How to Increase Conversions with Cold Email Marketing

It's no secret that email marketing is one of the most effective ways of sales processes to reach your target audience. However, simply sending out mass unsolicited messages isn't enough to increase our conversions. Instead, it will land us in a spam folder. Therefore, we need to create a personalized cold email campaign tailored to our audience. But crafting a perfect message that converts takes time and effort. In this blog post, we'll share some tips on how to increase conversions with cold email marketing. Stay tuned!


What is Cold Email Marketing & Why is it still relevant in 2022?


Cold email marketing is essentially the art of reaching out to a lead without knowing much about them, giving them something interesting to read about the product or services we offer, and hopefully enticing them into action. The key here is creating an email body they are interested in and engaging with them enough so that they'll convert from potential prospects to leads. 


It is a great opportunity for businesses to reach out and connect with potential leads. It targets a company or person via an email message for the sales process. It's an inexpensive way to promote a product, service, or brand, and it is the best way that many marketing professionals use daily to get ahead in business. 


And the reason why it is still relevant in 2022 and beyond is that cold emailing prospects have shown themselves to have staying power. It will always remain an effective digital marketing method, and due to the low conversion costs and extremely high levels of engagement, its continued relevance is unquestionable. No more cold calling and be in trend to get success from the outreach campaign with a high response rate.

How to write a perfect cold email?

The initial step to writing a successful cold message is to know to whom we're trying to sell. Are the customers looking for a service or product or want a quick sale deal? If we don't know what kind of prospect would respond positively to our messages, then we won't know what content to put in the subject line or body of the mail. So think beforehand about which type of customer would respond better and craft personalized messages for the potential customer.

After figuring out whom we're contacting in our email lists, we can begin crafting the perfect cold messages. Think about what we want to say about your company and our product, and then create the message accordingly. 

Our business cold email statistics show that personalized mails get a 23% open rate compared to regular promotional mails. Ordinary people get tons of promotional emails per day. Remember that not all the messages we send will get a response, but we can increase our conversion rate with a solid cold email strategy.

And Here are some proven cold email tips from our case study:

  • Greeting and Intro: We should address the prospects by their first names. Because technically, we are approaching a stranger, so the initial email should give a comfortable conversation. Otherwise, prospects may think of our mails as promotional or spam emails.
  • Personalized Subject Line: Do some research about the ideal customer from their social profiles, and write personalized b2b cold email subject lines to build a trusting relationship with both parties. The irresistible subject lines help keep the conversation interesting and engaging to improve our response rate.

Let's check out some subject line examples for outreach.

1) May I ask a quick question about [project]?

2) I would love to help you with [Matter].

3) Have you heard about [Product/service/tools]?

  • Short Message Content: Keep the subject lines short, like sentences, to be more attractive. And start the pitching after the first lines before the recipient gets distracted.
  • Attention-Grabbing CTA: Add attention-grabbing calls to action to see actionable results. It will help to get link clicks.
  • Credibility: A business's message branding needs credibility. It should have a professional tone of voice and not sound like trying too hard or following trends without understanding how these things will influence their target audience's perception of them as an organization.
  • Closing lines: Use convincing closing lines to help us in future communication. 
  • AB Testing Copy: And try Ab testing for each copy so that we can settle for the best performing one.
  • Signature: Our signature also plays a major role in content, so we should give all the genuine information like our name, designation, company name, professional email, etc.
  • Good Spelling and Grammar:​ We should double-check our template for spelling, Good Grammar​, email address, contact details, etc., to increase the email deliverability.
  • Email validation: We should validate the prospects' email list with tools to avoid spam filters and delivery rates. It helps to set a benchmark for domain reputation and maintain bounce rates.
  • Automate Campaign: When all the elements are covered, automate the email sequences with tools to increase productivity and see the results.

We have learned to create perfect marketing emails. Now what? Crafting an ideal message is important likewise, the campaign start time is also important to get a high conversion rate. So it is time to know the best time to send business sales emails to people.

  • A study states that Monday to Wednesday is the best day for cold outreach emails because, on average, businesses get a 22% open rate on Monday, 2.4% of click-through rate on Tuesday, and 10.8% clicks to open rate on Wednesday. 
  • So it is highly recommended to kick-start the cold email outreach on suggested days to get maximum results from the campaign and increase the list of prospects in the sales funnel. 

Hopefully, these tips can help the sales team to create an effective email and get positive responses to achieve more conversions. It is time to know metrics that will increase conversions with cold email marketing techniques.


Metrics to Increase Conversions with Cold Email Marketing:

1. Open Rate:

It is the most common and important metric used to measure the success of cold outreach campaign. For example, an open rate of 25% means that you need to send 50 emails to reach 1 prospect. And the open rate of a message is a function of the subject line and preview text. So we have to create a template carefully and include the recipient details. And it will get a higher open rate than a normal mail with generic greetings, so it's highly recommended to composing the message short and to the point to influence the recipient's actions.

2. Click-Through Rate:

The click-through rate (CTR) of a mail is the ratio of impressions to clicks, expressed as a percentage. And this is another important metric to track. If we're running a cold email marketing campaign, it's usually best to send prospects only one highly relevant email to their interests. By tracking the CTR of individual subject lines, we can test which subject has the highest open rates and therefore gives our readers the most value in terms of information and insight.

If our open rate is low, it is better to focus on increasing our click-through rates. For example, if the open rate is 20%, we need to send 100 emails to reach 1 prospect. But if the click-through rate is 60%, we only need to send 40 emails to contact 1 prospect. 

3. Lead Generation Rate:

The lead generation rate is calculated by dividing the number of leads generated from cold email outreach by the number of emails sent. So, for example, if you send 1000 emails but generate 200 leads, our lead generation rate would be 20%. And the best way to generate leads over emails is to modify the writing to match the type of a person it is likely to appeal to and make that conversion a quick and easy process. 

4. Response Rate: 

It is another metric that measures the effectiveness of our cold campaign. It is calculated by dividing the number of people who respond to your messages by the number of messages sent. For example, the response rate of 0.5% means that you need 500 messages to receive 1 response. With stats, we can find the people who didn't respond and are still reading our content, or they had unsubscribed. Using the information, we can create and test new methods every time for a better response rate.

5. Average Time To Reply:

When it comes to real marketing performance, there are a lot of factors to consider, like whether our messages will encourage prospecting and help convert prospective clients into customers to make a purchase. It is important to determine the best way to find the customers who are most likely to open and then read your emails and those who are most likely to make a purchase. The major issue we must consider is how long we wait, so the reply rate tracking will help observe potential client behavior. Some businesses take days or even weeks before they reply to someone considering their products or services, but most people aren't that patient. So be creative with subject lines and get potential sales opportunities.

We must create an awesome email template for better prospecting and reply rate considering all the metrics. To help further, we're sharing a few takeaway cold email marketing templates that got us massive success for our campaign.

3 best cold email templates for a successful campaign:

As a first step to a successful outreach campaign is getting in touch with the person who can benefit from our offer. But how do we reach them? Cold outreach to the rescue. Check out the sample templates from our case study, which helped achieve high click-through rates.

1. Cold email template b2b sample 

Hey First Name,

It's fascinating that you can offer [Product/Services]. It sounds great to see your company investing in maintaining customer loyalty.

Are they currently using our services?

We've noticed the top companies like [Top Competitors list] are well aware of this and have started investing too- how do things look for now?

Let me know if there is anything else I should be looking at or doing differently!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Best regards,

2. Follow-up email sample 


Hey first name,


I hope you got a chance to go through the last email I sent. 

If not, here's an overview: Our company creates amazing products and services that solve problems for millions of people worldwide! 

We want all our prospects & clients to feel confident in their purchases from us. 

If any part sounds interesting or relevant, just let me know.





3. Final Follow up sample for sales


Hey First name,


I hope you've had time to log into your email lately. 

Just checking back with you as we're always on the go, right?! 

Anyway, I wanted to send over some samples of work so that my team can get an idea of what kind of content might be helpful for getting those stats up ;) 

Let me know if this sounds like something interesting or not too busy - all good though!






We hope that the template and its flow help in generating more leads. If creating one for yourself feels difficult for a bulk list of prospects, try to automate the process and improve productivity. Check the cold email marketing software needed for a business to get success.


Top Cold email marketing tools we need to have to increase conversion:

Smartwriter: An AI writer for email Personalization

With Smartwriter, we can create personalized emails for our customers and send them out quickly with just one click. And the AI-powered cold email software uses machine learning to write perfect outreach messages, resulting in 8 times more replies than human written piece of content. 

Also, the key features of this tool is, we can implement LinkedIn prospecting, which has several unique features to help you with your outreach. First is its ability to extract key attributes from prospects, such as their name or designation, which allows them to verify whether they exist on Linkedin before sending out a completely personalized cold message. 

Second, there's hyper-personalization. We can create highly personalized prospecting messages with our cold email tool. Utilize the prospects' details, such as the name or company inside the tool with its high-end feature, to make an impression that will be trustable and best for communication with potential clients. And the basic plan starts from $49/Month.

Generate Email with AI email writer


Ahrefs is a powerful tool that provides insights into our competition and prospects. It allows us to see what they're interested in and metrics from other sources like competitors' websites, which can help us create better strategies to attack. In addition, the link-building reports show where all the natural links come from, so outreach becomes easy because we know our audience and what they want to read about.

Ahref home

Google Analytics:

Using Google Analytics, we can watch our website traffic in action with powerful analytics data. With this free service from the search giant itself and easy installation process on any site of ours that needs it (no coding required). The information collected by GA gives us all sorts of things about which pages are most popular or how long people stay engaged when browsing through our blogs. 


Cold email marketing is still an extremely relevant way to reach out to potential customers in 2022. The key to a successful cold campaign is understanding your audience, crafting the perfect message, and using the right tools. We hope our cold email marketing tips have given a better understanding of how to write and execute a successful cold email marketing campaign. Are you ready to start seeing results?

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