7 Cold Email Examples to Help You Get More Leads

Sales success depends on many things, but one of the most important is our ability to connect with potential customers. And one of the efficient ways to do that is via cold outreach.


When done right, It can be a powerful sales tool and help us face the common pain in sales. It allows us to reach our ideal customers and start to build relationships. However, not all cold messages are created equal. You need to make sure your messages are well-written and designed to grab attention to get results. 


In this blog post, we'll share some great cold email examples for sales that will help us get the attention of our potential prospects and close more deals. So let's dive in!


What are Cold emails and Why are they important for sales?


The cold email delivers unsolicited messages and requests for the opportunity. Unfortunately, getting responses from the strangers we have approached can be tough.


This type of cold campaign aims to create perfect rapport with prospects and convert them into leads. Instead of unwanted sales calls, we can try to reach prospects with hyper-personalized messages to improve the response rates. 


It is typically sales-oriented so try to collect details from prospects so that they may become potential clients down the road. It makes way for us to create a great rapport with our leads and help to reach our leads. It also allows us to skyrocket our campaign performance with massive response rates.


Enough discussions, it is now time to see how we can craft effective cold messages that can get us more leads.


How to craft an effective cold email for sales?


According to statistics, 64% of businesses prefer cold campaigns to reach potential customers. Therefore, it is recommended to use the best cold email strategy to create good cold email templates to influence the prospects and convert them into leads. And the major issue here is that people are flooded with tons of messages daily, so the possibility of landing in a spam folder is high. To outshine the promotional emails, we have to make sure our message stands out and gets the attention it deserves. We'll share some tips for crafting an effective cold sales email.

  • We have to behave like a real person, use only the real names and address the prospects with their first names.
  • Use the prospect's online profile data and create hyper-personalized first lines about the customer's job, recommendations, recent posts or awards, etc. The gentle appreciation gives a strong impact and compels them to open the email.
  • Use highly converting sales email subject lines to engage the prospect and start the sales pitch without further delay. And use stats, trends, and social data to create curiosity. Instead of using long paragraphs, we must use shorter sentences to improve the reply rate.

Create Cold Email Subject lines | Smartwriter

  • And the cold message must have good closing line sales which will help future conversation.
  • Finally comes the signature. Here, we must provide complete details like Full Name, Job Designation, Professional or personal email address, and websites details.


We must make sure we cover all the agendas of the bust buyers to improve our cold email campaigns' success rate. So to help the sales rep further, we are sharing the best cold email examples that helped us boost our conversion rate massively.

7 Personalized Cold Email Examples to Help You Get More Leads

Looking for some inspiration for your next cold campaigns? Check out these personalized b2b cold email examples from real businesses to reach busy people. If you want to create a template of your own, try to use the cold email software to be more productive. From personalized cold email subject line examples to tailoring the email body content to match the recipient's needs, it will help get more leads and conversions. Check out the few cold outreach email templates to make your campaign a big success.


Sample 1: Initial cold email template

Hey First Name,


I admire how [Company] helps companies scale and grow your [Business Details], making it easier to generate an ROI. I bet your customers appreciate the timely advice you provide.


I wanted to ask if you're currently [Matter]?


Because we've [Showcase your product, achievements or services].


Over 5000 people from companies like [Competitors] have already started using [Product/Services].


Would you be interested in it?

Keen to hear back!







Sample 2: Initial cold message template for A/B Testing


Hey First Name,


It's fascinating that [Company Details] can offer [Product/Services]. It's great to see your Company investing in maintaining customer loyalty.


Are you currently using [Product/Services]?


I wanted to reach out because the top companies like [Top Competitors list] are well aware of this and have started using [Product/Services].


Leading b2b agencies are using [Product/services] to get 55% [Statistics & results] .


Will you send me over the difficulties faced so that I can come up with a solution?


PS: Yes, this is how [Sample solution with Cold Pitch].

Would this interest you?




Best Regards,



Sample 3: Follow up email examples


Hey First Name,


Did you get the chance to go through the last email I sent?


I'd love to [Explain the deal what you can offer for them].


Our [Product/Services] creates [New stats] to help [Matter]


Let me know if this interests you?


I'll get in touch in a week if that's okay.


Best regards,



Sample 4: Template for a final follow up of b2b sales email 

Hey First Name,


I'm checking back to see if you've had a chance to see my last email?

I understand [Possible Prospect Difficulty] and can help you achieve [Future scale details] to improve the [Matter]


Would you be open to [Matter]. I get it if this isn't something you're after right now.


But if life got in the way, shoot me a quick reply.


All the best

Best Regards,



Sample 5: Cold message example to acquire Guest post

If you want to create more sales leads, we have to increase the website traffic. And a guest post plays a key part in the site performance. So it is recommended to acquire guest posts from niche relevant sites. Here is the sample template for a successful cold email pitch to get the contribution opportunity.


Hey First Name,


I just read your blog post about [Topic] and found it informative. Thanks for sharing! I will keep your advice in mind next time I need to send out a sales email.


I'm reaching out to ask if you're currently accepting guest posts?


I run growth for [Product/Company] that we've grown to [Stat] / month in 4 months using SEO.


I'd love to do a content gap analysis and write on a topic of your choice.


An Example of a popular [Blog Details with hyperlink]


Please do let me know.





Sample 6: Cold message template for influencer outreach

Hey First Name,


Loved your video on skyrocketing [Topic]. I've used "important" in the subject line and had a good open rate. Also, free templates are great lead hooks like you mentioned.


Do you currently do any sponsored videos or posts?


Because I'd love to explore the opportunity of working with you at [Product or Service Details].

We have over [Stat] and help each one to get [What we offer as a result].

The [product/services] can fit well into your niche as well, with people using it for [Matter]

and so much more!

Would this interest you? 






Sample 7: Sales cold email example addressing the problems faced

Hey First Name,

It's great how [Company] is working on multiple platforms to make your [Business Details] easier and more profitable. It's great to see you help businesses.

Do you face any difficulties in [Matter]?

I'd love to Solve one of your biggest problems with a [Details].

And I can help you track down the issue from the root and come up with [Solution].


Can you share your thoughts on the next steps?


Keen to hear back from you!






Wrapping Note:

Cold email outreach is the best way to reach out to potential leads and satisfied customers. It can be a great tool for salespeople to increase their cold leads. By personalizing the cold emails, we are more likely to get a positive response from the person we are contacting. And can also use sales email templates as a guide to help you create your cold emails. When crafting your effective emails, make sure that it is professional and polite. If you follow these methods, you will be able to improve your chances of getting more leads through cold emailing!

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