Plagiarism in Email marketing: Does it affect your campaigns?

We are living in a time where technology has changed the way of living and because of this, marketing tactics have significantly changed too. Companies rely more on digital marketers to get more sales. 

There are different techniques used in digital marketing and among all the methods, email marketing tops the charts because of its efficiency and return on investment it offers. Apart from the power email marketing campaigns hold, it is more complex than it might seem and there are many mistakes marketers make during the process. 

One obvious but an overlooked mistake is using plagiarized text in the emails they send to the recipients. While this discussion goes on whether plagiarism impacts email marketing campaigns or not, according to our opinion, it certainly does, and you need to avoid it at all costs. 

Basics of Email marketing

Before jumping into other details, knowing the basics of email marketing and what happens in it is better. Email marketing is a process where a certain amount of information is delivered to new potential customers and existing customers to generate leads and sales. 

The emails you send will have purposes like using emails to send advertisements, solicit donations/sales, or request business. It is a great way to communicate with your customers who sign-up for updates about your business, products, and services. If done in the right way, these digital campaigns can help you a lot in the long run. 

Now let’s jump onto how plagiarism can affect your email marketing campaigns. 

Email marketing and plagiarism

As a digital marketer, you have to send bulk emails to a group of people, and in doing so, you cannot sit and write unique emails for each recipient. To avoid this, many markets opt for a single template they can use for all the emails. Using a template, cut half of your work as you only have to copy and paste the information in it. 

A good template is based on a user-friendly design for different devices like laptops, mobiles and tablets. The templates are reusable for different campaigns as well depending on the nature of the campaign. 

Plagiarism, on the other hand, goes side by side. When you copy and paste the same information again, plagiarism will occur. Plagiarism in general, is duplicating already existing content and using it without the consent of the original author representing it as your own. However, there are different types of plagiarism and self-plagiarism occurs mainly in this scenario. 

Effect of Plagiarism on Email Marketing

Plagiarism is simply an unethical act, it is not illegal but still has serious consequences. Here are some ways in which plagiarism can hurt your email marketing campaigns. 

  • Marketing Skills 

As an email marketer, you will relate that it is essential to be creative and use unique ways to engage your customers. Using a template or copying someone else’s text will never help you polish your skills. 

You learn when you try different things in various situations. Every customer is different, and you need to understand the need to deliver the right product that grabs their attention. Using the same template again and again or duplicating it will never help you learn anything, which can cost you a lot in the long run.

  • Customers will Lose Interest 

Three out of four emails are never opened. So what are the chances that the recipient will welcome your email? They are less, but you can not expect your recipient to open your copy-pasted email that they might have already seen or do not provide any value to the customer. 

You should never send the same email template to your existing customer again and again. They will eventually unsubscribe, which is a nightmare you won’t like. You have to be unique and distinctively present your offerings to others to get noticed. 

  • The reputation of your brand is at stake 

Reputation needs to be protected at all costs for the steep long-term growth of a company. When you spam your customers with the same or same information, again and again, they will eventually hate your brand for it. 

You cannot force anyone to be interested in your product or service; they will decide this by themselves. When you have a good reputation, the customers can bring you much business through referrals as well, which is what every business wants.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Now that you know what plagiarism is and how it can affect your email marketing campaigns and your business, you should know how to avoid it. 

  • Get help from Plagiarism Checker tools

To solve an issue, you must reach the root to know the cause. You can Eliminate plagiarism, but you have to know where it is occurring and then remove it. Plagiarism detection is easy, and there are many online tools available (free & paid) like, that you can use to detect duplicate content

Plagiarism check

These tools are easy to use, thanks to their UI. All you need is to type in or copy/paste the text in the tool and hit the button. You will get a brief report where all the duplicate sentences and paragraphs will be highlighted in a color you need to change. 

However, you might have an idea about where you copied the text if you are not using this tool in your advantage. Apart from email marketing, it can prove helpful on many other occasions as well. 

  • Use Paraphrasing technique

Paraphrasing is one of the most effective techniques that a writer or marketer can use to avoid or remove plagiarism in their text. Paraphrasing is in different types, it can be simple rewording of text, replacing words with relative synonyms to as hard as rewriting whole text in your own words and sentence structures. 

Paraphrasing is a skill that you need to learn and master by practicing, but it can be hard to learn while working, and manual paraphrasing of email text can take up a lot of time and effort too. Well, fortunately, there is another tool that can help you in such cases, i.e., the paraphrasing tool

Paraphrasing technique

Paraphrasing tools take in the content and paraphrase it automatically and generate unique and compelling text in no time. You can also use these tools to enhance your existing text, rewrite your text in creative ways as well, and so on. 

  • Get Inspired, Do not Copy

The mistake that many email marketers commit is that they copy a lot just to get their work done. Instead, they should take inspiration from different sources, and use their own imagination, and skill to generate emails that stand out. 

Copying two or more words from already published content can come under the radar of plagiarism checkers. Get inspired and use your own words that reflect your brand’s voice clearly and uniquely. This way, customers will trust your business more too. Better still you will avoid the chances of getting into legal tussles such as receiving a cease and desist letter. But if you have already received one, talking to a lawyer can help know what to expect from a cease and desist letter so you avoid additional mistakes.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing can prove a game changer if done in the right and unique way. The common mistake that many marketers make is that they use duplicate content in their emails which hurts the campaign and overall company in several ways. 

To get the best ROI from your email marketing campaigns, you must send them emails according to their preferences and interests. No matter whether you opt for personalized emails or any other tactic but make sure that plagiarism is avoided at all costs.

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