Powerful Email Subject Lines For Sales Hook Your Audience

A great subject line is a cornerstone for your sales email campaign. People are always seeking new and exciting things to try. So make your subject line and the first line eye-catching to hook the reader and create a chance of getting them open longer than 2 seconds and read.

The marketing and sales team put a lot of effort into writing a compelling message to get them open and improve the response rates. Crafted best sales email subject lines are more likely to be opened. 

These lines will inspire you to create your next successful sales campaigns. The key for a successful sales outreach relay on the subject line. Have clever, engaging lines that will generate more opens & clicks. 

How To Makes A Good Sales Email Subject Line

Salespeople need to use different email lines for different types of companies. For example, a B2B salesperson could use a subject line highlighting the benefits of using the product or service. A B2C salesperson could use a personal headline highlighting the benefits of buying the product or service. Write your subject lines in clear language and keep them short. Let's look at some examples of sales subject lines that you can inspire and customize your next campaign.

1. Keep It Brief Subject Lines 

Your subject lines need to give hints about benefits the prospective customer might receive from opening your emails. They need to make sure the reader knows why. Your subject line needs to interest your customers in what you're offering. Avoid revealing too much about yourself or your product or yourself in the subject line.  

The ideal length for a subject line varies based on the kind of device used ( mobile device

Or Desktop device). So it is good to keep in mind to craft your perfect one-liner. It can average around 60 characters long, but it can be getting cut off by the email provider. So it is recommended to have 41 Characters long.

2. Make It Interesting To Your Prospects 

A compelling subject line provokes interest to your email subscribers or potential customers without revealing much and makes them open them and keep reading. Craft subject lines that will make you stand out from the subscriber's inbox. If you have an interesting message, your prospects are more likely to open and read when they perceive value in the subject. But however, don't give away too much information upfront.

The email lines are easy to understand, but they also help you generate more engagement. So make sure your emails use clear and simple language with short phrases like  Something new is coming soon :)

3. Craft Personalized lines 

Another smart way to improve your conversion and click-through rate is to make the subject line personalized. Marketer identified that the Personalization would increase 20%  increase in revenue.

Using smartwriter, you can make your emails more effective by personalizing the email body & subject. This is a simple way to get people who don't open or read their inboxes on the given day to take action and start seeing the important thing on the message. 

4. Offer Value To Your Prospect

The best attention grabbing email subject lines need to demonstrate the value they'll receive. You need to prove that your message is worth their time and attention. They need to communicate the promise of value, meaning that your email has to make the reader believe it will improve their life and/or business.

5. Create Urgency In The Email Line

Subscribers will be more inclined to act on your email when they feel a sense of urgency. If you show a sense of urgency with your emails, the subscriber will be more likely to make quick decisions. This makes the buyers react instantly, which can help them make important decisions quickly and efficiently (Example: Purchasing your product or services). Sense of urgency &  social proof moves the customer to make quick decisions. It's not just a marketing tactic, there's something behind it, and it could be incredibly helpful to the email marketer.

Best Email Subject Lines For Sales To Hook Your Audience

B2B Email subject lines are one of the most important pieces of your marketing. They can make or break whether someone even opens your email, let alone decides to buy from you. The best sales email subject lines use a mix of psychology & creativity to make someone open them. Therefore, your email must have interesting, creative, and relevant catchy email subject lines to maximize the chance of being opened. To create an irresistible email subject line with the following tips & examples. 

1. Direct Sales Subject Line Example

Want to make your message more engaging, then the best approach is always going right at them.  Subject lines that get straight down into business (Direct approach) and clarify why they need to read your message not only win customers over but also keep those customers coming back. 

Direct sale pitches are often the most effective way to get your prospect's attention. However, sometimes the best practice is to directly approach to ensure that you are not wasting your prospect's time. 

So make sure subject lines are clear about why you're reaching out, and make sure those points land with impact. Then, if you have a less complicated message, the subscribers will notice it and drive them to read the entire email. 

  1. A quick head up 
  2. {{Name}}, Here's our latest white paper 
  3. Your monthly [Social media Channel] Impression target
  4. Quick question about {{Targeted Customer Company}}
  5. Discover the latest update to {{Product Name}}

2. Personalized Sales Subject Lines Template 

Personalized lines are a significant way to add that someone, not a robot, sends messages. In addition, the thoughtful line shows how your brand cares for them compared to standard message senders that use non-personalization methods for their subscribers.

Personalization makes your emails stand out from others in your subscriber's inbox. It will help build relationships &  personal connections with recipients over time. Research studies say that personalized messages increase open rates and lead prospects into clicking on other parts of the message leading them towards the goal. 

Personalized messaging has become so popular in today's business world and even gains higher open rates than non-personalized messaging. Using Smartwriter AI Personalised Cold Email Outreach, you can quickly write personalized emails for prospects with a personal touch. The AI tool uses the online data to create tailored messages, automatically sent based on what they know about the person or company without any effort from you. 

Personalized Sales Subject Lines Template 

  1. Hey {{FirstName}}, I loved your article on {website}! . One thing I loved about it was this Point you made on {mention the key Point & the article title}
  2. Hi {{Name}}, Congratulations on your dedication to [goal]. Your recommended solution {{Point the line}} is meaningful and helps the reader achieve a specific goal. 
  3. Hey {{ Prospects Name}}
    Congratulations !
    We are pleased to hear that your business has [relevant events] and hope this will help produce the greatest possible impact.
  1. Hey {{Name}}, As a [Prospects area of expert] We'd love to hear your feedback on our product. 

3. Curiosity-Driven Sales Subject Lines

Suppose the subscriber notices incompletions or unexpected gaps and missing information on the subject. Then, it naturally makes the prospects read your email because it will pique their curiosity about what you have written about. 

We all have a natural curiosity to fill in the gaps and want to know what's happening. This is why it pays off when you include some missing information or an overlooked detail because your prospects will be curious enough about how things work that they'll keep reading. 

You can make your email stand out by including a little intrigue in the subject line. This will draw people interested enough to open it, but be careful because too much of an enticing offer might cause them not to want anything else from your brand.

For many marketers, the inbox is becoming increasingly cluttered with unwanted emails. However, you can take advantage of curiosity while crafting highly effective sales email subject lines that provoke the subscriber's interest and appeal for more information about what your business is offering in their specific email promotions. Here are some examples that will pique the reader's curiosity.

  1. Swiggy: This is what your neighbor is doing this weekend 🤫

Funny subject lines added a sense of humor & curiosity (Swiggy: This is what your neighbor is doing this weekend 🤫) that provokes the subscriber to open instantly. This particular subject line alone sparks curiosity about who isn't at least slightly interested.  Swiggy incites curiosity by presenting an information gap but then fulfills this desire with a piece of content that pays off.

Swiggy Funny subject line
Image: Source

  1. Rifle Paper Co: Don’t Open ‘Til After Dessert

Sometimes we find ourselves doing things despite being advised against them. It's human nature to want more information when told not to do something. When people see a message, it will create curiosity and "What if "in the reader's mind. Rifle Paper Co. uses this simple strategy to generate interest in their subject line with the words: Don’t Open ‘Til After Dessert. 

It is the most effective way to make someone open your email. These lines for sales email instant people want to know what’s in your email. So why would they wait until dessert? (reverse psychology). They are highly curious, so they'll want to know what's going on and most readers will open up and read everything even if they are hungry or tired from work. It is good to include a certain level of curiosity which makes it so effective and creates anticipation in the subscriber's inbox when you use this strategy to maximize your open rates. 

Rifle Paper subject line
Image: Source

4. Include The Pain Point In Sales Subject Lines

Focusing on your prospect's problems can make your emails more relevant. If you want to avoid generic subject lines such as "Hello," "How are you doing?," etc., craft the subject message showing how your product or service solves a problem. They will be as effective as the generic ones. Instead, try using a subject line that focuses on your prospect's pain point. For example,

  1. {{Pain points}} are solved in X weeks
  2. Hey, {{First name}}. We believe that [pain point] is frustrating and we're here to help. It's our {opinion} on [pain point].
  3. Want to resolve the {{pain point}}. You are not alone.  
  4. We're pleased to offer [X] solutions to manage this problem.

5.  Sense Of Urgency Subject Lines

When you have a sense of urgency, your emails are more likely to be acted upon. In this case, the email recipient will act on something quickly and purchase your brand. In addition, using limited time availability motivates them to act to avoid feeling like fear if missed out (FOMO).

Fear of missing on your emails lines is more effective because it'll push your campaign recipient to act quickly. If you offer them a limited time availability, they will be inclined and ready for any decisions needed right away (like purchasing).

  1. 2 Days *Til Christmas - Save 25% Now 
  2. My website traffic increased xxx% in 12 months. You can too!
  3. 2🕚-Hours SPECIAL. It's prime to shop
  4. Use your 20% off coupon ASAP!
  5. 🔊30% OFF {{Product name}} for a limited time!


Email subjects are a vital part of your email marketing strategy. We outlined some of the best email subject line creation tips and examples to help you build an effective subject line for your next marketing campaign that will help speed up your sales process & increase sales. While crafting email subjects for sales, make sure they are short and to the point. They need to be tailored to your specific audience to increase your open rates & boost your sales. The best thing you can do avoids sending one version of the message to all subscribers because that could result in many people never seeing it.  In your email marketing campaign A/B tests various subject lines to identify which get the best response rates. 

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