How To Write The Perfect Reminder Email Without Being Pushy

You can perform your email outreach more effectively by considering what you want and need in an email before outreach. No matter what kind of business you are in. As long as your business involves email marketing, it is essential to consider working on the reminders. Sending reminder emails is inevitable, and it helps the maker bring back the topic you want to follow, interest, and engage your potential prospects.  

It is a great way to build relationships. For instance, whether it's a  quick reminder of an upcoming meeting, missing payments, an abandoned cart reminder email, or something else, you need to send a friendly reminder email. While writing an email reminder, make sure you have a professional and polite tone, and at the end of the email, the receiver wants to move towards the goal. In this article, we've made a guide on creating a perfect reminder email that does not seem to be pushy.

How to Craft a Perfect Reminder Email?

Craft a Perfect Reminder Email

Before you send the reminder, it has to be well thought out: The creation and writing of your email are important. You should consider all other details like deadlines or what will convince readers that this is important for them in the deadline reminder email. 

One of the most important things to consider while sending a reminder is: what's going on?  What am I reminding them about, and how soon do they need this information or action, as opposed to other deadlines in my communication.

A well-thought-out email will make sure it has all these details planned, such as creation/writing time frames (so there aren't any surprises), the deadline for submitting responses if applicable, plus any additional clarifications needed before hitting send!

Personalization in the polite reminder email is imperative to keeping your customers happy and coming back for more. A gentle reminder of what they need might be enough, or it may be worth sending an email with all the information you have on hand and making sure that the customer doesn't feel overwhelmed.

What Is a Reminder Email?

When you need to send a reminder, there are many options. Some of those include confirming attendance at upcoming events or meetings or interviews, unpaid invoices, and much more.

Reminder emails are split into two kinds:

  1. Sending out emails before something happens is an excellent way to keep top of things. You can send a reminder to others about upcoming event, meetings, or deadlines. But it need not irritate the receiver. It is more important to send the emails at the right time. 
  2. You may have to send a reminder about something that hasn't happened yet, such as an invoice. Or in other words, reminder emails are sent after something that has failed to happen, such as an invoice not paid even after the due date. 

The sole purpose of the reminder email is to make someone act on such as giving a callback, paying bills, etc. At the end of your email, they should know what you want them to do. The challenging part of the email reminder is crafting the message in a polite way that needs not be in a tone. 

Try to send shorter reminders rather than one long note. It has to be clear and concise. It should not confuse the action on certain tasks or things the receiver wants to do. Have a clear reminder with two short sentences. It has to be simple, polite, and friendly, and the email's personalization is necessary while writing a reminder email. 

When did You want to Send a Reminder Email?

Action-driven email reminders are a great way to keep your customers in the loop about what's happening and when they should take action. Businesses can send emails on important upcoming events,  Follow up on broken link building opportunities, appointment reminder email, deadlines, additional payment reminder email, meetings, confirmation emails, or attendee’s follow-up emails, and more.  Here are some situations where you can benefit from sending a reminder.

Delayed / Overdue Payments:

Businesses need to be always on time and never late. If your payment reminder was sent, don't feel guilty about sending follow-up emails if they haven’t responded yet. 

Vendor Problems: 

A business depends on its vendors for inventory, but sometimes this can be an issue. If you haven't received an invoice or product delivery after the agreed-upon date is over. It's best to get in touch with them to know that something has gone wrong and make sure everything is ok at first.

Missed Work Deadlines: 

In today’s business world, missing the work deadline is inevitable. Suppose someone promises to complete a task by a particular day, and it doesn't happen. In that case, entire projects fall behind. It's best not just for the individual waiting on that project but also because other tasks are ready at any given time that could use some attention if these delayed deadlines continue! Sending out an email reminder before too much time passes can help avoid the problem so that sales team members can work together more efficiently as possible to achieve quality results. 

Lapsed Communication: 

Most people have situations like promising to do something and get back in touch, but the message just doesn't come. A reminder can help you re-establish contact with your person so they know that you are still hoping for them. 

For example, when you’re looking for feedback on an important task, it can be difficult to get in touch with the person who is doing it. This often leads us to feel like they've forgotten or ignored our request, and we might not hear back from them at all! 

In that situation, the reminders work well. When sending out reminder emails, make sure that the tone matches what kind of response would work best. Make the reminders professional but still friendly so as not it will not sound too overbearing. Sending reminders will re-establish the contact and let both parties know where things stand- hopefully without any more unpleasant surprises along the way. 

Upcoming Big Events:

To keep everyone on track and not to miss any important event or deadlines, you can send a gentle reminder in advance just for these important events to make the people on track along with the important information such as webinar start time, location, attendees information, topic and more.

Pending on Sales Closer: 

A follow-up message is a powerful tool that can help you increase your chances of success. It’s important not to overwhelm your prospective buyers with messages, but the timing should be considered more carefully to work best.

What Is the Perfect Time to Send a Reminder Email?

Timing is everything when it comes to cold emails or reminders. Too early emails might seem pushy, and too late might be unprofessional. The sales reps and the marketer need to balance being polite and respecting other people's time. Here are the guidelines to keep in mind on deciding what to say and when to say it in your reminder emails. 

Finding the ideal time to send an email is not easy. The default reminder time is 18 hrs in advance. Sending more early reminders may increase the person's chances of forgetting important work. Sending a reminder at least 24 hours before the event or deadline will give plenty of time for the recipient to respond and remember the events or deadlines. 

It is considered good to wait a little longer when following up on something that didn't have any due date, especially if the person is doing a favor for you or your business. At the same time, if you are a job applicant and want to follow up with the employer after the interview, then it is good not to be pushy on your follow-up. The Harvard Business Review says that it is recommended to follow up after a long wait, around 10-14 days. 

Advance reminders are a simple and easier technique. You can send those emails out one business day before the event, and they'll even notify you exactly what time it is so there won't be any confusion about when things need to happen!

For instance, If your client has a lot of preparation, then sending the follow-up or reminders two days ahead of time would probably work well. Calendly is a great tool to schedule your reminder. The tool sends an automatic reminder email at least four hours before the events. Calendly sends auto-emails containing important information such as meeting details, etc. It makes the reminder much simpler for both parties!

How to Write a Politely & Perfect Reminder Email - Without Being Pushy

Crafting a perfect email reminder email might be a challenge, but with the following tips and strategies, your sales and marketing experts can achieve them. It is always to have professional, polite, and short, catchy messages so that the email receiver can get your message clearly and respond to your message instantly.  You need to consider the following elements while writing a reminder email to maximize reach, engagement, and success. 

Reminder Email Subject Line 

A  well-written reminder subject line is important to ensure your email will be opened and acted upon. Whether it's an urgent message or not, make sure the receiving person can understand what they're reading by using clear language in both subject line and email message. Using Smatwriter, you can generate converting email subject lines in no time that boosts your email open rates. 

Smartwriter generate converting email subject lines

Email Greeting

Beginning your email reminder on a high note is essential. At the same time, you need to be professional, polite, and take the right approach based on the situation. Using greetings like "Hi!" will be friendly but firm. If you are reaching out to someone having a good connection it is best to start by saying, "Hey____-." Try to avoid using “Hello”. In addition, include titles like Mr., Mrs., Ms on the greetings while addressing someone during a business email.

Clear Goal 

Have a clear purpose for your email reminder follow-up. To ensure that your follow-up email is well-executed, it's important you clearly identify any purposes. For instance: mentioning all deadlines, dates, certain information, and more. The information you share need not get misunderstandings or assumptions when responding back to the email receiver.

Offer Solution

In your follow-up email, make sure that emails have the required information and recommendation to the recipients. Make your email follow up politely and professionally.  Some people might not have responded promptly because they were busy. To make it easier for your readers, providing polite reminders will make the receiver view your previous ignored email.

Have Clear Call-To-Action (CTA)

In your reminder email, provide the recipient with what exactly they need to do. Have a clear call-to-action (CTA) or action button. You want to make it easy for your recipient, so they know what exactly will be done next. If you are looking at booking an appointment in advance, then providing a link could easily happen through their preferred method of scheduling meetings like online calendars or reminder emails that follow a successful booking. Similarly, if the person has missed the deadline, specify the date and even if they missed. Have an email sequence if the person doesn’t get back to you.

Email Closing

An email sign-off is essential for ending your email politely and formally and having them consistently throughout your entire reminder email message. 

Tips & Strategies While Creating Reminder Emails 

Once you have completed writing the emails in the above structure, you need to follow the below basic tips and techniques to succeed in your professional reminder emails. It's always about providing value, proving your product or service with clear context, and showing why it will benefit them somehow. This helps readers stay focused instead of being lost within many different topics.  The most common email reminder mistake that has to be avoided such as getting to the point more quietly, embracing, apologizing, not offering a solution, and more has to be avoided. It is always good to have gentle reminder emails. Here are a few more tips on how you can write an effective reminder that gets more sales closer.  

Respond in the Same Email Thread

As mentioned above, your prospects will receive many emails every day.  Creating a new email thread will increase the number of emails, and there will be more chances of being ignored by email recipients. Sending reminders on the same thread makes the receiver notice the miss out on the previous email on the same thread. It will help prospects reply to your emails and improve overall high productivity. 

Having a reply on the same thread will make the email process simple, smooth, and convenient. The targeted customer can easily refer back to the email thread to know the complete information. Avoids missing anything important and specific information on your follow-ups when your enterprise relies on email.

Create Personalized Reminders

Send short and simple messages that make the email read easier. The tone of your messages is the most crucial part and it needs to be professional with sweet words and phrases that make it easier for people to read. Personalizing the email you send out helps avoid any confusion about the message it is intended for. This will save time figuring out how best to handle a situation. 

The most important part is to keep the message short but informative emails by making them easy to read. Have a clear CTA while still providing valuable information or offering incentives like coupons as the email receivers may want to use it soon after reading one such email from you.

Always personalize the email to make it feel dedicated and customized for a particular person. Automated emails often lack this personalized touch, which can lead their recipient down an unhappy path of deleted mail or missed opportunities just because they weren’t read. Sending highly-personalized messages is one way that will help keep those interested engaged with what's going on around here while also increasing response rates from these individuals even if they never open up any attachments attached within messages.

I suggest you use a sales automation tool like Smartwriter AI to send personalized emails. It empowers your sales reps and marketers to create personalized follow-up reminders and can easily export the created hyper-personalized icebreakers to the email marketing tools like Mailshake, Lemlist, Hubspot, and Reply. Having personalization in the follow-up reminder message will trigger your recipients. 

Using Smartwriter you can generate up to 24 personalized first lines and the users easily scale their email sequence. In Linkedin outreach, the tool offers personalization and enables you to send personalized reminder messages. The sales team can make use of the GSheets Integration to export all your data automatically and  Zapier triggers will enable you to automate the email flows with your favorite email service providers. 

Practice Kind Words & Cover All Pointers in Message

Using genteel and courteous words indicates that you care about your reader's time, and want to make sure they're not wasting it on something unimportant. Composing a bratty email will move towards the bin or Spam. This will worsen your relationship with your potential prospects. 

There is some reason that the email receiver may don’t respond to you. First thing if the potential prospect is busy and they’re more likely to miss your initial email. In the next scenario if they are interested in your product or services no matter why they did not respond then send a polite follow-up email with a helpful tone and understand the reason why the receiver did not respond. It may take time to get a response so being patient is essential.

The next vital part of your reminder email is to state the purposes or goal of your email clearly. The purpose of the follow-up reminder email is to make the recipient respond to your primary email, so include some hits, descriptions in the reminder email that helps the readers. Try to avoid a long conversation and focus on short and action-driving email messages. 

You can add some emotions to your email, like excitement or urgency. This will help drive action faster! Rich text at key points in a date/time format creates a focus for recipients who might miss those details when they're scrolling through their inboxes. Adding emotions will improve readability, and rich text will increase the recipient's focus. 

Utilize Email Tracking Software To Find the Interest Level

Sometimes, your business may send too many reminder emails that do not respond. This might be due to your email recipients' lack of interest or unavailability. To find the actual reason for non-response emails. It is good to use email tracking tools that give your recipient behavior. In some cases, your business might send too many reminder emails and not respond. This might be due to a lack of interest or to the unavailability of your recipient. I would suggest using an email tracking tool that empowers you to take action per your recipient’s behavior to know the actual reason. 

Using email tracking software will enable better insight into when and how often your recipient reads emails. This data-driven action can help plan your future reminder messages so they engage in more of what interests them.  

Adding the importance of an action-driven ending in your follow-up email is best. This reminder to a customer that payments failed includes help with alternate options and asking for any assistance if they need it, which will make them feel satisfied with your service quality and enable them to take necessary actions themselves.

Employ Proper Grammar & Formatting

A professional email is a powerful tool for business. When sending an important reminder, it's crucial to make sure your message looks good. With proper formatting, the quality of your emails will increase your reply. 

Have practice rechecking your email draft and its generic email format before hitting the send button. While you send a professional email reminder, it is good to create emails with recipients in mind and showcase your best features alone with clear grammar usage. 

One way of doing so? Keep yourself aware by practicing using free tools like Grammarly or  Hemingway Editor before hitting send each time. These tweak email messages and help you save time and eliminate mistakes when writing. While writing professional reminder emails, your content need not sound too stuffy or lazy. 

Perfect Reminder Email Sample For Each Situation

Link Building Reminder Email Templates 

If you are a marketing person, you might be noticed on the 

link-building campaigns that might have good email opens, and there are fewer response rates.  This is because people will get dozens of pitches every day, and they get distracted and maybe forget to respond. 

Make sure your follow-up reminders are relevant as well as timely. You want to keep the recipient engaged with your brand. 

If your follow-ups aren't relevant, then the recipient won't care about your message. Include links to your website, social media pages, and other resources that are helpful to your audience. Use these links to direct traffic back to your site, where you can continue building relationships with customers. 

The gentle reminder email on your link-building pitches will give a gentle nudge to your potential prospects. Using Smartwriter backlink personalization, your business can do a personalized outreach for the guest blog, gain a link to the post, and replace broken links.  Let's get started with the polite reminder email sample.

Smartwriter backlink personalization

Hello {First Name},

I just read your blog post about {{Blog Title}}. I  liked the information you gave. 

I found that the {{Speak specifically about the blog line that impressed you. Example: The fourth tip was really interesting, as you said it's important to find a highly relevant hook. This ensures the recipient will be more receptive and interested in what you have to offer.}}

Would you consider adding our link? Our tool, {{Highlight the about the tool feature/ Give them the reason why they need to build a link with your website. Example: Smartwriter is the next generation of email marketing. It uses AI to generate 1000s of personalized emails that get you 8x more replies within minutes}}.

I think we’re an excellent fit for the {Blog page / Website Name} audience. 

Let me know what you think,


Event Reminder Email / Client Reminder Email Templates 

The client reminder or event reminder with the email to attendees is a great way to make sure your attendees can attend the event without trouble. This email should include information on when, where, who's attending and any other important details you think might be helpful.

Hi {{First Name}},

I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to follow up with a quick question about the project plan we discussed last week and make sure that all of your needs have been met for this exciting new opportunity!  

The document is what will help us put together our strategy as it provides full details on how we see things developing over time- let me know if there's anything else needed or questions arise during future communication before starting work. 

 Please do not hesitate to contact me at XYZ anytime. 

Best regards,


Late Payment Reminder Email Templates

Late payment reminder emails are complex. The challenging part is writing an incentive email content for the client without sounding pushy or impatient. At the same time, sending reminder emails still provides the information they need to make good decisions on their own time (and bypass any penalties).

‍If you have trouble wording these messages, we've got some ideas that might help!

Hi {{Name}}

I hope you had a great week and enjoyed your day!

I wanted to remind us that payment on invoice {number} (total{sum}) is due today, so we can finalize this transaction soon! 

If there are any questions please feel free to reach out {{Contact detail}}

Thanks & Regards


Why reminder emails are great, reminder emails don't always have to be about chasing unrenewed subscriptions or unpaid invoices. This deadline reminder email sample is perfect for customers who want more information on spending their store credits before the expiration date! By following the format message on the reminder email. Include the following

  • What time limit is set?
  • Where there are links that will take them directly into your site.
  • While notifying someone right when he/she has questions left unanswered.
  • These will save both parties valuable time in finding answers themselves later down the line.

Your business can write successful email reminders or follow-up emails from the tips and strategies above.  After sending the initial business email, don't wait for the recipient to respond; it is always good to have a follow-up email. It is suitable to have 2-3 reminder emails to make people remember the most important thing. 

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