Lead Generation Strategies: 11 Tips to Get More Leads

For any B2B business to create a successful lead generation strategy is essential to growing the company. In order to grow business and succeed in sales, it's important to develop an interest in your product or service which will attract potential customers and increase brand awareness. But building an audience has been a problem for marketers for decades. The general impression is that a business wants to get buyers' attention with ads and marketing. But the truth is that people want to engage with brands they enjoy. So we're here to help with your marketing strategy. We'll teach you about the best ways to generate leads and break down some of our examples. This way, you can use these ideas in your own business.

What Is Lead Generation?

Today the lead generation process is categorized into online and offline, and the online lead generation channel includes a website, blogs, SEO strategy, search Ads, Lead generation campaigns, LinkedIn scraper, and more. The most common offline lead generation channels are direct emailing, cold calls, events, trade shows, etc. A brief look at the importance of lead generation before we get stuck into the strategies and channels

Lead generation is the first step to a sales funnel. Without leads, you won’t have anything to sell. A lead is an individual who meets certain criteria that allows you to reach out to them. There are three types: qualified, pipeline, and unqualified leads. B2B lead generation is finding and attracting potential customers for a business. It typically involves creating content marketing or providing relevant information to the customer’s needs in various ways. An effective B2B lead generation strategy needs a lot of effort, but it can be well worth growing sales and profits. 

What Is a B2B Lead Generation Strategy?

Leaving an impression on your customers is key to marketing, and generating this impression is a lead gen strategy. Lead generation strategies are an important part of marketing because it allows you to contact. We encourage re-targeting to those who have already shown interest in your business. 

The lead gen process involves collecting prospective customer information such as company name, first name, email, job title, etc. This information is utilized to send customized sales pitches over emails, ad campaigns, and more. 

B2B lead gen describes the business-to-business lead generation process where in the business-to-consumer (B2C) lead generation process, the product or service is sold directly to the potential customer.

According to Hubspot, the three best lead generation channels for B2B companies are SEO (14%), email marketing (13%), and social media (12%), whereas B2C involves traditional advertising, social media, and email. As a result, the B2B and B2C lead nurturing processes will differ. These are some of the highest converting LinkedIn prospecting messages.

The B2B Lead Generation Process

To increase your sales, you need an effective lead generation process. The lead generation process bridges the gap between sales and marketing, boosting your conversion. The method of turning a prospect into a paying customer is called B2B lead generation. There are 4  different steps in this process: identifying the prospects, qualifying the lead, converting the prospect, and following up & close the deal.

 B2B Lead Generation Process

Identifying The B2B Sales Leads

The foremost step in the lead generation strategy is identifying the potential buyer information. Finding the prospects and their data can be done through either the in-house team or often sourced from a prospects database by a third party. Exploring Excel alternatives can streamline the process of managing and analyzing buyer information, enhancing the efficiency of lead generation strategies.

Reaching Out To Leads

With a list of customers,  the sales team reaches out to potential clients through cold outreach, cold calls, or social media. The business also reaches out to potential buyers with personalized messages. The goal of this stage is to initiate connections. The sales team can create SharePoint calendar for managing projects efficiently, ensuring smooth coordination during client outreach.

Qualifying Prospects 

While interacting with the prospects, the sales reps must qualify the high-quality leads with qualifying questions. Then, while speaking with potential customers, sales representatives will assess the likelihood of prospects agreeing to purchase a product. Finally, they will assess how far along the buying process is. The stages include Reach and awareness, consideration, and decision. 

1. Research & Awareness 

In this stage, the company has to create high-quality content (like blogs, whitepapers, and case studies) that helps customers learn about your solution or how the product or service offering will solve their problem. Companies need a product strategy that matches their content marketing, making sure they consistently and effectively meet customer needs.

2. Consideration:

The prospect knows exactly what they need and will give the vendor an outline of their requirements before any research is done.

3. Decision: 

If buyers are at the early stages, they will have multiple meetings with various vendors to check out different options. At this point, it's more about getting information and researching what could work best for them rather than making any final decisions.

If things continue moving forward, the customer might eventually get moved over into nurturing campaigns or finally booking some appointments on demo so sales can happen faster.

Customer Closing 

Closing deals is the final stage in the sales pipeline, achieved after multiple meetings with the sales reps throughout the sales process. Once the sales closer has done, you need to go ahead with a customer success onboarding which means celebration times again because this person just became another happy client. Here are some closing questions you can ask to improve your conversion rates

Best Strategies For Businesses To Get More Customers

The lead generation strategy needs to offer 3 primary things: good experience to the clients, identifying valuable leads, and cost-effectiveness. It will not work if it has overbearing sales strategies and is pushy.  Customer acquisition needs to be two-way communication. 

It's important to approach any new contacts as an opportunity to create new and engaging personalized content about your product. This can be done by creating a lead magnet or blog content that solves their problem. 

Lead generation strategy should only collect contact information from potential prospects who can buy your product. Qualified prospects are people who have the budget to do business with you and the need for what you’re selling. If your lead acquisition tactics is to collect a lot of contact information, but most of them aren’t converting into customers, you will not be successful.

Finally, it's important to know when it's not a good use of your time and money. Calculating the costs of acquiring each lead can help you grow your business more effectively and maybe even realize it's worth spending a little more on lead gen if it generates a better return. Of course, it is a tricky task and requires dedication and resources. So, if you don’t have time or are short on resources, it would be best to take assistance from a performance marketing agency and let them help you achieve your goals. This way, you can be at ease and enjoy the benefits the agency offers.

Nevertheless, this article will cover 11 lead generation strategies and tips to help you generate more customers.

1. Create Opt-In Opportunities That Make Customers Irresistible

Using opt-in will increase the conversion rate by 32%. This will make the user say yes. Aim to have at least one Opt-in on your blog posts, such as PDFs, and resource guides. You can also offer a webinar, a free report, live demos, or more. You can maximize your company's marketing reach by providing more than one option.

Turn every blog post into an automated opt-in page. Worksheets are also a great way to capture information. Then, using the prospects' data, you can send them more tailored offers later down the line with less effort than pushing. 

Opt-In Opportunities

2. Always Run A/B Tests On Key Pages, But Test The Right Way

Thousands of visitors will browse and land on your website using a heat map tool. You can see the visitor's eyes on your website. Based on the key performing page, you can implement effective lead magnets to generate high-quality warm prospects ready to convert as a customer over little nurturing. 

In either case, it’s important to ensure your website runs smoothly and securely for all visitors. One of the ways to do this is by getting a United States VPS which will help keep your hosting safe and your visitors secure. Consider also using a reliable VPS with SSH for enhanced security.

Heat map analytics can increase B2B sales prospects by tweaking your landing pages. You can split tests and find the effectiveness that can boost conversion. For example, a/b testing your websites resulted in 24% fewer conversions. Split test different parts of your site, like headlines, buttons, backgrounds, etc. You might be surprised at what you find. 

3. Create a Clear & Easy Landing Pages To Take Action On

Have the best-ever converting landing page with clear information on the page copy. Explaining the product doesn't require users to read the complete information on all website pages. Video lead magnets or video marketing are much more efficient than most offering reports because it's only 3 minutes long, and most people don't want to read anything longer, and at the same time, the visitor can know more about your offers. Enhance your engagement and captivate your audience with a compelling video maker. Utilize a video maker to condense complex information into a captivating 3-minute visual narrative, maximizing audience engagement. Integrate a video translator to break language barriers, ensuring that your offers are easily understood by a diverse, global audience while maintaining the brevity that captivates modern viewers.

However, the landing page needs to stand out because it provides the consumer with content they want, and we need to show off the features of your business with video content. Example of how other brands use certain tools. Our product also helps to solve the customer's pain points and fulfills their curiosity.

Video lead magnets

4. Provide Better Offers

Landing page optimization is all about making sure your visitors convert. You can get an idea of what works best by looking at the landing pages of other companies that are doing well. If you see something that stands out, then try implementing it yourself. But if not, keep testing until you find something that gets results!

The business wanted to give its users a reason to install their software. Giving away is an effective way to make the people excited enough to download and try out your product. We realized that we would see huge download increases by offering free trials. Our customers were already getting great value from our software, but when we added a freebie on features, we saw a massive increase in conversions.

Better Offers

5. Create An Incentive-Based Referral Programs 

Even today, word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way people spread the word about their favorite product or business. However, technology changes today make the customer referral program the most effective customer acquisition strategy. However, referral programs are still a powerful lead-generation tool since it's easy to quantify and track them.

Creating an incentive-based referral system is another best prospecting technique. You can do this by giving discounts to new clients with a customized referral code for their first purchase. Then, for loyal customers, you can provide an increased discount for their referrals. You can read about other incentives in the Attrock B2B SaaS lead generation expert guide, including extending a purchase period or offering other tools for free.

It is a useful online prospecting strategy, and the customers can share the referral codes over emails and messages to their friends or individuals. For instance: Casper is a mattress company that implemented this incentive-based referral program in their business. Casper allows the user to send a referral link to their friends and can gain a 15% offer on their purchase. While the unique link purchasing individuals get a 75$ amazon gift card on their first purchase. Here are some standard process for setting up email affiliate marketing that generate you 1,000$ per month if done correctly.

referral programs
Image: Casper

6. Add A Live Chat To Your Website

Live chat can be a powerful way to generate leads and keep your customers happy. A recent study found that 44% believed that live chat was an important feature, with 62% of those surveyed saying that it made them more likely to return to your site. Moreover, 63% of respondents said that live chat increased their likelihood of being repeat customers.

It has been proven that live chat features are crucial for businesses and should be considered if they are not already in place. Consider adding a live chat feature as another online sales prospecting techniques. Live chat can be a great lead generation tactic for a business to draw in new customers. Whether they're new or existing, having the option to ask questions quickly means you can go out of your way to help them and wean them into customer loyalty. 

It's also easy to engage with site visitors on your website without calling or writing an email. You'll be able to show your commitment to customer service on the site by giving them immediate access to chat for instant help whenever they need a little touch that goes a long way. Moreover, if you already invested in mobile app development make sure to add this feature to your app as well. Example: Many top ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Amazon even small businesses have chatbots or live chats. It may appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the website, and you can speak to a chatbot or a live agent about concerns or questions.

7. Gain Buyer's Trust Through Social Proof 

Social proof is an important part of most B2B lead generation strategies. Buyers may doubt your product or services and look for social proof to make a more thoughtful decision on the customer journey purchasing decision. Social proof is the easiest way to build trust among the buyer and improve sales. So it is a good strategy to add social proof to your website. The social proof can be a case study of your current customer, social media reviews, reviews on G2, etc. It is an excellent way to build trust in your brand to your target audience. 

8. Create Some Downloadable Assets

You can offer free white paper downloads, eBook downloads, or other similar assets featuring your business expertise on the landing page or blogs to generate leads. Make your asset shared among your peers, which will improve brand awareness. The ability for your asset to be shared by others can help your brand become even more popular. Generate your brand logo with a logo maker and attach it to the assets, so that your brand name stays in the minds of users. It is an excellent strategy for generating leads. As you can see, Oracle offers downloadable white papers for prospective customers. In exchange for contact details, you can download a white paper on creating ideal customers.

Oracle Downloadable Assets

9. Have Unique Events Or Seminars For The Customer

There are several methods of event marketing that we have found to be most effective. We recommend holding a seminar or event if your business specializes in a field that people might not be familiar with. You can email customers information on the event, and it will be interactive, not just scripted. You can also network, talk to your employees, and reach out to other loyal customers at the event. And there are numerous techniques you can take depending on your business, audience, and budget. You could, for example, organize a debate or hold a topic-based conversation with experts.

For instance: IBM has been offered online courses. They keep up with modern trends and innovations by tuning in to one of their many free webinars (and there isn't much time like now).

Unique Events
Image: IBM

10. Personalize Your Website

What's more personal than tailored content? Personalized pages and an adaptable design will make the B2B lead generation process less formal. Personalized pages are made simple with AI tools like Smartwriter. Smartwriter AI has direct integration with Shopify and generates compelling content for product descriptions and data automatically, and it also lets you get started without any integrations. 

You'll be able to use Smartwriter's AIDA framework, designed around the art of conversion copywriting. This will help you write product descriptions that are more likely to convert buyers into customers. 

 Personalized pages

11. Publish & Promoting Case Studies 

B2B buyers will go through considerable research, risk-averse, analytics, and more before making a purchase decision. The case study is the sales enablement content on your website. You can have them in the middle to end stages of the lead generation process when case studies help sales. 

Publish & Promoting Case Studies 


Were you looking for the best practices to generate more prospects for your business? We've put together a list of lead generation strategies that are proven to work. Read on to learn more. Develop valuable content. When it comes to generating leads, quality content is key. Publishing high-quality blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, and other types of content will help you attract the attention of potential customers. 

For generating leads, social media channels can be a great tool. Ensure you're using social channels correctly and target audience segments with relevant content. Finally, Invest in paid advertising. This blog gives 11 tips to get started.

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