Brand Collaboration Email Sample: To Win More Deals

Today influencer marketing is more popular, and PR agencies receive tons of emails every day from bloggers & influencers on brand collaboration opportunities. A well-crafted brand pitch will help the influencers &  content creators to stand out from the crowd. 

Brand collaboration pitch is a little tricky as it is a process to reach out to a new company and introduce yourself to a person you have never met before, but a well-crafted message can make the process easier. A great pitch helps you demonstrate your value to the business and stand out from the other messages.

Personalization is the key to the outreach process. When you're emailing a brand, it's essential to personalize your message. Remember that every company is different just as you were sending in your resume, so you'll have to tailor your pitch to suit them.f you do this well, you might get through the applicant tracking software and get lot more responses as well as build many more partnerships.

Bulk email verification is essential for brand collaboration email campaigns, ensuring better deliverability, sender reputation, cost-efficiency, engagement rates, collaboration opportunities, and insightful data, leading to a more successful strategy in winning deals.

In this article, We've prepared a quick guide detailing what you should include in your brand pitches. We've also prepared some collaboration templates you can use instantly and a complete guide on writing an effective outreach email for brand or influencer partnerships.  

What Are Partnership/ Brand Collaboration Emails?

Effective partnership emails or brand collaboration outreach messages are formal emails sent to companies to improve the customer base in a niche market, introduce a new offering, or enter a new market niche. The outreach message includes why you are interested in the brand and how your business will benefit from the partnership. 

It's common for businesses to partner with other brands to create a customer base in their niche markets, as it will help them to reach new customers and make more sales. Partnering with other brands or influencers will benefit the company by letting them reach a targeted group of people more rapidly. 

Benefits Of Partnership Or Brand Collaboration Outreach 

The benefits of a partnership are many, from increased visibility and royalties. Partnership collaborations will broaden your reach and build your reputation. Find out why partnerships are important for your business.

  • Helps the business to gain new customer acquisitions.
  • Improves brand awareness among the targeted audience.
  • Increase the revenue 
  • Enable business to build a relationship with your brand and other companies 
  • Helps to gain credibility for the business
  • Faster reach about your offerings to the targeted customer base.

Things To Include In Your Brand Pitch Email Template

Suppose your brand pitch template needs to fulfill the purpose. You need to ensure that the message immediately grabs the receiver's attention and that the message communicates the benefits of the collaboration. Ensure the content is concise with the necessary information and that you have not included any unnecessary elements that distract recipients from vital information.

Pay attention to the layout of your message and include the essential elements to ensure it stands out and is effective. To make this easier, we have enclosed a list of elements you need to include in your brand to create a solid template.

1. Personalized Subject line

The most crucial element in a cold email is the subject line. Writing an eye-grabbing subject line is important because it is the deciding factor for the recipient to click and read the email. The subject line needs to be personalized, intriguing, and interesting.

The most crucial task while creating the subject lines is making them compelling without being too pushy. This is because you don't want your emails in a spam folder. Start your outreach with a personalized subject line to your recipient with their name.  

According to the research, personalization in the subject line will increase by 30.5% of the response rate.  You can personalize subject lines beyond the recipient’s name using Smartwriter AI converting subject line features. Effective subject lines often need to be concise and answer the recipient's question of why they need to open the email and respond. 

personalize subject lines

2. Introduction /  Opening line

The most difficult thing in the cold outreach is getting a response. Research shows only 8.5% of the emails get a response, and many of the outreach messages are ignored because messages are generic and self-promotional. It is highly recommended to include the important information in the opening lines that will hook the reader's entire message and make them take action, why the receiver should read the email, and the relevance of your template.

If you send a collaboration outreach message with a well-established brand or PR site, make your outreach content unique because the marketing managers receive hundreds of emails every. It is good to mention the brands you've already worked with at the onset of your introduction. Provide some detail on what you do and what companies you collaborate with. You can also mention why the target brand should choose you instead of other bloggers or influencers in your niche.

It is suggested to start your brand pitch with a strong personalized introduction highlighting the strengths and benefits of this collaboration for their business. It will help the recipient respond quickly.

3. Email Body 

The main part of an effective email is the body text. Personalization is a great practice when writing the email body, as personalized messages always have a higher open,  engagement rate, and response rate. According to the research, personalization has a 32.7% higher response rate, including mentioning specific details about the target brand on the message. 

Using Smartwriter, you can customize sales pitches using company-based personalization / LinkedIn-based personalization for a particular person and brands that get more open and reply rates. Personalization shows how familiar you are with the company. Learn more about writing hyper-personalized emails

Hyper personalized emails

4. Compelling Call To Action (CTA)

The call to action in your brand collaboration outreach should also be clear and compelling. The type of CTA varies depending on your email's purpose and your work's specifics.

For instance, you can include the website link as CTA to make the prospects learn more about your brand or offer a calendar link to schedule a call with the target audience. Always ensure your CTA is strong, but don't go overboard. If you're too pushy, people won't listen, and they'll feel uninterested or dismissive.

5. Closing

Finally, remember to close your pitch with simple and short messages like a great day or mention that you're looking forward to hearing from them. It is good practice to finish your outreach on a positive and personal note if you want to sound a little off-topic. Sometimes, you can add P.S ("PS" is short for postscript) on the closer. It's very important to share only the relevant information with the prospects. For example, If you mention something from your prospect's recent social media post, it will make your email more genuine. Additionally, consider incorporating a professional email signature to leave a lasting impression and provide essential contact information. Check out this article for more sales closing techniques that help your next deal close more quickly.

6. Follow Up 

It's sometimes hard to know what the right etiquette is. Here are some must-know email etiquette tips & examples that you need to know before your campaign outreach. Following up on your first outreach message can make a big difference, but it's important not to be persistent and annoying. Sending a follow-up email makes a big difference in your influencer marketing campaign. You can't convert your potential customers without regular follow-ups. If you are not following up with customers, you leave thousands of potential prospects. If your recipients don't notice or respond to the initial email, then follow-up helps the marketer to keep the communication on track by sending them reminders about previous messages. 

How To Write A Brand For Collaboration Sample

You might have heard from other business owners or marketing professionals that connecting with influential companies can boost your traffic and sales. Email outreach is a good place to start a partnership collaboration. If you're planning on getting in touch with potential influencers or brands through email, then you should plan to put in a little work to make it go smoothly.

1. Identify a Target Market & Customers 

Firstly, find out who you want to target with your partnership outreach. You can do this by considering the business and its goals. Knowing the targeted customer will help you tailor your outreach message to what they find most attractive. I suggest including more insight into previous collaboration and explaining why you are interested in partnership's and how it benefits both businesses.

2. Find Your Appropriate Partners

When identifying customers to reach, it is important that you find partners with similar goals and values so they will be interested in partnering with your company. You can research companies or products offering and their buyers' personas. Learn more about the brand through its mission, buyer's personas, business goals, and reviews from previous clients/customers before deciding whether these partnerships will benefit your business. 

3. Understand Their Business Interests

Before signing a partnership agreement, learning more about the other company's goals and interests is important. An effective way to perform this is by sending a partnership inquiry that explains about yourself and what you can provide them with this collaboration. It's also important to offer a unique proposal they're interested in, so they'll want to hear more from you.

4. Employ Persuasive Subject Line

Once you have identified your potential partner, make a clear subject line that creates interest and makes the recipient open your outreach message and respond to you. The subject line is the first item the receiver views and decides to open, so make sure the subject line hooks the reader. It can be a formal or casual tone based on the outreach message, and always ensure you maintain a professional tone over the entire outreach content. In the scenario, when you can’t come up with clear, interesting, and professional subject lines, utilize an online paraphraser. The tool will help you automatically, transform simple types of subject lines into persuasive ones by using some compelling and clear language.

5. Personalize Your Outreach Message 

Personalizing your message can help the recipient feel connected to your messaging, raising the chances they decide to partner with you. You can personalize your outreach by addressing the recipient by name, mentioning something you discussed at a networking event, or honoring their work on a particular project that gained media attention. Find the right partner and write unique messages, so the receiving company knows you took the time to show the value you see in the business.

6. Describe The Advantages Of A Partnership

You can start by expressing your experience working with the company so far and your previous collaboration. Explain how other companies can benefit from partnering with your brand and how your business could help them. Explaining the benefits and encouraging the decision-makers to make a clear decision on brand partnership.

Brand Pitch Template To Win More Deals In 2022

General Collaboration Pitch Email Template

Dear {Name}

I am a huge follower of your work and have been following your work for a while now. I love all the products [brand name] has created; they are a big part of my daily life

My blog posts {Blog Link} are all about [industry]. I also have a lot of blog readers and  social media channel followers, so I will be a suitable person to go to for [topic]

Your brand will resonate with my followers, and [topic] will highly engage my followers & blog readers.

I believe future collaboration with us will help your business to reach the ideal customer in the targeted demographic. 

Here are some of my previously collaborated with brands:

[links to successful brand collaborations]

If you're interested in exploring this opportunity, don't hesitate to get in touch with us using the email below.



Mutual Relationship Marketing Collaboration Pitch Template

Hey {{First Name}}

Hello, I’m [name] from [company name]. I’ve been reading your blog since [year].

I found your recent blog post [Add a few points about the topic] informative and engaging,  so I shared it over social media platforms and on our blog to provide further insights and knowledge for our followers

I'm looking to connect with you about [topic to discuss] and see if we can execute a similar project together.

If you're interested, we can connect over a call to discuss the collaboration and how it benefits our audience. 

Best Regards 

{Sender Name}

Affiliate Program Collaboration Pitch Template

Hey {Name}

I'm {Name} from {Company Name}, {Give a short description about the brand}. We love your {Describe what interests you} and enjoy following your journey on {Instagram Id}.

I'm reaching out because we think you would be a great aggressor for our brand {Link}.

Would you be interested in being on board as an affiliate partner?

We can share some affiliate links so you can earn from our affiliate program. 

Let me know what you think. We would love to chat about future opportunities to work together. 

Feel free to reach out on {Phone number} at any time 

Looking forward to hearing from you 

Best regards 


Brand Ambassador Email Collaboration Pitch Template

Hey [Influencer Name],

I'm [insert name] from [insert company]. We've been following your review of [insert topic] and want to know if you're interested in [insert topic]. 

We are looking for individuals with passion and enthusiasm for our product. Become an ambassador of our company. You can share our offerings with your followers, who will benefit from our offerings! 

I would love to invite you as a brand ambassador for our company. If you're interested, please send your resume along with some photos or links on social media and profile engagement rate so we can see what kind of things might inspire others. 

Interested in our ambassador program? Reach out with your contact info, and we'll schedule a chat.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Instagram Giveaway Collaboration Pitch Template

Hi [Influencer Name],

I am [insert name], and I work for [insert company name].

We have seen your post on Instagram and think that your followers would receive the opportunity to win [product] if you gave them a chance.

We may send you a sample of our products before hosting a giveaway for your followers.

The rules to win the giveaway for your Instagram followers would be simple, [insert giveaway rules].

If it interests you, We would love to talk with you about the details of our giveaway and products! 

Thanks & Regards


Wrapping Up

I recommend researching and reaching out to your target companies before you pursue any opportunities. The above strategy, email template, and tips help you to reach out to another company. If you are reaching out to other businesses or influencers for brand collaboration, keep the following things in mind. You can customize these email template samples based on your needs and the other company's preferences. By taking these steps, you can increase the chances that your request will be accepted, and both brands can benefit from working together. A successful collaboration can help both brands grow, so don't hesitate to reach out. 

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