid sounding accusatory and maintain a professional tone.

Dear {{Name}},

I am contacting you on behalf of [your company] concerning the following outstanding invoice. 

Our records show this invoice {{Invoice Number}} / {{Invoice balance}} has yet to be fully paid 

This invoice is now past due (due: [invoice Due Date]). We would appreciate it if you update us on the payment status.

Please let me know if you're having any issues with payment. I'll send the relevant information on your invoice and due dates. 

I have attached a copy of the invoice for your reference.

We are always here to help! 

Thanks & Regards 


4. Fourth Payment Reminder Follow-up Email: Two weeks after the due date for payment

Once the payment has become overdue, it is important to be clear about the effects of not paying bills. If you don't want this happening, make sure that any unpaid debts are recorded properly and legally, which could include adding interest or compensation for late payments in certain circumstances.

You have two weeks after the due date for your payment. If it is not paid, we will send out a payment reminder email like below with more instructions on further proceeding.

Dear {{Name}},

Thanks for your time. Thanks for your time. We are contacting you again on behalf our company (Company Name) about the following outstanding invoice:

[invoice number] / [invoice balance] /  [due date]

I am here to notify you that this invoice's payment has been overdue for more than 14 days. 

I can provide further information or payment detail documents regarding the invoice.

Here is a copy of the invoice I sent you. Feel free to call or email me any time with questions about this.



5. Fifth Overdue Invoice Reminder Email : Extremely Late Invoices (One Month After Late Payment Was Due)

You’ve been waiting a month, and every time you try to reach out, your customer ignores the call. It's about time they received some consequences for their lack of cooperation. 

Even more surprising is that 1 in 6 emails sent get blocked by the recipient and marked as spam. You know, I don't want you to get reported as a spammer. So what we'll do is wait about one month and then send out another email asking for payment on our delinquent account.

But don't let this personalize things. Make sure everything stays professional by taking an accusatory tone instead; something like "I'm sorry" or “you should be thankful I even tried contacting." 

Dear {{First Name}},

I hope I didn't miss any messages from you over the last month regarding your [Amount Due] balance on the overdue invoice [Invoice Number].

I've tried reaching out to him/her multiple times but haven’t heard back yet so far. Your account is now 30 days overdue.

You can pay off this invoice by clicking the link below! 

[Link to Invoice]

Have you received my previous emails? I’m reaching out again because it would be important for us to know if this arrived in your inbox. 

Let me know if you received your original invoice?


{{First Name}}

Automate Your Overdue Payment Reminders

Consider automating the process if your business is struggling to stay on top of your overdue payments. You don't have to spend lots of hours manually reminding customers that their balance is due and they need to pay up or risk being reported as a bad debtor. Instead, use a notification system like email marketing software which includes an automated reminder function that will automatically send out payment reminders when it's time for them without any extra work from you.

Use automated overdue payment reminders to stay on top of your billing. You might think that this is tedious, but it will save you time in the long run and cut down on customer service costs. If you want to write professional-sounding reminder emails? The Smartwriter AI can help with that!


The payment reminder is a great way to keep your customers in the habit of making timely payments. It's especially effective because it encourages them not only to take care now and avoid outstanding payments altogether. 

These overdue payment reminder email samples have proven successful for many clients. This template can be customized to match your branding and should be sent anywhere from one day to two weeks before the invoice is due. 

It's also important to automate these reminders so they go out at the right time without any human intervention required. Automation solutions will include automatic follow-up emails, late payment fees, and more, take a look at our debt collection software.

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