7 Ways To Command Your Prospects Attention With Email Marketing Hacks


Email marketing is the most powerful marketing tactic available to small businesses. It doesn't just give you a way to connect with potential customers, but gives you a way to communicate with your prospects in a way that's personal, open, and inviting. As a result, your prospects are more likely to open your email and read it when it looks like you care enough to craft an email specifically for them.

When you try to sell something to someone, that someone's attention is a precious resource. You've heard the statistic, "People miss up to 80% of what they read, but they remember 95% of what they hear." You also know that email has the highest open rate, and it's one of the few digital marketing channels that's actually getting stronger with time. So if you want to optimize your campaigns to get more sales with fewer leads, the first thing you've to do is get their attention. 

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Tried-and-Tested Email Marketing Growth Hacks

There are so many creative ways to get in front of prospects. Here are some of the email marketing growth hacks to gain your prospects' attention with email marketing.

1. Personalization is Key

The best way to communicate with your prospects is to write a personal email. A personal email created especially for them will help grab their attention than regular emails.

Personalization is the key to any email marketing campaign. Most prospecting emails get a poor response, mainly because they lack email personalization.

Most of them are email templates that sound cliche and sales-y. Also, the mass-produced emails that have no regard for the prospect's specific concerns and needs will not get any response.

You need to add a personal touch in your cold emails that convey your care for them as individuals. And, adding this personal touch might make a world of difference for your email outreach campaigns.

A recent study by The University of Texas revealed that personalized messages gave people a sense of control and made them feel unique and special. For this reason, personalized emails drives consumers to make a purchase.

As a matter of fact, email personalization was the most effective email marketing strategy of 2017. Besides, a personalized message improves your click-through rate by 14% and conversion rate by 10%.

Email Personalization may seem tedious when you have a bulk email list, but it is made easy and quick with a marketing tool like SmartWriter. All you've to do is just upload the email list and wait for a few seconds to generate your personalized emails.

To connect deeper with the prospects, add some personalization such as,

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Position/Title
  • Company Name
  • Competitor Name
  • Demographic Information
  • Niche/Industry Data
  • Personal/Professional Interests
  • Coworker/Colleague Name
  • Alma Mater
  • Recent Awards/Recognitions
  • Recent Business Challenges/Pain Points expressed
  • Recently Published Content Piece/Blog Post (Why you liked it)

You can personalize your email subject lines to get a better open rate. Also, 35% of recipients open emails based on the subject line alone. 

2. Send mobile-friendly emails

At your next sales meeting, watch as a few of your colleagues pull out their mobile phones for the 5th time in less than an hour. According to Hubspot, we spend more time each day with our inboxes than with our significant others. So this is a major opportunity if you can learn to harness it well.

Statistics state 27% of all marketing emails were opened on a mobile device in the year 2012, and by 2014 that number jumped up to 42%.

And now, it is as high as 61%!

When you send an email to a person who reads emails on their smartphone, and if the email is not optimized for that mobile device, what do you think they do with it? Mostly, they will unsubscribe or delete it. But when an email campaign is optimized for mobile, they generate a lot of revenue!

According to Yesmail, the average revenue per mobile email is $0.40, which is more than 4x that of a desktop email click. Also, 55% of smartphone users have made at least one purchase after receiving a mobile promotional email.

A study by Flexmail found that 36% of B2B companies that optimized their email outreach campaigns for mobile devices saw an overall enhancement to their email performance.

So, how do you optimize your email campaigns for mobile users?

Here are some tips on how to do that,

  • Create a responsive email template 
  • Keep the subject line and pre-header text short
  • Make the CTA big and obvious

3. Opening Line and Closing

When it comes to your cold email's opening line, avoid starting with, "Hi, my name is"

Instead, you can start with something more impactful by talking to your email subscribers. Here are some examples you can try to achieve success, 

  • [Mutual connection] mentioned ...
  • I saw that we both ...
  • I noticed you ...
  • Congratulations on ...
  • I loved your post on ...

A solid close to your sales email provides recipients a clear path to action. You can try one of these questions to prompt a definitive response,

  • Do you have free time on your calendar to discuss this?
  • Please let me know what makes sense as a further step if any?
  • Have you given any further thought to the product proposal?
  • Do you have 5 minutes to catch up tomorrow?
  • Does it make sense for us to discuss this? If not, who is the right person for me to talk to?
  • Do you have any questions I can clear up?
  • Let me know if [business need/goal] is a priority for you now or sometime in the future.
  • Are you available for a quick 10-minutes call on [mention date and time]?
  • If you are not interested, do I have your permission to close your file?

4. Short personalized demo

A personalized video is the highest level of personalization you can bring to an email. Though it takes some time to set up, it rarely fails to get a response.

An excellent way to get through to a prospect who does not respond is to offer a short personalized demo. The concept is to show the value of your product to the prospect in just a couple of minutes. Utilizing a video intro maker can help you create captivating introductions that grab your prospect's attention from the start, enhancing the effectiveness of your personalized demos.

  1. Let them know that you made the video precisely because you know they are busy.
  2. Keep it brief, under two minutes.
  3. Personalize the use case; make it relevant to their situation.
  4. If possible, personalize the demo environment with their company's logo and products.
  5. Personalize the video thumbnail, so it catches their eye immediately.

Alternatively, you can try a short feature demo where you will focus only on the key features instead of preparing a full overview demo.

5. Keep it Short

Writing too much is a common mistake every salesperson makes when it comes to sales prospecting emails. Would you take the time to read a lengthy, boring email from a total stranger? No, me neither.

The main goal of your prospecting email is to get a response. Therefore, the shorter the message, the faster it will get read and responded to. Keeping your message concise is a great way to let your prospects know that you really value their time. This way, they will be more attracted to hear out what you have to say.

A study by Boomerang over an analysis of more than 40 million emails found that people more often respond to shorter emails.

From the above study, it's evident that to get the highest response rate. Your cold email should be under 125 words but not less than 50 words.

6. Warmed up email domain

Before starting your email outreach, the first thing you've to do is to warm up the email address. And it's not just the email address that has to be warmed up but your domain too. 

Though both the processes are similar, warming up a new email domain takes a longer time. Therefore, If you send bulk emails from a domain that's not warmed up properly, your emails might end up in the prospect's spam folder. 

When more emails end up in the spam folder, marked as spam by the recipient, or get deleted without being opened, it'll reduce the email credibility and the sender's reputation. Also, it would take a lot of time to rebuild. So instead, you can use email warm-up tools like Lemwarm from Lemlist to warm up your domain automatically and avoid deliverability issues.

Warming up your email domain and email address is extremely important to outbound sales emails. It will enhance tour emails’ chances to land in the prospects' inboxes rather than getting filtered by the spam filter. A new domain will start as neutral, and a good or bad reputation will be determined over time.

You can do this two ways, 

  • Manually 
  • Automatically. 

If you warm up manually, you need to set up hourly or daily email sending limits in your system and gradually add up as you go. However, using Lemwarm takes that work off your hands.

7. One CTA per email

The Call-To-Action (CTA) plays a vital role in email marketing as it drives people to action. The action buttons are the crucial point in turning your visitors into customers. Do not include more than one CTA in your email, as including many might annoy the recipients. So, ensure to include a compelling CTA that is relevant to the email body. 

In addition, the CTA has to be designed in a way that intrigues the recipients to take action. For example, you can create 3D buttons or add colors to your buttons.

The goal of CTA is well-known to readers. The trick is to convey what is in it for them by highlighting the benefits and making it a bit more personalized. If you want to stand out in an overly crowded inbox, create a call-to-action button that compels readers to take action.

To create an attractive CTA button, you have to, 

  • Talk directly to your email subscribers
  • Use approachable action verbs 
  • Send blogs that educate them
  • Create a sense of urgency

It is always best to have one strong call-to-action (CTA) per email – buy, donate, read, download, sign up, provide feedback, etc. Including too many CTAs makes the email sales-y and confusing, leaving recipients without a clear idea of what they must do next.

Simplifying the CTA improves the customer engagement rate as the experience is much more targeted. However, you've to avoid adding multiple buttons as it gives the prospects too many options, eventually diluting the engagement of your email campaigns.

Some Additional Email Marketing Hacks

You can create an awesome email by trying out these creative email hacks as well,

  • Create personalized discount codes, coupons, offers that are designed exclusively for the prospects.
  • Make sure to create an email with emojis rather than plain text emails. Using emoji in your email subject lines is an effective and attention-grabbing technique to increase your email open and response rates. Ensure to test the emojis in your email subject lines before sending to avoid looking like an ☐ in your prospects' inboxes.
  • Share customer success stories that build customer relationships. Craft a story that portrays the company's trust and customer relationship that improves the engagement rates and response rates.
  • Add your company's social media profile as social proof.

SmartWriter - The best automation tool

SmartWriter helps create personalized cold emails that are extremely detailed and hyper-personalized. For example, you can use the prospect's LinkedIn profile to create a highly prospecting message entirely based on the prospect's LinkedIn profile. This will get you 8x more replies with just one click.

How to use SmartWriter to generate personalized emails?

  1. Log in or sign up with SmartWriter.
  2. Select a current project or create a new project using "Create Project."
  3. Click "Create Copy" and look for "Cold Email Outreach" under Personalized Outreach.
  1. Then, select the required intention, and upload your email marketing list via Google Sheets, CSV, or manually.
  1. Now, click on generate copy to get your personalized emails in a few seconds.
  1. You can also regenerate emails or use the generated email template for your outreach.

Note - SmartWriter also offers a 7-day free trial. So make sure to check out the tool for improving your email outreach. 

Why should you use an email marketing tool?

Some of the advantages of email automation tools,

  • Automates your entire email outreach campaign.
  • Helps speed up your outreach
  • Create personalized cold emails for your entire email marketing list at just one click
  • Completely saves you from creating a badly formatted email.
  • Helps gather the email addresses of the prospects, also verifies the email.
  • Track and monitor your email campaigns to identify the issues in the campaign.


As you can see, there is a lot more to email marketing than just setting up an email list and sending out irrelevant rehashed blogs and sales messages. 

However, if you build your email list and sales funnel correctly and regularly send out emails that give your prospects value, your emails will get opened, your blog will get shared, and sales will follow soon after. Make sure to try the best ways to find prospects to build your email clients list. Once the email list is built, try these effective email marketing strategies to boost sales and profit.


How do I collect email addresses?

For example, Twitter is a very cool way to collect email addresses.

How do I implement social proof?

The easiest way to implement social proof is to tell your readers how many people subscribe to your email list.

What can you do to drive sales?

Here are a few ideas - Encourage customers to write reviews.

What are some ways to get more out of your email receipts?

A simplistic idea to get more out of your email receipts is - Make them look good.

What is a hack?

A hack can be any trick, shortcut, skill, or innovation method that increases productivity and efficiency.

What Makes a Good Subject Line?

Perhaps not the content, But the Right Approach.

What should email marketers do?

Write like a human being. Avoid catchy slogans. Don't Capitalise on each word. Ask questions. Take care of Your first sentence. Avoid Misspellings.

What is an Email Subject Line?

Email Subject lines are the key to the door of your email marketing content. More targeted and more Client-Centered.

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