How To Send Effective Outreach Email That Get Convert In 2022

Cold email marketing is an integral part of generating new business leads, and it can help you land more sales. Implement the right email marketing strategy and techniques to get the most out of your email outreach campaign. Make your email outreach successful, and that more response rate and boost your conversion.

You can design the entire campaign from scratch,  right from the subject lines, email contents, and more. Crafting perfect email opening lines is an effective way to get responses. Statistics show that a good subject line with the targeted person's name on the email will improve your open rate by 22%. A/B email testing will boost the open rate by 49%. 

In this article, we share specific guidelines on email outreach that work best and have less likelihood of being detected as spam or unwanted messages by recipient's spam filters. 

What Is Known as Email Outreach?

Email outreach is the process or a method of getting in touch with other individuals through email. It's often considered a simpler and more effective form than cold calling or face-to-face conversations. 

It allows you to get in touch with other people who may not know about your brand before and are not yet interested enough in product or service offerings, but they will become customers later on down the line. 

In other words, outreach is the process of reaching out to people who are not your current customers but could be a potential customer or lead for your business.

Why Is Outreach Email Important?

Email marketing has become so popular because millions of people use emails every day.  It's hard to ignore an email message that pops up in your inbox with important information, especially when they receive something trustworthy and knowledgeable about your product or service. Emails are the most effective way to get people for your business.

Outreach emails are a cost-effective & great way to destroy doubts and queries on the potential buyer's mind and create relationships with visitors. Cold email outreaches are the foremost way to make awareness about your brand product or services offerings to your target audience. Many businesses use email as a tool to induce themself to many businesses and potential buyers. Email outreach has various competitive advantages as follows.

1. Targeting the Ideal Prospects: 

Businesses can target customers by segmenting based on age, geographics, job titles, and more. Using email outreach the business can reach its targeted audience directly. It is a simple and most convenient process to create brand awareness among potential customers. 

2. Increases Brand Awareness

Every mail sent to the target audience is a stepping stone towards conversion. Through emails, businesses can increase brand awareness and build trust with potential clients or customers who have not heard about your product or services before. Through email outreach,  digital marketing managers and sales reps can capture new leads, which can lead them into long-term customers.

3. Cost & ROI for Outreach Email

Email marketing is the most effective and true way to generate leads for any business. Emails get your money back with interest. It is the most affordable approach to getting in touch with potential customers on their preferred platforms like emails, social media, and more. Businesses can save valuable time and money.

4. Automate & Track Your Email

Businesses can boost their productivity through automation tools. Using a tool like Smartwriter helps you create a personalized email that increases the response rate.  Using email marketing tools, the business can track their customer behavior and send a personalized pitch, set email sequences, and the analytic report provides deeper insights on the number of clicks, opens, responses, and more. It enables you to improve your sales and marketing by optimizing future campaigns. 

Smartwriter personalized email generators

5. Outreach Emails Are Scalable

Using emails, companies can reach a large customer base each day. You can potentially reach thousands of customers through cold emails. Sending personalized emails will improve the responses. The analytic report gives in-depth insights into the cold email campaign results, and businesses can easily scale their sales. 

The Golden Rules For Outreach Emails 

To succeed in the email marketing effort, you need to follow the following golden rules. 

Look For Quality Over Quantity

It is good to reach the right potential buyer instead of focusing on the general audience. Reaching the people interested in your business offerings will boost your sales. Don't take the spray and pray approach. Avoid targeting too many people.

Add Value In Email 

Your outreach should demonstrate how your product or services add value to the person you reach out to. Explain how your product or service will solve  problems for the customer. Offering values to your potential buyers will help to engage with your brand over time. It will help them to convert as a loyal customer.

Have Short & Clearly Communication

While communicating with the prospect, have your email message short and to the point. It has to state clearly why the email recipient wants to read your email and what they benefit from your offerings. Always have personalized email subject lines to get your email opened. Before writing an email, make sure you understand what your recipient wants from you and provide them accordingly to improve communication with a potential buyer. 

Avoid Spam Folder 

Some people just don't get it. Why are you reaching out to someone? Each email campaign needs to have a clear goal.  Having hyper-personalization and avoiding the spammy words on the email message content will help avoid the spam filter of the recipient inbox.  

How To Send Effective Outreach Email To Get Convert In 2022

To increase conversions, send out emails that are more engaging and professional-looking. The key factors to getting your email read are in the subject line & email messages. A good way of making sure that people see your email is by adding personalization. This will show off how much effort your business has gone into knowing about your customer, which helps to convert even unhappy customers into loyal ones. This section shall look into the effective email tactics to send email campaigns that get more response and conversion.

Craft Ideal Subject Line For Outreach Email 

Create an interesting subject line. Email subject line is the first thing the email recipient sees when they receive the email. Nailing your sales email subject line is the most important in effective sales email writing for cold outreach. 

The email opens heavily depending on the email subject line. The sales email subject line needs to be short and straight to the point and avoid sales and pushy opening lines.

The ideal email outreach subject line length is 36-50 characters. As per Backlinko's study, the longer subject line has a significantly more response rate when compared to shorter email subject lines. 

Send Follow up Email Message

Sending a follow-up email sequence will improve your reply rates. If people don't notice your initial sales email, follow-up emails would be a great chance to make them see. 

Our finding shows that multiple email outreaches will work better than having a single email. More than sending 3 emails to follow-up sequences are getting more responses, and even one additional email follow-up increases email replies by 65.8%.

Why do follow-ups work so well? Today people get lots of emails in their inboxes. According to the Radicati Group, the research found that a person gets an average of 121 emails per day.   

Avoid annoying follow-ups emails that will destroy your relationship with potential prospects. And leads to spam complaints. Still, you can have gentle follow-ups with additional content to improve your conversation. 

Follow-ups emails are a powerful method to boost your sales conversion. One additional email follow-up can lead to 65.8% more replies. Here is the best follow-up email template to follow up with potential customers to close deals. 

Identify The Right Prospects 

Choose the right prospects to enable you to make account-based sales much easier. Niche your prospects or segment your prospects on the email list. Targeting a specific audience based on the company size, age, geographic location will drive more open rates. Once you have to find the right target prospect, the next process is to find the right time to send your emails. 

You can use marketing automation tools to find prospects searching for your competitor's technology. By adding higher conversion competitors, you can easily monitor their trial users using marketing automation service providers to provide such services to make your job easier. Identifying leads using the trial version of the products is a great way to find your ideal customer.  

LinkedIn premium users can use the "Save to Contacts" feature to stay on top of their customers. When new leads enter the company, it's smart for marketers and salespeople to pay attention to leadership signals that indicate an upcoming campaign will be successful, so they don't miss out.

Create Personalized Email Subject Line 

Personalization in the outreach email is the best practice. By doing research, you can create a personalized cold email outreach to get replies. Data shows that the personalized email subject lines will get nearly 1/3rd more responses than the emails that don't have personalization. So using personalized subject lines will increase your email opens and read by the receiver. 

Personalized subject lines will help your business stand out in the crowded targeted prospect's inbox. Adding personalization to the subject will compel the receiver to read your message. Fact says that emails with personalized subject lines increase 30.5% response rate.

The chances that someone will open your cold email improve when you include a mention of mutual connection or common connection in the subject line. Mentioning specific people who are connected to both parties also increases their interest and makes them more likely to read what's inside.  Here is an example: 

Hey  {{Name}}

I know you're busy, but I thought it would be cool to catch up.

I'm reaching out because we have mutual connections in common and wanted to give my professional services a try!  Do let me know what your thoughts are on the attached document or shoot over some comments. 

We are keen to hear from you soon.

{{Email Signature}}

Create Personalized Email Message 

Personalizing the email body copy significantly enhances your response rates. In contrast, the personalization in the subject lines will boost your open rate. 

Personalization in emails is correlated with higher response rates. There are numerous benefits in having personalization on email outreach. Personalization on the body of the outreach email will increase the conversation. The reach says that the emails with personalized messages have 32.7% more responses. 

Personalizing takes more time and effort, but the data shows that the outreach email's personalization will pay back extra on your work and efforts. Your business can start personalization on email campaigns using Smartwriter AI. The tool offers a hyper-personalized email body and subject line that gets 8x more replies. The AI uses LinkedIn data, blogs, news, and more and creates customized email messages that improve your open and response rates. 

Smartwriter cold outreach email's

Best Day To Send Outreach Email Messages

Sending emails is an integral part of being in the business world. But what’s best for sending them? A study found that open rates are higher when messages have images, videos, or clickable links rather than text alone. 

The outreach email has a difference in the open & response rate based on the message sent out days & times. The reach says Wednesday is the best day to send cold email outreach, and Saturday is the day that has the worst email reply rates. Monday to Friday outreach emails have a 23.3% greater conversion rate than emails sent out on Saturday or Sunday.

The response rate for messages sent on Wednesday was 1.99% higher overall, which is interesting. Try to avoid sending emails on weekends. Mondays & Thursdays are the best days for outreach email because they have less competition from other messages in those times, especially during rush hour when people start their workday at 8 AM or 5 PM, according to the geography you're targeting. 

Link Social Profiles On Outreach Email

Do social media profiles on the email signature impact the response rate? Yes, as per the research, the email messages with social profile links on the sender signature section have a 9.8% more response rate when compared with the email without social profiles. 

The email with social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles will positively impact the repose rate. The social profile links indicate that a recipient is a real person and not an outreach robot. Outreach emails that contain links to social media profiles have a greater response rate. Links to Instagram and LinkedIn profiles seem to be most effective.

Closing statement and call-to-action (CTA)

Closing statements are important parts of any sales email. It is critical to close deals and make sure prospects understand why they need to act instantly. 

Here are some examples of email closer:

  1. I'm excited about this opportunity.
  2. You'll love our product!
  3. This offer is available for a limited time.
  4. Don't wait! Act today.
  5. Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about us.

The email needs to have a clear closing and call-to-action CTA. If a sales outreach email doesn't have a proper CTA and closer will guide the potential target to make the right action to purchase. It is essential to have the right CTA on the email.

The key purpose of the email outreach is to connect with potential buyers and qualify the prospects whether they are a good fit for our product or service offering through a set of questions. After qualifying the leads, the sales reps are responsible for guiding them through that process: from getting in touch and establishing a personal connection with prospects until signing on your product or service. 

Once the sales and marketing experts connect with the potential buyers, they need to guide the prospect on the entire sales funnel until the sales are closed. We have already seen various sales email templates and cold email templates that boost sales conversion. 

Without a strong CTA on the outreach email, you can't close the sales, and there might be a lesser chance of response if there is no clear CTA. CTA will take the prospect to the next level in the sales process.

Writing a great CTA can be complex. But don't let that stop you. The five biggest mistakes sales reps or  sales manager make when sending out email CTAs are as follows:

  1. Writing too much text in the subject line - Keep it short and sweet, or your recipients might delete it without opening it because there's already so much going on online these days.
  2. Not ringing bells with incentives like free trials & demos – If someone doesn’t want something now but may need/want later on, offer them an incentive (i e., Like free trials).
  3. Providing high-value content instead of prize draws etc., not providing enough value by itself will result in lower open rates.

You need to keep your potential prospects engaged from the very beginning through your outreach emails. The way you can do that is by making sure they know what's in it for them (Subject lines) and why this opportunity would be beneficial (Email context), even if viewing the email glance will check out your site through CTA to know more about your offering before signing up themselves.

Use Sales Email Tools

Sales email tools and marketing automation tools support you on outreach email. 

Email address lookup tools

To succeed on your outreach email, it is not enough to have written email content. The first thing is you need the right email addresses of your potential buyer. Reaching the right decision-makers will improve sales progress in the sales cycle. 

Here is a tool we recommend for this:

Using you can get the email address of any professional one at a time or in bulk using Smartwriter's email finder. You can even use their verifier tool to ensure the email address deliverability by uploading the CSV file or google sheet. It gives you confidence that you're not sending a message to an invalid email or non-existing email address. 

 Smartwriter email finder

Meeting Or Demo scheduling Software

To succeed in your sales, you need to connect with potential buyers. With scheduling tools, you can work together. You can choose an available slot and schedule a direct meet with the prospect on their available date and time. These apps are becoming increasingly popular because they save lots of time in this tedious process.


Calendly is a revolutionary way to organize your schedule. With Calendly, you can easily connect and manage meetings with other attendees in real-time without sacrificing any control or flexibility on when they happen - all within one central location. Calendly automatically connects you with others and helps schedule meetings in advance to avoid falling behind on all of your important tasks.  

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Outreach email is the most effective way to drive sales, earn quality links and create an edge over competitors. You need a process with clear steps that scales up easily, so you won't sacrifice results. 

If you put effort into adding value because this will bring its rewards. Don’t forget all of those great benefits when creating content marketing campaigns, which will increase conversions or higher search engine rankings. 

Templates are generally good in the sense that you don’t have to invest time writing them from scratch, but they're not effective for too long because most of our email marketing efforts consist mainly of using these pre-made templates. You might think it's a lot of work to write your own emails, but the templates and tools like Smartwriter AI will save you time. You can tweak them or add some personality with the email templates. 

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