5 Reminder Email Template Sample That Boost Your Conversion rate

When it comes to email marketing, we want to use the most effective techniques to boost our conversion rate. We can get this by using reminder emails. These templates can help get our message reminders across clearly and concisely. It mainly reminds recipients of what they need to do. 


And if you are looking for a way to increase your conversion rate check out the reminder email templates that have helped our business achieve a massive conversion rate. Each template is customizable and easy to use, so let's get started today!

Why do we need reminder email templates?


The good reminder messages help us keep our potential customers in the loop. In today's busy world, forgetting things is quite natural. So we have to practice this solid strategy of reminding our prospects about making their purchase by sending timely reminder emails. It will help us develop a good rapport with the customers or clients and influence them in decision making. Let's check out the benefits of the reminder email:

  • According to a study, 64% of customers are willing to purchase their favorite brand when contacted with a reminder message after the first purchase. It makes them feel valued and gives another sales opportunity.
  • It helps avoid late payments, missing meetings, or forgetting events that may be possible opportunities.
  • Customers who get confused with options find this out-of-box personalized approach to be something different and find it more effective than a regular advertisement.
  • It helps to have trusted and valued relationships with the clients.
  • It's also budget-friendly since we only need to send timely reminder messages instead of sending ads over and over again.



Let's get started with the perfect reminder email samples without further delay, which helped improve our conversion rate to 37%. Here we go, check out the formal email reminder template to kick off your email campaigns:

5 Reminder email templates that helped us boost conversion rate:

Gentle reminder email to boss sample:


Wanted to remind the boss about an upcoming meeting or schedule which is busy? Then this template will be a big help. A reminder email is a vital tool for all professionals who have to remind their boss or clients of their schedules or any possible situations. The email should be clear, simple, and concise, which helps us send gentle reminder messages to our bosses to avoid a miss situation.

Template 1:

Subject: Just to remind you about [Matter]

 Hey [First Name],

 I hope you are enjoying the [Details]. A reminder that it's time to review the schedule for next week and an update on some [projects/Event Details].

Please find the [Schedule/Meeting] and share the [Matter],



Best Regards,


Why does this reminder sample work?

If we look at a sample of reminder emails, It is very easy to read and understand and has a friendly tone. It covers all aspects of the intent in one place. It uses the right words and phrases to make the message more personal. 

The subject line mentions the Matter clearly for the recipient, as does the introduction of the details section. Even though it is short but still makes sense. It gives a hint of what the message will contain.

The body of the email includes the most important details. It clearly shows the context of the sender's intention and is likely to receive a positive response.

Friendly reminder email sample to the client:

A friendly reminder message is a great way to stay top-of-mind with your clients and keep them updated on their order status or upcoming events. As professionals, we understand the importance of client communication. And one of the most important forms of email type communication is friendly reminders. These effective reminders serve as a gentle nudge, reminding the client of an upcoming deadline reminder or event. Check out the tested reminder email to clients.

Template 2:

Subject: Join me at our next meeting regarding [Matter]

Hey [First Name],

Hope you had a great day. We wanted to send a friendly reminder regarding our [Meeting title/Matter].


As discussed, please plan to join me for a call between [Date and Time details].


Calendar Link: [URL]

Please reach out if you have any questions so far. Have a nice weekend! Thank you for considering my Company.

Best regards,


Why does this reminder message sample work?

The quick reminder message has a friendly and formal tone overall, and it is well crafted with an intended email body. Also follows that business email structure uses formal language and avoids personal exclamation points as it can be seen as intrusive or distracting. The email subject is to the point and not so pushy or annoying about it together.


Event Reminder Email template:

Sending follow-up emails after registering for an upcoming event is the best way to keep the attendee in the loop, and it increases the conversion and engagement rate. Probably in the previous email, the potential prospects would have shared the data like professional email addresses, names, job title, and far more. It helps us to send the email notification to their email address. Here is the sample event reminder email template

Template 3:

Subject: We go Live [Event Name & Date]

Hey [First Name],

Thank you for registering for the [Event Details]. And it is a gentle reminder, as we are going live tomorrow at [Time]

Click the link to join us and Mark your calendar [Hyperlink the URL]


[Email Signature]

Why does this event reminder sample work?

The best way to avoid last-minute emergencies is by using these event reminders. It allows us plenty of time before the big day to get completed with precision. And this template covers all the aspects of the event and the intent of the event reminder message. The subject is also more optimistic, reminding the attendees before the event.

Late payment reminder email sample:

When it comes to late payments, sending an email reminder can be complex. The challenge here is finding the right tone of voice that won't sound pushy or impatient while still providing offers for your client to follow through with their payment without sounding rude either way. Check out the payment reminder sample

Template 4:

Subject: How's a quick payment reminder?

Hey [First Name],

I hope this email finds you well. A quick reminder that we haven't yet received payment for the [Unpaid Invoice Details], which is overdue by one week. 

If the customer has already paid, please do not hesitate to send them another copy of their bill. 

Otherwise, could you check on it and send us the confirmation email?


Best Regards,


Why will this sample reminder message work?

When we send out an overdue payment reminder, it makes sure that the person has been reminded about their payment and gives them an extra nudge in case they forgot. The above template promptly explains the overdue, and it is not rude or pushy. And the tone also remains professional throughout. 

Final reminder email template for subscription:

Sending out the final reminder for subscriptions helps keep a trusted relationship with existing customers. And the tailored reminder messages makes them feel they are not avoided after the purchase, and it helps them have continuous service. Here is the final reminder message sample for subscription:

Template 5:

Subject: Don't lose the opportunity your subscription is up

Hey First Name,

We at [Company] would like to thank you for your continued support, and we hope that this email finds you well. 

We wanted to send one more reminder before the [Deadline], as our [Offers Due]. To not miss any opportunities over recent months, there is still time.

If you want access to all updates via a special link in next week's [Newsletter], don't forget it ends on [Final Date]

Thanks and chat soon!



Why does the final reminder message work? 

When the service or product subscription is about to be over, it may stop the regular activities of the business. This template explains the pain point more precisely and provides not so salesy offers that can influence them to do the needful.


Although it's impossible to predict when a customer might need a reminder about an upcoming purchase or appointment, using email templates as a part of your marketing strategy can help you boost conversion rates. The five reminder email template examples we shared with you should give you a good starting point for creating your reminders. Try the samples and create the email marketing campaign that drives results.

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