Warm follow up email samples to improve customer experience

What would be the best way to follow up with a customer without sounding like a salesperson? A warm email. Successful marketing expert know warm follow-up emails are the key to better customer experience and more sales. 


It is one of the savviest ways to improve customer experience. They serve as an immediate customer reply to any customer, including existing customers, new leads, and first-time customers. Also, this strategy plays a major role in customer retention, too. This blog will share valuable warm follow-up email samples and tips to improve customer experience and reply rates. Let's get started!


What are Warm follow-ups & why are they important?

A warm follow-up message is a powerful technique for converting leads into potential buyers. It allows us to remain top-of-mind, contact new potential customers, provide valuable information, and open the door for sale later. 

It is an ideal opportunity to respond with a make sequence of warm follow ups and tell how the prospects can benefit from the deal. Also, it keeps the potential leads updated about the offers and discounts. It also represents us and influences the deciding moment on both sides.

And the most successful sales strategies are the ones that begin early on, with a good foundation of trust and rapport being built from the start. Then, by following up consistently afterward, we can enhance our relationship and credibility and deepen the potential client appreciation for what our offer has done for them so far.

How to create a warm follow-up email?

A warm follow-up message intends to push a customer into a sale or make them feel valued and build trust in the brand. This type of email aims to continue the conversation, reestablish contact, and reassure them that we're committed to being there for them. 

Remember that the email body should be clear, polite, concise, and relatively short to craft an effective warm follow-up message. Here are some tips to compose a perfect warm follow-up email to skyrocket your sales conversion rates.

1) Use a personalized subject line: 

The subject line is a critical aspect of an email, especially when trying to get an open and reply rate for our cold email campaigns. So we have to make sure our warm follow-up message copy has a tailored and attractive follow up email subject line.

Create Follow up subject line

2) Keep the tone conversational:

Using the right words and tone can make the difference. Maintaining a conversational tone is a more casual style and it acts as the sender is engaged in a conversation with the recipient.

3) Be Short but informative: 

It should be both short and informative. Before we start writing, we need to understand to whom the message is going, why it gets read, and what type of information we need.  

Check out the sample copy we have created using the AI email writer:

email sample by AI email writer | Smartwriter

4) Include links to your website and other resources: 

To strengthen email marketing, we need to provide useful resources and links to increase people's time on our site. And the social proof enhances the pitch and builds trust.

If we can convince them to take action through stories, data, and persuasive language, our follow-up message may be the perfect opportunity to link to more information on our website. It's a great way of bringing folks back to the attractive elements of our site such as blog posts or product pages. 

5) Ideal Length of a Sales follow-up email: 

According to a study, an email with a word count of [50 - 125] is considered productive in terms of open rate. So it is recommended that the follow-up email for the update has the ideal length.

6) Spelling & Grammar check: 

A proper email body without spelling and grammar errors is a must for a cold outreach campaign. Also, try to use transition words to improve the trust. Finally, avoid using negative terms in message copy. Otherwise, we may land in a spam filter.

Hope these tips help to create your template. If you still find it difficult to invest time in creating personalized follow-up messages, we're sharing the warm takeaway follow-up email template samples, which got an 80% response rate.

Warm follow up email templates to skyrocket your sales conversions:

Want your sales emails to be auto-responders? Well, here's how! With these follow-up templates and a few minutes every day for three weeks straight, we can reach our ideal buyers with an email sequence that will have anyone converting. 

Warm follow up after an event sample:

The thank-you note should be sent within 24 hours of the event and is a great way to show appreciation for attendees who have helped us reach our goal. This template also encourages networking event opportunities for a sales rep with other professionals in your industry following an occasion, as it can lead to new business opportunities down the road.

Hi First name,

Thank you for attending our event! 

We would be happy to be in touch with the attendees, and let us know if there are any other data you need or want. 

Please take the time to fill out this survey (Details ). We will also be doing a case study at the next meeting on how we can improve future events. 

Warm Regards,


Warm follow up message after a first purchase

After a sale, warming up a potential customer allows for converting the potential buyers into regular customers. These follow-up email messages are designed to get the email recipient to the next step after making their initial purchase decision. So we have to provide a solution via email newsletter rather than something like a hard sell pop-up.

Hi First name,

Hope you enjoyed our [Product/Services]. 

Thanks for being a customer of ours!

And we look forward to collaborating for business with more successful companies like yours in the future!

Kindly click the below link to share your valuable feedback and help us serve better.




Warm follow up for seasonal Sale intimation sample:

We need to ensure that the ideal customers are aware and engaged with the seasonal pricing we provide for seasonal sales. It means following up with them after making their purchase for us to deliver a completed project on time. It is the perfect template for seasonal sales.

Hi First name,

Hope you are enjoying our new [Product/Services]. 

We wanted to remind everyone that the seasonal pricing is still going on for [Matter]. 

Stop by anytime; there'll be something perfect at a discounted price. And remember, these deals won't last forever, so get yours while they're hot!!

Warm regards,


Warm follow up after Service or Product trial

After a customer uses our product or service, it's important to follow up with them. Because everyone wants the best for their customers, that means making sure they are satisfied. When someone trializes by purchasing one of our items through any of the channels or directly, we will always go out and collect feedback. It ensures a prospective conversation and sales opportunity.

Hi First name,

From the moment you initiate your order, we're committed to providing a service that meets and exceeds our customers' needs. 

If there's even just one problem with any [Product/Services], Do let us know immediately to make things right again!

Appreciate your continued attention to this Matter. 

Please don't hesitate to bring any other questions or concerns forward, and have an excellent day ahead of you.



Warm follow-ups after-sales cold emails

While doing sales outreach, it is important to follow up on the warm leads to increase conversion rates. The follow-up sequences act as reminder messages to the potential customer. After the initial emails, we should remind them about the previous email sent and initiate a deal closing conversation within three days. Nowadays with marketing automation tool like SmartLead, we can automate the entire mailing sequences.

Hey First_name,

Did you get the chance to go through the last email I sent?

I'd love to send you a few [Samples], free of course.

Our [Product/Services] creates [Matter with social proof and stats].

Happy to set you up with a 1 month's trial for free to explore the [Product/Services] completely.

Would this interest you?

Keen to hear back.

Best regards,


Wrapping up: 

A warm follow-up email is the best way to improve user experience and skyrocket your sales conversions. A professional tone and well-crafted follow-up message will help us connect with prospective clients and close the sale. Have you tried using the warm follow-up email templates in your marketing email outreach campaign? What has been your experience? Do Let us know!

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