Ideal Reminder Email For No Response Clients [Examples]

If your business email is being ignored, then implementing a reminder will help your prospects or lead back to the conversation. Research shows that sending at least one reminder or follow-up will gain a 27% reply rate on average. And the sales reps who don't do reminders are stuck with a 16% average response rate.

When you do a reminder with your leads, the outcome will be more successful.  This article gives you an idea of how to write a reminder email after NO response and gives some examples that can help. 

Why You Need To Send A Reminder Email For No Response 

On average professional receivers 126 emails per day. Your email might easily get lost in the prospect's inbox. Cold emails can be lost easily, and the prospects generally answer their colleagues, clients, and partners first. 

They might be missed or forgotten to get back to you. In such a scenario, the reminder will help to remind your prospects of your initial email. Reminder emails are a most effective method to remind your prospect about what they might have forgotten, sending emails will add additional value. You can provide useful information in follow-up or reminder communications to help them make the most out of their purchase decision and increase sales for both parties.

These gentle reminder follow-up email samples after no response will give the prospect another chance to catch their attention and provide them with more information about you. The purpose of a reminder is to get someone's attention and motivate them into action. Whether it be calling you back or sending over some work, in the end they should know what needs to be done with how much time is left until its due date. 

When to Send Reminder Email After No Response 

It is good to wait for 3 days before doing a reminder follow-up if there is no response from your potential prospects. If your sales team waits for the response for a week, it will be too long, and also avoid sending reminders on the same day as your initial outreach. It will be desperate. Your business can send the reminder email sequences 2 to 3 days later. 

The short answer is not too long. The day you send your initial email, the vast majority of people who receive it will probably reply. If someone doesn’t reply on this same day, then there is little chance they ever plan to do so again in response, or otherwise, they might eliminate your email. Using reminders, you can ensure valuable interactions that benefit both parties. The study says that 90% of the email recipients open and respond to the email when they receive it. 

You can and should explicitly test different sending schedules in order to discover which is the most effective method of conveying your message. You don't want to clog your customer inbox with too many emails, so you want to follow up or reminders without being overbearing. People are busy, so don't follow up more than five times.

How To Write A Reminder Email After No Response

When you send a reminder or follow-up, it's important to keep in mind the specific goals of your original message. Your tone should be professional and brief, so they don't get caught up on all their other inboxes. 

This is just a friendly reminder email after you've sent an initial email is the best way of ensuring that your message was received by the prospects and read by them.  As well as it will ensure no one has fallen off their list without knowing it. 

The key thing about drafting these messages is consistency with all good writing practices. This section shall look into drafting compelling professional email reminders that get a response. 

1. Add Value To Each Reminder 

It's necessary to provide additional value for your prospects with each reminder or follow-up email. Every reminder sequence message aims to provide the prospect with more value than they received in their previous communication.

What should you include? There's no one perfect way, but there are some common elements that tend to get results: information about new products/services or other enhancements on offer; an update as something comes up (i.e., we just launched a product), anything specifically relevant for them like offers tailored specifically based off what was discussed during our last call or email. 

You can make reminder emails after no response work for you in many ways. One way is by providing valuable content that your clients will enjoy and appreciate. This could be a successful case study, outcome, or customer feedback on your offerings from individuals who have already used your product/services. 

2. Write A Catchy Email Opening Line

Personalization is a crucial part of your reminders, and if you start it off with something vague or uninteresting, there's no chance of a response. You should never start reminder emails with something too bland. Craft your opening line to grab the attention of your prospects. Using smartwriter AI, you can personalize the subject line for follow-up email after no response, opening lines, and messages of your email more compelling than getting a response. 

Make your email opening more interesting and if you have to make the receiver learn more about your offering, try to avoid just checking in, touching base. Just want to check-in in with your opening lines. Instead, start with an interesting question, prospects problems., mentioning mutual connections, or discussing recent events. It's best to summarize your email's context in the opening line. Better to do this in a simple and short recap of your previous messages. 

Smartwriter Email Opening Line

3. Reply Email In The Same Email Thread

Instead of creating a new email thread, reply to an existing email. When replying to the same email, make sure to include the original message in your reply. This will enable you to remain organized and avoid missing out on any important information. Don't forget to add value to your reminder emails. 

When creating a new email thread, your recipient will receive an endless number of emails every day. This is most likely to be ignored. Suppose you send responses together with their prior discussions. In that case, it now becomes much easier on both sides: we have more retrievable information and less clutter overall because these conversations can stay organized by seeing when/where certain topics come up again.

4. Keep The Message Simple With A Greeting

Short and simple messages are easy to read. Sweet words make the message appear more attractive. These tips will help make your recipient stay interested in reading your messages and taking the desired action. Always personalize the email to show dedication to the particular person.

Automate your emails instead of sending them manually. Personalizing your email makes it seem more legitimate and authentic. Send highly personalized messages to increase your email response rate. It is recommended to use a ai email writer like Smartwriter AI. 

Many email tracking software emulates human behavior by sending personalized follow-up reminders to your customers based on their activity. Your reminder messages get triggered based upon your recipients' behavior as well as your chosen conditions. You can select to send your reminder emails depending on the following conditions: email not responded to, not opened, or regardless of all.

5. Employ An Email Tracking Tool 

To have the most effective email campaign possible,  it is important to know the recipient's history with your emails. Sometimes you send too many reminder emails and don't get any responses, that could be due to a lack of interest or the unavailability of the recipient. The only way to know for sure is by checking their inbox.

With email tracking, you can analyze your recipient's behavior towards emails. You will know when and how many times they have opened it so that's good for planning future messages accordingly. 

It enables you to analyze your recipient's behavior towards your emails completely. Knowing when and how many times they've opened your email or how many clicked on a link. It provides helpful information regarding engagement levels that should help your business take data-driven actions. Using the customer behavior data, enables your sales professional to craft future messages to be more effective.

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Best Reminder Email Templates For No Response 

Template #1:  Ideal Reminder After Sending Resources

Hi {{First Name}}

I hope you are well. We appreciate your time and effort. Please look at the [article source link]  I sent last week? 

Did you find anything useful? It can be quite long, so the most useful ones are here. 

[Article Link 1]: This is a really excellent blog post on how you can solve your {{business pain point}}. It's quick and easy to read!

[Article Link 2]:  Here are some great articles about [product feature] from our blogs.

It would be my pleasure to set up a time on Friday to have a 10-minute chat with you. 

This is to see if we can help {{ Company Name}} achieve their goals. Let me know if you are available and how the timing works for you.

Thanks & Regards 


Template #2: Friendly Reminder Email After Demo

Hey {{First Name}}

I hope you're well. I just wanted to check-in. 

I just wanted to remind you about that conversation we had about moving forward with [product or service]. 

Did you get a minute to chat with [higher-up] on this?

We would love to help you out. If you are available on for a brief phone call, we can get you started on achieving [ X goals].



Template #3: Reminder Email After Sending Product Samples

Hi {{Name}},

We hope you’re enjoying the product samples so far!

Last week, I reached out to you to get your thoughts on the samples, and I'm re-sending this message as it comes to top of your inbox.

Could you please share your feedback on how the products work for you? I've attached a  product comparisons chart for you. 

Let me know if you have any queries or feedback to recommend our product based on your current business challenges to meet your company's needs.


We're always happy to provide information on additional products you might be interested in

Thanks & Regards 


Template #4: Reminder After a Free Trial

Hey {{First Name}},

We hope you're enjoying your trial of our product. Please note that your trial will end on [date] and if you want to renew it, you can [how much it would cost]

What is your experience with our software? Has it helped you achieve your goals?

If you require more time before making a decision, that's completely understandable. Email me back if you're interested in a trial extension, I'll liaise with our team to get you one more week.

I'm interested in hearing how you feel the product has been working for you, and would love to schedule a time to speak with you. 

In the meantime, I'll give you my availability for tomorrow on Wednesday at 2 pm.

Best Thanks,


Template #5: Reminder After Client Don’t Renew Their Contract

Hey {{First Name}},

We're [your company name], and we hope you're having a great week.

I hope you've had an opportunity to read the email about your contract. I wanted to remind you, in case it slipped your mind.

Your contract's renewal date has come due on this date [date], and the grace period for it is about to expire.

Your subscription will be canceled on the [expiring date].

I’d love to chat about alternative options. Are you available for a 15-minute call?

Thanks & Regards,

{{First Name}}


If you don't hear back from a client after your first attempt to reach out, it may be time to send them a gentle reminder follow-up email. This final email should include a polite but firm message letting the client know that you're still waiting for a response. You can also offer help or additional resources if they need it. And finally, don't forget to include a call to action button. Make sure your readers know what you want them to do next. 

This article provides some great tips on writing and sending effective perfect reminder emails. A well-crafted reminder email can help you stay top of mind with potential clients and increase the chances that they'll respond to your inquiry. With these reminder email templates, you can make your clients respond to your emails. 

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