Irresistible Catchy Email Subject Lines That Gets Opened

Marketing has changed drastically over the years. Email is the best tool for any business marketing, but the email's openness depends on the well-crafted lines. We all know that opening an email is the first step to a successful marketing campaign. Best subject lines will increase your open rates. Next, create more creative, engaging, and memorable opening lines and messages. Then, to make your readers take action on what they read (For instance, opening an attachment or clickthrough rates).

If your email marketing has high open rates means more responses and better conversions. Marketer implements different strategies to boost the recipient's reply rate for the business emails. Craft lines that their subscribers can’t resist. This blog post provides you with catchy email line examples that will help boost the numbers for opens on any marketing campaign.

Why Do You Need A Catchy Email Subject Lines

The subject line is one of the most significant elements in an email. It can make or break whether someone opens your message, so it’s worth taking the time to craft carefully. Research says that nearly 47% of the email recipient opens the email received based on the subject alone. Therefore, it is vital to get your message across. If people don't open it, you're losing out on important information about what they might need or want to know.

There are many ways to make a good subject line for email that is more effective, but there's one thing that will always work: using natural human tendencies and psychological principles. So here are some proven 219 best email subject lines for your marketing. 

Catchy Email Subject Lines Examples That Gets Opened

The attention-grabbing subject line will hook the receiver's attention and help the business stand out in the receiver's inbox. In addition, these line communicates the value and build trust in your product or services. The email subject needs to build trust. In this section, let's look into some of the catchy subject lines that will boost your open rate.  

Personalized Email Subject Lines

Personalized subject lines that include the subscriber's name boost open rates. However, there are other ways to make your email subject more personal,  hand-picked look, and ensure the tone is casual. Here are personal subject line examples that get subscriber's attention. 

  1. {{Name}}, Would you like to see some of our hand-picked outfits?
  2. {{Name}} utilize {{Product name}} single opt in to increase your revenue by 300%.
  3. {{Name}} your detailed results…
  4. Hey {{Name}} It's Time to say goodbye
  5. {{First Name}} We can assist in accomplishing your goal 
  6. {{Subscriber Name}} quick query for you!

Smartwriter Personalized Email Subject Lines

Other techniques you use to get people to read your messages. You can use other techniques to get people to read your messages using hyper-personalization on the messages & subject lines. However, using Smartwriter AI, you can personalize your outreach with data-driven automation to increase the chance of a successful connection. Using these AI tools, you can personalize your outreach with a prospect's online data and make it more effective for reaching out.  These follow-up email templates subject line will help grab their attention & grow your conversion rate. 

Fear Of Missing Out Samples 

People may ignore/ unopened email if the subject line is generic in their inboxes. Adding elements like limited availability or limited time or time sensitivity will urge the subscriber to open the email if you add the fear of missing out or creating a sense of urgency in your subject. This psychological principle that always works increases your open & click-through. 

Subject lines that include words like "urgent", 'breaking', important,” or alert are proven to increase open rates. However, it's not just about including time-sensitive words in your subject. It also helps to use language that implies urgency or importance so people will open them sooner rather than later. Missing out is a great opportunity to make the people open your email and read it. 

Here are some of the fears of missing out on subject line samples that can be used for your next campaign. 

  1. Uh-oh, your subscription is expiring
  2. [URGENT] You’ve only a Day left to what this {{Program/ Event Name}}
  3. Your {{plan name}} goes bye-bye at midnight…
  4. {{Name}}, Earn double points purchased today only!
  5. There's just one week left for {{Back Friday Sale}} starts!

Curiosity Subject Lines Examples

You can capitalize on the human need for closure by using open-ended subject lines. There's nothing they'll want more than to find out who's reached the top of the mountain, and as such, your email has more of a chance of being opened. In addition, the strategy of having the subject line open-ended will create curiosity among the contact, which leads to increased response and opening of the email.

Curiosity-inducing subjects get your reader interested enough for them to open the email. Here is a few curiosity-inducing subjects that you can create for your next campaigns. These email line examples make the reader lead down an interesting path.

  1. {{Name}} secret gift for you! {unwrap}
  2. Hey {{Name}} Don't open this email! 
  3. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone 
  4. You’re Invited (Brand Name)
  5. Your routine is incomplete without... 

Perfect Email Benefits Lines Samples 

You know how to get a response. Subjects that are eye-catching and speak directly towards what you offer will make it easier than ever before. Recipients are always looking for ways to save time and money, so why not appeal to them with a perfect email subject line.

  1. Are you ready to see 20% more increased sales?
  2. We'll help you save 8 hours of work this week. 
  3. We can create your job 28% easier
  4. Solutions for [pain points] are here!
  5. Life-changing 5 things you can do today for a better week!

Funny Email Subject Lines Sample

If you have an email subscriber who is always opening your emails and want to keep them interested, it's worth investing some more time in your email line. Include something funny or thought-provoking that will make your subscribers curious and read on. Being humorous can pay off in terms of your open &  conversion rates. So consider using humor when crafting the subject line.

Humor makes you stand out from the competition and get your message across. Adding humor is the evergreen email line that makes you stand out from the crowd. It can also help you capture more subscribers. Funny email subject lines will capture the attention of your potential buyer. These lines are entertaining enough to the people yet still informative and relevant, which makes them open up and give a feel it's worth looking into your messages. These are some funny lines to make your subscribers laugh.

  1. Oh my gosh, we were so excited!
  2. Heeeeere's {{Name}}!
  3. Your new favorite website is finally here! 
  4. I have something for everyone! And it's all free
  5. I’ve got a great deal for you! 

Single-Word Subject Lines Sample 

Single Word Subject Lines Sample 
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One effective subject line strategy includes the one-word subject line with ultra-minimalist. The new Gmail promotion tab is all about minimalism. When you had to fill your email with text to be considered an important message or target user engagement, the days are gone. But now, one-word subject lines will do. 

For example, Amazon Local's M3 is an effective subject line, it uses minimal words but conveys a lot of information. This line shows the recipient what the sender wants them to know. The Amazon Local subject line stands out from the others because of its length and shape. A single word works well here as it doesn't overdo it. 

The idea behind this change has been inspired by how people use social networking sites like Pinterest, which usually showcase images instead of lengthy descriptions. Google is inspired by Pinterest and started displaying promotional emails in image-oriented design. Here are some creative subject line ideas that you can use to motivate your subscribers. 

Sample Controversial/Shocking Email Subject Lines 

Controversy is a great way to grab people’s attention and make your subject lines pop. However, you need to analyze what type of controversy will work for a particular audience, as some may not appreciate it. Many options are available when trying out new strategies with email marketing campaigns. Executing them properly will pay off in terms of opening with an audience who will engage enough where your message comes across loud & clear. 

  1. $15,000 on my first webinar? Yes, please!
  2. Welcome to the crew, {{Name}}!! Join us inside the...
  3. {{Name}}, I'm curious about the recent post you wrote
  4. Only open if you're are willing to question your benefits 
  5. Only 500 accounts are left! Save upto 25% off with {{Product Name}}

Email Subject Line Best Practices

Keep It precise & Simple

Almost 77% of emails are viewed on mobile devices, so it may get cropped if the subject title is too long. In addition, readers may overlook important information or may be disinterested. So you should keep your subject titles within 50 characters so that readers can view the entire subject. Think carefully about the words which matter most and omit unnecessary details. 

For example: Instead of crafting a subject like Order Number: XXXX is processing, you can write as Your order is being processed.  Also, be specific with the subject. For instance, increase your sales by 60% rather than How to increase your sales.

Avoid using the no-reply sender name 

It's important never to use the sender ID as your name because you want the person to know that they are reading from a real person and not an abstract entity. A person's name, such as will allow the reader to feel they are dealing with an individual rather than a company. Also, never sending emails with a no-reply sender name would have more chances of being ignored by the receiver. 

Avoid Employing ALL CAPS in Subject lines

Study shows that 85% of recipients prefer subject lines in lower case. Fully capitalized subjects look like spam and will be ignored by readers. This is why it's important to make sure your subject is all lowercase.

While sending outreach, it is essential to ensure that you're not using All caps on the email campaigns. In addition, it will tell the receiver their time is not wasted on a fake request or distracted by marketing tools.

Segment Your Email List

The key to boosting your open rates is personalization. Send relevant and personalized emails for each recipient because they will be more likely to read the message. Personalization with segmenting the targeted audience, you can send a specific and tailored-made message on your marketing that will grow your open rate.  

Avoid offering false promises to the prospects

Don't make false promises in the subject line and deviate from them in the content. This is called clickbait, which is usually not a good idea because people will quickly lose faith in your brand. 

Implement A/B testing 

Landing page optimization is the key to the success of any marketing email campaign. Through subject line testing a/b testing, you can make the difference which works best. A/B testing offers you better insights and enables the sales team to identify the most effective words or phrases that bring about a greater response rate.

Most Important Subject Line Keywords

Start using the top subject line keywords in your emails. These words will appear before each recipient's name when they open or click on it so you can guarantee a response from them. Using the most popular words in subject lines will boost the open and deliverability. However, these terms consistently delivered high available rates and strong openings, so use them to your advantage when sending newsletter subject or promotional messages. 

From Alchemy Worx's analysis of 21 billion emails sent by 2500 brands and finding some of the most effective keywords that boost the responses. Keywords like an upgrade, just, wonderful, content and go are the top 5 most effective keywords improving that marketing campaigns' open rate. Use these keywords when crafting your copy and subject lines to increase open rates further.


Subject lines are important for getting your email opened, but they’re not the only thing that will make people want to read what you have to say. Crafting a relevant message to your recipients and providing value will encourage them to open and engage with your content. So start using catchy subject lines in your next campaign. 

The subject line is the gatekeepers of your email that determine whether or not your email gets opened and how much attention it will get if it does. Crafting a catchy subject line is essential to getting people to read your email. Get your email opened with the above catchy subject line. These help you create irresistible subject lines that get opened every time.

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