Good Email Subject Lines For Introduction To Hook Prospects

Cold email is the traditional way to reach your potential customer. The first thing the receiver view is the subject line. The subject line is the element that makes the reader decide whether to open your email. 

A catchy line will increase the chance of opening and make the readers read them immediately. It is the deciding factor of your cold email campaign. On the other hand, a good introduction on the subject line does not grab the customer's attention and reads them right away. 

However, writing a good introduction subject line can be tricky. You will avoid spam or salesy and improves deliverability. This guide will help you explore how to write a strong, engaging introductory line for any audience.

What Are Introduction Email Subject Lines?

Introduction subject Lines refer to those lines you craft for introduction emails and build rapport with the prospect. Introduction emails comprise the elements like an introduction, what the business offers or does, and a call to action (CTA). 

Grabbing a prospect's attention is with an interesting, creative, or witty introduction line. It should be designed not only as a first impression but also to provide enough context for them about what they'll find inside so that it will entice them into reading on. 

A good subject line needs more likely to be read through the rest of your message by the subscribers. While crafting, ensure your lines are short with simpler captivating titles. 

Why Are Email Subject Lines Important?

As discussed before, the subject line is the deciding factor for your email open rate. The statistic says 47% of the receiver opens are determined based on the introductory email lines. So without the prospect opening your email the won't be a chance of sales. 

The catchy line makes your business connect the targeted lead with paying customers. However, this will be challenging to get your email opened as individuals get 100's every day without additional effort to write the perfect subject line to stand out in the subscriber's inbox. 

Suppose you are using a common generic cold email line. There will be less than 20% of the open rate, which means that 80% of the email you have sent are unread by the potential customer even though you have valuable body content and perfect CTA, which will impact your ROI. 

Best Introduction Subject Line Examples To Use 

Best Introduction Subject Line Examples To Use 

The introduction subject line can be funny or professional. It depends on whom you are sending. Good lines for email intros and timely follow-ups are the most effective way to grab the potential customer's attention. In addition, a subject line should inspire your audience to take action. Therefore, good opening lines or subject is vital for a cold email. 

Sometimes, people just glance at the first few lines before deciding whether or not they should open, so it is good to invest in yourself to craft perfect lines. Research shows 35% of emails are opened based on the subject line alone. Craft a winning subject for your next introduction email that you can try on your next marketing campaign. 

1. Self Introduction Subject Line Examples

In this section, we are looking into how to introduce yourself in an email. The subject line is an opportunity to learn about you & the email. The self-introduction subject needs to brief yourself and tell the readers why they need the receiver to open your email. Here are examples. 

  • Hey {{First Name}}.  I'm interested in your insights on [Topic Name]
  • Hi {{Name}}, It would be great to collaborate with you on this project {Project Name}.
  • Thanks for the awesome work you do, [Name]! I am so impressed.
  • I’ve been inspired by all the great work you do on [Social media]. Thanks for sharing your story!

2. Business Introduction Subject Lines

The business introduction subject line needs to be professional while it need not be boring. Here are some professional subject lines for introduction examples you can use at the business meeting introduction, sales introduction, product introduction, etc. 

Sales Introduction Sample Subject line

  • Quick question about (insert the topic), I’m not sure if you are aware but..
  • It's amazing how many things we have X in common.
  • The answer to (insert question here) is now easier than ever.
  • Are you interested in learning more about these (topics)?
  • Let's chat about (the details of your project here)

Product introduction Subject line Template

  • We're proud to announce (product here)!
  • We're confident that [product Name] solves all your needs.
  • Congratulations on your purchase! We hope you enjoy all the features & benefits of [product name]
  • Click here to learn about our newest product!
  • Will this be the best product on the market right now?
  • Introducing the product "Product Name."

Meeting Introduction Subject line Template 

  • Thank you for scheduling a meeting on [date] with [Name]
  • We look forward to seeing you on [date] at [time]!
  • Please join us on {Date, Time} for our meeting. 
  • Thank you for scheduling a meeting with us at (time and date). We look forward.

3. Effective Networking Subject Line 

The networking email line is the first thing the networking prospects see when they receive your email in their inbox. Networking outreach can take many different forms, but they all have one thing in common: the marketing subject line needs to catch your recipient's eye and make them want to open up your message. So make sure your subject line is informative and eye-pleasing. You may need to use font management software to choose an easy-to-read and sleek font.

Some networking email subject line that is more effective for your campaign. Write your subject to be informative and interesting so that people want to open up about what comes next. Using a strong & attractive networking emails line, you can stay in touch with your contacts and build relationships. A good subject line will be compelling the receiver to get opened your messages. 

  • It was great to hear you talk about [topic]. Keep up with those!
  • We hope you had an amazing time at the [event name]!
  • Your presentation on [event topic] was very interesting!
  • We met was at [event name]. How have you been?
  • I'm glad we could meet on [Event Name] with [mutual connection]
  • [Name], your ideas about the [topic] are fascinating
  • I would love to hear more on [Event topic]
  • [Name], I am always fascinated by your ideas!
  • You are referred by [mutual contact name] to discuss [topical topic].

4. Sales Email Subject Line Template

Your cold sales subject line needs to make the right impression on your prospects. Introduce yourself in an email with creative, simple, and generate curiosity lines often pays off best. It is the best chance to create a good first impression with your potential buyer. 

Instead of being common with sales email subject lines, make them creative with value to them. For example, indicate why the email is important in the subject line. As long as your subject line relates to content, it will be a good approach.

But crafting a solid sales subject line is not easy. However, an email campaign with a creative line and content will skyrocket your product or service conversion. Even today, 73% of millennials prefer email as their preferred mode of business communication. 

And also sending follow-ups after initial conversations will speed up the sales process and increase your chances of closing that deal. In addition, the best follow-up email subject lines play a crucial role in keeping the sales conversation going.

The perfect follow-up can make or break your sales efforts. A sales follow-up with a catchy email line is key to ensuring that you remain top of mind and set the right next steps for reaching those goals. 

Your business can yield impressive results if you have executed the sales email correctly. Sales emails get 8 times more opens and clicks and can produce six times more revenue than any other type of email.  Here are some proven sales lines to introduce yourself in an email with your potential buyers.

  • [Product Name] makes your life easier
  • I noticed you're also interested in [Brief the topic]
  • 10X [Prospect company name] sales in 10 minutes. You're not alone!
  • You don't have to be overwhelmed by the [topic]. I can help.
  • A [brief benefit] for [prospect's company name]
  • Here are some X quick ideas before you go!
  • 70% OFF at the Sales Event: Day 3
  • [Case Study] How these e-commerce sites grew sales by 45%

5. Introducing Yourself To An Industry Expert Template

Making a warm and eager effort with your subject lines can pay off. The tone of voice you use when reaching out should be professional but not too stiff or formal to come across as uninteresting or boring, especially if someone has spent years building up their expertise in the field they are now representing. You also want them on board about what’s happening at our company, and remember that being humble will make it easy for everyone involved while still getting some good points across without coming to offer some. 

Influencers are often the most trusted figures in their industry. So suppose you want to be successful in your marketing campaign. In that case, your subject lines must have an engaging tone and include relevant information about what they can help with or how this will benefit them personally. 

The key to getting in touch with influencers is finding something they’re passionate about and then using that on your email, which will help you to boost the open rate and campaign success rate. It will give them a personal connection. Create personalized emails & subject lines for each influencer. Using the Smartwriter AI tool, you can easily implement the personalization tactic in your marketing campaign.

Smartwriter email personalization

  • Hey {{First Name}} We would love to hear your opinion on [topic]
  • Hello [NAME], we’re excited to work with you on [Project Name]
  • [NAME]! Great work on your last project. I'd love to discuss insights with you.
  • Thanks for the feedback, [NAME]! Let me know if you want to be involved in our upcoming project.
  • We loved your post on [SOCIAL MEDIA] 


Email subject lines are one of the most important pieces of your marketing campaign. If you want to get people to open your messages, it needs unique and catchy subject lines. Your email will likely be in the trash if they don’t catch someone’s attention. That’s why it’s important to know how to write effective subject lines that will intrigue email recipients and get them to read more. With this blog, you can write irresistible subject lines that will help you increase opens and drive traffic to your website or landing page. Writing an eye catchy introduction subject line will give you a good first impression of your brand. A great introduction is key to getting your emails opened.

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