Lead Generation Tools: How to Gain More Leads From Website

Lead generation is an effective strategy to grow your business. Lead generation is more than just collecting the visitors' contact information to communicate with them with the intent to convert them into loyal customers. Effective lead generation requires a professional marketer with the right tool. 

The best lead generation tools help turn your website visitors into customers. One way you can do this is by using customer base. Lead gen software will help you maximize sales and increase your customer base. A business needs to capture its interesting prospects and data. 

Finding the right tool for your business enables you to find a new opportunity, scale your process and make meaningful connections. Lead generation tools remove any repetitive work of the sales & marketing team and automate your entire sales outreach process.  In this blog post, we share a list of top pick tools that help your business to nail your lead generation. Choose the right tool to get more leads and make more conversions. 

What Is Meant By Lead Generation?

Lead Generation attracts prospective customers, engages them, and signs up for your products or services. It's not just about gathering leads. It also includes converting them into customers and ensuring that your sales team has enough happy faces as their clients. The sales and marketing team needs to identify their lead generation tools early in the sales pipeline. Automated lead generation software allows you to generate leads at scaling them easily. 

The 4 Stages Of An EffectiveThe Lead Generation Process

The lead generation process consists of 4 stages where the marketer moves someone interested in your offer from awareness to conversion. Each stage of the lead generation process addresses a prospect’s evolving relationship with your organization.

1. Lead Awareness

In this stage, prospective leads need to become aware of your brand, product, or service. The key activities of the awareness stage include networking, advertising, and content. A referral or search result is often the first exposure to someone.

2. Lead Education

Once you have created awareness among the targeted customer, the next step is to develop and build trust in your brand and product offerings. After generating quality leads, you need to educate potential prospects through the knowledge base, resources, expertise, case studies, and more. You could do that in many ways, including sending an email newsletter, blog post, event, or seminar. The best way to find an opportunity to sell is by teaching people about your product through newsletters or events.

3. Lead Sampling

Today, lead Generation is shifting toward lead sampling. To generate new leads business needs to demonstrate its expertise & what the prospects can benefit from them instead of selling. The sales & marketing team has to focus on the product benefits instead of salesy promotions. People want to be able to test your knowledge and product, so it's the easiest way to convert leads, especially in competitive and priced situations. You can build trust among potential prospects by offering your product a free trial.

4. Lead Conversion

In the process of getting a lead, you'll have to continue educating your prospect on the benefits you can provide for them. It can be done by providing testimonials, demonstrating your value offerings, and comparing your solution to their needs. This will offer you the best opportunity of introducing your product in any market and create an end-to-end process tailored to your customer needs.

What Is Lead Generation Software?

Lead generation software helps businesses capture the contact details of someone interested in your product or service. Using the software, you can automate the entire lead generation automated. 

Each lead generation software will work differently depending on the channels to generate leads, and each has its unique set of features. Many lead generation tools help you collect contact details about potential customers. These are called 'leads' and typically come from your website or other online sources.

Using the tool, you can generate new leads from various sources such as landing pages, social media, email lookup, email marketing, forms, live chats, customer satisfaction survey, and more. 

Why Do You Need Lead Generation Software?

Lead generation software helps you find leads. It narrows down your sales team's focus to the customers who are most likely to buy you and those who are genuinely interested in your product or service. Here are the top benefits that you can gain using lead generation software. 

Improve Customer Insights

Lead generation programs collect data from potential customers. You can understand the customer pain points through the right information and educate your customers on why they need to buy from you. With more insights into what your potential customers are looking for, you can tailor your sales pitch on the sales funnel to your customers' needs.

Get Qualified Leads

The tool helps you generate more qualified leads. Lead prospecting system improves the efficiency of your lead gen campaign. With automated lead scoring and tracking, you have more time to focus on your business and less time spent interacting with leads that are not as interested.

Prospecting software is designed to help you identify and engage customers more likely to buy from your brand. It tracks their personal information, engagement, and interactions with your business to help you decide who's worth your time and effort.

Calculating lead value triggers alerts based on the customer's behavior that is best for you, so you can take prompt action and contact them.

Improve Your Marketing Tactics

With powerful analytics reporting, you'll see exactly which marketing campaign generated the most qualified leads and where you can get the best return on your marketing spend. Through the reports, you can attract more high-value customers to your upcoming cold email campaigns and minimize your time wastage on non-interested cold leads. You'll see which email marketing campaign works and plan an effective email marketing strategy through analytics reporting. 

Save Time On Cold Leads 

Save your time using a lead generation system. You'll invest more effectively and don't have to resort to guesswork. Lead generation provides your b2b sales reps with the most relevant client data. This approach helps your sales reps spend less researching on leads manually and helps focus on selling to warm leads. 

Types of Lead Generation Tools

Around 85% of B2B marketers say their most important marketing goal is lead generation, but achieving this goal is challenging. Finding the best-fit lead generation software is fundamental for a successful sales closer. Here are some of the best sales closing techniques to help you seal the deal. Marketing teams need to find the right leads and convince them about your offerings through a lead nurturing process to convert them into loyal customers. 

An effective lead generation process starts with acquiring the right set of lead generation tools. Finding the right tool is quite challenging for many B2B marketers because lead generation combines various marketing strategies, including on-page, inbound leads, content marketing, email marketing, and more.

Different types of lead generation platforms are used for B2B lead generation to convert quality leads. The types are categorized into inbound lead gen solutions, outbound lead gen tools, on-page lead gen tools, marketing management tools, and more. In the following section, we shall look into the various types of lead generation tools that you can use in your next prospecting process to increase the conversion rate to sales closer. 

The lead generation tools are segregated into the following types:

  • Marketing Automation software 
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Inbound lead generation tools
  • Calendar Settings
  • Email Lookup tools
  • Form Collection Tools
  • Pop-Ups
  • Marketing management tools

Best Lead Generation Tools in 2022

Email Lookup Tools

Email finding software is a technically advanced led gen solution comprising in-build algorithms to collect the email address of prospects from sources like websites, Linkedin, and more. There are several email finder tools available that can help you to generate leads. These tools allow you to automatically collect emails from your LinkedIn contacts, saving you manually searching for these. These are our top pick email lookup tools that boost accuracy.


Outreach Marketing is a developing industry. It might be a good strategy to stay up-to-date with the latest public opinion and effective advertising methods.

Smartwriter is an innovative tool in this space, so if you do any outreach, you can't miss it. It's an AI tool providing outstanding writing and personalization products. It offers great, it's surprisingly easy and just a no-brainer to get started with this platform.

Smartwriter Outreach Marketing Tool

SmartWriter Advantages

  • SmartWriter offers icebreakers, Linkedin personalization, company-based personalization, SEO Backlink Outreach personalization, email finders and verifiers, copies, and more. 
  • They offer a range of features that encompass most AI writing assistants.
  • The app is very robust and has a lot of features. I would recommend it to you if AI content and personalized outreach are your things to gain leads. 
  • The support responds quickly and seems to care a lot about its customers. 
  • You can also find someone’s email address on Linkedin with the help of the Smartwriter Chrome Extension. SmartWriter's Sales Navigator extension will help you get free new contacts and leads from LinkedIn by downloading it. 
  • The tool offers various personalization with deep enrichment. 
  • You can create a copy with catchy subject lines, intro lines, personalization on content, and automate your outreach process hassle-free with your favorite outreach tools. 
  • It supports google sheets and app integrations (native integration) with other popular tools like Shopify, Mailshake, Lemlist, Reply, Hubspot, Woodpecker, Snov.io, and more.
  • You can track the user response with email tracking features with a live-feed report. 

SmartWriter Price

Smartwriter offers a 7-day free trial without credit card requirement, and you can access the entire tool feature on your free trial version. The basic pricing plan starts at $59/month, Pro Plan costs around $359/month, and the Popular Plan is $149/month. 

Smartwriter Pricing


AeroLeads is another email finder software that helps you in your lead generation efforts by finding email addresses and business contacts from LinkedIn for your email marketing campaign or generation campaign. Using this software, the marketers can find the ideal prospect emails from Linkedin or Xing. 

AeroLeads software
Image: AeroLeads

AeroLeads Advantages

  • AeroLeads offers a wide range of features, such as providing the following information: full name, job title, location, and company details of the prospect. 
  • You can easily export the data from top tools like Zapier, Zoho, and Salesforce Hubspot CRM. 
  • Another best thing about Aeroleads is that they teach you how to find the email address of anyone you want to contact. 
  • Create unique content, capture leads through this generation tool, and keep them through rebound emails. 
  • Using the Aeroleads chrome extension feature, the marketer can extract the emails and add the prospect's data from Sales navigator, Linkedin, Any website, and Aerolead search. 

AeroLeads Pricing 

Aeroleads comes with 4 different monthly plans TakeOff, Climb, Cruise, and Enterprise. The Takeoff plan pricing starts at $49 per month, and the Cruise plan costs around $499 per month. 

AeroLeads Plans & Pricing
Image: AeroLeads

Email Marketing Lead Generation Tools 

Using the right email marketing tools, you can generate more leads, make more money, and attract a wider customer base. Email marketing plays a crucial part in lead generation as it has a higher return on investment. For example, for every $1 you spend, you will gain around 44$. Here are some of the top email marketing tools for your business:


With Smartlead's AI, you can create sequences that feel natural. With one centralized master inbox for all interactions, you can nurture meaningful conversations at scale. This product uses AI to warm up your email data and keep your sender's reputation high. It also helps your messages stay out of spam and always lands in the prospect's inbox. 

You can use the Smartlead Tool to reach your prospects wherever they are. With a multi-channel outreach tool, you'll be able to get in touch with people via email,  social media channels, or WhatsApp messages. No matter what platform. You can also reply to all your leads from one master inbox. You won't have any more worries about managing 20+ mailboxes because the SmartLead Tool does it for you. 

It helps you to track relevant data that improves success. The software allows entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers to measure their email sequences' open rate and reply/click-through rates on each message they send. 

Using this application, you can easily organize your email and keep interactions with your ideal customer organized. With several features such as duplicate detection, spam protection, email guidance to improve email conversion, custom CRM, email validation, image personalization, Zapier integration, and multi-channel outreach, it is easy to customize your service to the needs of your business.

Smartlead multi channel outreach tool

SmartLead  Plan & Pricing 

SmartLead is a marketing platform that provides small and large businesses with affordable rates plans. No matter what size your business. They offer a 14-day free trial. Smartlead's plans are tailored to your needs. SmartLead offers 3 different packages, starting with the $29/m  basic pricing plan, with 2k active leads and 6k emails/month.

Smartlead Plans & Pricing


MailChimp is another of the best email marketing tools on the market. They offer great features like integrating with other services, conducting A/B testing, segmenting prospects, and sending emails at the right time. They also provide loads of resources, such as their blog and webinars.

You can grow your audience and increase revenue by sending emails to new and repeated customers through automation. Generate more leads with our prebuilt automation: remind abandoned cart shoppers (cart abandonment message), reengage lost customers, or cross-sell your products. Marketers have seen, on average, 4x more sales with bulk email outreach.

MailChimp Email Marketing Tools
Image: MailChimp

Mailchimp Plan & Pricing 

MailChimp has a free plan, with a maximum of 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. They have 3 paid plans Premium, Standard, and Essential. Uncover the right plan for your business demands. They offer many educational resources to help if you're starting a blog and learning how to get up to speed on everything marketing-related.

Inbound Lead Generation Tools

Inbound lead generation is a way of attracting ideal customers to your brand. This content aims to push an individual into taking action, often resulting in a purchase. Inbound marketing is a strategy to start a two-way relationship with the prospective customer that eventually results in sales and conversion. As a company, you need to optimize your traffic for lead generation. There are several tools that you can use for this purpose.

Google Forms

Google forms the best online form builder apps and is free for use. With Google Forms, you can create and edit forms quickly, without repetitive work. Google Forms adding and editing form fields here is faster than any other form app. Google Forms are completely free to use. We think this is a better experience for you than any other form builder out there, mainly because Google Forms automatically saves your form results on a Google Sheets spreadsheet, which saves a lot of time on your end.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a prominent tool for connecting with B2B audiences. It allows you to target specific individuals and companies, track leads, and engage with prospects. You can also search for b2b leads and companies based on industry, job title, location, size, and more. The platform suggests relevant leads based on your preferences and connects with your CRM system. 

You can easily export custom lists to Excel if you need to build a contact list. There are helpful alerts and insights to help you stay on top of what’s happening. For example, you’ll know when a lead or an account changes jobs or witnesses growth.

Sales Navigator offers an option for a 30-day free trial. You'll need to pay monthly after that. Pro plan prices start at $460 per user, and the Sales Navigator Premium plan goes up to $700 per user. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Image: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Marketing Automation Lead Generation Tools

Marketing automation software is a mix of both lead management & email marketing automation. These sales tools accelerate your lead nurturing and generate new leads. Here are some of the top marketing automation software.


Marketo is a B2B all-in-one marketing solution with many features, including email marketing, lead management, lead scoring, email automation, and analytics. It helps the marketers and the sales professionals to manage their cold email campaigns and improves their lead gen efforts. Using this tool, you can perform account-based marketing, customer-based marketing, etc. 

The cost depends on what packages you want. Here are the packages. 

Marketo marketing solution
Image: Marketo


Using Pardot, you can create landing pages, conduct A/B testing, and set up email automation. This software enables the marketer to build a meaningful connection with  b2b lead, generate a sales pipeline, and close sales. Pardot, powered by Salesforce, is a marketing automation solution that helps marketing companies connect with customers and generate leads. The platform integrates Lead Scoring and CRM. 

The platform offers no free trial, but you can request a demo by filling out a lead form. Their premium package costs € 1,250 per month with all key features that include prospect tracking, email marketing, lead grading, and scoring.

Pardot Email Automation
Image: Pardot

Popups Lead Capturing Tools

The pop-up tools capture website visitors’ email addresses and other information. Popup tools can be very useful for the lead generation process to capture the warm leads interested in your product or service. There are some best-rated pop-up tools on the market that follows.


OptiMonk is a powerful popup tool. This enables you to create attractive popups for your website visitors to convert. Apart from the classic square popup, the tool also offers different types of pop up, such as Side messages, Sticky bars, Gamification popups, Fullscreen popups, and Surveys. 

Without annoying the site visitor, you can gain high conversion. The tool has various key features like an advanced trigger option that includes Exit-intent (on desktop and mobile), Scroll-based triggering, Timer-based triggering, Post-JavaScript event triggering, and On-click triggering.

The tool also offers 300+ pre-built templates on OptiMonk’s template library, which help you create highly converting pop-ups with a drag-and-drop builder and are professionally designed and mobile-friendly.

OptiMonk makes it easy to A/B test your campaigns, and our advanced analytics gives you an overview of their performance with stats like number of impressions, number of conversions, and conversion rates.

OptiMonk Pricing 

OptiMonk has 4 different subscription plans that comprise essential ($29/month), Growth ($79 /month), premium ($199/month), and Master, where your marketing team can set unlimited campaigns. 

OptiMonk Subscription Plans & Pricing 
Image: OptiMonk


You can conduct research on your audience by gathering intel from them. You can use Qualaroo to create customer surveys to collect information from leads and accounts. It will pop up on visitors' screens when they visit your website. For instance, it may pop up with a small window on the side asking questions. These are like chatbots, asking what you'd like to do next (schedule a demo, call a sales agent, or begin a free trial). Of course, you can use it in other ways to learn more about their needs. It's an excellent way to get insights to personalize their experience.

Qualaroo User FeedBack Software
Image: Qualaroo

Qualaroo Pricing 

Qualaroo offers a 15-day free trial and demo to test its key features. Monthly and annual plans are available, starting at $ 80 per month or $960/Year.

Qualaroo Pricing 
Image: Qualaroo

Form Collection Tools

Several tools can be used to schedule your sales calls, and product demos work, including some cool calendar features. Here is a popular tool for calendar setting software.


Doodle Software
Image: Doodle

Doodle offers an easy way to schedule your appointments with its great interface. You can suggest and invite participants and keep track of updates and reminders in one place. Doodle is an online scheduling tool that 30 million monthly users use. This tool works beautifully with large groups of people, especially if they want to decide on a meeting date and time. They have 3 different plans Pro, Team, and Enterprise subscriptions plan as follows.

Doodle Plans
Image: Doodle


We are passionate about simplifying the process of calendar Settings or scheduling meetings by reducing the number of back-and-forth emails you have to send. Calendly solution is set up easily; you have to share your availability preferences, and the tool will take care of the remainder for your attendees. Some amazing features include setting buffer times, supporting round robin and collective availability meetings, seamless timezone detection, and more. 

Prices start from $8/month for each user.

Calendly solution
Image: Calendly

What Should You Look for in Lead Generation Tools?

The differences in each lead generation tool can be quite common. When choosing a solution for your business, you must look for common features. Here are some features that you should consider while selecting a solution. 

Learning Curve

Invest in sales prospecting tools that make your marketing and sales team's life easier. It needs a customer service system for seamless workflow and helpful resources to get onboarding on the tool quickly.

Tracking & Targeting Options

Choosing the right lead-generation platform is important. You want to ensure you can target audiences without irritating potential leads. The leads you collect should be able to interact with your company in a centralized way which means you can monitor your data easily.

Seamless Integrations 

When choosing a lead generation software, ensure it integrates flawlessly with your other tools, such as CRM, email marketing software, etc. This is to make the work easier for you and enable data consistency across all the tools. 

Data analytics

Data analysis is the key to converting leads into customers. The tool will help your business analyze visitor behavior. It will enable you to curate lead information and categorize them. It will allow you to prioritize different types of leads with lead categorization options.

Final Thoughts

The lead generation process is divided into four stages: attraction, conversion, closing, and delight. To generate leads through your website, you need lead generation software to help you automate the process and make it more efficient. Do your research before purchasing the right tool, and start generating more leads from your business. 

This comprehensive guide on generation software tools. Now that you understand the available tools and what to look for, it’s time to start using them. Remember, not all tools will work for every business, so be sure to test out a few and see which generate the most leads for your website & other platforms. Implementing a lead gen strategy can be overwhelming, but using the right tools can make the process much easier. SmartWriter offers a suite of lead generation tools to help businesses like yours get more leads. 

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