Funny Email Subject Lines That Will Hook Your Reader

Your prospects are flooded with uninspiring subject lines or generic lines every day. If your outreach needs to grow the open rate and responses, then the most important thing is that your message to stand out and get attention amongst those emails is a great subject line. It's not enough to have an interesting or informative body text, but people will without opening or deleting it without some funny and creative attention-grabbing subject line. 

Nearly 45% of the email recipients open based on the subject line and curiosity alone. Therefore, the headline is the most crucial part of an email, and it needs to make people curious enough to open it and provide valuable information.  

If your business wants to restart the conversation with your prospect, implement the humor and start using funny subject lines. Using humor makes your message stand out from the crowd and makes the person read even if they are not interested in hearing from you. Using funny subject lines is a proven method to get their buyer's attention. They will enjoy laughing while making sure it will not be salesy. Funny lines for email will not make them feel you are selling something. Using these 200+ great subject lines gets you more success than ever before for any campaign. 

Great Funny Email Subject Lines To Get Your Client's Attention 

The power of email marketing is undeniable. It is a well-thought-out email marketing campaign with engaging content, catchy email subject lines that hooks. These exciting promotions trigger any brand to connect with its targeted audience amazingly.

Humor is another powerful and effective tool for your marketing that makes people laugh with every email you send out. Unfortunately, plenty of companies uses humor too frequently, quickly becoming old. 

Junk emails will land your messages straight into a junk folder where potential buyers'll quickly forget them. However, the following funny subject lines examples will hook your reader.  This blog post shall look on the great lines to get your client's attention and make your campaign noticed. 

1. Creative Funny Subject Line Example

Humor on the subject will be more powerful if done correctly. Using your funny subject will turn off your audience. Instead of using boring lines, the OptiMonk brand used the humorous subject to share the email template. The inspired line is Egg-cellent templates available 🐰. They used humor in the lines at the right time with the right word "Egg-cellent" instead of "Excellent". The OptiMonk team shared the below creative content during the Easter holidays. These templates make you stand out in the crowded inbox and It is like a foundation of sorts, awesome work. You can find perfect subject line templates in all shapes, sizes, colors, or styles, but each has its own purpose to finding the right fit for your business.

Image: Source

2. Travelocity: Need A Day At The Beach Subject Line

Giving your prospect space to plan for their quarterly board meeting is a significant way of showing that your brand respects them and cares about what's important. So, for example, if they say they're going to be busy over the next few weeks, give them some room so they can sort things out in peace without feeling like it's something needing to be done immediately or under pressure from you. 

When your prospect says they're going to be busy over the next few weeks, give them space and ask them. While reconnecting with them it is essential to get back on your prospect's radar. A recent study found that marketers who used personalization & humor strategies such as empathic communication had better outcomes than those without personal email touches in their approach. 

Here is an example: Travelocity uses an inspiring subject like, need a day at the beach and starts the effective email open line with some special offerings like you're missing out on some serious fun. I could offer your {{Product/ services}}. 

3. Apology Funny Email Subject lines Sample 

This section will look into a humorous apology message that works. You need to use a comical tone to clear the atmosphere and apologize for sending a wrong message with bad timing. FilterEasy knows how to apologize without actually saying sorry using the subject “Oops: Someone Hadn’t Had Their Coffee Yet This Morning”. Instead, the company uses a light-hearted tone in their emails and messages, which makes people laugh and helps clear any tension or bad memories from earlier on. 

Humor is a wonderful way of making light-hearted conversations with your customers. You can use hilarious apologies or remarks on their most recent purchase, which will make them laugh and also keep you in good standing. The key to getting your email subscriber's attention is using the right tone in an amazing email. If you pay closer attention and retain the customer, use funny or creative language instead of using "I'm sorry"  or "Sorry" to boost your chances of keeping or retaining the customers.

Apology Funny Email Subject lines
Image: Source

4. Funny Newsletter Subject Lines Sample

Using an emoji here is simple and draws customers' attention and makes the email list receiver click and read them. Meal kit delivery service Hello Fresh offers its email subscriber home kitchen tips and tricks in newsletters. These newsletters get more aspiring home cooks on board with trying new things.

Hello Fresh used the business email subject lines as a New recipe alert 🚨. These additional resources encourage the aspiring cooks to try new things, and these words excite the receiver because they are getting offered recipe ideas. 

Hello Fresh offers new recipe ideas in their email newsletters and is an exciting opportunity for home cooks who want to attempt something new & different. Using alert emojis 🚨 and being creative with text placement on the subject will make the receiver view and click. 

5. Funny Email Subject Lines for Prospects

Warby Parker knows how to impact their subject (Warby Parker: Pairs nicely with spreadsheets). Moreover, they're able to use this power for good by using the right information and compelling tone to create really successful campaigns that help increase company efficiency, team morale, or revenue. 

Every industry will not be relevant, and the Warby Parker business deals with the B2B customers. They share how products or services grow. 

6. Humorous Promotional Subject Line Example

People can't always be perfect, and sending an apology message to the customer is an art and makes them open. While writing a clever email to apologize, you must admit your fault and explain why this happened. Then, come up with a solution for those concerned before offering any kind words or excuses. 

Make sure there isn't too much emotion in the tone either, so ensure that you choose the right tone. Make sure to admit that you were wrong, explain how it happened, and come up with a solution or two on the spot. 

Humorous Promotional Subject Line Example
Image : Source

It can be hard to find humor when you're in a tough situation. For example, we look at GOBE's email for example: Oops! We got excited. This simple phrase explains well without long explanations.

They sent an email that they sent a wrong message because their website had just launched with a new brand name. So they announce their new launch with a kind of funny apology email along with some discounts offerings to their loyal customers. Likewise, GOBE shares its new launch and offers customers some deals on products with humorous emails. 

7. Funny Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines

Research shows that sending Thanksgiving messages is an opportunity for a business to attract subscribers. 35% of recipients say their inboxes are opened based solely on a sender's content alone. So take advantage by using powerful words and emojis in all relevant spots throughout any campaigns fashioned towards thanksgiving emails.

Email subjects are important because they entice people to open. Therefore, it's essential to capture their attention and make them want to read what you have written.

The holidays are the best time to reach out and show your customers that your brand cares for them. Thanksgiving strategies express your gratitude towards your clients for their support. In addition, email marketers can send thoughtful content updates throughout the holiday season. 

With popular emojis, you can improve the open rate. As per ReturnPath use of emojis such as Turkey🦃, drumstick🍗 and fall leaf🍁 has increased the open rates by 22% compared with other Thanksgiving email campaigns. The funny thanksgiving subject examples with different emojis. 

Funny Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines


Subject lines are one of the most vital pieces, and it is the first thing people see. It will make or break whether someone opens your messages or not. The best way to get people to open is to use a funny subject that catches their attention. We’ve provided some examples of hilarious subject lines that will make you laugh, but remember to keep them professional so that you don’t lose your customers’ trust. 

Writing a good subject is challenging for marketers. However, you can write winning subject lines with the above inspiration. Try out these ideas for a unique and interesting subject that will get people interested in what you have to say.

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