The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Lead Generation

Every business owner and the salesperson knows the importance of leads to grow their business. You need to acquire more sales than your business needs to convert more of your leads into paying customers. One way to do that is by facebook advertising & using it as a  digital source for the lead generation process. 

There are nearly 2.936 billion monthly active users on Facebook, which is an effective source to reach a new audience. The social media platform is an essential business tool for companies of every size and industry. 

It offers a variety of features to assist you with promoting your business. These are developed to make it easier to run your business, including search engine optimization, creating communities, and promoting your content. It enables the business to build a strong brand identity online. Companies can use Facebook marketing to attract more leads and convert them into customers. 

Some marketing professionals often fail to use Facebook to source quality leads. We recommend you test new methods of lead generation using social media platforms. and In this article, we discuss ways to generate leads using Facebook, helping you get more customers. 

Why Lead Generation Is Important

Generating leads is not the hardest part. But turning the quality leads into paying customers is challenging for the sales team. However, these days it's relatively easy to generate leads on social media platforms. The digital platform is a popular way for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and business owners to generate leads and allows them to communicate with their customers directly.

Lead Generation On Facebook 

Among all other social media platforms, Facebook is the most effective platform for lead generation. It enables the business to connect with its targeted customer better than other social media channels. 

In the internet-based generation, you can find people on Facebook even if they don't have an Instagram or Twitter account. In addition, Facebook is always developing new features for marketing & business promotion features to attract more users and business partners. 

In recent studies, Facebook has been found to generate more leads and increase sales better than other social media platforms. If you're unfamiliar with generating leads using Facebook, this article shares powerful tips and strategies for getting leads utilizing this platform. 

What Is A Facebook Lead?

A lead is an individual or a business that shows interest in your product or service offerings. There are several ways a lead can show their interest in your brand: by sharing their contact information, requesting a demo, participating in an online survey, filling out a form to download an ebook, etc. 

Someone simply liking your business update or social media post is more likely to convert into a paying customer. Some of your followers on social media will likely be interested in your brand. Through the lead nurturing process, you can convert them into customers in the coming days. There are two kinds of leads you can capture on Facebook. 

Types of Leads on Facebook

Direct and Indirect leads are two kinds of leads a business can capture on Facebook. 

Direct Leads

Direct leads are captured by sharing your content on the platform that links straight to a lead ad form on your website. Then the website visitors provide information in exchange for your business offers like an ebook, Pdf, a coupon, an infographic, or any other piece of content. These generation forms are on a specific landing page dedicated to converting leads by providing exclusive offers. 

Indirect Leads

In indirect lead generation, Facebook has been used as a path for conversion. For instance, sharing the blog post that contains an action button (CTA) for your website page at the bottom of the post and encouraging the user to fill in your contact information. Your social post indirectly leads the visitors to land on your website page. 

While Facebook advertising might result in quick sales, investing in your website content will also give lasting returns. Ai text generator software helps provide relevant content to develop content for your social media ads, Shopify website, and blog posts for your target audience that makes them come back again and again to your brand. 

Pages are another best landing page for promoting your brand among the targeted audience. The content you share on Facebook can draw in your audience or make them feel like they're part of your business without being too salesy. Ensure you always share relevant information in a friendly tone so everyone will return again and again to your page. In the below section, we shall look at some direct and indirect methods of lead generation on Facebook. 

How You Can Generate Leads From the Facebook Platform 

Facebook Posts

Posts are the first place to grab the targeted customer's attention. You can easily enclose a link to the lead form within the post or direct the visitor to the landing page, where they can submit their data.

We recommend that you create a post on best-performing times. In the meta business suite, you can schedule and distribute quality content posts like image carousel post and facebook video post at a time that suits your audience. It improves your conversion and engagement rates. Here is an example post that shares the feature updates of the product to their target audience on social media. 

facebook post sample

Facebook Lead Ads

Lead ad campaigns are the most popular strategy on Facebook to generate leads. These posts are sponsored by your business and appear in your targeted audience's news feeds, stories, and more. These lead ads target users who are most likely to be interested in your business based on their behaviors both on Facebook and off. These ads introduce your ideal customers to your company, provoking them to fill out a form and submit their information. 

Lead ads are the most painless way to generate qualified leads. With just a few taps, the marketing team can get the information they want, and you can generate leads for your business.

Using lead ads, you can perform the following to gain quality leads for business growth.

  • You can embed a pre-populated form where the ad viewers can submit their contact information easily just using their smart devices. 
  • These high-converting lead generation campaigns reduce drop-offs and enable businesses to optimize their targeting ad audience by selecting their custom audiences and  Facebook lookalike audiences. 
  • The Facebook conversion ad/lead ads integration with your favorite customer management tool &  CRM tool so that the sales team can take immediate action with the quality leads. 
  • You can also perform a customized form submission to gain more quality leads with the right questions. 
  • Lead ads help you develop different lead generation ad forms for registration/sign-ups, subscriptions, event registrations, demo requests, and more. 
  • You can add a custom call to action option to gain high-quality leads and enable them to initiate a conversation with your brand immediately. 
  • It also offers people to book an appointment with your sales team using schedule appointment features. 
  • Offer free reports, newsletter subscriptions, Free Ebooks, etc., to promote on their website or online store in exchange for ideal customer contact information.

Learn step-by-step instructions on lead ads here. a AI helps your business to generate compelling, personalized ad content and titles for Facebook Ads, Google ads, and other social media channels such as Twitter and Youtube.  

FB primary text feature helps you to create short, scroll-stopping snippets of text that compel readers to click on your Ad copy and take relevant action. We help you create scroll-stopping messages using our templates to get you started.

With the Facebook Headline feature, you can create an eye-catching headline copy that hooks the audience with emotional behavior and boost your increased click-through rates for your ad. It enables the sales & marketing team to create professional content that provides a personal connection with professionally written headlines for your company.

Sign up and generate quality leads, 10x more sales, and skyrocketing conversions with compelling copy for your social media platform. 

AI personalized ad content

Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger has a fantastic built-in chat feature that lets the user get in touch with your brand to initiate 1:1 conversations with the user who wants to understand more about your brand and product/ service offerings. 

You don't need to manage a separate live chat platform. Still, you can use Facebook as your chatbot with simple, easy installation on your page to interact with your customers who visit your website.

Your sales team can use Facebook Messenger as a  digital source to direct interested audiences to your website or landing pages from the social media channel. It will help businesses to convert more prospects into paying customers.

Create An Event Page

Is your company running an event that's taking place soon? Would you like to promote the event to those in your network? Share it on Facebook. Using the event tool feature, you can create an event page that allows you to store all of your event information (including sign-ups,  instant forms, and leads). It helps the brand to create and manage the event registration all in one place.

Live Video

If you're seeking an effective way to market your products and services, you need to try Facebook Live Video. Live video option creates a live feed that any audience can watch on their News Feed and have one-on-one interactions with your content.

For instance, if you partner with an influencer or local celebrity for an upcoming race, you can go live with the influence on Facebook, like how people behind the race prepare. You can see this as two advantages in one. Firstly, it gives people a behind-the-scenes insight into what goes on before the event. Secondly, it advertises the event and gets your brand name out there.

After the live video's over, it'll still be up on your Facebook page, for people who may have missed the original broadcast can even watch the recording later. Your videos are always available on your social page so that people can watch them repeatedly.

10 Best Practices To Generate Leads on Facebook

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Before you open a business Facebook page, a business needs to determine its targeted audience. Figure out your target audience because Facebook is an open platform where different kinds of people visit their pages. 

When considering your audience for your page, you'll want to determine who will be most interested. You can do this by looking at the user's demographics and interests.

Your business page has relevant content to your target audience and showcases your unique feature, which makes your company offerings unique. Utilize your page to advertise your brand among your targeted customers through useful content. 

Customers need to be interested in what you have shared on the social media page, so ensure your publishing content is clear and concise. Using a professional tone of voice and following the Facebook guidelines, start highlighting your product/service features and the benefits of your services through your posts.

2. Understand What Customers Want

You have to analyze what visitors and customers of your page look for and what will interest them on your Facebook page. Businesses can get more followers if you post engaging content. Posting stuff that helps your business to connect with your potential buyers. Less engaging content is not helpful for your page. Create good quality posts to communicate with and reach more people.

3. Post landing pages for offers 

The effective method to generate quality leads is by navigating the leads landing page that contain offers. In the Facebook post, a phrase like downloading your e-book or booking a demo will indicate the audience, navigate them to your landing page, and generate quality lead data. Here is an example Facebook post of a Smartwriter post that navigates the potential prospects to their landing page. 

Post landing page for offers

4. Make an Interactive Page 

Actively interacting with the customer and answering their queries will benefit the business in the short & long term. Allow your visitors to ask questions directly related to your services via your messenger inbox or in the comment sections of posts. Answering all queries promptly will help turn visitors into potential customers on your page. 

An interactive page will help build trust and rapport with your targeted audience. It will help the visitor understand what your business offers, how it can benefit them, and why prospective customers need to choose your company. These responses from your brand attract more customers and increase the chances of generating leads. So it is good to post content specific to your targeted audience. 

5. Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel & Conversion API is a unique type of feature that you can install on your website. It monitors your Facebook page's activities and helps you understand how visitors interact with it. Using this information, you can make new strategies to increase the number of leads for your business using Facebook.

6. Direct Your Clients to the Main Website 

While creating an advertising campaign, ensure you have highlighted your service and the benefits of offering to grab your potential customer's attention. Ensure you have the link to your home website to dive your interest leads to a website that will boost your website traffic and conversion rate. Including a link to the main site when you post on Facebook will direct your potential buyers in the right direction.

7. Sharing blog posts For more leads

Posting Blog pages that generate the most leads is a great way to get customers and interest your audience. Your captivating content will intrigue them enough to click, allowing you to offer them a solution or something else they are interested in.


As per a study by social media managers, blog posts containing anchor text CTAs in the introduction generate more leads. Consider adopting the process if you are not using anchor text CTAs yet. 

Sharing blog posts For more leads

8. Run a contest or giveaway

Social media marketing contests and giveaways can often be a great way to keep people engaged with your brand. This is not only fun, but they also help you to understand more about your audience by giving them something to interact with. Through the contest and giveaway, you'll be able to generate leads. We recommend including a catchy featured image or video, clear copy, and a link to your lead form to maximize the number of leads generated from your giveaway campaign.

9. Run targeted ads to boost the content reach

If your business is new and looking to engage potential customers, running a targeted ad campaign could be one of the best ways to grow. Using Facebook's targeting options, you can create ads targeting people based on where they live (Location), their interests, age, and gender. There are three different Facebook ad formats that I'll be covering here: boosted posts, right-hand column ads, and News Feed ads. Additionally, consider leveraging tools like the ad maker to create visually appealing and engaging advertisements that resonate with your target audience and drive conversions.

10. Ask for opinions through Facebook polls

You can ask a question to the targeted audience by adding a poll to Instagram or Facebook. While creating polls, ensure you have added a customizable answer so that people can vote for their favorite option. 

Polls are shown to your followers on both Instagram and Facebook. The targeted audience can see your polls when scrolling through their feed, looking for new and interesting content from their friends. These polls are usually specific questions and will ask for followers' reactions.  Here are some rapport building questions that help businesses instantly grow sales. 

Company owners utilize polls to ask about the product or service in question. It helps the brand understand the prospect's interest, place of improvement, and more. For instance, if the business is looking for feedback on the latest product, they can post a poll on Facebook with a yes or no question.  Here is an example of a Facebook poll on cold email. Read this If you're interested in learning more about these new poll ads

Ask for opinions through Facebook polls


Facebook lead ads are the proven way to generate leads from the platform. Target people who have already shown an interest in your product or service, making them more likely to convert into customers. There are numerous methods to do lead generation on Facebook, and we’ve outlined some of the best methods for you in this article. 

You can't go wrong with Facebook lead ads. They have the unique ability to reach a large audience and give your company an edge over competitors who might not be using social media platforms for marketing purposes. 

Overall, there are a variety of ways to generate leads on Facebook. Testing which methods work best for your audience and brand is important. Find your most effective way to generate leads on Facebook today! 

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