Must-Try Meeting Reminder Email Samples To Engage Attendees

Every business success relies on the appointments with their potential customers. The problem of no-shows affects businesses in a big way. When customers fail to show up for their appointment, it could result in lost time and revenue. 

Customers value getting reminded about their appointments by email, text message, or postcard. This is a great way to save you time and money while ensuring that customers come into your business as often as possible. 

Keeping in touch with your customers is important, but it can be time-consuming and laborious. Sending a friendly Reminder email for a meeting will work best. Here is some friendly reminder email sample that boosts your email response. These meeting reminders will help get the customer through the door faster than ever before. These awesome samples help your next marketing campaign. 

How To Write Perfect Meeting Reminder Emails

Personalize your meeting reminder: Scheduling meetings can be a pain, but you'll never have to worry about missing one again with the right tools. Many software today has automated reminders built-in by default.

Send a personalized message at strategic times. It's an easy way for your team. No show rate is guaranteed not to exceed 50%.  Hers is the best template and tips on how to send a reminder email for someone have not replied 

Improve your engagement rates by personalizing your emails. Smartwritter offers a feature to personalize your meeting reminder using our personalized outreach. Personalized Outreach allows you to personalize any communication with your prospects.

Create a personalized, quick reminder using our product Smartwriter today. Design a personalized message for your customer and schedule the email to be sent out automatically in the future. 

Have a custom confirmation page: We all know that no-shows can be a huge problem for businesses. With modern scheduling software, it's easier than ever to send people directly from your confirmation page with personalized parameters so they will have the information needed when making plans in advance. 

Most scheduling software offers easy-to-send people directly on a custom confirmation page. Using small details that make this huge impact, like your email reminds them about their meeting. Plus, you can even add event parameters, so each reminder comes personally tailored with recipient information. 

Use conversational language in your reminder: Write your emails in a friendly reminder with an approachable tone. The conversational language will set this message apart from others and make it seem less like an automated email written by some robot. 

Include necessary points at the top: To maximize the effectiveness of your email, you need to include all necessary information in the subject line. For example, “meeting title and the time” on the subject line will make the receiver know what the email is on. This will make them open your email and prevent it from reaching the spam folder. 

Have clearness on your message: The secret to a great meeting is clear communication. Avoid sending emails with creative subject lines or cutesy text, and instead, make sure your email copy tells them everything they need so as not to miss this opportunity. 

Make it short & concise: Remember to keep your email short and informational. Including too much information will make the reader miss the key purpose of your message. Having a short email with relevant information will increase the chances of reading. 

Best Time To Send Reminder Emails

You may now wonder how soon it is appropriate to send a friendly reminder email. Generally, 2-3 days is a suitable time period. That's enough time for recipients to respond to your first email, but not so long that they haven't forgotten about everything by the time they get a reminder.

You never know when people will respond to your follow-up email. If the previous email wasn't successful, keeping polite reminders is the best to contact your potential prospects again. This reminder may give a chance to remind them. Ensure your tone remains professional throughout the message and avoid becoming annoyed with the client. 

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Five Meeting Reminder Email Samples To Engage Attendees

Any friendly reminder message needs to be well designed to respond. These email templates are perfect for any occasion. Litmus's research shows that 54% of emails are opened on the phone. Entire emails before reading are decided on the subject line whether or not it's worth their time, so make sure you have all the importation on the subject line and the reminder message. The most important point needs to be made clear at first glance. 

These templates will help make your life easier by saving you time and effort. They're perfect for sending out a variety of different types of emails, such as general meeting reminders or sales demo invites. Here are the must-try meeting reminder templates that will help you stay on top of your game with reminders, updates, and more.

Template #1: A General Business Meeting Reminder Email

You should keep them short but make sure they're not lacking in detail; this will help people follow up on what was discussed at length. You can always add more details to your meeting reminders if need be. Here are the perfect follow-up email samples after a meeting

Hi {{First Name}},

I hope you've added Monday's meeting to your schedule, where we'll be discussing [meeting purpose].

The following details are for the upcoming meeting.

{{Meeting Name}}

{{Date, Meeting time, Location]

{{Address link}}

[Add required additional information]

We're excited to chat with you then. In any queries feel free to reach out.


{{First Name}}

Template #2: Casual Meeting Reminder Email Before 24-hour

Businesses often use reminders to ensure that meetings are held on time. Sending meeting reminders is a great way to notify others regarding the upcoming meeting. One of the most common methods is sending gentle reminder emails 24 hours before, 1 hour before, or both before the meeting. Here are some gentle reminder email example that helps your business

Hello {{Name}}!

Greetings, It's almost time for our meeting! I hope you're ready.

We our business discuss on  {{Date & time}}.

We're excited to see you at our meeting tomorrow.


{{Last Name}}

Template #3: Casual Email Reminder Template On The Same-Day Meeting / Call 

Add some personality to your reminder emails, We’ve got a fun template for you. This casual email will help put a smile on your customer’s faces and hopefully get them excited about their upcoming appointment. Try out this more casual and fun approach email template like below. Just be sure to keep the overall tone professional so that your customers know you’re still serious about following through on your commitments. 

Hi {{First Name}}

We hope you're well and can make the meeting today at {{time}}! 

Below is all the information for the meeting. Here’s the information about the meeting.

[meeting name], [date and time] [location / link provided].

We can't wait to see you soon!

Best Regards 


Template #4: Sales Demo Confirmation Reminder Email

We all know that no-shows are an inevitable fact of life in the sales world. Would be a significant approach to get your prospect's attention?. Send out reminders on days leading up before client meetings or demos so they'll have enough time and space for their thoughts about what you've offered them. The sales team can send a reminder for sales demos before 24-hour to remind them will help to make sure that your customers know about their upcoming events. 

Hi {{Name}}

We're excited to meet with you  {{Company name}} and share the great things our company offers.

We're thrilled to meet with you and share the great things our company offers. 

Our demo will be a great opportunity for you to enjoy access to our latest product innovations.

Marking our event on your calendar will allow us to plan accordingly. 

The [date and time] are looking forward to seeing you soon!



Template 5: A Reminder Email For Podcast Guests

Your booking confirmation email is a tool that you can use to make a great impression with your guests. Sending a confirmation is an important tool that you can use to make a great impression about your brand with your guests. 

Giving a reminder before 24-hour reminders are a great way to make sure your guests remember they're coming. Here's some example 

Hi {{Name}}

I appreciate your interest in joining our podcast, [first name]. This email is to confirm your interview with us on [day] at [time] on [date].

We're delighted you're taking the time to join us on our podcast and look forward to learning more about {{Topic}}

{{Insert the link to recordings}}

Here are a few tips while recording. {{ Insert your  tips and suggestion for your podcast

We'll be seeing you soon!




Sending meeting reminder emails is a great way to ensure that your team stays on track and avoids wasting time. Using an automated system, you can create a meeting or event reminder email template that is informative and easy to read. 

Not only allow you to keep your team organized, but it can also save you time by preventing last-minute cancellations or changes. Have you tried sending meeting reminders? The above tips and samples help your business make them more effective.

It enables your sales & marketing team to be organized and ensure that you don't forget important meetings. Create an effective email that helps you stay on top of your meetings. Include the call to action button at the end. Here are the do's and don'ts of meeting reminders:  DO make sure your email is clear and concise. DON'T use too many graphics or images. DO include all relevant information.

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