Subject line for reconnecting email: Samples for better networking


Are you looking for a better way to network? Maybe you're looking for new leads or opportunities. Networking is a critical part of any business. It's the process of making connections and building relationships that will help your business grow. The more people you know, the more opportunities you'll have for new clients. And the networking email is a great opportunity to reconnect with someone.

This blog post will discuss how maximizing networking opportunities can help get more valuable conversations going, what types of creative networking email subject lines might work best, and some samples.

What is reconnecting email?

Email marketing is the best option to connect with your customers, but reconnecting email? This term may be new to you, but it's a great way to improve your response rate. Reconnecting email is a great way to reach out and reconnect with customers who have unsubscribed or contact who haven't talked to for long. It can be a tricky process, but it's worth doing for the increased loyalty in your customer base and personal network.

Reaching out to missed customers, an acquaintance you just met at an event, or your old friends who haven't talked to you is a difficult task. But trying to win them back over is possible with a networking campaign. We have to generate personalized & creative networking emails that are relevant to your customers, and you can make it possible and increase customer loyalty- which means more revenue for re-engaged prospects.

Benefits of using Reconnecting emails


  • With the rise of email campaigns and social media posts, it is easy for business owners or professionals to miss potential prospects. However, you can ensure that your brand stays in front of your customer's inboxes with reconnecting emails.

  • Email personalization plays a major role in achieving high conversion rates. The email body with personalized subject lines and creative ideas is mandatory for a perfect networking email. Also acts as follow-up email messages and helps in the marketing efforts to improve sales, network, and professional connections.

  • It helps keep track of the meeting requests, previous contacts, networking events, and far more. We can send relevant emails to the contacts for better communication and productivity.

  • We can do prospecting with the help of mutual connection reference by giving a personal touch to the subject lines. It creates a trustworthy relationship between both sender and email recipient.

  • Can contact the unsubscribed customers to restart their subscription and excite them with informative, promotional content or messages after initial outreach.

  • We can also provide new product or service details with our subscribers to maintain a balanced relationship.

Networking Subject Lines impact on Click-through rate

The impact of the Networking subject lines on click-through rate is huge. Your message will be more likely heard and clicked by potential customers with a variety to choose from. The click-through rate for your emails is solely dependent on how you format and personalize the subject line.

While crafting enticing messages for potential customers, it's important to send follow-ups and do some research and customize the subject lines with a personal touch. A study states that personalized emails with subject lines get the maximum click-through rate of 14% and help achieve a high conversion rate.

Using networking subject lines as an icebreaker or conversation starter in your email content will help the click-through rate. These creative ideas will help get the ball rolling on your next connection by providing some inspiration for what could be discussed at hand.

How to craft networking emails?


Networking emails are a great way to start or maintain relationships in your professional life. They're also an excellent resource for networking events, referrals, and more.

Here's how you can craft the perfect one:

  • Begin by introducing yourself - tell them who will be reading their email (you), what position at XYZ Company they work with/under if applicable(/$200KVP of Sales).

  • Include statistical links where possible so that person feels trustworthy.

  • And then list the reasons why you are contacting the person in question

  • Research new product updates or services, recent activity, recommendations, or events and create a personalized copy. It gives the recipient some new information, showing you have taken the time to research them.

  • Another useful idea is to talk about what they'll be getting out of this interaction, and this will compel them to make decisions immediately if they believe it is beneficial.

So there's no point in trying to pump people for information and nothing else. A usual promotional message is not going to work anymore. To avoid this, be unique and creative while crafting your outreach messages. Now let us learn the top tips & ideas for converting subject lines and samples for better networking.

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Write Super personalized Subject lines for reconnecting email & Samples:

Networking is an efficient way of business development. And it is different from generic email. The ultimate goal of the networking email is to build relationships and create opportunities for future collaboration. It should focus on building relationships rather than just promoting yourself to avoid being creepy when approaching.

By following a few tips, we can write catchy subject lines to get your networking messages to read and increase the chances of developing valuable relationships. And here are a few examples to help get you started.

1) Introduction Subject lines for networking

The intro email does more than normal communication. It makes a way for future communication and helps people get to know the brand or service better. An introduction should be prompt and clear when starting a new connection request. This one starts with a compelling subject line generation. And there's no perfect formula here, because every person is different after all. So introduce yourself with style by writing personalized email subject lines tailored specially to the individuals rather than businesses with established brands or templates. Check out the Subject line examples for better intro content.

Sample intro Subject Lines for Better Networking


1) Hey [Name]! thought you'd like to share about [Details]

2) Catch up with Name about the [Matter]

3) Hey! Just wondering if you're [Details]

2) Interest-based Subject lines for networking


Interest-based subject lines that get your network warm and fuzzy with informative posts. Personalization plays a major role here. Maintaining relationships with prospects can be challenging, but it's worth doing it. Now it is time to figure how exactly we are supposed to make your connections feel special?  It is by creating personalized subject lines based on the Interests or topics related directly to the potential prospects as an inspiration for conversation starters. Let us see subject line examples based on interest as the biggest takeaways.

create catchy subject lines for reconnecting email

Samples for interest-based subject lines


1) I'd love to appear as a [Matter]

2) I would like to learn about [Knowledge or Skills]

3) I enjoyed your take on [Topic] in your

4) In short, I'd love to chat about [Matter].

5) Given you teach about [Topic], I wanted to share [Matter]

3) LinkedIn Based Personalized subject lines

LinkedIn, a powerful platform for professional networking. It has a wide range of users worldwide and connects professionals. If you check out the mutual connections or any common connection in your network, there is a huge possibility for better prospecting. The key components in this approach are potentially using the networks and easy acceptance in the communities. Our connection will not fall into the trash folder.

The best way you can do this is by warming up an email with some quick findings on the LinkedIn page about recent articles they have written, a post published, their job title, industry, company size, location, skills, education history, which shows efforts taken by us before reaching out. It helps to achieve a high acceptance rate. And the real problem here is to write a creative email sample for every prospect. But no need to panic. With the help of AI email writers, we can create converting LinkedIn-based personalized subject lines for any number of prospects in a few minutes. Sharing some proven subject lines for a high acceptance rate.

personalized linkedIn based subject lines

Samples for LinkedIn based subject lines:

1) I read about you and saw that you're the most [Matter]. I'm sure you've helped many people with your [Skills].

2) I saw a recommendation about you being a team player and always looking out for your teammates. That's a very impressive combination [Matter].

3) Wow, I noticed that you've worked for [Company] for [Duration] and 10 months now. That's an impressive number.

4) I read the recent blog post about [Matter]

5) You seem to be great at increasing email conversion rates! I loved reading your article

4) Networking Subject lines to ask for suggestions

Do you have a knack for giving advice and helping others with what they know? It's empowering, as it builds confidence. Receiving an email that starts by asking your opinion is beneficial to both parties - not only will this person get some valuable feedback and learn something new. The key here is to pique their interest in what you're going to ask by using a converting subject line that makes them want to learn more from this email exchange. Here are some interesting subject lines to ask for suggestions from industry experts.

Subject line samples for Asking suggestions:


1) I'm reaching out to ask for [Reason]

2) We met at the XYZ summit last month, and you had some friendly advice for us.

3) I'm for suggestions on how to use my [Skills]

4) How can we improve [your product/service]?

5) Let me know your idea for a new feature in your company/product.

5) Follow-up subject lines to increase conversion

The follow-up email is the most important part of your networking campaign. The key to success in any communication, including sales emails and networking messages alike, starts with a strong subject line. The right hook will keep people interested enough for what's coming next. It just needs some creativity from us to make sure those recipients don.

Sample follow up subject lines for Networking:

1) Simply check-in to see if they're well [ Matter ].

2) Re: [Matter] here's what we're up to

3) Catch up with you on [Matter]

4) When we last met (follow up on our last conversation)

5) I just reconnected with you on Linkedin, reach me again

Hope the above samples help. You can also automate and write personalized subject lines using Ai email writing tools. And improve your networking campaign performance with catchy subject lines.


As we've shown, there are several ways you can use networking subject lines to increase your click-through rates. And hopefully, by following our advice and using these tips in conjunction with other best practices for writing emails, you'll be able to start building connections with potential leads and sending the right message to customers who might need help solving their problems. It's never too late to reconnect with someone. You might find that they can be a valuable asset in your networking efforts and provide you the opportunity for new connections. Happy connecting!

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