Event Reminder Email: To Keep Your Attendees in the Loop

It is quite natural that we forget many things in day-to-day life. But we cannot take chances in the business and professional environment. Reminding our event attendees of their upcoming event by reminder emails is the best way to keep in touch with your present and potential clients. It is a crucial point for any business. In this blog, we will share how we can effectively use event reminder email message samples to keep our attendees in the loop and remind them about an upcoming event that gets results.


Why Should We Send Event Reminder Emails?

In general, people want to be reminded of events they said they would do or attend. The people who have signed up for an online event like seminar, training program, or webinar to get some professional development, personal development, and business development results. And the chances of achieving this are less unless we nudge them with a friendly reminders. These people may have clearly shown interest in our events, programs, or services, but no interest will translate into action or conversion unless you remind them about it.


How to craft an effective Event Reminder Email?

A study stated that a well-crafted message could increase the attendee rate by 40% on average. The success of sending out reminder messages depends on how well crafted our subject line is and what content we provide to our recipients.

Here are a few tips on how to write effective event reminder emails:

  • Know Your Audience: Before writing a reminder message for the event, we should know whether these recipients are interested in the information provided through the newsletters, registration, or signups. It is mandatory to have potential attendees' details like professional email addresses, first names, and contact details. If they don't care for our email list, we need to re-evaluate the strategy.
  • Write an Attention-Grabbing Subject Line: A good subject line tells customers exactly what they will receive when opening your email messages. People are more likely to open a message with an attractive opening line and a prompt and informative email body. So make sure to include the email subject as catchy and attention-grabbing like what they will get with this deal.
Generate good subject line
  • Personalization is the key: Gather relevant details about the prospective audience to tailor reminder messages for them later down the line. Super Personalized emails have a high chance of getting a massive click-through rate.
  • Prompt messages: We have to make sure that our message is clear and concise so that the audience will understand what we're trying. We're saying in as few words as possible, so use short sentences with simple grammar to impress the audience.
  • Attach Invites: When reminding people about an upcoming event, sending the right kind of invitation at the perfect time is crucial. By utilizing an invitation maker app, the process becomes more efficient and ensures that invitations are crafted and sent out effectively. It should include relevant links, logo design, banners, images, contact details, event titles, common questions to know about the events, and far more. Most people check email on their mobile devices, so having eye-catching reminder templates is advised.
  • Closing line usage: It is important to use a closing line in the footer like a greeting. A good closing line will show appreciation for what has been done while acknowledging and helping to increase the reply rate.
  • Proofread the message content: Before it is sent, try to give a final check to the event reminder email message for grammar, active voice maintenance, spelling check, and context so that we can pitch with good content.
  • Schedule reminders at the right time: The next thing we need to consider is scheduling a reminder for the future at the correct time. Sending it too early or too late may not make a difference. For example, suppose you have scheduled the event reminder message for two weeks ahead. In that case, we must ensure that the reminder messages are sent at least three days before the event start date to get the maximum response rate for the event reminder email campaign.


These are all the key factors we should consider while creating an effective event reminder email template to remind the people. We share some great email templates for events and take away event reminder email samples to engage the potential attendee.

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5 proven event reminder email templates to keep the Attendees in the loop:

The best way to keep the attendees in the loop is by using well-crafted email reminders templates. It should be simple and easy-to-use to stay on top of things without having any confusion and improve our campaign performance.

1) Reminder email sample for the virtual event:


Hey [First Name],

We have only [Number of Days] days left before the [Event Name]!

The experts from the [industry] will share their experience and assist you in learning master class techniques used for years to achieve [Goal/Skill Set].

The agenda of the online event is [Key Details].

We'll be starting the live sessions online at the [Event Time], and the experts line up are [Expert Line up Order].

Kindly save the date on your calendar [With Link], and for queries, contact us on [Mail Id].

We're hoping to see your presence on [Date] at the event.


Thanks & Regards,


2) Event reminder template for offline events:

Hey [First Name],

We have only [Days count] days left before the [Event Name]!

The experts will share their experience and assist you in learning master class techniques used for years to achieve [Goal/Skill Set].

The agenda of the online event is [Key Details].

The event will be held on [Event Details ], and the speakers’ line up is [Expert Line up Order].

Kindly bring the confirmation [Ticket] or registration email for the hassle-free session.

For more event information, check our [official website] and for queries contact us on [Mail Id].

Hoping to see you at the [Event details].


Thanks & Regards,


3) Webinar reminder email sample:

Hey [First Name],

Just a friendly reminder to you that the webinar is next week! We will take an inside look at industry trends and best practices for achieving specific goals within [field].

We're excited to have you on board! Here's a quick overview of our speakers’ chart:

[Speaker Detail] [Topics to be covered]

You'll access the webinar at [Date and time] by clicking this Website Link. We will save some time for QA, so make sure you bring your questions with you!

Join the Webinar

Kindly share your feedback and comments to [Mail Id].

Hope to see you at the meeting.




4) Post-event follow up emails reminder sample:


Hey [First Name],

We hope you enjoyed [Event Name] as much we did and learned something new that will help your business today.

We want your opinion! Would you mind filling out the quick survey form so that we can get the most out of our events and make sure they're worth attending?

To make sure you don't miss, here are the recorded speeches.

Looking forward to seeing you next time, thanks again!



5) Event reminder to trigger prospective attendees:

Hey [First Name],

[Event Name] is tomorrow! Don't forget to mark your calendar.

Time: [Event Details]

Venue/Mode: [Information]


Join [Event Name] to learn and find the opportunity to upgrade your skill set.


Look forward to meeting you in person.


Best Regards,





In today's fast-paced technical era, it is important to be mindful of the time and effort of your event promotion. Sending a reminder email can help attendees who may have forgotten about your upcoming event or never received an initial invitation in the first place. The five templates we've shared would give you some inspiration for crafting an effective reminder email that will keep all attendee details fresh in their minds, so they know what day and time to show up at the venue! What template do you think would work best for your next event?

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