5 Sales Closing Techniques to Help Your Next Deal Close

One of the most important aspects of creating a successful business is closing deals. In today's competitive world, the business can achieve closer only through lots of efforts by professionals. Your team needs to build strong closer tactics and optimize them for business success. 

Every sales rep knows that closing is crucial in the sales process. It is their opportunity to seal a sale, but every customer has different preferences. On the deal close, the sales expert needs to determine and prioritize their time and efforts to have a tremendous impact on the sales rep's success and the business as a whole. They need closing techniques to not waste their time and efforts on uninterested customers. 

We've outlined powerful techniques for closing fast and some tips help you to do better in no time with less effort than ever before. Are you tired of testing on the closer tactics but seeking newer techniques to close the deal on the challenging market? We listed proven closing techniques that help a modern salesperson like me can close deals smoothly by the balance of timing, pressure, and trust. 

As a marketer the most critical part of any business is the closing. It is the final step in generating revenue for the business. If you are marketing and sales like me and seeking to boost your revenue. Then this blog is for you by implementing our 5 proven closing techniques, you can effectively be a better closer than ever before. 

What Is Sales Closing?

The closing process is the most important part of sales. It involves convincing the prospective customer to commit to your offerings. The sales professional requires a set of skills like active listening, objection overcoming, negotiation, and leading the customer to say yes to your product or service offerings.  More revenue will come to your business when you get the client to agree to sign up for business. 

To move the potential prospects towards yes to your offerings on the closer will require lots of effort and time and the sales reps need to understand the prospect pain points and have a brief on why your solution is best to solve their current challenges.

For a closer, patience and persistence are more important. After putting all the effort and sharing the solution to the prospect's pain points and before entering into the sale proposal, the sales reps need to identify the ideal prospects who have the decision-making authority and are ready to commit to your brand. Making prospects yes to your offering requires patience. 

What Are Sales Closing Techniques?

It is important to reach our qualified prospects in sales while entering lead nurturing. Pull your ideal customers to deal closer through the right sales closing techniques; otherwise, all your efforts will be for nothing if you target the non-qualified prospects.

According to Hubspot research, nearly 30% of salespeople say that closing deals are becoming harder than ever before. This is because many of the businesses focus on the inbound leads and due to some common errors by the reps the selling and closing are challenging. For instance, if the reps focus on the non-interested leads or non-decision makers then the closer may not happen.  Using these 5 proven closing techniques you can make your next sale successful and can increase your conversion rate. It also reduces the closer problems with unhappy customers or lost leads. 

It is well understood that the sale closing or closing deal is all about influencing ideal leads to buy from your business. The most crucial part of the closing deal is transitioning your warm leads to customers by telling them the great reasons to buy or share your product or service benefits and explaining how your offerings will solve the lead's problems. Simply reaching the potential customer through a call or meeting up in person will help your business understand your potential buyers' needs. 

Your business needs to create an effective closing technique to make your pitch smoother. These popular closing techniques will give the  b2b salesperson a path to pitch your product or services. The closer techniques will allow you to optimize getting desired results without pushy or disruptive tactics that will risk relationships with the potential customer. 

Why Are Sales Closing Techniques Important?

Closing a sale is very important because it's the end of the sales process. You need to convince the prospect to say yes. Once he does agree, you need to get him to sign a contract. Your goal is to get the prospect to say yes no matter who they are.

For any salesperson, closing a sale is the ultimate goal. It's you who convince your prospect to commit and buy from you, leading to all other aspects of success. Salespersons need skills like active listening skills, overcoming objections that may arise along the way on the sales process, negotiation for perfect closings. 

Closing a sale can be tough, but it's important for a business. For better closing, you need to understand how your prospect might want to move forward with their purchase. 

The sales team needs to make the potential buyer feel comfortable. You need to be prepared for any situation by learning about each client’s interests before attempting any close. Find out which technique works best depending on your client's interest. 

  • The best way to increase your volume and productivity is by using a professional salesperson. Employing them will increase the number of deals closer for businesses from all industries with various lengths of sales cycles, including short-term or long-term deals depending on your needs.
  • The sales automation tools or marketing automation software to find your inbound and outbound leads and constantly qualified leads will help the business line up the quality leads.
  • Once you’ve been successful in getting qualified leads, this means you are slowly on your way to building a healthy email list of contacts that want more information about what it is exactly, so go ahead and send them some personalized messages that might get more opens and responses.
  • Utilize the  LinkedIn automation tools or email marketing automation systems to access both Inbound lead generation (generated from webinars or website visitors) and outbound leads. Using this list of warm leads data you can start sending hyper-personalized outreach through emails or personalised Linkedin outreach using the AI tool Smartwriter. 
  • To close a deal, you need to have some customized and human touch. If prospects are not enough on the offerings convincing the potential customers into buying the product/service they were initially unsure about purchasing.

5 Powerful Closing Techniques For Your Next Deal Close

The primary goal of any professional is to generate a large number of closer through their efforts. If you want more information about these powerful closing techniques, we've included some helpful, proven closing techniques that help your team to make the deal closing more effective.

Traditional Sales Closing Techniques

Here are the two most common traditional closing techniques. These closing techniques usually employ some psychological tricks designed to give that final nudge.

1. Now or Never Closes Method

This kind of selling technique creates urgency by offering some special benefits that will provoke immediate purchase by the customer. For example, offering some discounts like 

  • One last at this price
  • New customer offer
  • 20% discount for customers who sign up today
  • Limited time offers 
  • Seasonal sales offers 

These are some of the most effective closing techniques, and they work because you've created a sense of urgency as well as entertained prospect's desires for buying. Always establish some values to the potential buyers before offering discounts or promotions. It is the one way to increase sales triggering the customer through a unique discount for signing up. 

2. Summary Closes Technique 

If you're trying to close a sale, use this technique. Reiterate the benefits and value of what customers are purchasing (stressing how it will make their life easier) in order for them to think about how your product or service offerings will change their lives. 

For example :

The Centrifab washing machine has a brushless motor, and we offer a 10-year comprehensive guarantee. We also offer free delivery and free installation. What is a good time to deliver?

You can smoothly summarize the points into a convincing package that your prospect can't refuse. Create an impressive package that helps potential prospects and makes them purchase.

The key to closing a sale is timing and summarizing all of the benefits and selling points. It is another best way to close a deal by summarizing all of your points of interest. Make sure that you are sticking close and repeating benefits with the potential customer what they get, and it enables the customers to visualize when it comes time to make their purchase decision.

Modern Sales Closing Techniques

Inbound sales are rising today, and closing requires lots of team effort. To do this, you first have to find out what your customers' needs are and how specific products or services your business can offer. If these two requirements are met, it won't be easy to make a deal closer. 

Be sure to track all of the information you collect at this stage using CRM software. The data might not seem immediately useful, but keeping an organized list can help with future deals and show that your organization is professional enough for customer needs.

3. Assumptive Close

Instead of asking if the customer is ready to buy your product or service at the assumptive close.  You make your business assume that the potential prospect wants to buy.  Instead of asking them if they're ready to buy, you'll suggest what product or solution might work best.

You can use this technique when you are confident in your product offerings. This moves forward without wasting time. This technique is a great way of closing the sale without being pushy or aggressive. Being assertive without being aggressive is crucial to developing a rapport and keep prospects engaged. It's also important for the assumptive close to happen right after you've driven home all of your benefits so that it remains fresh in their minds.

4. The Soft Closer

The soft close technique is an effective way to gather information.  This approach highlighted the benefits for the buyer's queries. This low-pressure question helps reps focus on what they need and want while gathering more insight about your company's products or services by highlighting benefits with a view of offering even more insights at once.

In some situations where it may not seem too pushy but merely seeks clarification for one party (the seller) to make them better aware of any needs/wants from another side which may help both parties get resolutions quicker.

Your experienced sales rep can gather more information about potential buyers’ needs and explain how your product/service offering will solve their pain points by asking a closing question. In certain circumstances, the soft-close technique is an effective way to gather information. 

5. Take Away Closes

Takeaway close is an effective technique, Where you actually do the opposite of what a typical salesperson does in selling. This tactic only works when your ideal prospect has established interest in buying but hasn't triggered on buying. 

If your business is struggling to close the deal with the interested prospects. If you are struggling to take the lead towards the deal closing, it is due to cost or other factors in the sales process. In such a situation, your business can offer some takeaway like sharing one or more additional features to close the deal more smoothly. 

The lead will be more eager than ever for your service and product, so much that they may end up accepting a lower price. Fulfilling the customer's desires by providing what they want can help increase conversion because people want things when you offer them.

How do you improve deal closing?

Now you have lots of proven methods for closing sales. Getting better at sales closing isn't a one-time event, it's an ongoing process. Here are the ways you can improve your sales deal effectively.

Understand Your Customer

Your sales pitch need not give a feel of sales to the customer. It has to be like helping your prospects. You're selling solutions to meet consumers’ needs. The consultative approach will always beat the transactional approach, especially in B2B selling or B2B lead generation. Employ discovery calls and do your research to know the buyer inside and out. Know their pain points, how your solution benefits them, whether they are ideal for your solution, etc., this will build a personal rapport with the customer. This personalized approach will build trust in your brand and enable the experienced sales rep to sell the product/ service successfully. 

Know Your Customer Objections 

Anticipate your customer objection from the previous sales closer. Influence the customer through special offers and feel like it is the right time to buy. Prospects have many objections when it comes to buying products, including product cost, revenue, and much more. 

Preparation is key for a successful sales pitch. Your prospect will resist what you're selling, so be ready with good responses to any objections they have about it. For example, if they say your prices are too high, explain the benefits of your product to counter their argument. Share with them how your product is unique from the competition.

Be prepared with solid answers because prospects want knowledgeable consultants who know their products well enough so they can make an informed decision at the purchase stage or later down the line when considering upgrade options.

Find the Right Decision-Maker

For more deals to close, your business needs to reach the right person. Asking the right questions is crucial for closing deals with the right person. Find out who has the authority to greenlight your product? Marketing managers want to give some conversations to understand whether your business is reaching the decision-maker and need to understand the potential customers' needs and wants. Make sure that you're talking to the right person by qualifying leads at the beginning of your sales process. Once you've found the appropriate person, you'll want to start tailoring your pitch and preparing for your meeting. Determining early in the sales cycle on which people will be in charge will save your time and efforts and enable better deal closing. 

Effective Personalize Sales Pitch

Personalization can help your business to close more deals. Based on the customers' needs and desires, you can create personalized messages with a higher response rate. Your b2b pitch can make or break the deal, so it's good to implement a personalization before reaching out to potential buyers.  Make sure you always provide your prospect with value and find the best solutions for them instead of solely selling.

Personalization enables the business to make a rapport with the potential buyers.  Smartwriter AI makes selling to your customers easier, so we use AI to create tailored content for them.  Smartwriter creates company-based personalized outreach messages for B2B outreaches. AI tools look at your prospect’s website to find case studies, blogs, and google news of leaders from their LinkedIn profiles craft a personalized pitch that impacts potential customers. 

Smartwriter company-based personalized outreach

What are the most common sales closing mistakes you should avoid?

Now it’s time to know about the mistakes that have to be avoided on any closure. 

Closing Only Once With the Customer

One mistake many salespeople make is closing only once. The more opportunities you give your customer, the better chance they'll have to buy from you. Doing close only once will lose any opportunity of closure from your existing customer to buy from the brand.

It is important to persist and keep trying until we finalize the deal. It may be that they were not the right customer at the time, but someone who needs what you offer will come around. Keep trying so that the potential buyers will come back.

Making Closer Too Fast

This is a mistake that you should try to avoid. Closing a deal too quickly could lead you to regret the decision down the line when they change their mind and want to buy from you but can’t because you’ve closed it off for them. Close too soon or don't give customers the option of communicating with you, it'll lead to disappointment. If they want to buy from you but can't because you've closed off for reasons unknown to them, they'll be likely to forget about you.

Closing Too Early

Closing too early can happen to those who are inexperienced in sales. They'll think they've gotten the sale when their customer decided before you even had a chance to present your product or service. You might think that closing too early is an accomplishment, but it should just be viewed as a failure. The customer decided to buy before you even had time to present your product or service, which means they were more knowledgeable about what was available than either party involved in this transaction. 

Closing Too Late 

This is a mistake that many salespeople make when they wait until their customers have gone to multiple options and make all of the decisions. The worst part about this, however? If you’re not closing them right away, someone else will get that sale instead. Never make the mistake of waiting until your customer has gone to multiple brands before coming back to your business for one final purchase. This leaves an opportunity for your competitor. You will get a chance to lower conversion rates on potential buyers by making it closer to late.

Final Thoughts

The customer is the most important thing and closing a deal without them, you're not going to be successful. The above closing techniques can help build trust with your customers and increase the probability of getting an agreed-upon price point on the purchase cycle. Use these tips to improve your closing skills. The more deals that close, the better revenue. 

It is important to use closing techniques to help you to close the deal. It is an important part of the entire sales process. You should know how to end a conversation and ask for the sale. You must understand what they are and how to use them, as well as the different types of closing techniques available for your next deal close.   

If you use powerful closing techniques, your potential customers can feel more confident in their purchase decision because they will be less likely to regret their decision after purchasing from you. This article has given some helpful strategies that should help anyone improve or increase their product purchase.  

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