Payment Reminder Email Samples To Get Timely Payments

Is your business struggling to get timely payments from its customers? If so, you're not alone. Many businesses have to send payment reminder emails to get their customers to pay up. It helps to avoid late payments and improves business cash flow. But what's the best way to craft reminder messages that will get results? Check out our collection of email samples to track payment from the buyers, and be sure to read our tips for crafting an effective reminder email. Let's go!


What is a Payment Reminder and why is it important?


Payments that go into arrears or overdue payments that strain payment terms can have a detrimental effect on the business and our clients. Unpaid invoices are, at first, so easy to forget about naturally. However, we miss the upcoming payment or outstanding invoice due date with everyday routine. It also means less revenue in our pocket which could mean lower revenue for the upcoming month.

So any business or client needs to be regularly reminded about date dues beforehand. It'll ensure the client or business has made proper arrangements if they are unable to pay on time, resulting in lost opportunities for them if it happens too often. And it has effective benefits to improve revenue. Here are a few from the list

  • It allows us to collect the days overdue with well-timed follow-ups.
  • It helps keep the customers in the habit of paying their bills on time.
  • It ensures better customer retention because we remind them rather than bothering them every month with phone calls.
  • It helps customer orders get fulfilled on time and gives them peace of mind.
  • It also saves money in the long run because they won't have as many pending payments, which means lower interest rates or penalties.
  • Scheduling at the right time can increase the conversion rate. Usually, the initial reminders can be sent two weeks before the due date and the follow-up before a week to avoid late invoice.


A study states that reminders and invitations have an average open rate of 23%. So now it is high time to create a payment reminder email template to stay in touch with our customers and remind them about dues. It helps in shaping up our revenue to boost incoming cash flow.

How to craft a payment reminder email that gets paid?


The key is being creative when sending these email reminders out so they stand apart from other promotional messages. By following best practices and a personalized approach, we can ensure the success of our email campaign. It can achieve through a perfect email body that converts subject lines and design elements such as images, gifs, and video in the reminder message. Let's craft an effective payment reminder email to scale up our conversions.


Checklist For Successful Payment Reminder Emails:

For businesses looking to set up a payment reminder, some important steps need attention before you start. We can maximize the effectiveness of our reminder emails to the clients by having these features.


  • Make sure to double-check all information from the original invoice like Name, business details, outstanding payments, members associated with an account, or credit card number.
  • Use the personalized email subject lines to the client for reminder messages. Email personalization will have a unique look and help us stand out from the other promotional emails.
Create personalized email subjects
  • Our goal is to remind customers about the overdue invoice. So start the pitch directly. But make sure to use polite and professional language to handle the situation.
  • And inform them about the repayment terms and upcoming payments.
  • Have a call to action to influence them to take action immediately.
  • It is highly advisable to have clear closing lines to get conversions.

With tips, people can create perfect email reminder messages, but to help them further, we are sharing some custom payment reminder email samples to get dues on time. Just copy the takeaway email payment reminders and kick off the automated payment reminders.


Ultimate payment reminder email templates that boost conversion and timely payments:


As a business owner, sending reminders to customers can be a tedious task. But it's important to remember that timely due closings are crucial for the success of any business. It’s also essential to learn how to fill out polite overdue invoice letters so you get the payment you need without burning bridges. We're sharing the five payment reminders that are guaranteed to help get paid on time. So without further ado, let's get started.


Payment Reminder Sample For Upcoming Due:


There are times when we need reminders to pay our dues. We might be collecting on an invoice or weeks overdue. When dealing with a payment plan, sending friendly reminder messages out before the due date arrives is advisable. Here is a sample email that we can use in these situations:



Hello [First Name],  


Just a friendly reminder that your invoice for the amount of $[invoice total] is due on or before the date of [due date]. 


I would be grateful if you confirm that [Invoice Payment] is on track for payment.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


Thank you for your business! 


Best Regards, 




Payment Reminder Template to send a week before:


We send out payment reminders a week before the invoice to ensure we receive the dues on time. It will help us to ensure clients' satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out the industry-tested reminder samples:




Hey [First Name]


I hope this note finds you well. Just wanted to remind you of the payment for our invoice with the amount of [Invoice detail]. 


We appreciate it if you could confirm everything related went smoothly, including when checking over past dates/action items listed in your calendar?


If the payment is made already, please ignore this mail.


Thanks as always


Best regards



Reminder Email Sample For Outstanding balance:


The purpose of a reminder email is to notify customers that if they don't pay their outstanding amounts, the credit card issuer or biller may cancel the service. The objective is to generate payments by encouraging customers to take positive action. Here is the sample template for overdue payments.



Hi [First name],


I hope this email finds you well. We haven't heard back about your payment yet for our recent invoice, which was due on [Payment Details]. 


Could I ask when we expect the funds if it's not too annoying? 


You've been awesome and always do what needs to be done without complaint or hesitation.


Please don't hesitate to get back to me by phone call or email whenever is convenient.


Best Regards,




Reminder Sample for Multiple Overdue:


When a customer's invoices are overdue, we recommend sending them a gentle overdue reminder. We also encourage people to consider other options for payment so that the matter doesn't become more complicated. Here is the sample reminder template:



Hey [First Name]


I hope that this email finds you in good health! We wanted to remind our customer about their [Due Details], which was sent out last week and due today. 


You can make the necessary payments directly from your bank account or online mode and call us for any queries to have hassle-free payment.


We're always happy to help our customers. Contact us on [Detail]





Best Regards,




Payment Reminder Email Sample to say thank you after payment:


When customers pay you, we recommend sending them a quick thank-you email to show that their payment is appreciated. It will improve future payments. Takeaway sample to improve the buyer and customer relationship.



Hey [First Name],


We're delighted to let you know that we have received your recent payment for [Invoice details]. 


Thank you for the deal. We appreciate your [Detail].


You've been an awesome Customer.



Best Regards,






A reminder message can be a lifesaver for businesses. It is an email or notification that reminds the customer to make a payment on an outstanding invoice. They are important because they help ensure timely payments and boost our bottom line. They also help us maintain good relationships with the customers by showing that we value their business. Finally, a well-crafted payment reminder email can increase conversion rates and lead to more sales. We hope these templates will help you craft effective payment reminders that get paid!

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