Tools & Strategies To Create Follow Up Email Template

There are numerous reasons to send a follow-up email, but one of the best is that it is an opportunity to build up relationships with your clients. Yet it is estimated that nearly half of sales reps don’t send follow-ups. If you do, you will see the benefits. Research has shown that sales professionals who consistently send follow-ups are more successful in closing deals and building better relationships with their clients.

If there was no response after the email, your lead might not have been interested in what you had to offer, or they may have missed or forgotten about your message or been busy when you sent it. So it is necessary to send a polite follow-up email to take the leads back to the conversation. 

Best follow-up email needs to be heard back from your potential customer. In this article, best strategies & follow-up email examples that make our life easier. These tools & tips help you write a great email copy. These professional email scripts you can use in your next outreach. They're based on real-life examples, and guides to writing effective follow-ups that get the best response and reply rate.

Why Following Up Is More Important?

Most salespeople understand that follow-ups can make a huge difference in turning an unanswered email into a productive communication that leads to a sale. 48% of salespeople never follow up at all. And 44% of people give up after the first try.

You can gain a significant competitive advantage by following up with prospects regularly. 80% of sales agreements are closed after five or more follow-ups. If you want more sales & want to be the top-performing reps, you need to have a great follow-up game.

Jump with start your follow-up email with the following s effective strategy & proven template that is designed to provide you with a professional way of interacting and maintaining relationships with your potential buyer instantly. To find out more on how to succeed in sales by writing follow-up emails after receiving no response.

Why Follow-Ups Are Effective?

Let's look into the reach and statistics showing why follow-ups are the most critical part of the sales process. On average, the salesperson needs to send at least 5 emails after the original email message to get a response for the previous email sent.  There needs to be a delay between emails. So you can expect a 30% response rate on the first message, and for the 2nd follow-up, you can get 21% more responses. On the 3rd follow-up, you can gain 18%, and on the 4th you can acquire 14% response rates. So it clearly shows that the sales follow-up email will improve the response rate and boost your sales. 

sales follow-up email

Tools To Create Follow up Email Template

The next step in email marketing is to choose the right follow-up software. To establish an effective follow-up & win the game, you need powerful email follow-up software.

It's a good idea to seek out powerful and versatile software. It should be enough to deal with your needs, but at the same time, you should look for something that can be adapted to your workflow. 

Follow-up software must be sufficient but also powerful. If you seek a tool that will be complete but also flexible and one that can adapt to your needs. Then we introduce you to the finest follow-up tools Smartwriter & Smartlead, that make your life easier. 

The automation software helps keep all the data in one place and offers a deeper insight into the follow-ups. Providing personalized content is the key to retaining your recipients in a professional context.


Smartlead empowers you to optimize your lead generation efforts with unlimited sender accounts, AI personalized messages, and email warmups so you can focus on closing deals. Getting your leads to work with you is our focus. The tool helps you to land in their inbox with unlimited sender accounts and features so that you can focus on closing deals. Using this tool, scale out to more leads with automated workflows, high delivering IP servers, and a limitless platform. 

Smartleads helps to increase brand awareness to build a comprehensive customer database. We make achieving this possible by connecting multiple email accounts and automating the rotation of your messages. In addition, it offers high deliverability and helps your follow-up land in your customer's inbox. 

With Smartlead you can create sequences with a set of automated tasks. You can also track outreach within the system and keep records in one place. There's no complicated routing needed as messages are automatically sent to the right person based on your settings. Finally, you can easily keep track of your leads with this software. You can nurture conversations from a single master inbox, and you never miss a lead. 

 Smartlead - create sequences


Using Smartlead you can automate your entire outreach process. With Smartwriter AI you can skip the research process and this AI  tool is 40 times faster than humans and 6 times cheaper. With both the software you can automate your entire email outreach process and also can double the number of responses within minutes, and pay less for it.

Smartwriter helps you, whether it's with sales or marketing. It can also be used for outreach and finding new customers. With Smartwriter personalization features, you can tailor your message to your business needs. Get quality leads &  influential person email addresses using the chrome extension from the Linkedin sales navigator. Easily manage your cold email campaign & create interesting personalized messages & subject lines for prospects with this software. 

Smartwriter personalization

Follow Up Email Strategy To Win Prospects

Whether you reconnect with your prospects on the first try or the fifth, the most challenging part is following up with them and converting them. There are several things you need to remember while writing a quick follow-up email.

  • Avoid overselling your product or service offerings.
  • Contact potential prospects too frequently or immediately follow up after the initial email. 
  • Make sure the email follow-up is not aggressive and irritating to be effective.

We've researched and made successful follow-up email strategies and best practices for you. Here are some sales follow-up email template creation strategies to help you develop an effective follow-up approach.

Establish A Goal To Achieve

The tone in which you communicate with your email recipients can make or break the effectiveness of any given message. Follow-up email needs to have a goal before sending emails to ensure the outcomes you seek through the follow-up sequences. Never send an email without considering the desired goal or outcome.

Therefore, it is important to have a goal for follow-up. For instance, it can be acquiring additional information with the prospects, a reminder on the upcoming meetings, confirmation on the meeting, payment reminder, etc. 

Make Your Customers Feel Valuable & Important To You

A good rule of thumb is to proactively send a customer a follow-up email after the customer takes action. For example, if a client just made a completed purchase, you need to send a welcoming email. If the customer has left an abandoned cart during their buying process, send a reminder with some special offerings. If they are subscribed to your newsletter, send them appreciation follow-ups.

Communicate Essential Information With Your Customers

Avoid sending the same email over. Follow-up needs to contain a valuable and engaging message to your audience. Each follow-up needs to be unique with a specific topic that has to offer value to the audience after 2-3 days of the initial email. Instead, each follow-up should be dedicated to a particular topic meaningful for your audience, each one being new or engaging. 

Set Automated Follow up Sequence 

Even if you are manually following up with many prospects, it can be tough to keep on top of the whole process. If you want to scale your business follow-up email sequence successfully, you need to have a sales automation platform such as Smartwriter, SmartLead, and Mailshake, which is important to use.

Follow-up email drip campaigns put your brand on top of the mind of the prospects. Using these sales automation platforms, you can make your sales outreach process organized and personalized for each prospect that gets more response. 

Utilize Diverse Channels For Follow Up 

The important factor in the follow-up is distinguishing your email from other stands that make you top of the follow-up games. However, it's important to have a carefully-crafted strategy for email.

Email is the most effective and preferred mode of communication with potential buyers. However, crafting a perfect email takes time and effort. Many businesses utilize omni-channel follow-up to increase their revenue by over 9.5 %. Follow ups will increase customer engagement by three timers. 

The omni-channel experience is essential for any business to nurture leads and retain them. You can also utilize LinkedIn and other social media platforms to connect with potential customers. 

Craft A Personalized Follow-Ups

Giving clients the best experience possible is the key to success for any business. That's why it's important to send them a customized plan that reflects their needs and wants. You can do this through Smartwriter Ai which allows you to design customized business tools.

Rather than having generic email, you can customize your email messages based on the online customer data and can be sent to the customer, which will lead to a one-on-one conversation.

Create Compelling Subject Lines

An enticing email subject line will result in success in your outreach. Make use of catchy attention-grabbing techniques to achieve more email open rates. Using the smartwriter feature, you can craft a compelling & catchy subject line example that gets the email receiver to open and respond. 

Finally, the most crucial part is following through on any promises you make. Promising something in your subject line, just so readers will take the bait, only to discuss something else in your content is a definite way to find yourself in spam.

Use lead magnets & Segment Your audience

Ensure your email brings some value to the reader and transcends any requests that it might be making. For example, if you want to send a follow-up to many contacts, segment the audience by buyer persona.

Segment the audience if you have a long contact list for the follow-ups. For the segmentation process, know the buyer persona and craft relevant content that engage the customer. 

Utilize the valuable lead magnet to share information with buyers. Through lead magnets, offer your prospects to download or watch an ebook, case studies, e-courses, reports, webinars, etc. 

Best Follow up Email Examples For Your Next Campaign 

Example #1: Follow-up Email To Inbound Lead

Hey {{Name}}

I noticed you did a sign-up for our free trial/demo request for {Product Name}. I believe the [Title of content] will be useful to you. Here are a few  additional resource that might be of interest:

[Resource URL 1]

[Resource URL 2]

[Resource URL 3]

I will be happy to help in case you have any queries.

Best Regards 


Example #2: Follow-up After A Voicemail

Hey {{First Name}}

I tried to call and left a voicemail earlier today, but I thought contacting you by email was more convenient.

I'd like to connect about [Explain the purpose of your call/message].

I’d love to discuss your particular needs and recommend suggestions on how you can [Achieve the desired result].



{{Your Name}}

Example #3: Follow-up email with Business partners

Hi {{First Name}}

Thank you for your time, we appreciate it.

Thankful to hear from ya! We would love the chance to work with someone as renowned in their field as yourself- can't wait until the next steps :)

We're happy to schedule a call sometime this week and discuss all your questions.



Example #4: Follow-up On Link building outreach

Hi {{First Name}},

We'd be delighted to see our product featured in [Article/post with link]. Our product may be useful for your audience.

We can talk further about collaboration via email or phone – whichever works best for you.

Let me know what you think.

{{Your Name}}

Example #5: Follow-up With Investors

Hi {{First Name}},

I'm still looking for VCs for my startup [Startup name]. 

Please review the attached pitch deck {Link of the attachment} for further information. We are glad to hear the valuable feedback that you have so that we can make our company even better!

What time does Thursday work best?

Best regards

{{Your Name}}


Thank you for reading! I wish this article gave you some good insights on the follow-up automation tools and strategies to create a powerful follow-up email template. We hope you found these email follow-up tips & templates helpful and informative. We want to remind our readers that following up with potential customers is an important part of the sales process, and a well-crafted email can be a powerful tool in getting your message across. So start creating an effective follow-up email with Smartlead & Smartwriter Today!

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