Perfect Friendly Reminder Email Sample Without Annoying

You can't ignore the friendly email reminder while your business has an effective email marketing strategy. Reminders are an important part of any campaign, whether you're running one for yourself or your company's product/service. 

Reminder email outreach helps bring back the topic you want to follow with the customer. On average, an individual receives 121 emails a single day, and among them, the study shows that 35% of emails go unread. Reminder emails increase interaction and engagement with customers and build relationships. 

Before you send the reminder, it has to be well thought out: creating your email and all its details, such as writing a clear deadline, will help persuade readers.

Follow up and find out more about best practices and techniques on how to write a reminder message and discover some great reminder email samples which will inspire you to create your own.

Create a compelling, creative and concise follow-up reminder email that gets a response. The article offers you great tips and an email sample on creating an inspiring, friendly email reminder message that will inspire your email receiver. We've put together some great email samples with customized content and situations where they will be helpful.

Friendly Reminder Email: What is it?

There are different benefits a business can gain by sending reminder emails. It is the most reliable means of communication, and people can respond quickly even if their inboxes are full. 

Friendly reminders should be sent before something happens. A friendly reminder to attend a meeting is sent before the meeting starts. An invoice reminder is sent after the deadline passes without payment, an Upcoming events reminder on a new product launch, and more.

A perfect reminder email should be short and concise. It should give people enough information to take action. It should make sure that people understand the task being asked of them. Don't use too much text, as people may miss important details. 

The email reminder is categorized into two different types. 

1. This email was sent before anything happened. For example, you can send a reminder about the meeting that has been scheduled. 

2. Email is sent after something has failed to happen. For instance, sending a reminder email of an overdue payment. 

You should send your reminder within 3-5 business days of the previous message. After that, it's too late to get a response from someone who hasn't responded in advance and just doesn’t want any more reminders about particular offerings. 

There is some best cold outreach software for sending reminder emails, including Smartwriter AI, where your business can find the ideal prospect and send a personalized reminder email.  Use the software business and automate your email marketing by setting up reminder emails.

How To Write A Friendly Reminder Email

Reminder emails should be short and snappy. The email receiver wants to understand clearly and don't come across as rude or impolite. Your email tone always needs to remain professional,  friendly, and brief. Acknowledge the recipient by name and address. Refer to the email again if necessary. Use the email as a kind reminder. Some email etiquette you need not ignore.

When sending reminder emails, be formal and kind if the matter at hand is serious such as an unpaid invoice that may need to refer back again in the future, or even use it as evidence so you can remain polite while still getting your point across. There are six crucial components of a successful friendly email reminder: Subject line, Greetings, Situation, Solution,  Actions, and  Sign off. 

1. Link Building Reminder Email Templates

While doing link building outreach campaigns, you might notice that your emails will have a higher open rate and lower bounce & response rate. This happens because your initial email has been buried with tons of link-building pitches on the receiver's inbox. This got the email receiver distracted or made to forget. 

So it is essential to do reminder emails or follow up to get a reply for your link-building pitches. The reminder email needs to be a gentle nudge, but it will help you engage those who may have bypassed your initial email.  

Template #1: When your initial link-building pitch doesn’t have a reply 

Hey {Name},

Greetings, Hope you are doing good. Just following up on the chance of adding or updating a link {{URL}} on your {{website}} for the link label {{Anchor text}}. It might be a good add-on to your post {{Post title}}.

As discussed in my email last week, we are perfect for each other because our links provide great value to your audience. 

Let me know your opinions, and thank you again!


{{First Name}}

Template #2: When you have already established a connection with someone and want to gain links.

Hi {{Name}},

Greetings, I was doing some research on {{topic/keyword}}, and I came across your page {{ URL}}.

We would be delighted if you featured us in your blog post {{article title}}. I am confident that your audience will find our content useful.

You can have a look at some of our work. 

{{URL 1}}

{{URL 2}}

{{URL 3}}

I’m open to discussing content collaboration with you via email or phone, whichever works best for you. 

We are looking for your reply!


2. Content Promotion Reminder Email Templates

When it comes to email outreach, sometimes you have more than one message that needs sending to notice your content. Email outreach is a great way to promote your content. It's free, easy, and doesn't take too much time out of your day. 

Here are some best content promotion reminder emails that are now available for your blogger or influencer. These templates will help you get their attention to remind them of the article collaboration and how both the parties will benefit from the collaboration. 

Template #1: Following up on a guest article contribution opportunity

Hey {Name},

I sent you some article topic ideas last week. Have you had a chance to review my topic suggestion? These topics will help you to increase your traffics. 

You have a lot of great resources on your site. We share valuable content with the same or similar audience and would be very relevant to me.

I'm excited about writing for your website. In addition, we are outlining the first post of our series on {Article Topic}.  

Check it out here: {{URL}}. 

What do you think? Let me know if anything else could benefit from being added or removed on the article draft before we move forward together. 

Thank you & Get back to me if interest you.



Template #2: Ask for feedback on the guest post submission 

Hi {Name},

I'm excited about the opportunities on the "{{Article Topic}}". I outlined the article this morning to give you an idea of where it's going.

Check it out: {{Google Doc Link}}

I really appreciate it if you share your thoughts on the article outline. This will help us determine whether the content needs improvement and others.

Feel free to connect with me if you need any help. 


{First Name}

3. Sales Reminder Email Templates

The first step to getting more business is making your pitch compelling and personalized. Choose the right time and right message in place for the follow-up emails; otherwise, it will be overwhelming or annoying. Performing reminders or follow-ups on the sales email enables the business to build a relationship with each prospect.

You need to be creative with your follow-ups and sales calls in order not only to get the sale but also to make sure that customers are happy. Sales follow-ups are challenging but not anymore. The following sales reminder email templates help you convert the customer without sounding too pushy or spammy. Here are the tips and strategies to craft a reminder email without being pushy and spammy. 

Template #1: When discussing the details of a custom offer with your potential clients

Hey {{First Name}},

Thank you for the opportunity, and it's a pleasure to connect with you on  {{Date}}. Thank you for taking the time out of your day. We really appreciate it!

I’m extremely grateful that my work has been recognized and appreciated by such a prestigious organization as yours, especially considering how new we are in this field. 

We can discuss this in more detail if you're ready. I've checked with our {{Revelavent department name}} department, and they would be more than happy to handle this request.

Thank You Once Again



Template #2: A generic follow-up that works for sales pitches with your potential clients

Hey {{First Name}},

We appreciate your time, and we hope that you have had an opportunity to review our previous communication. 

We all know how busy you must be. Is there someone else on your team who might be a better fit for me to reach out to?

I want to chat about [Highlight the Product /service benefits].

Let me know what is the best time/day that works for you:)

Best Regards,


4. Digital Press Release (PR) Reminder Email Templates

Digital Press Release is all about discovering the right strategy for your sales needs. It can be done by getting the right journalists or influencers and grabbing your targeted audience's attention with an interesting story or press release. 

So after you've sent off your initial pitch, you'll have to make sure it's getting noticed. This means following up with the journalist to make sure it's getting closer to being published.

Sending a follow-up email can vastly improve your chances of getting a response. However, you require to put tons of effort into your follow-up subject line and email context. Sending an outreach at the wrong time, or making careless mistakes, will have the opposite effect and give the journalist a reason to ignore you.

To improve our chances of receiving a response, sending an appropriate follow-up email after pitching is important. The friendly tone needs to be just as memorable as the initial query while avoiding any messy or spam-like behavior.

Template #1: Follow up Email That Enhanced Value Proposition

I know you have a lot on your plate, so it's possible you got to miss the previous email I sent, but there is some good news! 

As part of this case study, we had new interviews with the industry leader, and we will be including fresh content along with that.

Here are some interesting things we have discussed: 

• (Key Point 1)

• (Key Point 2)

• (Key Point 3)

We are always looking for new case studies to share. Let me know your thoughts if you would like to feature it on your {{Website}}. 

What do you think? If it interests you, I’ll link the case study again here.



Template #2: Link to a recent blog post

Hey {{First Name}},

I read your article in [publication] this week, got me thinking about the subject of [article title] and how I can apply this to my life.

Did you have a chance to look at the pitch I sent over a couple of days ago? 

I feel it will be an ideal fit for your audience {{explain in brief how their audience will benefit }} and I'm happy to get you more details.

Let me know your opinion.



5. Friendly Reminder On Referral Email Templates

Referral marketing is the process of generating new sales leads through a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Referral emails are a great way to increase customer retention, engagement, and new clients. This referred technique helps companies get new customers by encouraging their existing customer base to talk about your business experience with others interested in your company offerings. 

The basis of a company's success is retaining its existing customers. However, new customer acquisition remains an important driver for business growth in B2B industries. Referral marketing can help you get those new b2b sales leads through the referrals.  

Studies show that clients referred by others generate the highest conversion rates amongst all types of channel advertising methods when generating sales or lead conversions. Here are some referral email templates for follow-ups. Here are some networking email subject lines that improve connections. 

Template #1: Referral request follow up a customer satisfaction survey

Hi {{First Name}},

Hope you are doing good 

I’m happy to hear that [Product/ Service name] has worked well for you and your team. I know this has driven a significant impact on [Company Name]. 

We are so happy to have received such positive feedback from you! I was thrilled when someone gave us an enthusiastic review of our customer satisfaction survey. 

We believe that we met all of your expectations and then exceeded them, which makes me proud of what [Product/Service Name] can do for other people, maybe even more than those who use it now (since they've already seen its value).

I am happy with the success you've achieved to date. One of the main goals of our company is to help businesses like yours succeed, and I think we could be very beneficial to your growth. Do you know of any businesses with similar objectives that might benefit from our product or service?

I would appreciate you if you could introduce them to me. I can meet with them for a 1-hour consultation, free of charge, to describe what we offer and see if they have any needs.

Still, if there are some specific areas where things we could improve or additional features are needed, let's brainstorm together.



Template #2:  Follow-up on the referral request 

Hi {{First Name}},

I was hoping to hear back from you.

It’s been a few weeks since we wrapped up our work together, and I really hope that everything is going well with the team at this time. 

I've been thinking about how I can help you and your business grow even more.

Is there anyone that might be interested in what we offer [product/service]? 

Please let me know, so I don't miss out on potential clients!

Best Regards,



A friendly reminder email is a significant way to follow up with potential or current customers. It can also be utilized as a tool to grow customer loyalty and keep your business top of mind. When crafting your own reminder message, make sure you avoid coming across as pushy or annoying. Keep the tone professional and polite, and you’re sure to see positive results. Have you tried using a friendly reminder in your marketing strategy? Why are you waiting? Use the above friendly reminder templates and improve your results on your next campaign. 

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