Gentle Reminder Email Example To Get Someone Reply

When you want someone to take action on your email depends on sending them polite reminders to make sure how important your message is. There are different types of reminder emails based on the situation you can send to your prospect or leads, for example, business reminder email,  payment reminder email, overdue payment reminder email, deadline reminder email, event reminder email, meeting reminder email,  late payment reminder email, and more.

Averagely business professionals get nearly 96 emails a day. Unfortunately, it is hard for business professionals to respond instantly when received. It is challenging for any business to respond on the same day or immediately after the initial outreach. 

You can make the receiver make their responses quicker through polite reminder outreach. The tone of voice in a message should be professional and cordial, but it's also important to include some friendliness so that your message can effectively remind the recipient about something they need or want.

There are tremendous benefits to sending a gentle reminder. It helps the business build a strong and long-lasting relationship with clients and quickly enables the receiver to take action accordingly.

Understanding email etiquette rules and the techniques to send a polite reminder is essential for any individual or business. This article will guide the gentle reminder with examples that help you boost the response rate.

How to Send A Politely Remind Someone?

While you are sending a friendly reminder message to make your emails more effective, you should follow basic email etiquettes that will help write a perfect reminder. 

Craft the reminder email that is easily understandable with some simple points. The gentle reminder email tone should be professional and informative to consider by the email receiver. To make sure that your email is taken seriously, it's best to send them out with proper basic etiquette rules.

Respond With The Same Email Thread

When you reply to an email, the chances are good that your recipient will get too many messages in a day. Creating a new thread for responses can increase their count and make it more difficult if they're trying just as hard with all these incoming emails.

Sending replies back into the same campaign helps keep things organized, providing better accessibility. Which ultimately yields high productivity levels across both parties.

This allows the recipients to receive communication on time and benefit from your business offerings. Perfect reminder emails will eliminate unnecessary delays and improve the success rates. 

It is important to reply back and forth in an email thread. This keeps your conversations smooth and makes it easy for you to hear from any one point within the conversation because everything has been recorded already. 

Keep The Email Message Crisp Along With Greetings

These tips will help you create an email that's more appealing to read. The sweet words and greetings make the message seem like someone really cares about what they're saying, which often results in people taking action.

Personalization is a great way to make your emails feel more personal and engaging. When automated messages are sent without any customization, they often lack the necessary features that would entice someone to open it to find something interesting or relevant to their needs, but you can easily change this with some extra work. 

By taking time out at the initial drafts stage, add details such as who you're trying to contact (name). Using the Smartwriter AI tool, you can send personalized emails and reminders. It enables you to create a personalized email subject line and personalized email messages that get more open and response rates. Here are some best networking email subject lines that help you to connect with some more efficiently. 

Smartwriter personalized email

You can schedule and automate your personalized reminder emails using the sales automation software or email tracking tool. You can even perform reminder messages based on customer behavior using email marketing software.

Use Polite Words & Try To Cover All Your Key Pointers In Message

Words are important because they shape the way people receive your message. The tone of voice needs to be professional though friendly to create an engaging experience for readers while still keeping it relevant in their eyes. Drafting an email with spammy words will move your email to the spam folder. If you can’t avoid spammy and boring words in the first draft of the email, you can try rephrasing techniques to remove them. Another way is to use an online paraphraser like for the automatic replacement of your wording with a professional and engaging one.

The foremost thing in the reminder email is to make sure that your recipient understands the purpose of this email. Adding hints, subject lines, and descriptions will help them react faster, eliminating any long conversations from happening altogether. You can also add some emotions or text styles such as rich formatting at key points like dates/times, so it grabs their attention right away, making sure there's no confusion about what was communicated when reading through all messages simultaneously.

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Polite Follow-up Email Samples To Get Reply 

These are some of the polite follow-up email templates that inspire while writing your own. While crafting your follow-ups, make them informative, professional and create a friendly tone of voice without being too salesy. 

Template #1: Email Following up After Meeting At A Networking Event

Hey {{ First Name }}

It was a pleasure to meet you at [event name]! I really enjoyed hearing about [something they mentioned they’re struggling with].

I'm always happy to assist you in [specify the problem], so you can get to [give a brief what they get benefited]

I'd like to chat with you next week! How your calendar looks on Tuesday between 10 am-12 pm. Does 12:30 p.m work for you? 

Please let us know when is the best time that works for you

Thank you for your interest in our services. We're eager to hear from you soon!



Template #2: Gentle Meeting Reminder Email Sample

Dear {{Name}}

We will be moving forward with your upcoming event/appointment. Please make sure that you are available to come in. 

Your upcoming meeting with {{ Appointment provider name}} is confirmed on {{Date}} at {{Time}}. 

Please read through this information to get the most out of your visit. You must be aware before coming into our office: 

  • Click on these links and fill out our digital intake forms before coming in. This will help us get you the information we need and provide a more personalized plan for you.

[Website Link]

  •  Please bring your identification and other necessary documents.

We hope you can join us for this appointment! If not, please connect to our office as soon as possible, and we will be happy to reschedule.

Best Regards


Template #3: Gentle Email Reminder Asking For Feedback

Hello {{Name}}

I know you have a busy schedule. My previous email probably got buried in your inbox. 

I am {{Name}} and We met at [Event] on [Date], and I have been following your work for a long time, and you've always given me valuable insights to make me better at my job. 

I know that you are an expert in [topic], and Could you spare a few minutes to share your thoughts? I’ve designed something similar at my company {{Company Name}}

Looking forward to speaking with you soon

I'm thrilled that we'll have the opportunity of getting in touch again soon!

Best regards, 


Template #4: Polite & Friendly Reminder Email To Client

Hi {{Name}}

We hope you're happy with the result. We recently wrapped up this project and are excited about what's next!

It's great seeing the success we've had with {{Company Name}}. We are keen to drive forward with the next project.

Meanwhile, I let you know that I created a social media challenge for another client to demonstrate the power of our platform. 

I was hoping you would find it interesting, so feel free to view their YouTube video.

I want to get more information on implementing a similar technique for our next {{Project Name}}. 

Can you provide time after next Monday? Let me know if you have any queries, and thank you for your cooperation!



Template #5: Product Launch Reminder Templates

Hey {First Name}!

We're extremely proud to announce our new {name of a digital product/service}. 

[Describe the product and highlight their key functionality]

We've made some improvements on our {product/service} to enhance user experience with {product Name}. 

{Name of the offering} will help you to enjoy your time with us even more.

{Offering} is for anyone who needs a reliable, scalable, and robust storage service.

{itemize the features of your product or service, explaining benefits as well as pricing plans.}

Our {product} provides {add visuals} to make your life easier.

You can download our {{app name}}  directly from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

[CTA Button]

Happy testing!

Best Regards 


Final Thoughts 

The gentle reminder is a great way to follow up with someone after not having replied to your previous message. It can be polite and professional while still including a sense of urgency. By using this type of email, you may increase the chances that the other person will respond to your requests or questions. Have you tried sending a gentle reminder? Start using the gentle reminders on the next campaigns with the above sample templates. 

Sometimes a gentle reminder email is all you need to get someone to reply. In the example you’ve provided, the subject line & messages personalized includes some emojis for good measure. This kind of email was a polite approach to the reminder emails that were persistent in getting a response. It might be helpful to try the above reminder email technique when you have an important message that needs a reply. 

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