How to Improve Email Personalization for Increased ROI? +Expert Tips

Even when social media is getting all the hype and digital marketers are now opting for social media-friendly campaigns, the fact remains intact that email marketing remains the best-performing digital channel ever existed. 

Facebook has 2.9 billion active users, but on the other hand, around 4 billion internet users have at least one email account. Also, when stating statistics, three out of four emails users receive are unnoticed. 

Despite the myriad of opportunities, why are email marketers unable to get meaningful ROI? Well, there are many aspects that you as a marketer need to work on to overcome obvious and not-so-obvious challenges. The best way to get fruitful results is to get personal with your customers. Personalized emails are the answer to your problems. 

This post will go through seven different email personalization strategies, like how to rephrase a sentence to craft a compelling custom copy to help you get desired results. However, first, let's clarify some concepts around email personalization. 

Email Personalization & Its Importance 

If you want to make a living by sending emails, you should know that email personalization, as the name suggests crafting emails using subscriber’s data to influence each recipient directly. Using their personal data doesn’t just involve names, it certainly involves sending timely, impactful, and relevant content that the recipient can’t resist. The information or content you send can be anything revolving around their personal preferences to birthdays and anniversaries. 

Simply put, you are making your subscribers feel like VIPs, and you are not treating them like any other email address in your database. It certainly improves ROI and increases the number of loyal customers or clients. 

Now you know email personalization certainly has an impact and may decrease the number of times your email copy goes unnoticed. 

5 Expert Tips to Improve Email Personalization 

Apart from the subscriber's name, you can implement different proven and yet easy strategies in email personalization that go beyond the name.

  1. Getting Help from Online Tools

Even if you know all the different details and want to implement them, you still have to write your emails creatively to get the reader’s attention. It can be challenging for an email marketer to write personalized emails for each recipient; this is where online tools like Chatsonic chrome extension can help.

The idea of your emails has to be the same, but the words that are used should be different, pointing to the same idea of selling a service or product, and this can be very time-consuming. To avoid this, you can use tools like

Tools to Email Writing

This tool and similar other tools paraphrase each sentence and give out four different suggestions allowing you to use those sentences in different emails you are composing, allowing you more freedom and requiring no effort from your side. 

Experts use these tools because of their accuracy and proven results. If you have a bulk of emails left to send, this tool can act as your savior. 

  1. Segmentation in Emails

One of the best and proven ways to up your email personalization game is by segmenting your list. In simple words, you will need to make segments of common things found in your list, like location, gender, and job title. 

The criteria you employ for segmenting your list will depend on the type of business you are in and your objectives for the campaign. However, by including that tiny amount of information in an email, you might make your subscriber believe that you are familiar with them personally. They will connect to your email, as a result, interact with it, and may perform the action you are hoping for from them. 

  1. Automate Emails

Email automation is one of the best tactics for personalized email marketing. Email automation sends emails to users based on predetermined criteria using email marketing software.

The automatic sending of emails is a great way to target a wider audience while making each one of them feel like you know them. This automation are based on the actions of the subscribers they take during their time online, and when you send them emails revolving around information like this, where they feel you know them and their preferences, you will get more engagements. 

Here are some forms of triggered emails: 

  • Reminders

  • Lead nurturing emails

  • Welcome emails

According to a report, 75% of some businesses’ revenue is generated using this email personalization technique. This automation can help you a lot. 

  1. Use Customize Content

As far as emails are concerned, the content it holds acts as the vehicle leading to conversions. You have to personalize the content you put in the emails to improve the conversion ratio. There are many ways to do it like: 

  • Use the lesser formal format and make your email look more reader-friendly regardless of which industry you are from. 
  • A touch of humor in your email can break the ice in most situations and emails are no different. Adding some humor makes the recipient feel more comfortable and ultimately builds trust (which is very hard to gain online). 
  • Relevancy is essential in your emails at all times. All the data you gather about your customers should be relevant and prove useful for them, making them interested in your offers. 

Mastering this tip will help you a lot in the long run because it builds trust, and customers will look up to your business when they need a relevant product or service you are offering. 

  1. A Touch Of Dynamic Content 

Dynamic content is another method to level up your email marketing game. With this creative email closing technique, you can tailor some of your email's content that resonates with specific subscribers. 

The content preference changes from person to person. The principle behind dynamic content is that you have to display content that the reader prefers. It is simple; if the recipient is getting content they are not interested in, you will get no results. 

This is what email personalization is all about. You have to give your customers information that has some meaning to them, tailored to their needs. Dynamic content aids you in doing this. 

Wrapping up-

A common misconception is that email personalization is about addressing the recipient with their name, which is invalid. It has evolved and is continuously evolving. With chunks of data available and accessible via different means, you are now better equipped as a marketer, giving you a golden chance to excel and generate the desired results. 

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