Get More Leads For Free: Top 9 Strategies & Tools

If you want to grow your business, you need to focus on the leads. Generating quality leads is the most effective way to maximize your business revenue. We’re back with new strategies and tools to provide you with even more ways that will help generate leads for your business. 

Why not set up your company for success by getting it to generate leads without spending any money?. The objective of any company is to grow your customer base, and the only way you can do that effectively enough for long-term success in this competitive market would be by generating more leads. 

Lead generation or cultivating potential prospects is always a top priority for a sales and marketer team. You can make the leads into opportunities later on in the potential customer buying process through the lead generation process. Your firm can increase its customer base via pay-per-click ads, google ads, and other social media ads. 

You’ll never fully maximize your potential growth if you don't have the right leads. That's why we've gathered this list of free tools & strategies that will help generate more leads for free. Let’s get started.

9 Strategies & Tools To Generate Leads for Free Online

1. Optimize your blog content  & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Blogging and inbound marketing are excellent ways to source lead for free. These inbound leads are the most qualified and engaging leads that may convert into short-timers. You can address your customer challenges through valuable blogs, podcasts, webinars, etc. You can address your customer challenges by creating a blog post like 15 proven steps to maximize sales and revenue. 

Blogs are the perfect way to showcase your business expertise, establish industry authority and generate leads. The key is getting people onto your website to see what you have for sale. With thoughtful quotes and case studies, you can leave an impression with readers that will resonate deeply within them, resulting in new leads widening their potential even further. 

Blog posts will also help gather contact info for potential customers while segmenting them by interest with the offer of something special only available through signing up. Blogging can increase website traffic and rankings. You can also use an exit-intent popup with a simple form and one call-to-action to seal the deal.


Ahrefs powerful SEO tool

Include some video testimonials that hook your audience to go with your offeri

Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool that provides extensive data on your competitors and their links. It also has features like keyword research,  search ranking, link building analytics to help you get higher rankings easily. Ahrefs' goal is to help you invest your money in smart SEO strategies and maximize traffic flow. Ahref provides details on the website audit analysis, Domain rating details, referring domain, backlink analysis, organic traffic analysis, keyword analysis, top pages, content gap analysis, and more. The real-time data of ahref can reduce time spent on tedious tasks while still providing accurate feedback about where each we have to acquire links, targeted keywords can be done more effectively and in an efficient way. 

2. Utilize Guest Posts 

Guest posts are a great way to generate leads for free and increase brand awareness among your targeted audience. You can create instant brand exposure through the guest post and start gaining a new audience for your product/services. 

By sharing content shared with others websites on your niche, you can gain some exposure with your targeted audience on your site and social media platforms/social media accounts. Even some businesses offer to go for an article exchange which mutually benefits. 

Guest blogging has numerous benefits beyond link building from a high authority domain. Enable to build relationships, which is crucial in B2B marketing to win customers. Each article makes you the industry authority. 

Smartwriter AI 

Smartwriter for Guest blogging

Using Smartwriter AI software, you can automate your backlink outreach along with personalization. This software generates customized content based on a blog post-specific backlink request email outreach content. The AI reads the blog and generates unique content. The tool has three major key features: guest post request outreach, requesting links to the existing post, and replacing broken competitor links. These features enable you to create a hyper-personalized email message that has more open and boosts your SEO activities.   

Here is a proven backlink request email template that helps to improve your SEO and to grow domain authority. Check this video to automate your backlinking pitch using Smartwriter AI on your next campaign. 

3. Send Effective Cold Emails 

Cold email and cold call are the most popular lead generation channels. The email marketing system costs an estimated $38 for every dollar spent or a whopping 3 800% ROI. Email is the most preferred channel of business communication. It is a great way to initiate the connection with the potential customer and follow-ups. 

Here is some proven technique for outreach emails that convert or better sales email. 

Grab the email receiver's attention: Research indicates that nearly 47% of email recipients decide to open your email based on the subject line. Here are some best subject lines for reconnecting emails to achieve maximum open rates. 

Personalize your email message: Personalized emails are 5.7 times more likely to produce revenue because they sound less generic and include your prospect's name (in the subject line or opening lines). You might also mention something about their role, needs, or accomplishments.

Optimal Words: It is important to consider your email message's recipient timing and word count when writing an email. For instance, if you address a company’s leadership team or the decision-makers. Craft the message most effectively by using short emails with powerful content that will help get across what needs to be said without unnecessary verbosity or flowery language because people won't spend as much time reading them. The study shows the email with 300 words had a much better response rate than shorter emails of 100 words. Make the email message shorter, crip, and to the point. Check out the complete guide to cold email outreach.

Add some value: Make your email value so that your business email will not end up in spam. To make every email valuable, include original materials and helpful resources. You can also say, "I read your recent blog post," or mention an article that has helped you think about things differently if it is relevant to the prospect's needs.  

Your email marketing will be more successful when you send valuable content consistently. If you share valuable content with your targeted customer, you will be more likely to open and click-through more emails in their inboxes. 

Remember, each potential client has various needs. Start segmenting your email list and send email messages based on their interest. By taking the extra step of personalizing your emails, you’ll be able to send targeted content that is even more valuable. Each group of customers will receive something they can use and enjoy.

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4. Enclose Email With Clear Call-To-Action (CTA)

You need to ensure that your contact information website links to the email so that people can easily take the next steps by responding through email or phone calls. You can describe the next steps using a clear CTA, like having a CTA button like book a demo, Contact us, Buy Now, etc. 

Avoid using too many CTA, have a single relevant CTA button on your email. Start sending emails using email marketing tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, and more. You can find your ideal customer and begin your cold email marketing using email lookup tools. Why not include an email signup form on your most popular landing pages? It's a great way of gathering more subscribers and expanding the size of your list.



With Sniply, you can easily add call-to-action (CTA). More than one hundred thousand marketers already use Sniply’s link shortener. You can add CTA with links on social media posts, blog articles, web pages, and more. Use an interactive, customized button on any content to drive people toward your offer.

You can simply add any URL and include your CTA. The links can either form your website or any other third-party website. Once the audience clicks your URL, then CTA will be visible on the page. 

You can customize your CTA witH the brand's color, text, size, and types like pop-ups or banners. You can choose the CTA placements. The software enables you to track the entire results and analyze them to understand your website and social media audience interest. 

5. Track Your Website Visitors

People who visit your website are more inquisitive about your product or service offerings. It is the right spot where the business can capture and create a list of prospects with the accurate email addresses of anyone more likely to convert. 

You can't just focus on signing up and making purchases from people who come to your site. If they leave your site before achieving those goals. You must continue monitoring their activity to avoid losing communication with them.



Using site tracking software like LeadLander helps you turn the website visitors into qualified leads. Using the software, you can gain the contact details,  anyone's email address,  company name, contact number, LinkedIn profiles information of the visitors. Through website tracking, you can generate a pool of potential leads. 

Using the software, you can find any visitors on your website, and there is a credit card required for using 14 days free trial, and you can cancel them at any time. 

6. Partner with an influencer (Influencer Marketing)

Influencer marketing is social proof, and it gives the idea of how your business has helped its current customer through your product or service. They can relate to how your business can solve its challenges. Social proof will boost the trust and credibility of the brand and enable your business to grow the lead question. Here are some proven lead acquisition techniques for successful sales. 

Through influencer marketing, you can engage with a niche audience of loyal followers who will be eager to learn more about your product offerings. Influencers are often looking for something in return when they accept your offer. Some may want free licenses, others discounts on products or services. It all depends on the individual situation. Utilizing the power of micro & macro-influencers improve your sales. 


Power your company with influencer marketing tool Upfluence. Wanna get your product in front of more people? Using this software, your business can create a partnership with influencers, affiliate marketing campaigns, and manage affiliate networks. The leading platform can help you find those interested in your niche. 

Work with the right influencers to find and recruit creators who are a good fit for your brand. The software enables the business to integrate with your daily tool and helps maintain every data and influencer campaign in one place. The software comes with three different growth, scale, and enterprise plans. 

7. Increase New Leads Through Customer Referrals

Reviews are the best way to generate new business is by getting your existing customers involved. User reviews and word of mouth are much more trusted than outbound marketing tactics like cold calls or ads. Customer referrals are a great source of lead. 

Create a customer referral program and give them a reason to talk about your business's good work. You can offer Gift cards or discounts for both referrer and referee, so it’s an easy way of getting people talking. You can offer limited-time access to premium features or exclusive content to keep costs low. This could nudge your current clients to recommend their networks. 

Through referrals, you can gain new leads. Through your email list, you can reach out to your current customer. Easily can ask your customers & subscribers to refer their friends instead of spending time and effort finding quality leads for the successful business.

Referral Factory

Referral Factory

Do you want to get more referrals? Marketers worldwide use Referral Factory, which is easy for anyone with an idea and some time on their hands. You don’t need a developer or any technical skills at all. They have a pre-build referral marketing solution. You can build your referral programs in 5 min with the software thousands of pre-existing referral program templates. There is no need for your sales and marketing team to build its referral program from scratch.  

Referral Factory offers a free trial for 15 Days, and the paid plans start from $95 per month to $300 per month. Choose a paid plan that suits your industry needs.

8. Build trust and credibility with social proof and FOMO to convert initial consumer visits into more leads

Social proof and FOMO marketing are powerful strategies that leverage psychological principles to influence consumer behavior. Social proof involves showcasing evidence of others' positive experiences or endorsements, such as customer testimonials and reviews, to build trust and credibility. This strategy helps generate more leads from the same traffic because people trust your brand.

FOMO marketing, inducing a Fear of Missing Out through urgency and exclusivity, drives immediate action by triggering the fear of being excluded from valuable opportunities. Together, these strategies use social influence and FOMO to shape consumer decisions effectively.


Wisernotify can help you with that - The best social proof and FOMO marketing tool trusted by 10k+ businesses around the globe that shows little notification messages on your website to tell people what others are doing. Like when someone buys something, Or if people are looking at a product right now, it shows that too. 

It even says when someone new signs up for your newsletter or follows you on social media. And if your customers leave nice reviews, Wisernotify shows those too. It can also let people know when a special deal will end.

These notifications influence visitors by creating the fear of missing out. When a prospect sees others actively purchasing or engaging with your brand, they feel compelled to join in. Wisernotify offers a free trial for 14 Days, and the paid plans start from $16 per month to $85 per month. Choose a paid plan that suits your industry needs.

9. Creative Video Contents 

It is difficult for any business to succeed in its lead generation efforts if you miss out on the video on your marketing and sales strategies. Video marketing has become a vital part of the business. Today, most traffic is generated through online videos and is expected to be 82% in 2022. So video marketing has become a compelling strategy that helps generate leads and achieve the goal. Video content can help businesses improve campaign performance and accomplish marketing goals quickly. Here are some ways your business can use the videos as part of the lead generation strategy.

  • Make use of video on the landing page. The landing page that contains video has increased 80% of the conversation. You can even use the video content on the product page and the home page on your blog page. 
  • Implement videos in your email marketing campaigns. This will improve more conversion through email. 
  • Include some video testimonials that hook your audience to go with your offerings. Testimonial is the critical content that creates trust and credibility for your business. Besides, consider using budget-friendly tools like these top alternatives to Bonjoro, which enable businesses to effortlessly gather both text and video testimonials, streamlining this process. 
  • Create some onboarding videos such as product tutorials etc. it helps the customer use your product most effectively and improve customer satisfaction. Moreover, consider hosting videos on a private streaming platform to ensure privacy and security while providing access to valuable onboarding resources.



Video is the new way to connect with your potential client, either promotional or other. Today's video has become a part of a customer journey. Using the Biteable tool, anyone can create and market the software like a pro in no time. The software has pre-built templates to customize the video and promote its product or services on multiple channels. 

Biteable offers easy-to-use tools, so even if anyone has no technical experience, they're able to capture high-quality results quickly. Start creating personalized video content tailored just right based on what interests people most about your business today. Biteable comes with free, ultimate, plans and the pricing starts from $49 per month. 


Generating leads for your business doesn't have to be expensive. We've highlighted seven of our favorites in this blog post, so be sure to give them a try. Get started to generate free leads through the above strategies and tools. Lead generation is essential if you are a small or large business to survive in the competitive market. Through influencer marketing, your brand can build a relationship with your followers. Quality content will keep them coming back for more, while guest blogging and cold outreach can give you valuable insight into the product or services. 

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