Personalised Images (I'm wearing a <companyname> Tshirt)</companyname>

If you're doing it so is someone else. So how do you stand out? Personalisation. Its always a great way. You should never send out bulk cold emails without personalising them in some way or the other.

A great way to do this is using Lemlist's image merge tool. You can take a photo of yourself pointed to a computer screen or a whiteboard (this is part of their templates). Where you can create a custom, personalised message.

With the computer screen, you can load up their website so people think you're actually on their website as you offer some feedback or advice. In the whiteboards case, you can pretend to be doing a presentation to your team on how you'll help your prospect win more leads.

Take a look at what RampTshirts did, instead of just sending out a "Do you want personalised TShirts" emails to people. They had one of their staff member pose with a white shirt where they superimposed the prospects company logo using a tool like lemlist. This won them tonnes of clients. You can easily do this using the tools i've mentioned above. Clear bit has a logo API for free and you can use smartwriter to find your prospects email

Personalised Ice breakers

While images are great, sometimes they can affect deliverability if your domain score is low. Personalised ice breakers are a guarantee to always work. The old way was to spend hours trying to personalise a list of emails that you wanted to send out.

However you can use smartwriter's personalised emailing AI engine to create gripping and unique  icebreakers that make people think you've spent dedicated time and research to write this and therefore significantly increasing the chance of getting them to read the rest of your email and reply back to you.

Video Intros custom to the user

Use AI video messages at scale to make your prospect feel as if this video was specifically created just for them. Sythesia lets you create personalised AI videos in a few seconds, where you can reference your prospects business, their name and even the problems they're facing.

This is very unique and not used at scale since its so new. So if I were you I would take full advantage of something as shocking as this whilst its still in its infancy.

Share PDF upfront value

People are apprehensive to strangers messaging them on the internet. Its important to have a gripping email that will hook your readers and get them to act on something, but more so important in this day and age to offer some upfront value especially when you want something back in return.

Extremely simple ways can be to share a relevant article you found that might interest your prospect, then follow up with those who clicked on the links with a eBook you wrote down on a problem you can solve for them, and then lastly ask them to jump on a call to show how you can help them achieve success using your product, or service.

Another format of upfront value is an incentive, offer them a discount for trying out your product or give them extra credits.

Interact with the user on other social platforms

Especially when you use tools like meetalfred (mentioned in previous chapters) to reach out to prospects on email, try interact with their content or social media profile in some way or the other. This gives you an easy way in, in two ways.

1) You can reference that you interacted before and liked the content your prospect shared so you wanted to reach out

2) It reduces stranger complexity, if you've interacted with them, then it means they're familiar with you and so the guard will be lower than if you were a complete stranger

Offer upfront strategy suggestions (use VA for automating this)

Hire a VA who's a BA in your niche on Upwork, give them a list of companies and ask them to come up with strategies on how your product or service can help the prospect. Note you need to get only a few of them from the BA after which you can go ahead and templatize this to segments of your customer base who fall into categories