The Five Outreach Marketing Techniques That Marketers Should Know

Today every individual performs email outreach these days. However, there are so many other communication options available such as social networks. Still, email is the top communication channel for any business. Nowadays, people trust third-party recommendations instead of marketing or talking about themselves. In  B2B sales, outreach marketing is the more fundamental process for business growth. This article shall look into outreach marketing and have a clear vision of how they help businesses.

Outreach marketing is one of the marketing strategies that are not quite familiar to many people.  This outreach marketing is usually done using emails. According to the definition of TrackMaven, Outreach marketing is a method of sharing information by email to generate more new leads. Outreach marketing is different from traditional email marketing, and these emails are not classified as spam. These emails are more personalized, and the email context language doesn’t promote a product or service openly. 

In general, outreach marketing is performed by reaching bloggers, influencers, and website owners with strong followers. For example, if a business does outreach marketing, it will send the free product or offer its services to the influencer on their particular niche. In exchange, they will ask for a review of their product or service on social media, blogs, etc., to promote their business with their target market. 

Outreach marketing is getting popular, like email marketing. Many businesses started to promote and strengthen their brand through outreach marketing.  It also has several other benefits for businesses.

What Is Outreach Marketing?

Outreach marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that focuses on pitching your business content through influential people or influencers who have a strong relationship with your target audience. Therefore, outreach marketing is also referred to as influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a process of building relationships with business influencers, journalists, bloggers who are interested in your product or services. In other words, outreach marketing is all about discovering and team up with the business influencer to promote the brand. This ultimate marketing goal is to promote the brand or business to a new audience and expand the priority audience through influential people. 

The outreach marketing will benefit the business as follows. 

  • It will improve your Link building process
  • Enables the Content marketing for business 
  • Helps to reach and connect with the influential people
  • Develop relationships with the targeted audience through the influencer or the brand ambassadors

For a successful marketing strategy, influencer marketing plays the most significant aspect. In this marketing technique, the influencers act as a bridge between your business and the priority audience. This will boost the popularity and brand visibility among the targeted potential customers. 

Promoting your brand with the influencer having millions & thousands of followers is a great way to boost organic traffic to the website. In addition, it will increase the brand credibility and awareness among the potential clients.

Today many individuals likely trust if they receive recommendations from their family, friends, favorite celebrities, and social media influencers. So it is more effective than the traditional marketing methods. 

Email Marketing vs. Outreach Marketing

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The key difference in outreach marketing is that email messages are sent to users unfamiliar with your brands or business. Outreach marketing concentrates on reaching out to influential people or famous people who have a strong relationship with your target audience to promote your business. So that sometimes this marketing strategy is referred to as Influencer Marketing Agency.

In contrast, the email marketing messages created and sent to your business targeted audience are already on your email subscription list. In other words, the emails are sent to the audience who opted in to receive your business notifications.

Why Is Outreach Marketing Important?

  • Is your business creating high-quality content, distributing it on social media networks, and sharing the latest blogs in the form of email newsletters to your list of email subscribers to connect with your targeted prospects? Still, your business can't boost your traffic. Unfortunately, it is quite common to every business. 
  • Growing a business is not an easy task. However, outreach marketing is one of the most powerful and efficient marketing strategies your business has to try.
  • Outreach Marketing plays a vital role in business marketing and sales. For example, suppose your business wants your product or service out of the world. Then your business needs to build a solid outreach campaign. If you overlook marketing outreach, your business may lose new leads and popularity among the targeted audience. 
  • Outreach marketing helps your business to increase visibility and boost credibility. This outreach strategy will gain three major things to business 1. increase conversion, 2. gain trust, and 3. grow targeted audiences. 
  • Your business followers can likely become customers over time. In addition, the outreach marketing will increase visibility within and out of your target audience. It will give value, and potential customers can learn more about the product and services that you offer. 
  • Marketing through the influencers will gain trust, and the targeted audience will engage with your brand, start to make purchases and recommendations to their friends, family, and colleagues. Outreach marketing paves the way for stable growth for your business.

Advantage of Outreach Marketing

Outreach marketing is an indirect marketing method where you connect with the prospects via an influencer before getting to them yourself. It is one of the most common ways of promoting products, services, brand awareness, improving brand reputation, business relationships, etc. If you want to grow your business rapidly, outreach marketing is one of the best ways. Here are the benefits of outreach marketing that your business can achieve with this strategy. 

  1. Build Credibility And Trust

People inspire an influencer, and they are more likely to trust their recommendations and opinions. Twitter study shows that nearly 40% of users make purchases as an immediate result of a Tweet from an influencer. People are more likely to be receptive when an influencer recommends your product or service. It helps the brand to build trust and credibility of the brand through influencer marketing.

  1. Boosts Your SEO & Ranking position 

Backlinking is a more important part of SEO because it represents the vote of confidence from one website to another website. For example, suppose your website is gaining high-quality backlinks from a high authority website. In that case, it will signal Google that another resource finds your content valuable enough to link with your content. 

Search engines infer that your site contains valuable content worth ranking on SERPs if your website gains valuable backlinks.

Gaining good backlinks to your website will improve the SERPs' ranking position (Search Engine Results Pages) and improve your overall SEO effort. By outreach marketing, your business can gain quality links from high-quality blogger pages or influencer pages, boosting your Google rankings on search engines. 

  1. Helps To Promote Your Content

The outreach marketing boosts your search traffic and helps to promote your content to the targeted customers. But, unfortunately, many website owners struggle when it comes to promoting content. 

Content amplification is performed by publishing the new blog articles, sharing business content on social media platforms, community marketing, and sharing your content piece on the online community like

However, the multichannel approach to marketing is not easy. Sharing a blog post on social media like Lindekin and Twitter will not be more effective in reaching your targeted audience. The major benefit of outreach marketing is to promote your content to the key audience through the bloggers on the specific niche or by influencer social media networks will be more effective, and businesses can achieve a quick conversion. This outreach strategy helps improve your brand awareness, and your business does not require to depend on word of mouth and third-party recommendations. 

  1. Builds Reach & Brand Awareness 

Outreach marketing is one of the best ways to reach and gain new potential prospects for the brand. Partnering with the bloggers and influencers to promote the brand will help reach huge audiences engaged with influencers. Thus, it improves brand awareness and reaches a potential audience. In addition, influencer and blogger recommendations, reviews,  brand mention on their website and social media platforms will boost visibility and increase credibility. 

  1. Quick Client Acquisition Online 

Reaching the key audience through outreach marketing will have more reach, and the conversion is faster than the traditional marketing conversions. 

Your product or services will reach the people who are already interested in the particular niche in influencer marketing, so the business can reach the interested audience and rapidly gain more customers for the business. As a result, you can drive more sales conversions. 

The Influencer Marketing Hub study states that outreach marketing or influencer marketing has faster customer acquisition online, and nearly 28% of the marketers agree on this. This indicates that outreach marketing is a key benefit for gaining more customers. 

  1. Highly Relevant & Focused

When your business works with the influencer and bloggers, it will align your product on the particular niche. As a result, your business can convey the messages to the relevant audiences instead of broad reach. Therefore, the #1 reason for the high return on investment (ROI) in outreach marketing is achieving high relevance. 

For example, If your business sells sports apparel, then the targeted audience is people interested in fitness and sports. Partnering with the fitness blogger, sports influencers, fitness influencers can reach the more relevant audience to market your sports products. Additionally, offering online exercise coaching can further engage your audience and promote your products effectively.

The Proven Outreach Marketing Practices That Delivers Huge Results

In the process of executing outreach marketing, following a few steps your business needs to take. Of course, the first and the fore post thing is finding the influential person and building relations. 

  1. Identifying Influential People 

Before outreach begins, your business needs to develop influencer personas before finding the potential influential people. While identifying influencers in your niche, you need to follow certain criteria to get better results.

  • While finding the potential influencer, ensure whether they are active on their social media platforms. For example, suppose the influencer has not posted any blogs, tweets, posts in a year. In that case, the influencer will not have new audiences, and promoting business content through these influencers will not gain more traffic and conversion. So ensure influential people are active on social media, growing their following, and engaging their followers with their content. 
  • Finding the relevant influencer and blogger is more important. For example, if your brand promotes fitness appeals, your business needs to find the fitness and sports influencers to market your brand. Choosing an irrelevant niche influencer to market the brand will not reach your potential target customer. So it is more important to find relevant influential people in your business niches. 
  • Find the influencer's popularity and ensure the influencer is gaining a good number of followers so that parting with the person will have room to grow in the future. 
  • The potential influential partners need to have good engagement, such as likes, retweets, and comments. Make sure the potential influencer responds to their follower comment and creates communication with their followers. 
  1. Choosing The Right Influencer

According to Tim Soulo from Ahrefs, your business can reach four different people for an outreach marketing campaign. Here are the types of influencers you can connect with for your outreach marketing. 

Sharks - Are the top influencers with millions of followers on different social media channels and are renowned for their expertise.

Big Fish - These influential people are not as big as the Sharks category, but people recognize them. They also can create enough impact on your business.  

Small Fish - These influencers have a small audience but are actively trying to grow their followers, and they will be more likely to be interested in becoming partners. These influencers are easier to reach out to.

Spawn - These individuals are starting in the niche, and they don't have enough audience. So these people are open to partner with the brand. 

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  1. Craft An Attractive Subject Line 

Email subject line is the first chance for the business to stand out in the recipient's inbox. What you write in your email subject line and the email intro is the deciding factor for the receiver to reply or delete your message. Personalized headings will avoid spam filters and explain how the recipient will benefit in the subject line with 5-7 words. 

Create a personalized, intriguing subject line on the outreach email with the Smartwrite tool. The software helps you to write a catchy cold email subject line with no effort  using AI  subject lines solution. These catchy subject lines will increase your email opens, clicks, and conversions. As per the backlinko email outreach study, the personalized subject line increased the response rate by 30.5%. So, start to create personalizing subject lines that create a huge impact on outreach campaign results.

  1. Personalized Outreach 

The first step to successful outreach is crafting the outreach content that hooks the email receiver. Your email contents have been hyper-personalization that has to be beyond form fields like first name, company name, etc. Here are guidelines how you can make use of the AI for cold email to potential clients to win massive results. 

The personalization has to be deeper; it has to provide the feel to the email receiver that your business has researched before reaching out to them. Creating personalized email copy for mass outreach can also be generated more successfully with the Smartwriter tool.

After identifying the influencer, reach out to them through personalized email, or you can connect with the influencer through social media with a direct message. While crafting personalized email pitches and making sure the email content is clear and concise. Explain briefly how their followers, and they will benefit by partnering with your brand. 

You can create a solid email and Linkedin pitch using Smartwriter “Personalised icebreaker generator & Personalised Linkedin outreach”. It will make a huge difference in your outreach and improve your response rates. 


As per the Marketing Donut study says that 44% of salespeople give up after their first follow-up. But the fact says that 80% of sales need a minimum of five follow-ups. According to Backlinko research, cold email replies can be increased by up to 65.8% with a single follow-up. 

The biggest challenge is personalized follow-ups or email sequences.  But you can achieve this by email marketing software to automate your follow-up email and schedule the follow-ups in the receiver time zone. In addition, automation for follow-up emails will be less time-consuming in your outreach process. 

Make your follow-up processes easy by adopting an automation tool and set regular reminders to reach out to influencers you want to connect with.

Show Your Credibility

When you reach the influencer or the organization's leaders or decision-makers, it is more valuable to give them the reason why they want to care for your email.  

Demonstrating value is more important. Provide a proven record and brief on what they benefit from partnering with your brand and how it will benefit their followers. People with a proven ( track record will improve your business credibility. 

Therefore there is nothing wrong with your business accomplishments. Even if they have not heard of your business before,  this will help them get familiar with your brand and motivate them to work with your brands.

Some Effective Outreach Marketing Strategy Your Business Should Definitely Try

Nowadays, outreach marketing is growing more popular because of its benefits. So, let’s look into some outreach approaches you can utilize in your next outreach campaigns.


  1. Gaining Link Existing Articles On Their Website


The business must find a relevant blog posts from authoritative sites. With this kind of email outreach, you will request the editors to restore or improve their existing content with your link that offers useful and informational content. 


Your email message needs to have a compelling reason why the website owner wants to link to your website in this outreach. The compelling reason is the vital part of the link-building tactics. Before you ask for a link to your website, ask yourself what benefits they get from it? The people will not care if there is no solid reason to get the link with you. So for the best link building, you need a compelling reason. 


 Using Smartwriter "add your link to their post," you can write a compelling email by sharing your blog's unique points and giving how your blog adds value to the author-reader. Creare powerful customized content using AI software. 



  1. Guest Blogging Outreach 


Guest blogging outreach is a strategic way to connect with the targeted audience through other sites. This email campaign contributes to the industry niche top blogs and gets a do-follow backlink to your website.


By gaining links, we can drive more organic traffic to the business, and the business can expand its reach and promote the brands to potential clients. 


You can tap your existing, relevant audiences and introduce your brand (Product/services) to many new readers by guest blogging. That’s why guest blogging outreach is a great way to grow your business's digital visibility.


However, to succeed in your guest blogging, you need to find the best guest posting website and write powerful content that fits the target audience.  


Use “Backlink Personalisation” features on the Smartwriter and create a personalized email copy that editors notice and publish on the right platforms.



  1. Influencer Outreach


Influencer outreach is a process of inviting the influencer to test your product or service and then to advertise to their audience. The influencer's outreach aims to build a readership and collaborate to showcase your product/service to your potential audiences.


Influencer outreach is a great alternative to traditional ads. It is the most effective strategy to build credibility and increase awareness of your brand. The most important part of influencer marketing is knowing your outreach goal, identifying the right influencers, and building relationships. 


Here’s an example of an influencer outreach template for the initial pitch 

Image source


Infographics Outreach


Remember, 90% of the information is transmitted as visuals to the brain. Therefore, creating and submitting infographics on trending topics is a great way to gain authority links to your website. 


Implement visual marketing and start gaining the links you want by building and promoting infographics. Infographics contents work well when you include reliable information with a professional touch.


The infographic you create has to be informative and useful to the readers of the website you plan to share. Thus, there would be more chances for publishing on another website. You can also develop exclusive infographics and pitch particular authoritative sites.


A key success of the infographic outreach relies on the content and making sure they are highly shareable.  If you share the infographic on the website, ensure that you publish it with the CTA  buttons. CTA will direct your website audience to share your infographic on their social media. Here's is the best email template for infographics outreach. 


Image source



  1. Influencer Mentions


Social mention is more powerful than a paid advertisement. Getting influencers to mention for your business will grow your brand image.  You can ask influencers to review the product or services after using them, publish it on your website, and request them to comment on the blogs.


You can also share the influencer reviews as social media posts and send an email request to share those posts on their Facebook, Instagram, and retweets on their social media pages. Below is an influencer mention template that can be used for your next email outreach. 


Image source


  1.  Outreach For Roundup Posts


Roundup posts will drive a huge amount of passive web traffic. As a result, many businesses use this marketing technique and achieve long-run results. 


The roundup post's success depends on how well the content is crafted and what your business is doing after the post is published.


Pick the right topic and ideal influencer to include in the roundup is more important. You can speed up your influencer outreach by using tools like Ninja Outreach to find influencers on the niche and reach out to them directly.


Expert roundups are an excellent way to generate content engagement, obtain social media traction, and immeasurably valuable exposure. Developing an outreach message more compelling and craft them in a way that can't be ignored or rejected by your prospective influencer completely.


  • After the roundup content piece is live, your business needs to promote them in the following ways. 
  • Share the roundup with your targeted audience on social media.
  • The best part of the roundup post is requesting the participants (Influencers) to social shares the live post on their social media platforms.
  • Try to do an exclusive interview with each participant on the roundup. 
  • Try to write a guest article on the participant's sites.


  Roundup Posts Outreach Sample 


Image source


Outreach Marketing Effective Tactics

A recent study shows that 83% of customer's purchases or make purchase decisions depend on their recommendations from their peers over advertising. You may gain the following benefit if your business implements a solid practicing outreach marketing tactics:

Reach out to bloggers in your niche: Connect with the successful bloggers in your industry niche. People will trust the 3rd party suggestions that are natural. The best collaboration with bloggers on the content you can promote your product through the product reviews or name drop.

Organize outstanding influencer events: Hosting influencer events is an excellent way to create a buzz about your business product or service that you are looking to promote.

Execute a network focus: Outreach campaigns to build your PR network or network with the individuals you meet at the event or meeting. Partnering regularly with the numerous social influencers will create more digital shout-out.

Recognize or Appreciate influencers: Appreciate the influencers by rewarding them once in a while to keep them motivated. It will be creating word-of-mouth recommendations and will strengthen your influencer relationship.

Use quotes and testimonials: In the outreach campaign, add some interesting quotes and testimonials. For example, sharing your success story will help the people to associate with them on the success. 


The outreach marketing's main goal is to connect with potential influencers interested in your brand and help to promote the product or service. In addition, outreach marketing aims to drive more traffic and new users to the business.


For an effective outreach marketing strategy, businesses must set a clear goal, find the right influencer on the industry niche, and pitch them through a highly personalized message (It has to be one-on-one outreach). I hope this article will help you understand the key ideas behind outreach marketing and provide you with actionable outreach techniques.


The Smartwriter team knows outreach requires a lot of effort, creativity to get results. Smartwriter tool is built having you in mind, and you can automate your entire marketing outreach process quickly. 

Building a solid outreach campaign from scratch requires time, but you can implement the campaign 40x faster with our tool. Reach out to us for the Smartwriter price and plan. We will help your business build and implement a high-converting outreach approach.

But if businesses adopt, you can get the verified email address of the ideal influencers and create highly personalized targeted messages within minutes. So sign up today and enjoy the results tomorrow!

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