Social Selling LinkedIn: How to Increase Conversions on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms professionals use daily. We can do so much more, from business networking to exchanging ideas and finding new jobs and employees. It's safe to say that we are all very familiar with the platform. So let's get straight into it!

This blog post will discuss how effectively we use LinkedIn to generate leads and close deals with potential customers or partners by maximizing engagement on your profile. We'll also provide some proven tips on making the most of LinkedIn's features, such as its social media capabilities and social selling. If you're planning to start with LinkedIn, this content piece will surely make sense to your plan. Read on.

What Is Social Selling on Linkedin?

Social selling is a strategy in which the professionals get more sales leads from their mutual connections or wide network. Social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok are rapidly growing in popularity, and many people use them as an extension of their professional identities. People create interesting content to get more followers on tiktok or other platforms in order to establish a distinctive online presence. In this way, you could very well end up with potential customers through someone who knows somebody else from an online community..

It relies on people's social networks, companies, products or services, and technology. The more engagement we'll get, the more sales. It's all about engaging posts we share, viral content on social media. So brace yourself to explore new ways of selling and prospecting from the networks.

How Does Social Selling on Linkedin Work?

If you are in marketing, then very well know that there are various strategies to reach out to prospects. One of those strategies is social selling on LinkedIn. It involves leveraging the power of social media to connect with people and build relationships with the help of a perfect LinkedIn strategy.

Let us discuss making a social selling strategy for high conversion. For example, these are the top picks for social selling on LinkedIn are

  • Creating catchy Linkedin captions,
  • Job role and Bio prompts for professional profile,
  • A professional profile image to give a trustworthy feel,
  • Prospect research beforehand to find the target audience,
  • Sharing user interest-related valuable content for better engagement,
  • And as a final step, start sending LinkedIn connection request messages to potential clients.

As a whole, we need to create a genuine and highly engaging LinkedIn Profile for better sales. This effective method is best to improve sales opportunities from the social network and helps close more deals.

Why Should We Use Social Selling as a Business Marketing Strategy?

The main reason why we use social selling is to increase our chances of getting a lead from mutual connections or networks. After all, we want to have more conversations with potential customers. And if we already know each other, we can easily exchange information and build trust. It makes the journey to sales an easy win for the sales team.

What Are the Benefits of Using Social Selling on Linkedin?

According to the study, companies generate 80% of leads from LinkedIn as their primary marketing channel for lead generation purposes. It happens because LinkedIn is one of the best networking platforms for B2B marketing, with over 546 million users worldwide. Here are some benefits we get from selling on LinkedIn.

1. Increase Sales Opportunities


LinkedIn is a great place to connect with prospects and develop relationships. You can reach out to your contacts to ask for referrals, introduce yourself, and learn more about their businesses. It allows you to connect with influential individuals in your industry.


2. Build Trust

By connecting with people on LinkedIn, you can see their profiles, read their comments, and view their recommendations. We can get insight into their personalities, professional activities, and behaviors with the collected social proof. It will help you create a personalized approach to impress the sales prospects with trustworthiness.


3. Find the Target Prospects

If you're trying to grow your business to the next level, you must identify your ideal customer and where they hang out online. Creating a LinkedIn profile that aligns with these characteristics allows you to attract the right people.


4. Get More Leads

We can convert visitors into leads by properly guiding them by promoting the products and services through a useful piece of content related to the b2b buyers' interest.

Hope we got a brief idea about social selling best practices for sales on LinkedIn. Now, let's check some proven tips and tricks to increase conversions on LinkedIn.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Conversions on Linkedin:

LinkedIn is a great platform for people to connect with potential customers and network with other industry experts. However, if you're not using it to its full potential, you're missing opportunities to reach new clients and grow your business. Let us discuss some proven tips and tricks to help you become better acquainted with this networking platform and how it can benefit your business's growth.

Prospect Research from Connections:

Prospect research is vital for every sales professional in achieving sales goals. Usually, prospecting can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but LinkedIn made it easy for us. It has over 400 million users scattered worldwide, and the possibility of finding people relevant to your business from the connections is high. First, try to find the right lead from your connection, and for wide options, search mutual connections and industry experts by searching with keywords. The better connected you are on LinkedIn, the better conversion we make.

Geo-Based Research:

By choosing the location, we can easily filter and get the target audience with the help of Linkedin. For example, to reach out to a person for a sales process near your location, you can use a tool that offers geo local search grid feature. Choose the location to target and search from your social connections or search with keywords in common search with location filter for an accurate target persona.

Try Linkedin Sales Navigator:

In the past, companies have spent hours updating their LinkedIn profiles to boost the number of connections. But this resulted in many "weak" connections that didn't amount to much for either company or users. Instead, we should invest in sales tools like LinkedIn sales navigator.

Sales Navigator is an application developed by Linkedin that allows users to search professionals using keywords or an individual's email address. This tool provides information to each user, such as the person's position and their specific experience in their field, which is great for salespeople who need some background information when meeting with potential clients.

Send Personalized Inmail Messages:

Sending personalized InMail messages is one of the key strategies for Sales Reps on LinkedIn to grow their network, get new business deals, and make meaningful connections. Send a personalized LinkedIn connection message to someone you don't know and invite them to connect because they have something in common is a valid calling card. No other social channels can offer anything remotely similar to connecting selling like LinkedIn.

Personalized Linkedin connection request message


But creating LinkedIn connection request messages for more customers will be difficult. We have AI Linkedin personalization tools to make this process, which help us create connection invite messages by scrapping the prospect's profile. The people's recent activity, recommendation, job profile, or Bio creates hyper-personalized and relevant content for guaranteed acceptance. You can try the personalized linkedIn chrome extension for faster lead scraping. 

Improve Social Selling Index Score:

The social selling index score is a measurement used to determine how effective your sales team is at leveraging internal and external LinkedIn groups and pages. Higher the number, and better the score. It's very simple to work out, and it's as follows:

Social Selling Index Score = Consumer Engagement / Sales

It would be great to balance consumer engagement and sales activity on your social media channels to keep your customers engaged by sharing content and encouraging them to take advantage of offers and purchase products or services from you. If you have lots of customer engagement but not enough sales activity, you're providing value in a way akin to becoming friends with people; this isn't going to get business results over time. So focus more on improving the balanced scorecard and achieving social selling success.

Relevant And Original Content Posts:

Relevant and original content is pivotal to social selling profiles on LinkedIn. In the same vein as having a LinkedIn Company Page, it's important to ensure that the content on your profile is insightful and interesting. The most common mistake that SMBs make is not regularly updating their posts with new insights or ideas. If you want to impress and attract active followers who engage with your brand, you need to offer unique and enjoyable content worth reading.

To accomplish this, we have to create a strategic content plan for what types of posts we will be creating on average. And when thinking about continuously creating informative, enlightening content that contains the value for others, we should also think about what value can come from your posts for people who read the posts and then use this as the focus for each piece of content we create.

Make Use of Linkedin Communities:

In addition to being a great platform to list your services and offer special offers, a LinkedIn profile also allows you to connect with other professionals in your field who may be interested in following you on social media and learning more about what you do. However, not just anyone can create their LinkedIn community, as the site requires each one to have at least 30 members registered exclusively for six months. Once that has happened, all members can start posting articles and updates on the page updates.

Follow up Messages:

When people accept your first message, you need to respond as quickly as possible with the sales pitch so that you're in their inbox and ready to go when they next log into LinkedIn. The Linkedin follow-up message should introduce yourself and keep things prompt.

For example: saying something like

"Thanks for the reply. what I'm looking for is marketing talent with x y z skills that want to make an impact."

This way, we can influence our prospects and make them promptly take immediate action. Sending out a gentle follow-up message can increase the conversion chances.


Are you trying to implement social selling on LinkedIn? Well, we've got the low-down for you. It may be through the blog posts or company page or by utilizing your connections and networks to generate more leads. Social selling is an effective way of marketing that has seen tremendous success. Learn about the benefits of using this strategy and tips and tricks to increase conversions on LinkedIn with our comprehensive content. Happy selling!

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