150 Email Opening Lines and Samples for High Reply Rates


It has become a myth, that we should start our email conversations with usual opening lines like Monday greetings, greetings of the day to be professional. Do you think the same way? Maybe now it's time to change. I agree that formal email opening lines hope you are well can be productive too. But we have to be more creative and unique to outshine.

Creating a strong first impression is always important, whatever be the thing. Likewise, with the best opening lines, we can do wonders in emailing. Following a protocol is really appreciated, but to get a quick response we have to be unique, trendy, and optimistic. Let us think out of the box and plan something which will actually work for us.

Here We Go: What Are the Opening Lines in Emailing?

Opening lines are the phrases we use after salutation while we craft an email as simple as that. Like I said before, first lines play a very important role in email writing. The email list may have anyone like your friend, boss, colleagues, or maybe for sales and marketing purposes, whoever be the recipient. We have to make sure our first lines should be polite, catchy, and interesting to get the email recipient's attention. Our communication with the recipient or prospects starts here.

There are certain types of first lines we create depending on the situation. For example the questionnaires, establishments, Goal focused or it may be anything. The Purpose of email, recipient, and healthy communication is what matters the most. According to the statistics we get 74% of the salespeople to get a 20% reply rate with personalized email content.

Here we are going to explore the different email opening lines samples at different scenarios. And these are the best opening lines, to start with for your email campaigns.


Best Opening Lines and Samples to Improve Reply Rate

1) Professional Email Opening Lines

Professional emails are the best way to communicate with your boss, employees, colleagues, Interviewer, investors, and anyone inside your office and external space. With a perfect combination of first lines and a great subject line, you can scale up your email campaign’s performance. The wait is over. Have a look at the samples of professional emails.

  1. Hope you are having a great day
  2. I am contacting you in regards 
  3. Allow me to introduce myself
  4. I’m writing to you about
  5. I would love to 
  6. I hope this email finds you
  7. It is good to have a conversation with
  8. Allow me to introduce
  9. I hope you enjoyed your day off
  10. I hope you are having a [occasion]
  11. I am reaching out to
  12. This email is just to you know
  13. This email is to share
  14. I just read your [Blog Post]
  15. I’d really appreciate

2) Friendly Email Opening Lines

Nowadays we get tons of promotional emails with different subject lines. We prefer to read pieces of content with polite & catch opening lines. People use this format usually to start communication with friends, or in the workplace, or anywhere they want to have a casual conversation.

  1. I hope you enjoyed [event]
  2. Great to see you
  3. I’m glad that we met
  4. Good to hear from you
  5. So good to see you man
  6. It is my pleasure to [matter]
  7. I could use your advice
  8. Would you like
  9. Would love to hear from you
  10. I just wanted to let you know that
  11. I just got a chance to
  12. I’m happy to [reason]
  13. Did you know? [question]
  14. I got your contact from
  15. Would you mind answering [question]


3) Catchy Email Opening Lines

How do I look more unique in email than others? For this, we have to create attractive email opening lines & subject lines to get a high reply rates. Here are some catchy first lines to create amazing email templates.

  1. Sounds great! hope you are 
  2. This email is about [matter]
  3. How’s it going?
  4. Thanks heaps. I would [Reason]
  5. Could you guide me through
  6. Would this information [Matter]
  7. Just checking in
  8. Would this interest you [offer]
  9. Hey buddy loved your [ Article topic]
  10. Thanks for giving the [Reason]
  11. I would be grateful if you 
  12. I appreciate your [Effort]
  13. It's great to hear [Reason]
  14. Hey mate! I would [Reason]
  15. I’d like to inform [event]

4) Funny Email Opening Lines

Do we have to be formal all the time? let us break the rule, Yes we can be funny too. Being formal is appreciated but being friendly with your coworker creates a better relationship in the workplace. With friendly subject lines, we can easily connect with people. Check out the friendly email opening lines and create an effective email. 

  1. Being happy without [question]
  2. Omg it’s Monday again
  3. Hope to have a nice [event]
  4. I'm confident you’ll survive [matter] 
  5. Bingo you guessed it 
  6. Boss gonna love this
  7. Coffee’s corner anyone?
  8. Is it too late to [matter]
  9. We are not going to win the lottery [event]
  10. Become a singer overnight
  11. Can’t buy at Walmart 
  12. C’mon man have to wait for <number> day
  13. Hey we need to talk
  14. You are too brainy pal
  15. Enjoying alone?

  5) Sales Email Opening Lines

Selling online can be a bit of a challenge. Not only does the potential customer have the option of purchasing the product elsewhere, but they’ve already decided whether or not they even want to purchase your product. The real challenge is to get your prospects to open the sales email first and respond. And you’ve got to get creative when crafting that subject line copy because it can make all the difference between whether or not your reader opens it or deletes it straight into their trash folder. Use a unique sales opening line and then your chances of success will increase tremendously.

  1. Would you like to improve your
  2. I really enjoyed your keynote
  3. I was looking at your LinkedIn
  4. Would be open to [call or collaboration]
  5. Did you know 60% of [Address CEO & Founders]
  6. Reached out to connect 
  7. Congratulations on your recent [Position]
  8. Is your business planning to 
  9. Are you having difficulty 
  10. Wouldn’t be great if you 
  11. Are you planning to increase your
  12. We are the leading provider [services/Product]
  13. I’d like to see if [upgrading opportunity]
  14. Hey mate last we spoke about the 
  15. I was hoping to speak to [matter]

6) Cold email opening lines

One of the most important parts of your cold email is the opening line. It's what gets your message opened and read. A good opener will engage the attention of the reader while offering some value in order to prove you are worth their time. The most important word in this is “engage”. You need to get them interested right off the bat, so it stands out enough to be opened by anyone with hundreds of emails coming in every day. So how do you go about this?


  1. I noticed your company recently [matter]
  2. Congratulation on new [Recommendation or job]
  3. Great insight at [matter]
  4. I'm really impressed with all that [company name] does
  5. I admire how [company] is able to identify
  6. Hoping to get your advice on [Reason]
  7. Like you said I agree with you [matter]
  8. I recently come across your 
  9. I’ve been following [mode]
  10. I saw your comment on [Forums]
  11. I recently helped a company 
  12. I saw your competitors closing [deal]
  13. I’m sure you’ve noticed [Competitors activity]
  14. We recently worked with [the company of competitor]
  15. It's amazing how [company] deal with [event]
  16. I was reading around [blog post]
  17. I wanted to quickly present my [matter]
  18. I was going through the [Content piece]
  19. You are obviously an expert in [Field]
  20. We just published a blog about [Topic]


If you’re really looking to scale this and bring in a 40-45% increase in your reply rates, you can use AI to personalize all your opening lines without wasting any time doing research about the prospect you’re trying to message. By implementing the Smartwrter 

Smartwriter Converting Subject Lines

7) Business email opening lines

Although email subject lines are vital, they're not the only part that makes an email stand out from a crowded inbox filled with competitors. The first lines are the key points to write before you pitch for. This is especially important if you're writing to an already busy person who doesn't have time for trivialities. You have to be really prompt and unique while approaching a business.

  1. You guys are really doing great work with your company's
  2. We are excited to tell about our [Partnership]
  3. I share the big idea with some of the influential [Person]
  4. I am an occasional reader of [content piece]
  5. How are you working on 
  6. We would love to add [suggestions]
  7. I noticed on your [webpage] that you are [Service tips]
  8. I love that you make a reliable and affordable [Services/product]
  9. I like how [Company Name] offers [services] to help brands
  10. It's fascinating that [Company] is able to introduce [product/services] 
  11. I love the fact that [company] Solutions has a diverse range
  12. Congratulations on helping [company they served] increase their 
  13. You seem to be really great at increasing
  14. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with
  15. Just read a recommendation that mentioned you're 


8) Follow up opening lines

Using common phrases within your emails is a great way to get your message across and pique the interest of everyone on your email list. However, these effective follow-up opening lines can help you in Leads nurturing.


  1.  Not sure if you had a chance to read my email from
  2. Did you get the chance to go through
  3. Me again, checking in on the
  4. As a quick reminder, I [matter]
  5. Not sure if you've seen my last
  6. Thank you for reaching out to
  7. Me again, not sure if you saw my last email!
  8. To follow up on the previous email
  9. It is good to hear from you
  10. Thank you for the quick response
  11. Thank you for taking the time to
  12. I’m writing to let you
  13. I’m hoping to get feedback from you about [Product/services]
  14. I’d love to add another point to our conversation
  15. Just wanted to
  16. As we discussed on [event]
  17. I’m getting back to [matter]
  18. To follow up on the meeting
  19. This [Piece of work] made me think of 
  20. I meant to contact you [matter]


9) Unique email opening lines

The most effective way of getting your reader’s attention is to show that you've made a solid investment into understanding them and what they're interested in. Every person, whether a customer or a non-customer, is unique in terms of their interests and curiosity so you need to find an angle that they can relate to. To stand out from the rest we have to personalize your emails which helps to increase the reply rate massively.

  1. How’s it going?
  2. I’m writing to inform you about [stats]
  3. I’m eager to get your [matter]
  4. Can you provide me with
  5. it was great to see you [Event]
  6. Do you currently do any [matter]
  7. Hello from the other side
  8. It’s me again 
  9. I’ll keep this prompt
  10. I was wondering if
  11. I was just laughing the other days [matter]
  12. How did [event] turn out?
  13. As I suggested with [stat]
  14. As promised I’m [matter]
  15. Great to have a conversation with
  16. Your last podcast about [Topic]
  17. What do you think about collab Opp
  18. I’m helping top brands like [competitors]
  19. I have been in this industry for
  20. I have been looking for [matter]

The subject of your email is the most important sentence in the entire email campaign's content. The Invesp study in 2021 says that over 69% of email recipients report that your subject line is to get the receiver to open the email. The subject should intrigue them so they'll want to read more. The subject line needs to be written to entice the person to open the email.

One way to do this is by writing an obvious headline or describing something they are interested in. I'm confident that email personalization can be a powerful advantage if done correctly. If you use the full benefits of personalizing emails, it should be advantageous. SmartWriter has created several innovative ways to personalize and create new customer experiences for your company's email strategy.

Our advanced email features enable you to create new, exciting experiences that will increase your company's email response. This can be achieved using the Smartwriter Converting Subject Lines feature, where your business can create a hyper-personalized subject line. 

Final Thoughts 

Knowing how to write a great email opener can mean the difference between a sales opportunity and a missed opportunity, especially when you're reaching out to strangers. Some people don't take kindly to being cold-called, which is why it's important to develop as many email openers as possible. Not only will having multiple different opening lines at your disposal give you flexibility for sending exclusive discounts or free content, but it will also ensure that each message you send is received in the best light possible.

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