6 ChatGPT Alternatives to Keep an Eye on in 2023

ChatGPT has become a part of life in the last few months. Since its launch, it has taken the internet by storm with its outstanding capabilities to answer any question.

Social media is filled with examples and use cases of ChatGPT, with some brilliant responses, while others are vague and irrelevant. And also biased and contradicting sometimes.

Moreover, ChatGPT is always down or at capacity. It hasn’t got any better as the traffic to the conversational AI tool is on the rise. But OpenAI launched a premium subscription - ChatGPT Plus for $20/ month, where ChatGPT does not go down. 

It is like a special ticket to skip the line, which is not easy to get. You have to get on a waitlist and wait till ChatGPT chooses you.

But ChatGPT is not the end of conversational AI!

It has expanded with advanced tools like ChatSonic and other ChatGPT alternatives. They are easy-to-access and budget-friendly options with great value.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the best alternatives to ChatGPT and see what they offer. 

But before we get into that, let's start with the basics of ChatGPT. Keeping reading!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, the big cheese of chatbots, is an AI-powered chatbot based on GPT-3, one of the largest and most advanced AI models. OpenAI, the master brain behind ChatGPT, trained it on billions of words from the internet, making it a wizard at understanding, responding to, and generating text based on user input.

ChatGPT is a wise old owl with knowledge and experience. It's trained to handle all sorts of conversations and can handle even the most complex of topics with ease.

In fact, it's so smart that you can use ChatGPT for content creation and generating code, which is impressive. However, for those seeking to explore beyond its capabilities, rag chatbot emerges as a pioneering alternative, leveraging robust AI to offer enriched interactive experiences.

ChatGPT will only get better with time as it learns from more and more data. One day, it might even feel like you're talking to a real-life human. 

Crazy, right? 

ChatGPT is a game-changer in the world of chatbots and a hot dog in its field.

If it is so amazing, then why look for a ChatGPT alternative?

Why do you need a ChatGPT alternative?

You may have noticed its limitations if you're a frequent ChatGPT user. It could have been over capacity or down for maintenance. 

But even beyond those issues, there are plenty of other reasons why you might wanna start exploring some ChatGPT alternatives. So, keep reading to see if any of these options might be a better fit for your needs!

  1. Outdated responses: ChatGPT is very confident even when giving wrong and outdated information to its users. This is because it is trained on a large database that is updated up to 2021 events only. If you are looking for trending news or recent events, ChatGPT cannot help you.

  1. No AI image generation: ChatGPT might be a superstar in generating text, but unfortunately, it can't do everything. Specifically, it cannot whip up a snazzy image to complement your article. 

So, if you're looking for a AI chatbot development that can work its magic on images and text, you should keep searching!

  1. Cannot support voice commands: Having lively old-fashioned chats is not the way of ChatGPT. It is strictly a text-based language model, which means it can't understand or respond to voice commands. 

  1. Lack of API: Did you find ChatGPT useful for a project? You’ll have to keep making round trips from ChatGPT to your project software, as there is no way you can integrate them without a ChatGPT API.

  1. No mobile app: 88% of mobile time is spent on apps, but OpenAI did not make an effort to develop a user-friendly mobile app that can be used on the go.

  1. No chrome extension: Are you someone who has a row of tabs open on their browser while working? Get ready to add another tab to your list, as ChatGPT does not have a chrome extension.

  1. Down or at capacity: ChatGPT does not work most of the time due to the increasing number of users on its platform. Although OpenAI tried to solve this limitation by launching ChatGPT Plus, a premium version, it is not available to everyone.

6 Best ChatGPT Alternatives to Consider 

ChatGPT was everyone's BFF for so long, with all the mind-blowing potential. But lately, you're always at capacity and leaving us hanging.

Depending on ChatGPT has become a bit of a rollercoaster ride, so it's time to start exploring some other options. But with so many alternatives out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start!

We've got your back. We've researched and compiled a list of the best ChatGPT alternatives. 

And some of these chatbots even go above and beyond what ChatGPT can do - isn’t that impressive?


Here is SmartWriter, a ChatGPT alternative for cold emails. 

Are you tired of spending countless hours crafting the perfect cold email for your sales or outreach campaigns? Then, this AI tool is something you must consider. 

With SmartWriter, you can generate personalized and targeted cold emails at the click of a button, automating your entire outreach process 40 times faster and at a fraction of the cost. Not just that, you can improve email personalization which gets you 8 times more replies within minutes. 

So, it’s time to wave goodbye to wasted time researching and writing emails. Boost your outreach campaigns by automating your entire research and copywriting process in seconds. 

SmartWriter is so smart that it uses your prospect's online data to create punchy personalized cold emails for generating sales online or backlinks at scale. 

It is perfect for B2B sales, LinkedIn personalization, and deep-researched cold emails. SmartWriter is already trusted and used by 12,218+ companies and agencies.

SmartWriter Features:

  • Leverage AI and machine learning to create tailored and personalized cold emails for your prospects. 
  • Access your complete customer resource database with SmartWriter, enabling you to build prospecting lists at scale.
  • Stand out with personalized LinkedIn messages that are compatible with your connection.
  • Use your blog content to create targeted backlink request emails with SmartWriter.

SmartWriter Pricing:

All SmartWriter plans come with a 7-day free trial to explore the features of the tool. It primarily has 3 plans

  • Basic Plan - $ 59/ month
  • Popular Plan - $149/ month
  • Pro Plan - $349/ month

While the basic and popular plans are perfect for marketers and scale-up businesses, the Pro plan is apt for large companies and agencies. You can also get 20% off on all the plans if subscribed annually. To know more, check out SmartWriter Pricing.


Say hello to ChatSonic by Writesonic, the next-gen superstar of conversational AI chatbots.

It is not just an alternative to ChatGPT, but it’s like ChatGPT with superpowers. The features and capabilities of ChatSonic are beyond expectations.

The advanced AI technology blows minds with real-time data, AI images, and voice searches. It generates content based on user input in a flash and keeps the conversation engaging.

So, if you're ready to take your productivity to the next level, ChatSonic is your chatbot. Say goodbye to ChatGPT limitations and welcome the full potential of AI technology!

How can ChatSonic overcome ChatGPT’s limitations?

  • ChatSonic grabbed the first impression of everyone with its powerful integration with Google. It creates factual and up-to-date content, covering current topics and trends in real-time.

  • Get ready to be blown away by ChatSonic's persona mode! You get to choose your own adventure and tailor your chat experience to your liking. With 16 different personas, including an interviewer, personal trainer, dentist, and more, ChatSonic can be your expert and adapt to any situation.

  • ChatSonic can add a pop of visuals with its image-generation capabilities. They are unique and eye-catchy to accompany your text which will leave your readers in awe. 
  • It can not only understand voice commands but also read back responses for a truly immersive experience, just like you would with Siri or Google Assistant.

  • ChatSonic is great at remembering conversations and loves making life easier for its users. You can switch on and off its memory mode to optimize your experience. Starting a new chat is as easy as pie with the memory mode off.

The same goes for its 'Google data' mode. Just flip the switch as per your requirement. It's all about giving you the ultimate flexibility!

  • ChatSonic's API enables you to add robust customer service and communication capabilities to your online apps and websites and even build multiple apps to make money. 
  • The ChatSonic chrome extension can give you the ultimate experience. It's like having a genie in a bottle, granting all your writing wishes on your laptop or desktop.

Whether you're tweeting your thoughts or doing a deep dive on Google, the use cases are endless. With this magical extension, you can write emails and create content on any screen!

  • ​ChatSonic just launched a shiny new feature called ChatSonic AI bot. No more boring customer conversations - just smart, personalized chats with a bot that thinks for itself. 

ChatSonic use cases

  1. You are excited and nervous about your product launch. It can be quite challenging to figure out the go-to-market strategy to drive virality and sales for your product. Let’s see how ChatSonic can assist!

  1. If you are a fashion designer launching your new designer wear and not sure how to find the right models, ask ChatSonic.
  1. Who says AI chatbots are just for business? ChatSonic is the perfect companion to beat boredom and have some fun! It can play games with you, tell you jokes, and even recommend a good book or movie. 

ChatSonic Pricing

ChatSonic is accessible through Writesonic's free and long-form paid plans. The free plan allows for 100 generations. If you are on the long-form plan, you can use your existing word balance for generating ChatSonic responses. The long-form starts at $19/ month.


Narrato is your entire content planning and creation tool stack clubbed into a single intuitive platform, with some very powerful AI content creation features. 

It not only helps you generate content with AI but also plan your content calendar, edit and optimize content using AI tools, and automate your content workflow too. 

Narrato saves you time on keyword research, minimises content creation effort, automates publishing to any platform and even allows you to collaborate with your entire content team. So it can be an alternative to not just ChatGPT but a host of other tools that you usually have to rely on.

Narrato AI writing assistant features and use cases:

  • Generate blog topic ideas and add them as new content items under a project instantly
  • Generate instant SEO content briefs complete with keyword suggestions, questions to include, competitor links and more

  • Generate blog post outlines, introductions, and conclusions to create quick first drafts
  • Overcome writer’s block with use cases like ‘Sentence expander’ and ‘Write for me’

  • Improve and paraphrase existing content to pack a punch, with the ‘Content improver’ and ‘paraphraser’ tools 
  • Generate high-converting ad copy, product descriptions, and web copy, aligned with your brand voice and target audience
  • Enhance grammar, readability and other content quality markers with the AI content assistant
  • Write click-worthy email subject lines and cold emails with the AI email writer
  • Generate video script outlines, video hook intros, and descriptions for your YouTube marketing content
  • Generate high-quality AI images in various styles from text prompts

If you still can’t do without ChatGPT for content research or summarising, Narrato also has a ChatGPT integration that you can use on the platform itself.

Narrato pricing: 

Narrato Workspace has a free plan for teams and individuals just getting started. But for busy marketing teams that have to deliver more in less time, the paid plans start with the Pro at $9 per user per month. It allows you to generate up to 30,000 characters/ user/ month with the AI Writer and up to 15 generations/user/month on AI Images. For higher limits and more advanced features, you can choose the Business plan or build your own custom plan too.

Bard AI

Google has always been known for disrupting search and setting the rules of the internet. They have been working on various AI projects and launched a few in the testing phase. 

And guess what? They've got a ChatGPT alternative, Bard AI, which can be a real game-changer.

Bard AI is the latest and greatest development from the geniuses over at Google. It's an experimental chatbot that's powered by AI technology called LaMDA. 

With LaMDA on board, Bard AI is a real natural language processing expert! It can understand what you're saying and respond with incredible accuracy. It's not limited to a specific year's worth of data. 

That's right. Bard AI can keep up with the times and respond to whatever you throw at it. 

Image source: Twitter

Although ChatGPT and Bard may offer comparable functionalities, Bard sets itself apart due to its association with Google.

As a result of Google's vast resources and extensive expertise, Bard can leverage state-of-the-art language models and technologies to provide highly accurate responses and data. Since it is still in the development phase, there's less clarity regarding its use cases and future advancements.

Bard AI features:

  • Bard, according to Google, can produce text and respond to questions.
  • It has no constraints on the extent of knowledge it can access, regardless of the time period.
  • Additionally, Google's latest conversational AI chatbot project has the capability to condense texts.

Bard AI pricing:

Google has not disclosed pricing for this experimental project yet and it is accessible for a restricted trial.

Microsoft Bing AI

Microsoft has infused Artificial Intelligence into its search engine, now renamed as Bing AI.

It is a total powerhouse based on the OpenAI language model, which is way more potent than the regular ChatGPT and even the formidable GPT-3.5. It's specifically developed to take searching to the next level and is designed to be faster, more accurate, and more efficient. 

Microsoft has taken all the valuable lessons and advancements from its previous models and incorporated them into Bing AI to deliver the best possible results to users. It is also rolling out its Edge browser with two new AI-boosted features, 'Chat' and 'Compose.'  

Microsoft has devised a unique method of utilizing OpenAI's capabilities with an AI comparable to Chat GPT. This approach is known as the Prometheus model.

By leveraging OpenAI's power to the fullest, the Prometheus model yields more precise, personalized, and current results while enhancing security measures. The methodology employed here is carefully designed to harness the maximum potential of OpenAI.

Bing AI features:

  • With Bing, users can ask questions with up to 1,000 words and receive AI-powered responses.
  • Bing's capability to handle intricate inquiries enables faster information retrieval.
  • In the event that ChatGPT-driven Bing can't provide a direct answer to your question, it will offer a range of related results to explore.

Bing AI pricing:

Bing's limited preview of its ChatGPT-powered features is available at zero cost. However, it's yet to be determined whether this will change once the full version is launched.


Are you a coding enthusiast and playing around with code generation on ChatGPT?

Then there is good news for you. Coders' favorite, Github, has launched a conversational AI - CoPilot especially for coding purposes. t uses OpenAI Codex's GPT-3 model to offer you powerful auto-completion capabilities.

This tool also provides multi-language coding support, with syntax generation for up to 12 languages. You can code in JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby/Swift/TypeScript, and BASH, all in one place. 

Plus, it's fueled by billions of lines of open-source code from the public domain, including the vast collection of repositories on GitHub. 

CoPilot features:

  • CoPilot is one of the best AI tools that provide multi-language support.
  • Not only is GitHub Copilot a coding titan, but it's also compatible with popular coding platforms like VS Code, Neovim, and JetBrains. So, no matter which platform you prefer, you can be sure that CoPilot has covered you.

CoPilot Pricing

Students and contributors can enjoy CoPilot’s amazing coding capabilities free of charge. For other individuals, there is a monthly subscription fee of $10. For businesses, Copilot charges a monthly fee of $19.


Hiringpeople.io is an AI job description writing tool that offers a more streamlined and efficient solution to traditional AI tools. It helps you generate complete job descriptions in seconds, pulling data from billions of touchpoints, when you enter any job title.

Hiringpeopl.io saves you time researching common responsibilities, tasks, skills, and education. You can edit the results, fine-tuning the description with brand voice, culture, and values.

Editing your job description

Hiringpeople.io writing features and use cases:

  • Unlike traditional AI tools that require initial input from the user, this AI job description writing tool creates job postings from scratch. The tool generates a comprehensive job description in seconds by simply inputting the job title.
  • The tool leverages vast amounts of data from various sources, including job boards, company websites, and professional networks. This ensures that the generated job descriptions are up-to-date and aligned with industry standards and trends.
  • While the AI tool generates the job description, it also allows for customization. You can tailor the content to reflect your company’s requirements and culture, ensuring the job posting is unique and appealing to potential candidates.
  • The tool significantly reduces the time and effort required to write job descriptions by automating the process. HR professionals can focus on other critical tasks, such as candidate screening and employee engagement.
  • This AI job description writing tool offers unparalleled scalability for businesses that need to create multiple job postings quickly. Whether you need to generate descriptions for a handful of positions or hundreds, the writing tool can easily handle the task.

Hiringpeople.io pricing:

You can register to try Hiringpople.io for free and generate up complete job descriptions. You can save or download the content and add team members to your account to facilitate collaboration.

Elsa Speak

As a ChatGPT alternative, Elsa is one of the top choices for language learning. It is an AI-based language-learning application that assesses the user's speech and generates a set of tasks that are easy to understand. 

Elsa is specifically designed to assist with English language speech and can translate various languages into English. 

Its AI technology was developed by analyzing voice recordings of individuals speaking English with a variety of accents, which allows Elsa to recognize the vocal patterns of non-native speakers, giving it an advantage over other voice recognition programs.

Elsa Speak features:

  • Elsa offers personalized, bite-sized English lessons to help improve your skills.
  • You can take quick assessments to track your progress.
  • Keep track of your accomplishments with progress tracking boards and graphs.
  • With AI coaching support, Elsa can help keep you motivated and focused.
  • Get real-time feedback on your speech recognition to help refine your skills.

Elsa Speak Pricing:

Elsa's paid plans are available at a monthly and annual billing rate starting from $11.99. You can also try out the service for free with their 7-day trial.

Wrapping up

ChatGPT is amazing, but these alternatives to ChatGPT have come up with really cool features that can make life easier. 

Some of these ChatGPT alternatives have gone above and beyond with their unique features. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Chatsonic - with its powerful Google integration, can generate real-time responses and supports voice commands. It's like having a personal assistant in your pocket.
  • Bard AI - It is hard to find the favorite feature because they haven’t released a public version yet. But as it is from Google, we hope it will be exciting to use.
  • Bing AI - The effort it puts into making complex information look simpler is outstanding.
  • CoPilot - It helps coders accelerate coding, boost problem-solving, enhance focus, and increases job satisfaction for developers.
  • Elsa Speak - The pronunciation of Elsa is so accurate that it is the best tool to learn English for non-native speakers.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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