Sales Pitch Examples & Best Practices To Close More Deals

The sales pitch is the most important part. It is the element that can break your deal with prospective buyers, so before meeting with the customer, it is important to nail them down. Ensure you're completely prepared for your sales pitch by having your small business card at the ready. It will be your brand's first impression. The best sales pitches are ones that are simple and straightforward. I want to share some examples with you so you can use them in your pitch. In this blog post, you'll find tips for making the best sales pitching for more closing. 

What Is A Sales Pitch?

Sales pitches are a condensed version of a company's sales presentation, typically lasting from one or two minutes. Sales pitches are versatile because they can be used in many different circumstances. A sales pitch includes the overview/ sales strategy statement (what do I want?), benefits explanation(why should we care?), and how the business can overcome the problem using the offerings. These presentations aim to convince the audience quickly and explain the nature and benefits of your offers. It is also often referred to as elevator pitches. 

Sales pitches are about crafting a compelling narrative for your client. However, many salespeople treat their sales pitches as presenting facts, figures, and results, expecting to make a compelling opinion based on data alone. Ensure you're probably not wasting customer time, so you must make your sales pitch convey all of the information in 15-30 seconds. It might also be a good idea to make your PowerPoint a PDF for yourself so that you can carry it around and use your sales pitch whenever the time occurs.

Key Elements For A Successful Sales Pitch 

The key to making a good sales pitch is knowing how it works. In addition, you need an engaging voice, knowledge about your product/service and its benefits for the customer's needs, and creativity when coming up with different ways of presenting them.

Try to spend less time presenting instead of focusing more on customer conversations. It helps the business to understand that they may not be interested and enables the sales rep to offer the services that the customer needs and move them towards sales. In this section, we shall break down the 5 key element that makes your sales pitch more successful than ever before. 

1. Opening 

In the introduction stage, making a good first impression is important. Then, the open is the perfect opportunity to break the ice and start building rapport. We recommend these conversation starters for your first few interactions with prospects before moving on to the next part of the sales pitch meeting. 

You're looking for the perfect opening line to get your message across and make a great first impression. These openings work exceptionally well if used correctly in any other type of customer discussion platform like email.

2. Discover Customer Problems Or Pain Point

In this stage, you need to identify the customer pain points & find the customer problems to achieve the goal. Then, you’ll better understand what customers need through probing questions. You'll also see if there are any additional problems and understand how your product can help address the prospect's issues to reach their goals. 

3. Show The Values

You are ready to sell your product with a good understanding of their needs and pain points. Researching and finding out what customer needs, pain points, or problems with your solutions shows how your service/product will solve those issues step-by-step. Finally, you show how your product can solve the issue with your sales demo best practices.

You can achieve the best demoing with the following steps.

  • When talking about features, why they matter 
  • Answer questions as if there was no pause between prompts
  • Keep it simple 
  • Avoid using voice commands
  • Sell benefits 
  • Practice makes

4. Add Some Supporting Facts

If you want to highlight your product or service, you should provide evidence to highlight the product or service. This shows that your product has the desired effect on consumers or solves a problem. Social proof is a good way to build a customer's trust in the brand. For example, our customers have seen a 37% savings on their maintenance bills in our three-month period.

5. Closing 

At this stage, you've made your case why your product is worth investing in, and now all that's left to do is seal the deal by saying, “yes! I want this." The point of generating sales or closing is that when the prospect says yes to the offer, the deal is only complete at this stage. 

Best Practices To Write A Knockout Sales Pitch

A sales pitch should be no longer than 30 seconds. It's worth including proof of the product, even if it's just a customer testimonial. If possible, emphasize what makes your product the best for your customer. 

Keep It Short 

Keeping your sales pitch short is important for several reasons. Not only do you save time, but also, by keeping it briefer and easier to understand, prospects are more likely to get engaged in what you say and remember afterward when they need or want something from us. 

Try not bore your prospect with an overly long pitch. Keeping it short also shows you value their time. Avoid clunky words. It will make it difficult for the prospect to follow, slowing down the process. 

Practice How You Need Deliver

Cold-pitch emails are usually one to two sentences long; they should ensure the message is clear and professional. If you're sending an email with attachments, try reading them aloud before submitting so there won't be any surprises regarding delivery.

Practice makes perfect. When preparing your sales pitch, ensure that it flows smoothly and effortlessly. If sending a cold email, read through your message to ensure there aren't any awkward pauses or stumbled words, so they don't seem too wordy or complicated.

Anticipate Queries

You need to leave a space to continue the conversation with your potential client at the end of your sales pitch. To start a sales pitch well, be prepared for any objections your prospect may have and know how you would respond to them. The common sales objections are something that every entrepreneur will face. How you handle them can make or break your deal, so it's important to know these basic responses and prepare an appropriate response for each one. 

Every business will have an objection. Maybe the potential prospect is not interested now, but there might be more chances to buy from you in the future, so take the opportunity to clarify their queries and make them confident in your offerings.  

While closing questions can seem like an afterthought, they're actually one of the most important aspects of improving conversion rates. These powerful closing questions will give you insight into whether or not customers are ready to buy and help with any hesitation they may have before making their decision.

Do follow up

Sale pitches are just the beginning. This is where your relationship begins. Follow-up after pitching to stay on the prospects and continue nurturing and building trust & relationships. Studies show that. 

Research has shown that when making a sale, many people have to hear the word 'no' at least four times before saying yes. 92% of reps give up after the first 'no,' but you may find better success if you persist and follow up with your prospective buyer with your marketing strategy.

Types Of Sales Pitches 

You can do a sales pitch with your prospect in many ways. In this, we shall see some of the common types of sales pitches. But you want to know which works best for customers and prospects. By understanding their needs, you use certain pitches with their unique situations. Here are different types of pitching work: 

1. Cold Call Pitch

Believe it or not, the phone call still holds the most influence over your prospects. It's faster, easier to do, and with good reason, much harder for them to refuse you. A cold call is a powerful tool for marketers and salespeople. It's fast and easy to complete on the go with no need for recording or transcription, meaning you can reach more prospects than ever in just one day. 

Sometimes it would be best to share screens with someone while on a sales pitch but can’t quite get off the phone. But, again, there are plenty of solutions. For example, you could use software that lets your video feed show up as an attachment in emails or offered through other means like Facebook Messenger. 

2. The email pitch

Emails always work with little personalization on them. However, if it is done well, the effective email can achieve open rates of 35% or higher, and it’s a great way to introduce yourself while demonstrating the value of what you're selling. Smartwriter provides automated email templates for sales pitches and uses AI technology to personalize your messages for each prospect. 

3. Voicemail pitch

If you're working in sales, you're going to end up hitting a lot of voicemail inboxes, and that's fine. It's an opportunity to leave a message and make an impression before your next attempt.

You need to be able to make 8 attempts to reach this customer for a successful sales deal close. You never know what might happen after you hit that voicemail, but it's important to make an impact. Don't be discouraged if the prospect doesn't answer right away. Sometimes, they need some time for their thoughts or schedules to get in order before returning calls. 

Whatever happens next will work itself out when we reach them again later down this road. The key thing here isn't always reaching the final destination sales closing. Instead, focus on the opportunity to make more conversations to make an impression about your brand before your next attempt.  Here are a few closing techniques that will help you in your next sales pitch.

4. The Follow-Up Pitch

It can be tough to get the first meeting with a customer. In order to improve our chances of success, we should focus on reaching out when a meeting is requested or when the customer has expressed interest. To make a good follow-up pitch, it's important to make a timely and relevant recommendation without annoying them.

Smarlead helps businesses grow and succeed in their sales or cold email campaigns. Using AI-powered you can create the email follow-up sequences without any guesswork in your marketing and sales. SmartLead ensures that it will end up in their inbox. With unlimited mailboxes and AI-optimised sending tools like auto-rotating accounts for increased reply rates, there's no need to worry about losing any conversations anymore. 

email follow-up sequences

5. Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is a one-word summary of your product that concisely summarizes its function. In order to be successful, the sentence should only take up enough space in an allotted time frame so as not to bore people who are listening or reading too deeply into what you have created but also make sure it's clear enough for them if they want more information. The return on sales formula can help maximize your profits.

Sales Pitches Example To Help You Close More Deals

1. Tell A Story

People often struggle to find the most important things in a world of overwhelming information. You can help them by telling stories about how other customers found success with you or one specific product feature, which will illustrate why they need it in their life now more than ever before. Mastering the art of storytelling can transform mundane facts into compelling narratives. The customer story is a unique selling proposition (USP) and you can keep your listeners engaged.

Andy Raskin, a storytelling pro, wrote a quick analysis of what makes this an effective sales presentation. The example shows how Uberflip increased revenue through its strategic story.

Uberflip Story
Image: Source

2. Personalize The Sales Pitch

Clients are willing to buy from a firm that provides a personalized buying experience. Personalization is the key to keeping your ideal customers in line. The more you understand about your buyers, the better you can keep them satisfied. Your sales pitch should be relevant to the person you are speaking with. You can edit it to include the parts of their product or service most important to their business.  For example, Edward Jone offers a personalized experience to their targeted audience. 

You're also able to offer personalized touch on your email sequence and on your landing page with the Smartwriter. Even if you are a Shopify website using a smartWriter product you can quickly generate titles & descriptions for your products.

Smartwriter Personalization

Personalize The Sales Pitch Example

Edward Jone Landing page personalization
Image: Source

3. Including The Value Proposition

You've got your prospect's attention! Your value proposition needs to convince them you're worth their time. Your proposition should be short and sweet. It’s the core of your sales pitch. 

You need to highlight the benefits of working with you, not the features of your product. Explain why you're the best fit for their problem. Show them how you can solve their pain points. And, if you're solving a relevant problem, add tangibility to how you'll benefit them.

In Campaign Monitor’s case, you can see what they do, who they serve, and what value they bring to your marketing efforts. You can also get an idea about the trust you should place in them. 

Campaign Monitor’s Sales Pitch Example
Image: Source

In Stripe’s case, they clearly show who they are and why you might want to work with them.

 Stripe’s Sales Pitch Example
Image: Source


Sales pitches can be tricky, but following the key elements and best practices we’ve outlined in this blog post, you can write a knockout pitch that will make your potential customers eager to hear more. We hope these examples have given you a good starting point for creating your own sales pitch. Remember to keep it professional, personalize it as much as possible, and focus on the benefits of working with you. 

Have you tried any of these techniques when pitching your product or service? Sales pitches don't have to be long or complicated to succeed. By keeping the key elements of a successful pitch in mind and following some best practices for writing your sales pitch, you can create a message that will help you close more deals. 

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